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VIDEO: Al Golden, Stephen Morris, Mike James react to bowl ban

UM coach Al Golden talked about the program taking a second consecutive bowl ban. He also addressed his future with the Hurricanes.

UM quarterback Stephen Morris said the team was "in a state of shock" when they found out Monday morning they wouldn't be going to a bowl game for the second year in a row.


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Leadership stepping up.....

Go and pound Duke...there is a Statement game to be made..
Stay focused, but sorry for the Seniors who can't close out and go out on a Positive note..because of the transgressions of a liar, swindler, and cheat..

Mike James, you are a good player and a leader thanks from the 'Canes for stepping up, when we needed you...Good luck..
Surprise Duke... Pound them...
Go 'Canes Always

The position Miami put itself in was turning down a ticket to the ACC championship game and a game against it's rival to go to the BCS bowl played in its home stadium.

That will count more for the NCAA than turning down a ticket to the Beef o grady bowl.

Well done by the 2012 squad, lots to build on for 2013. Defense must be fixed, coordinator must go.

Hopefully that will be the end of the postseason ban and we can take our vacated wins (also vacates the losses...) and our scholarship reduction and move on.

Duke. On the road. No problem for any half decent team. Problem is you aint half decent you be very bad.
DUmb clUcks keep blaming Lil Luke, keep shooting the messenger. NCAA knows better. Lil Luke had lots help and access thanks to assistant coaches and administrators. Blame them dUmmies. Blame the blind AD. Or ADs. Blame the clUeless administration including the Prez. Can you say lack of institutional control?
Can you hear all the recruits ready to bolt and players ready to transfer?

What a bunch of garbage. The UM punishes the team for something they did not do. Pathetic!

Keep obsessing over UM CaneKiller/Soldy/Blog Pig.

Keep reading every article that's written about UM football and keep posting on UM's blog in the Miami Herald every day of your life trying to make people angry so they'll talk to you.

Forget about the fact "your team" hasn't played UM in football in 5 years or that the Gators have only played Miami 5 times in the past 20 years.

We all know this has nothing to do with college football and everything to do with what a miserable person you are.

Snap out of it ,the team hates the coaching staff now....the absolute worst way to end the season this move will force golden out now...an irony in the end to try to save his own ass at the expense of the class 2012....complete incompetence....the word will spread fast don't come to Miami ....the coaches have no moral foundation ,I hope every player reads this

Just ignore Gallo's comments folks, he's "special".

Golden is here to stay. His words, " I support our pres. completely". No way he gets canned. With a contract until 2019, he's here to stay. UNLESS he decides to go, and that doesn't seem likely. Maybe by the time the penalties are over, (we are in year 2 already), he will have learned to coach beyond Temple competition.

dbc, I don't think you get it. The U self imposed in an effort to get out ahead of the NCAA. They probably weren't going to beat FSU in the ACC championship, so they would be relegated to a 3rd rate bowl. By self imposing, they are out ahead of NCAA sanctions. If the NCAA would sentence the UM to a 2 bowl ban, by self imposing this year and last, they would have no bowl bans in the future. This team is going to be very good the next few years, so they me be able to go to a much better bowl next year or the next. By putting the bowl bans in the past they be able to go to these higher level bowls instead of staying how. Gey it.

Hey Mike, I agree that it was probably the best decision for the future of our program, and I believe that DBC knows that, I believe what he is saying is that the current players that had nothing to do with it should not get punished. We all know that we did what was best for our program's future by taking the bowl ban in the NCAA's eyes but punishing these kids and this staff is wrong. It is the best option available for us though.

Keep dreamin callo, Golden is here to stay and build a dynasty and you get to piss and moan every year because you can't stand the fact that we are headed straight back to the top of the food chain, so get over it chump change.

Lets Beat Duke....Lets finish the season on a positive note...

Not even beat, destroy. I want to see a preview of next season.

golden and his coordinators have breached their contract with UM, they committed fraud by pretending they were real football coaches. No real coach takes world class athletes and makes them last in defense, throws flat passes and hail mary passes for no reason.

golden, shalala, etc have to go. Keep one or two great coaches like Art.

The Cane players are great. Bring back Schnell for a year or two, his playbook from the Dolphin, a one big back offense, 10-20 yard quick slant passes, and you will have a NC.

That was Erickson's offense, fucktard

Let's see, Erickon had a NC, and the players told him when he got there, do not change a thing. And he did not change anything. Right Fk tard?

I want to see what ideas you Golden haters have if he leaves. We will have a very tough time getting a good ciach to come here.

When will The Troll resign? Stupid hobbit killed this program, shes at the center if tjis whole thing.

Schnellenberger is leaving or has left FAU.
Ask him to come back for one year.

Fire golden and shalalala. I bet Schnell or JJ could come back for one year and turn this program around.

Orrrrr, go to the NFL and find a great defensive coordinator. Defense wins championships.

I am sure Morris can move the Canes even without an OC maybe even better than someone who calls for flat passes or hail mary passes all the time and wastes those downs. Keep Art to get the linemen in shape.

Sorry to say the NCAA will add a yar more out of spite, loss of scholarships too.
Naive to think otherwise.

Coach Erickson completely changed the offense. Hey, CanFan'72 go back to your VCR and enjoy a little more Don Johnson and Miami Vice.

your average cane bogger is an idiot.....what makes you so sure next year we'll be 7-5 (assuming we beat duke)or that we will be invited to a bowl game in the next 3 years? how do you know that 2 self imposed bowl sanctions will satisfy the ncaa allegations when UM hasnt even been served notice yet? The time is always now when you have bowl bids/championships right in front of your face. you play fsu and beat them and share in state championship (fsu beats fla this week) and thank the class of 2012 for all the injuries, missed class, preperation before and during school, having to deal with a disfunctional coaching staff for 4 years..its called CHARACTER.....you can say bye to the top tier athletes since NO PARENT will allow their kid to come here now....we lost #1 and will definitely lose #2 to fsu...to end the season abruptly like this and f.....k the team not once but twice is both immoral and unethical....way to get your team ready for duke, I am sure they are all excited to play it...

Hey Tampax, go back to your cigars.
Here is DJ and Miami Vice.

What is Tampax anyway?
A cross between redneck and puntain?

Canefan what do you have against rednecks? Sounds like a racist stement, black panther boi.

Great opinion article on ESPN.com

Blows. anything away you read here.

Bottom line is the U isnt taking any chances on losing a bowl next year given how good this team will be in 2013. Predictions that this team will be. Legit contender next yr, since they basically bring everyone back next yr.

The U is setting up a run you all. Dont listen to negative ninny know it alls like gallo or cane72. theyre clueless.

Seriously wtch out for this team. I predicted 8-4 or9-3. I was wrong. They will be 7-5. One off. Never thought theyd lose to uva. Thought they had unc. I predict 9-3 next yr. Maybe 10-2. Will play in the acc chmp game. Will beat UF. Mark those words. Write them down.

be nice on the words, they are extremely bad.

I always enjoy how people say "Why punish these kids they didn't do anything", I agree. So then who gets punished? Can't punish the players who are no longer there. Does that mean the actions of a university in abetting rules violations go unpunished because the perpetrators have all left. If you worked for a pharmaceutical company and it turns out that a cholesterol medication produced 15 years ago caused lung cancer, you think the stock price and incentive plans of current workers might be impacted? According to many it would seem the current people are not at fault and the punishment----decreased net worth and job security----should be directed towards the people responsible. You are probably morally right but now try to enforce it. When you choose a university that "every once in awhile" seems to run a foul of the NCAA, it might just seem to make some sense to make that info a bigger component of decision making apparatus.

At any rate the city of Charlotte will be devastated by all the Canes fans that will not make the trip. How many people do you think make the trip to Charlotte to see Miami play FSU AGAIN on a neutral site? I'm thinking not much more than 4,000. Is that correct?

Any and every player recruited knows/knew the rules of conduct. A tough lesson to learn, since you inherit somebody else's punishment. Lets hope everybody understands that some of the new guys are committed to do better and bring back a reason to swagger in the future. Get by the hump and do better next year.

Winning at Duke is a statement for an active player who has given all he can under these circumstances. Go out and get it done in style.

UM can beat fsu now at charlotte.....think ksu 24 - baylor 52...we hand GT a team that got routed at home by middle tennessee and whos dc gets fired mid year? golden has no confidence in his team...hes a p..........y. the right thing to do is beat duke...be on a emotional high...beat fsu..then beat the gators sept 9 , 2013....the sanctions wont mean a thing then....Um will be crowned state champions

Jimmy G...please don't refer to the 'Canes and the rest of us real fans as "we".

Lou, I believe the point more so was to punish the coaches who left as well.

What's your point on the 4,000 in charlotte? Oh, another tired, dated reference to attendance?

I can't wait 'till '13!


lou...but the UM "drug" has not been determined to cause cancer yet...so why should the players (stock price) go down? there is no impact at all at this point....what about fighting the allegations? why was that option taken off the table? the attornys have no idea where they stand since the univeristy has not been charged with anything yet?....this is all f.....ck up

Seventy douche, Bernard Clark told him not to touch the defense fucktard. Erickson changed the offense dumbass!

You punish the wrongdoers. Not the whole team. Thats whats wrong with this NCAA gestapo. For ex. You punish jacorry harris, vernon, etc etc oh wait they were. They sat out games. Paid back the money. Been there. Done that. Others that should be punished are clintt hurt, and others.

You want to see another example of how power gts to peoples heads? Ed reed just got punished 400k for so called illegal hits. Goodell is the nfls version of the ncaa. Bunch of fascist dictators all of them.

Regarding the above comments that UM would be relegated to a third tier bowl game. The opportunity to play in the Orange Bowl, should we have beaten FSU, and more than likely the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, should we have lost, is hardly 3rd tier. Really, all we had to do was beat Duke up there this weekend and we would go to Atlanta on December 31st to play an SEC team. Really a tough break for the kids.



Jim Gallow is a fu**ing Idiot and so is CaneFan'72...I like the Term Fuktard for them both! And that Calvin is of the same AHole school of thinking...

As I said many time...a two game Season...VT was one and Duke is two...

UM wins the Coastal...with very young team...

So it will hurt recruiting a little bit...and Golden is already taking that into account...

Golden is not leaving...the DC and OC are not leaving...why...cause when this team grows up next year...and it will...The U will only get better.

We do not need a ton of recruits...we need guys who want to be Canes...and there are a lot of them out there...

FSU will be looking for a Coach soon...Fisher will be out...that comes from inside the Fisher House...story was confirmed today by folks within the Alabama Program who are good friends with folks inside the Auburn Program...

Word today was that UT is leverage for Fisher with Auburn and the money will increase as well support for what the Fisher Family wants most...Support for the Foundation they started for their son...

FSU will start to loose some kids too...UF might gain from some of it...

At worst UM gets hit with another Bowl Ban after this...so next year is another growing year for the kids to get better and for The U to get more kids up to speed and get some needed depth and build on the Foundation Golden has started...

2014 is the year!

Bleeding Orange & Green!

Unfortunately it does not work that way. IF the team that loses the ACC championship game is the 2nd best team in the ACC, then that team is PICKED by the Chick-Fil-A bowl. The Chick-Fil-A bowl gets to choose who they want. Right now ,the 2nd best team in the ACC is Clemson. Even if Clemson does not play in the ACC championship game and IF FSU wins the ACC championsip game, then FSU would go to the Orange and Clemson (not the loser of the ACC championship game) would go to the Chick-Fil-A bowl.

I'm not as concerned about a bowl this year as I am about the entire program. Think about it. what did they do this year that shows improvement over last year? they beat only one BCS team that had a wining record- that was NC state that gave up 62 points last week. They barely beat Ga Tech. Va tech and Boston college fell over each other trying to lose last week. this year improvement was beating Va Tech and Boston college two teams that beat us last year. Were were outclassed and outscored more more by KSU and FSU than last year and were not even respectable at ND. Lost to a very lousy VA team- got beat by NC that we beat last year. I suppose if we beat Duke, we will be one win better than last year and that can be considered an improvement, but the performances against most of these lousy ACC schools leaves a lot to be desired. This past Saturday- they actually had the best game of the year.- the smashed a lousy team they way a good team should. I'm a UM grad, but have an academic appointment at USF- my heart was with the Canes all the way saturday. Even Joe the U M radio announcer made the statement that the USF offense was the worse they faced all year including Bethune Cookman. Go Canes!!!!!

I believe Clemson is going to the Sugar Bowl. BCS bowls get the first picks.

I think we get one more bowl ban. Clint Hurtt and Pannunzio should get lifetime bans.

Trying to teach football to moron rah, rah Cane fans is like throwing pearls to the swine.

golden and his coordinators and shalalalaa and their crap ideas on football will never produce more than just an average season.

shalaha signing a long term contract for JRS was idiotic and throwing away money with such small attendance. Hiring golden was a guarantee to keep attendance small. Miami should have just played in some high school stadium until they found a coach with winning formations on offense and defense and got a kicker who was automatic on field goals.

If Golden bolts due to all of this garbage- its on the socialist liberal hobbit that is the head of the university- not naming any names.

what makes anyone thnk that miami will be any good next year? or have the opportunity to play in a bowl or championship? only an idiot blows opportunities like UM had with FSU.....theres is a high probability Um beats FSU based upon all the top 10 teams that got beated in the last 3 weeks.....you walk a way like that and then face the gators sept 9th 2013...beat them and you own the state of florida for recruiting.....thats what this is all about...sanctions mean nothing then.....golden was afriad to face FSu and had no confidence in his team deep down...like ive said a COWARD....what a way to end the season with a team on a roll

ps...golden will not get hired that quickly if he left UM.....too many better coaches in front of him and avalible....

"its been hard everyday on me personally and my family"
"its been tmz since ive gotton here"

he wanted to end this season....pure and simple

im wondering if miami as of this date 11/20/2012 can change their mind?...what are the ncaa/acc rules for that?

I am surprised how many fans are down on Golden and Coach D on defense. It is hard for Cane fans to admit but we are outmanned on D, and will be until we get top flight D linemen. For the first time in years we have more than one LB who can play and the secondary is starting to get better.

We are on the rise, and next year should truly be a big step up. Everyone will be a year older, wiser and stronger.

because hes an idiot....who knows what type of team miami will have next year...its always an unknown....look on pre-seaon picks every year....always wrong with major changes....its like a stock, the stock is doing good but you are greedy and want more so you dont take profits...in the end you lose...golden has abird in his nand but elected to not take the adavantage of playing FSU and beating them...that would he huge....he feels that the future miami teams will be better than this year so he threw them overboard....bad judgement since the probability to get to another bowl and championship is low in my opinion going forward....they f....ked up, youll see

risk reward favors playing fsu and florida and winning....then you own the state for recruiting.....will sanction really mean anything in the living room of recruits when you can say you beat fsu/fla?.....then what if the ncaa counts last year and just adds another year....what about that? maybe the sanctions will not be that great....nobody knows since miami hsent even been served notice of violations....what a suprise!.....everyone called this wrong...bad decision on goldens part and if the sanctions end up really not that bad...he will pay dearly

so golden thinks it has been hard on him and his family?? WTF?? What about him and his coordinators not knowing anything about football and using their crap formations on defense??
On defense, 3 down linemen, no blitzes, zone pass NO coverage, LBs 5 yards off the LOS. WTF?? LAST in defensive statistics in the entire USA???

On offense, flat passes, hail mary passes all waste of downs. No big back to get you three yards when you need them. Linemen not in good shape, not able to move their feet.

On field goal teams, Weiclaw not taught how to line up and make a right angle to the trajectory of the ball necessary to split the uprights????

JRS, some moron with a siren in an empty stadium.

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