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VIDEO: Al Golden, Stephen Morris, Mike James react to bowl ban

UM coach Al Golden talked about the program taking a second consecutive bowl ban. He also addressed his future with the Hurricanes.

UM quarterback Stephen Morris said the team was "in a state of shock" when they found out Monday morning they wouldn't be going to a bowl game for the second year in a row.


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look the whole point is given how hard it is to qualify for a bowl/championship these days because of parity..golden was handed it to him....all he had to do is beat FSU....and if baylor can beat ksu by 4 touchdowns..miami can beat fsu....miami has underdog momentum going for them, they were on a little roll here....prove to keith bryant that UM is the place to be and the best way to do that is beat fsu for the chanmpionship....you stop de-comits right in their tracks....everyone assumes that nexts years team will be better but in reality most fail for a host of reason (injuries).....goldn and staff made an awful decision, but what else is new

What if the NCAA finally got smart and started penalizing all the people who cheated in recruiting and pay for play? Make all recruits sign a paper that if they were found to have cheated while playing collegiate ball then they would have financial obligations to repay their debt and do community service equivalent to the amount of time they received improper benefits during college. Then make all coaches and staff and presidents and athletic directors repay their salary. Plus make the coaches in the NCAA also lose their job and do community service for the duration of time they cheated. If the coaches are in the NFL then the salary that they earned will have to be repaid.

If a post says jim Gallo or canefan'72 just skip it and move on to the next...
I have no idea what they posted and am not interested in what they espouse..
It is a waste of time to even check them...

I will say that the Bowl Ban can be used as an incentive to recruits to show that the team gets stronger by adding talent, and the present players are part of the Miami rebuilding stage .

As Coach G has stated we have been there before the template is in place so the road map is clear on how this development should take place for the 'U'.
Win at Duke.
Go 'Canes Always

You all whine about Miami fans being bad fans. Look at Derek Dooley- fired after 3 years at Tenneseee. Golden is in his second year. Next year will be number 3. He has gone 6-6, and hopefully 7-5. Impatient? Coker went 12-0 NC, 12-1 #2, 12-1 #5, 9-2 #11, 9-3 #14, and 7-6 1ith a bowl win and got fired. Shannon was given 4 years. Will Chizik stay at Auburn?

Boy are you girls delUsional!
Self impose or not, it don't matter. You will lose to Duke, if you do beat them you would get destroyed by FSU. If you made it to any ole bowl game you would do what you always do, fold and get embarrassed.
Then the one about how much better this team will be next year. Wait til next year, again. Next year you will still sUck and end up with a mediocre record. Once you are hit with sanctions you will lose scholarships so you will again have a tough time getting good recruits. Your current players will be allowed to transfer with no penalty so the few good ones you have will leave.
But you say you will be better, right.
Bunch of dUmb and delUsional clUcks !

If we can take some money out of Jackson Memorial to pay for a top tier coach say Belichek or Harbaugh we should.

This way we can run 3 down line man and blitz with our WR which no one would see coming. Only then can we make FSU self impose their bowl game. Everyone watches film so if we surprise the other teams but letting Wieclaw play some snaps at QB it could work to our advantage. Its the old ground and pound psyche you out.

canekiller is a 16 year old messing with Dad's computer, and really, really wants to be, and desires more than anything else to be a 'Canes fan.
We just won't let him.
So he sits by the computer and sees if anyone will talk to him....
Poor kid.
Go 'Canes Always

Was looking at the team, we definitely got room and a need for at least 2 more wide-outs. It seems like we have alot of receivers on the roster, but than when you start looking at it, we got davon johnson & kt leaving this year more than likely, come next year hurns is a senior, dorsett and scott will be true juniors, after that we got malcom lewis(already proved he can make plays) herb waters, proved himself some this weekend, what i like most about herb on saturday, he was throwing his body into his blocks.

After that though, it's wide open for anybody to come in, robert lockhart will be coming off of that knee injury and should probably redshirt, than we'll have d'mauri jones and carter, we'll definitely need more talent within that group to help, so jordan cunningham and stacey coley, come on down, if you work with coach young mcdonald, he's on th verge of putting out 1st round draft picks at that receiver position. Talent with his coaching abilities, all of our receivers are off the verge of just killing teams from here on in.

I'm still hype from that hit dzp put on that usF qb, lol. Come next year though, espeically after this bs ruling, we need to start the hit pot, we got some good candidates(dzp, deon bush, eddie johnson and thomas finnie quiet as kept)

these bloggers on here. lolololol.

let's run a two down lineman defense, put safeties 30 yards from the line of scrimmage, on offense throw the ball into the stands.

Oh hell, just punt the ball on second down. If golden does these things, give him a few more years. What is important is to go to JRS and drink light beer and pretend we are grown ups. OMG, the stupidity of these cane fan children typing away in their mommy's utility room.

Keep calling the President of this school a "Liberal socialist hobbit" this is just the type talk we need to help keep the Dems in the White House the next 20 years or so. We really are idiots in some ways. You can check this out for yourself---by the year 2036 there will be more African-Americans, Hispanics and Asian-Americans than Caucasians. It might be a good idea to cut the crap and start treating people with respect. I left out the gay population who ain't going anywhere and all those racist old people over the age of 65 will be long gone. Of course we won't even be relevant by then and Rush will have probably married 2 more times to make it SIX, if you are counting.

Sad would have like to see the guys possilby play in the ACC Championship game, I dont think the U self imposing punishment last year and or this year makes any difference to the NCAA officials I personally think that they have always hated the U from years pass and will take this opportunity to slam the U inspite of self imposing

Spoke with three former All Americans, one a CANE, all agree the decision to self impose is total B.S.

CaneKiller is a Gator fan...? Respect their program but, too many clowns like Canekiller(UMmmm Yeah, Right)call themselves fans; They embarrass the Gator Nation...!

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