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NEWS: #UM #Canes LB & second-leading tackler Eddie Johnson not at Duke game -- UM's final game of season

Here we go again.

Hurricanes linebacker and second-leading tackler Eddie Johnson is not on the travel roster for today's game at Duke -- the final University of Miami football game of the season.

Johnson has violated team rules, said UM athletics director of communications Chris Yandle.

Johnson, a 6-1, 234-pound redshirt freshman outside linebacker who won two Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Week Awards this season (as linebacker of the week and rookie of the week), did not travel to the Virginia game two weeks ago because of disciplinary reasons.

He was reinstated for the USF game last weekend.

On this week's depth chart, Johnson was listed as the backup to sophomore Thurston Armbrister.

"There's a responsibility and level of accountability that we can't move on without, " UM Coach Al Golden said after he announced Johnson's reinstatement the week of the USF game. "It's not, 'Do this for me.' It's, 'Do it because the rest of the team is doing it and because you want to be accountable and you want to be responsible and you want to be a good teammate.'

"Hopefully, he'll come out of it stronger and respond. I've been in situations where two or three years down the road you look back and say, 'That was a moment that I finally realized what I'm giving up or what I'm costing the team.' As a coach, you can't look the other way."

Chatter about Johnson started trickling down on the Internet yesterday.

He has 59 tackles (7.5 tackles-for-loss), a sack, interception, two pass breakups, one quarterback hurry and three forced fumbles in 10 games. He has started eight games.



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Jim Gallo is Julio Gallo's grape picking illegitimate son. I don't now but he is very negative, and if he follow the canes I don't see it. He may just may be correct on his facts, but again top blue chips prospects don't make a team. Looks at FSU they continue to be the whipping boy of the SEC, and they have rake ALL the good prospects in Fla. Mr Gallo if indeed he is a canes can like he attest, need to be patient and understand teams are formed from the bottom up. Even Schlemberger and Jonhson understood they have to pay down the foundation to build the team. They have 1-2 mediocre seasons but they had a TEAM. We have missing that concept in Miami for while. Shannon and Cocker with the help of "Crapiro" created a deep hole in the program, time only will tell if what Golden is laying down will work but this is only his 2nd season lets be nice and support your local Sheriff for a change.

Why are you guys giving any credibility to this Gaylo guy? Please ignore him and let's talk some cane football.
Everyone knows he is an idiot....go canes

why?.....if the current staff is not capable to bring UM to the top 10 or BCS...why should we wait?....whats bigger...the staff or the brand? the reality is that Golden is not that good and is just a mediocre coach and d'nofrio is a total mess....dreaming and wishing does nothing....any other top 10 team would have the fired DC....golden is not doing that, so what do you think is going to happen next year? brian kelly from Nd is a perfect example of a quick turn around....Um had a championship and OB bid right in their hands and self destructed with a self imposed sanction (nobody has ever done that).....TRUE FANS call for ouster....no constantly read golden love letters.....all you have to do is look at the stats

Gallo is a troublemaker and liar with his nonsensical reports like someone said Golden might be leaving. Sure, and the gators might be dropping football.

Gallo also has some made up comment that he regurgitates endlessly hoping that dummies will think it is true. Of course, he isn't smart enough to know that most people on here didn't graduate from UF, so don't fall for that nonsense. The Golden was the sanctions decision maker is Exhibit A on that one.

Excessive focusing on a single recruit is his new ploy. If the NFL can't draft with certainty after seeing 3+ years of college ball and spending millions of $ on scouting and combines, why are we supposed to buy who Gallo says is a must have 17 or 18 year old. Puhleeese.


"According to a source within the Miami program, Golden is preparing to resign and walk away from a contract that runs through 2020"

they are standing by the story.....the source seems credible to not be knocked down by now.....best thing to happen to UM....get rid of all these losers (583 yards yesterday and 52 points and still a nail biter)

al golden is just plain mediocre...the stats and record is the proof....

2012 total offense 5282 yards vs 2011 4533 (shannons kids)
2012 total defense 5838 yards vs 2011 4319
2012 sacks 12 vs 2011 24
2012 touchdowns offense 45 vs 2011 41
2012 touchdowns scored against 44 vs 2011 28

2012 recruiting #8 vs 2013 #22 (keith bryant de-commit takes it below 50)

goldens record 12-11 conference 7-8 no bowls or championships.....

dont let the door hit you where the dog should have bit ya

ok i've read all the bs u posted jim don't know whos feeding u all this but even if golden leaves which i don't see because of his extenction, whoever might come in needs to do exactly what golden is doing. the ncaa is looking for anything to come down hard on UM,i remember the old days and wish they were the same now but they arn't. we can still recruit here we have talent on the team now they just need to develope over the off time,there may be kids that may not come to UM over the years that's there loss so shut the f--k up!!! GO CANES!!!

Jimmy Gallows speaking through the wrong HOLE...

YOu are a GATOR on our Blog trying to inflame posters..

Go back to your Gators and in looking through the posts your comments bait a reaction...
You love that, well I will not give you the privelege of anything because I do NOT read any posts by you..
I would like all the posters to do the same so that you will be posting to yourself..
IGNORE JIM GALLO..let's start this now.

Gallo has more posts than anyone....obvious he's not being IGNORED.

It's obvious if Johnson is playing in the UVA Game we win, Rashawn Scott too..I Like Al Golden, and I love what he has done this year. but i don't believe in the suspensions. They are young guys and there gonna screw up.

Golden is the future. Look at the work over a course of 2 years. How far have they came since The Maryland game last year. Honestly if youre a true cane fan then you know we have every reason in the world to be hype for next year. A Returning Senior QB 3,400 Yards 21 TD ? A Returning Freshmen All American, and ROY Winner Duke Johnson ? A Solid Returning group of receivers in dorsett,waters,scott,hurns and malcolm lewis, and lockhart coming back. Plus the emergence of Walford ? Our only problem is dnofrio he needs to go.

Our Defense next year is going to be much better regardless but he's the only thing subsiding UM from maximum potential. Plus if we can gt Bain, Bryant and some Juco DT along with porter, robinson, moore, and the rs briscoe.
The LB core will be full of studs, Gaines has playe really well this season,a healthy perryman an kirby. and if johnson can quit slippin then he adds to the fire.

The secondary will return Tracy howard, Gunter, Finnie, Crawford, and all fot he redshirted db's.
The Safeties are going to be monsters iv seen them play in person, they are Antrel Rolle like

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