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Another member (or former member) of the UM Hurricanes family snagged by Arkansas's Bielema

Bret Bielema, the new coach at Arkansas, has hired former UM head coach Randy Shannon as his linebackers coach.

Bielema recently hired George McDonald -- UM's wide receivers coach -- as his receivers coach.

We're still waiting on McDonald's replacement, but I suspect Al Golden will make it a good hire.

As for Shannon, he moves to the premier conference in college football following his most recent job as linebackers coach at TCU.

The press release that Arkansas sent out about Shannon being hired is extremely long. It gushes about the former UM head coach and defensive coordinator -- as well as former UM linebacker.

"Randy Shannon is a great coach and a great person,'' said Bielema. "He has been a part of multiple national championship teams, and more importantly, he changed the lives of numerous young men. He has spent nearly his entire coaching career at Miami, and his defenses consistently ranked inside the top 10 nationally. I think a lot of people know Randy got a lot of great things done at Miami and most recently at TCU. He is a disciplinarian who has high standards, and he is skillful at relating to his players. He is a coach players turn to for guidance, and his players have always been prepared and played with intensity and desire.''

Hard to believe another year is upon us. Hope you all close this one out safely.

I think we all can say that this will be the year the Hurricanes meet their NCAA fate. The sooner they get it over with, the better for everyone.

Have a happy and healthy New Year. 





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Keeping things in focus for Arkansas, yeah Randy Shannon is many of those things but....it was on his watch that much of what Minnie Me did was done...and this is the coach that told us he knew everything that went on... that he had spies all over the community..if his words are true....then WHY is he getting a pass on the NCAA investigation?

Randy also had trouble relating to area coaches and to alumni and had trouble with the public relations schmoosing and networking that is part of the job.

Also he is widely suspected among the UM faithful as being the money guy on the teams he played on.

You can't always tell about a book by looking at it's cover seems to apply here.

It is also widely held that he was aloof and didn't work well with other coaches, thusthe revolving door of assistants that helped to weaken the program.

As a recruiter he missed on many kids and didn't even consider others that went on to play for schools like Wake Forest and Duke so poor grades isn't always the reason. How did the Northwestern 8 really do?

Orange and Green colored glasses shade part of the reality when thinking about Randy Shannon's time at the U

Hasn't been contacted about other head coaching positions? There is a reason!

Congrats to Coach Shannon. I am so excited for this college season to be over with. I cant wait to see who Coach G signs next month or so. Susan is their anyway you can give me a heads up on net years schedule? Also HAPPY NEW YEAR THANK GOD WE MADE IT TO SEE ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP OR BUST....GO CANES

"...his players have always been prepared and played with intensity and desire." I'm one of the people who wishes Randy well, but let's be real-this is NOT true. Just look at the defensive effort in the bowl games defenses under his watch.

"...he is skillful at relating to his players." Including the players who never saw the field, but now are starting in the NFL? I still believe he is a good position coach/DC, I just don't buy the hype (yeha, I know it's a marketing piece).

Good Luck to Randy,

Unlike Many Canes I for one can appreciate what he did here, In life you have to move forward and Randy and many More Canes need to do the same, stop living in the past its almost 2013.

All you can do is your best, Heck none of us are perfect and if you look at the last two years we still aren't perfect but you still have to move forward with who you have and that is Coach Golden.

So good luck lets take these unneccesary Blows from the NCAA, who has taken almost 2 years and that is longer than a Crime trial in America.

Happy New Year Susan.

Randy will always be a 'Cane.

The position of linebacker Coach is not a step up but a lateral step from one College to another in the same postion of linebacker Coach.

Hey he has a job..

The thing that irks a lot of 'Cane fans though is that Randy did not replenish the team..did not motivate players in a way that they felt were fair, and promised and played favorites among the players..

If he had recruited, played the best man at any position, and held his team up to a template where the standards were of such that a two timing swindler could not infiltrate his team then I would say Randy would be a Head Coach today.

So many fans are mystified as to why Coach G has suspended players from games...well the rules are in place..Break them and you pay the consequence..no questions asked..where were Randy's player advisory group, from among the players?It did not exist...

"Buy into the process or leave" is the philosphy of Coach G."Best man up for EVERY position.".

It was Randy's way or the doghouse...and many good players sat there..I don't need to elaborate.

So good luck Randy in Arkansas..The weather is not S.Florida, but have a good year and thanks for your contributions at the 'U' both as a player and Coach.

Time to move on, and 2013 is a defining year for our 'Canes.
The 'U' will always be the 'U'.

I think it's a good hire for Arkansas and Shannon will do well. I think we should all understand that his failings as a head coach don't make him a bad position coach nor a bad person. Best of Luck, Randy.

The fact that Shannon has not landed a defensive coordinator job is really telling. Coaches around the country like him , but not enough to let him lead their defense. I wish him well, but this latest hire is more proof that he was not ready for a head coaching job at a big-time Program such as UM.

I do not understand the NCAA. They punish a school after all the Academic Staff, Coaching Staff, and Administrative Staff guilty for not catching or stopping or preventing all the NCAA rule breaking the NCAA rules have left the University of Miami (except Donna Shalala). Nothing is done to the previous staff? The late Paul Dee, Larry Coker, Clint Hurt, Jeff Stoutland, and now Randy Shannon should also be held accountable or the University of Miami should also be considered innocent. I hate hypocrisy and this is exactly what we have at the highest level.

The only former coach I have any respect for is Aubrey Hill. He resigned this year as the Florida Gators Wide Receivers coach and Recruiting Coordinator when his name was linked to the scandal. What he did shows character and remorse and repentance. Everyone else is acting like they did nothing wrong while they wait for the hammer to fall on the University of Miami and the players and coaching staff that had nothing to do with the scandal. Players like Mike James and Brandon Mcgee should have played in bowl games, but they and their underclassmen teammates who were and are innocent had to suffer two years in a row.

Furthermore, the idea of giving immunity to former recruits or players is the most foolish idea ever. Only a fool would believe that a recruit would turn down getting money and other favors and gifts from one school to go to a school that offered him only what the NCAA would allow that school to offer recruits. A wise man would conclude that if the story you are telling about the University of Miami recruiting tactics is true and you did not jump then the university that signed you is that much worse than the University of Miami. There is a wise saying "What you win them with is what you will keep them with." Miami was able to win their attention, but another school was able to keep their attention.

Now I am not saying that the University of Miami does not deserve some form of punishment. If the evidence is conclusive and factual then the University of Miami has to pay for hiring these cheaters and these Naive staff members who failed to acknowledge or suspect something was going on. However, the NCAA has failed greatly in administering justice if the punishment only stops with Miami.

Hey E K,
There was more to Hill's resignation than meets the eye. My feeling is he knew he was going to be punished by the NCAA and started his punishment right away just like when UM started to self-impose bowl bans. This gets him back in coaching as soon as possible. Yeah, maybe he's showing remorse, but I think it is more to do with long-term self-interest. The other UM coaches involved will be punished, especially Clint Hurt, who will be hammered.

Congrats Randy,
Your and always will be a 'Cane. I don't care what other people say, they need to get over it. The guy gave almost his whole career to Miami. As a DC a he was top of the line. Sure his head coaching didn't work out. That is fine, he gave it a shot and it didn't work out. That happens in life and you just move on. I do hate that the NCAA is dragging their feet and they are punishing innocent players and coaches at Miami when everyone has left that was involved, sans Donna. I think as a linebackers coach and DC, Randy was one of the best. I think he is still one of the best in that area. As a head coach he made mistakes and that is ok, he will learn from them. Merry Christmas everyone and Good Luck Randy in your new position. Kick the crap out of UF when you play them for us since they keep ducking Miami.

randy recruited great and his teams played hard. His record will prove to be better than Golden's. His players are in the NFL. He willge another Head coaching job.

Congrats to randy. It was a lateral move to a better conference he will get a dc job next and then go from there. I hope he works on something's while he makes his way back. Experience is always the best teacher.

I agree with EK- That NCAA is the biggest mafia. The hypocrisy is rampant! Maybe 1 (Ray Ray) player but ZERO coaches from the shapiro era/ scandal are currently at Miami. Shalala is still here maybe should resign or... do the UM attyes know more? I mean, if they knew she was implicated, they would have had her resign a long time ago because that would have proven malfescence all the way up top the office of the prez.

Randy Shannon "always a cane" Of course he was he played here, but his apologists keep talking about how good he was. He was overrated as a DC. Period. I'm not going to even debate that. Greg Schiano had the UM defenses that won NC and played for the other. As a head coach he was a deer in the headlights, knew nothing about basic funcdamental game day management and coaching, knew nothing about people management, knew nothing about communicating with fans and the mdia, and as a recruiter he was a major bust who allowed Urban Meyer and Jimbo Fischer to come to south forida and ransacak our kids.
How many commits did Shannon have at the time of his firing? Like 4?

Bert Bielema- you whooped UM in the bowl by shutting down Shannon's prized recruit Jacorry Harris. You really must be smoking something. Thats funny.

Randy Shannon, Terrible Head coach,excellent D Coordinator. It helps that he's from the hotbed of Recruiting. My guess is that Ark hopes that fact translates into recruiting.

532 at least if you are gonna try and call someone out at least be literate. Against Ksu last year and not this year we were on the goal line and decide to run a naked bootleg with j12 and you have Lamar miller in the backfield. Dumb. We went to vtech and tried to run a fake fg on a coach go could be arguably the best st coaches in college football. Have u ever heard if Beamer ball? We lost momentum and eventually lost that game by three. We held Fsu that same year to 16 total yards with 6 minutes left to go in the second quarter. Our coaching staff shuffling qb taking away any momentum we might have had. If we lose those games we lose them but at least put us in the best oppertunity to win the game.

Are you aware that when we lost to Virginia we lost the game with 2 timeouts left. The dc shuffles a fresh batch of players in to run the soft zone and let them convert 1st down after 1st down. Fsu we go up by ten and go conservative not running the ball and trying to cover Tompkins out in the flats with green. Gtfoh. Why did the coach let the dc drop his best dt into coverage as if he was a db or something? No wonder we couldn't get any sacks this year. The nc game was a toss up I just know they say when you lose close games like that its normally due to coaching. Some people on here talk about player development what has happened to chick? By the way when we played Wisconsin that field we played on was terrible the high school state championships was played on the field. Cooper tore his knee up the first quarter of that game. Wisconsin was a good team that year and we weren't even supposed to play in that game because because they let bony Bowden play wvu because that's where he started coaching. Although it may not have mattered we would have played a day game and not have to play in freezing weather that Wisconsin was accustomed too. Not an excuse just a fact.

Too many times were our players out of position and late getting into position. After 12 games into the season these players are not young anymore this is just bad coaching which is why we fielded the worst defense in hurricane history. Those are the facts and they are indisputable.

Have no reason to bash Shannon as much of what the article in his hire to Arkansas states ......is true.He s an excellent Coordinator or anywhere on defense.Fact.All Coaches have some shortcomings and they have their strengths.He brings experience and toughness to the defense.It s a great hire for Arkansas and I wish Shannon the best.The guy loved his players and was always loyal to them.(Too much with Jacory...but.....whatever).Good luck to him.

Tally our playders were always out of position on defense with Shannon and he had veteran players, so now what. I am glad to see him get a job but the only real reason they got him is to help with recruiting. Thats it, single mom's love the guy becasue of his hallmark made for the holiday's story. Thats it. It sure aint because he can coach or develop players.

Tally I have to call you on this..

1) It was determined at the start of the season that the defense would be weak so we had to score a lot of points in order to win....DONE
2) The U was picked to finish almost at the bottom of the ACC Coastal...Won that..DONE
3) Steven Morris set a QB record in passing yards and accumulated yardage this year...DONE
4) Recruited Class started more freshmen and Red Shirts than any other team in the ACC, or many other conferences...DONE.
5) Late positioning, closing out games, and shutting down opponents can be done in 2 ways...In the weight room, and football IQ..This is being done right now, and there is no substitute for experience so let's put everything in perspective..
The worst defense in hurricane history was trumped by some spectacular plays.
5) In our back pocket is Duke..and if we can find him a dance partner that runs down hill there will be many ways that "young anymore" will not be used, but "young and good winners" be resonant.
The 'U' will be the "U"

The only thing that could be determined before any teams played the games was that the players may not have had experience not that they would be weak. Can we agree that this was the weakest division since we have been playin in the acc. No matter how u put it unc won our side of the division on the field. Morris a Shannon recruit has played better under a very good oc. The whole offensive line which is the strength of the team was recruited by Shannon. The credit for them playing better goes to Keyhoe. Shannon played some freshman maybe not as manny as golden but then again they were never ranked that low defense. There is absolutely no excuse for us to have the worst defense in UM history. So call me ou on that.

This is nothing more than the Bret wanting coaches with access to the wealth of players in South Florida. Nothing more or less. Smart move on his account. Texas tech had a defense just as young as ours and they played well because they had a competant DC. So that excuse is unacceptable. Tell Golden and D'Onofrio to blame young kids for D'Onofrio's short comings is a shame.


"Why Not D coordinator?

Best of luck to Coach Shannon! He is part of the Canes family and always will be.

Tcu had just as many young players as we did and they weren't ranked at the bottom of the barrel like we were. Shannon has nothing to do with this team and I am in support of golden and the dunce. What I am not in support of is blaming the problems of this regime on what Shannon did or didn't do. Randy shouldn't be apart if the convo any more lets give a rest.

Vanderbilt just smashed the team that beat the ACC champs. I don't ever want to hear about Vanderbilt or about the bottom half of the SEC.

Why even post this article, knowing that many of our so-called idiotic "U" fans would try to bash RS? RS is an excellent football coach, irregardless of what Manny or Susan may print or what some fans may say; who cares about what you think (Manny or Susan)? I have read too many of your articles throughout the years when RS was coaching the "U" and could read between the lines and see the implied hate, disrespect, and ignorance of your thoughts - RS is doing well and will continue to do well, if he decides to stay at the college level. From my position as a U graduate; if we have players who graduate on time; have a university ranked in the top tier academically, and win games, we are all better for it. Coach AG, no matter how much you print or fail to print, is not a better choice as HC as RS for the "U"; I have said it before, give RS enough financial support to hire qualitiy asst coaches, and he would still be the HC at the "U", winning games, bringing in top classes and winning games as well. Get off of RS jock and get over it.

meant to say "bringing in top classes and graduating players.".....PERIOD

Hatorsam you mean to tell us u want to talk about Kentucky auburn ole miss Arkansas Tennessee.


"The fact that Shannon has not landed a defensive coordinator job is really telling. Coaches around the ountry like him , but not enough to let him lead their defense. I wish him well, but this latest hire is more proof that he was not ready for a head coaching job at a big-time Program such as UM."

rboud, do you think for one moment that if RS did not wish to get a DC job, he could be without one? Seriously, RS has been a DC; being a position coach now allows him to mentor players (one on one). Too bad you don't know enough about coaching and player development to make a reasonably intelligent comment. As stated before, RS is doing well and will continue to do so whether you or other haters who post here wish to see.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2012/12/another-member-or-former-member-of-the-um-family-snagged-by-arkansas.html#storylink=cpy

Way 2 Go RS. The cream rises to the top, baby.

With shalalala in charge nick Saban would have troubles reaching 7-6. Randy pushed Shapiro away while shalalala smiled and took pictures with shapiro's giant checks. Who really hurt our team? To me it is clear. Miami has gotten worse every year since shalalala (2002). Thanks and good luck to Randy, he always loved the Canes.

The real question could our current dumb a## dc get a job somewhere else?

Wasn't Randy Shanno offered the DC job at Maryland two months after Miami let him go? Yes he was, and he turned it down.

God speed Coach Shannon and all the best at Arkie. You had a hand in 4 of UM's 5 NC's and helped shape the lives,in a positive way, of numerous men while being a part of the program. You will be a Miami Hurricane for all eternity.

No need for me to speak for Rboud, he can do so on his own, but just to let you know, he has been a supporter of Coach Shannon. He was just being fair with his statement. He is one of the posters who calls it as he sees it, even if it means bearing out the facts about someone he supports. From his previous post he is always about the facts, whether good or bad.

The "skillful relating to players" accolade is really a hoot. Randy, after being Peter Pricipled, is now settling in at about his right level. His DC tenure featured incredible talent and a very simplistic scheme.

Good for Shannon, but notice they didnt make him DC.

It has repeatedly been reported that Mr. Shannon is the only one at University of Miami whom instructed his team to STAY AWAY from the cancer NEVIN SHAPIRO.

This was in spite of the fact that he was accused by many of "not Schmoozing with corrupt buzzard/boosters hovering around the "U". This man is honorable for going against the wishes of fake boosters instead took a stand against associating with NEVIN SHAPIRO instead of accepting a check and smiling! Thanks! Jesus is #1!

And since Mr. Shannon instructed his "U" players to STAY AWAY from corrupt booster NEVIN SHAPIRO, then why was he not supported by the administration whom gave corrupt NEVIN SHAPIRO access to the players tunnel before all home football games.

Isn't this the same corrupt/convicted felon NEVIN SHAPIRO that everyone is up in arms about but refuse to acknowledge as the one who brought NCAA investigation/sanctions rather than Mr. Shannon?

First of all- gatorsam- nobopdy gives a d--m about your opinion (that has to be the lowest diss a man could give another man- I dont give a d-m about your opinion!)

But just to make it clear, Ga Tech just beat USC and Clemson beat LSU with its "the vaunted SEC defense". That's all you heard in the broadcast from the first snap: "SEC defenses are just too good and too fastr" And as the game progressed, "SEC defense blah blah blah"
With 1 min 39 seconds Tajh Boyd drove it down that SEC defense's "throak". So SEC people, just s=t=f=u.

Kudos to the ramblin wreck for shutting the mouths of the Hollywood media weenies who disrespected GT and the ACC with talk about why are we even playingthem? They sounded like SEC losers. And got smacked down. The tech defense was all over Wittek. One thing to learn from the game: Donofrio: Make the defense simpler! Thats what the Tech interim DC did when Groh got fired. Al Groh with all its so-called genius made it too complex. That seems what Donofrio is trying to do. Let these kids fly around!

Tallycane and all you Shannon supporters. Enough already. So he ws a cane. This article was garbage. So... Now we are going to celebrate and write an article when a former UM coach gets a job? How about writing an article about Chuck Pagano- who recruited both Reggie Wayne and Andre Johnson and was a lowly assistant coach for the U back in the day? If you all are so proud of Shannon just know this one: Robert MArve is in a bowl game.... Jacorry is not.

Clemson was the first ACC team to beat a ranked out of conference opponent this year. If FSU wins tonight that will make 2. Pathetic. And if Miles doesn't have a brain fart and runs the ball, Clemson never gets the ball back, but that's their problem.

Shannon went frim being a head coach to a position coach. I thought he was a bad head coach, but he wasn't bad enough to move down to position coach. Why can't he land a job as a defensive coordinator?

Kids played uninspired,lacked intensity and looked lost under his watch. He cut off relationships with local coaches, never ran camps and couldn't develop talent or coaches. Assistants were loose cannons while kids ran amuk and smoked dope. Stout land knows why he didn't wanna stay and he will get his show cause soon, Hurtt yours is coming also and Hill I respect you knowing when it's time to bow out. Why would any school give Shannon control of a school after what hornschwaggel did and what he couldn't do under his tenure?

just a heads up; 'irregardless' is not a word

UM should be playing tonight on our home field.....golden is a complete idiot...

randy shannon was a better coach than golden and company:

2010 - randy shannon

total offense - 5499 yards / 44 TD's
total defense - 4203 yards / 37 sacks for 241 yrd loss / 16 INT's

2011 - golden

total offense - 4533 yards / 41 TD's
total defense - 4319 yards / 23 sacks for 118 yrd loss / 6 INT's

2012 - golden

total offense - 5282 yards / 45 TD's
total defense - 5837 yards / 13 sacks for 86 yrd loss / 11 INT's

so as you can see shannon was better and if it wasnt for shannons recruits goldens offense would be winless...every player on offense was a shannon recruit except duke jonhson.

shannon never or any other coach lose their top recruits to de-commiting.....pathetic

chuck pagano did not recruit reggie wayne and andre johnson.....butch davis did....

golden still s...cks

Props to Randy! I wish him well!

Yeah, that wisconsin team really dominated us with that 20 to 14 escape where it took up until the last drive and a 4th down play for them to know they won the game, lol. I like hearing how people say shannon's team got dominated and the score was 20 to 14. They conviently leave out that j70 was throwing with basically 4 fingers, he needed surgery on that hand way back before the unc game that year, than we get to the unc game and the bozo oc knowing jacory's hand needed surgery still came out gunning the ball.

They're 2 big differences between shannon's teams and goldie's team. shannon had the best defense hands down and the worst oc, but had a qb that made him look better than he was. goldie has the better oc and his boy is the worst in the nation .WHen it's said that shannon's teams quick, they didn't quit, the no c, didn't know how to call plays to put points on the board consistently, jedd does.

For all those trying to bash shannon, here's a test, shannon went 9-3 in 2009, if you switched oc's, shannon had jedd & goldie had nipple, what would the records be than, it wouldn't even be close and shannon would still be the coach, goldie would be on the hot seat, jedd is bailing him out, not goldie.

Posted by: Calvin | January 01, 2013 at 01:43 PM

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