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Another member (or former member) of the UM Hurricanes family snagged by Arkansas's Bielema

Bret Bielema, the new coach at Arkansas, has hired former UM head coach Randy Shannon as his linebackers coach.

Bielema recently hired George McDonald -- UM's wide receivers coach -- as his receivers coach.

We're still waiting on McDonald's replacement, but I suspect Al Golden will make it a good hire.

As for Shannon, he moves to the premier conference in college football following his most recent job as linebackers coach at TCU.

The press release that Arkansas sent out about Shannon being hired is extremely long. It gushes about the former UM head coach and defensive coordinator -- as well as former UM linebacker.

"Randy Shannon is a great coach and a great person,'' said Bielema. "He has been a part of multiple national championship teams, and more importantly, he changed the lives of numerous young men. He has spent nearly his entire coaching career at Miami, and his defenses consistently ranked inside the top 10 nationally. I think a lot of people know Randy got a lot of great things done at Miami and most recently at TCU. He is a disciplinarian who has high standards, and he is skillful at relating to his players. He is a coach players turn to for guidance, and his players have always been prepared and played with intensity and desire.''

Hard to believe another year is upon us. Hope you all close this one out safely.

I think we all can say that this will be the year the Hurricanes meet their NCAA fate. The sooner they get it over with, the better for everyone.

Have a happy and healthy New Year. 





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sorry.....golden make a calculated move to self sanction...shalala said all athletic depatments signed off on it and that she plus legal advise as ONLY PART of that decision.....he didnt trust his team to beat fsu...he was afraid of getting embarrased so he took the easy way out....as a result our top recruits de-comitted and lost out on playing on home field for a bowl win.....

randy shannon as well as the rest of former UM coaches would have NEVER done what that jerk did....now he is paying for it......all top 50 tier 1 recruits are going to either florida or fsu....we get jr college rejects.

Gator Sam,

The Gator did some nice things this year. They knew they had to beat UGA to have a shot to play for the National Championship. They didn't get it done. They proved they weren't a champion.
So, you can get your solace, once again, by boasting about being in the best conference in the country. Congratulations. It seems 'Bama hasn't had to ride on anyone's coattails for quite some time.

LSU got beat. Bottom line. They are predicted but some polls to be the pre-season #1 next year.

When you speak of ACC OoC wins vs ranked teams this year, do you realize that the SEC didn't have a win vs a top-20 (old school) team 'till the last week of the season. Florida beat FSU where they had 3 weeks to prepare for the 'Noles (jacksonville state and La-Lafayette the 2 weeks prior) and SC beat Clemson where they played Ark and Wofford the 2 weeks prior?

Correct me if I'm wrong but the SEC is all of 2-1 vs top 20 out-of-conference teams this year.

Golden is still here...and so is Gallo...why so??

Didn't Gallo bet his presence on this site that Golden was "gone"??

Gallo and Gallo:

Shannon a better coach?

2007- 5-7. Loses to Uva at home last OB game 47-0
2008- 7-6 Loses bowl
2009- 9-4 Loses bowl
2010- 7-6 Loses bowl. Although thnakfully he didnt coach it

2011- AG- 7-6
2012- 7-5
In first two years he already has 2 fewer losses.

And yes Chuck Pagano recruited Wayne and AJ. Butch was the HC so technically you can say he did, but its like saying Mike BArrow doesnt recruit anyone. After the Indianapolis-Houston Game BOTH Reggie and AJ went to personally hug Pagano. Why? One reason is that they were both recruited by him

And yes AG wanted to play in the ACC ch.

Ok, tomorrow we're 5 weeks away from NSD.
Can the NCAA declare their intentions this week?
I'm tired of being held hostage be these jerkholes.

sorry.....chuck pagano had nothing to do with those recruits...but then again you were not at UM or were around...

golden 2011 / 6-6...get your stats straight
even shannons earlier years were better after a mass exit of players to NFL:

2008: randy shannon
total offense - 4225 / 42 TD's
total defense - 4121 / 30 sacks for 227 loss avg

2009: randy shannon
total offense - 5198 / 50 TD's
total defense - 4277 / 23 sacks for 192 loss avg

or al golden who totally sucks and would be winless is it wasnt for randy shannon offensive players:

total offense - 5280 / 45 Td's
total defense - 5837 / 13 sacks with 86 loss avg

funny thing about stats...you cant BS your way around them....keep dreaming while fsu and florida eat our lunch recruit wise....maybe miami dade will have a football team then we will be all set in recruiting area.....

Gallo not only was i there i was there before your daddy was wiping your snotty nose

Ok 6-6 in2011 my bad. Is that better or worse than 5-7? Because maybe you should get your mpney back from night school.

Shannon couldnt carry goldens jock as a coach. Calvin, all due respect, the j70 number is that for jacorrys 70 interceptions, 70 sacks, or 70 overthrown receivers? So if he had a gimp hand he shouldnhave said somethin... "coach, i cant play" rather than getting all getto talking about his pimp suit and all. Please.

like ive said.....remove randy shannons recruits from stephen morris all the way down and golden TMZ since I would be winless.....0-12

#116 ranked defense
top 3 recruits de-committ...more to come
parents calling radio stations
"been TMZ since I got here"
"we lost because the player went the wrong way"
"I was not involved with the sanctions because I could be held legally liable"

he is mr. excuse-maker.....
40-45 record / 28-20 conference and only 1 bowl appearence in 7 years

this guy averages 6.4 loses a year.....NEVER will be go 12-0 or 11-1 or 10-2 for that matter.

kool aid is now being served.

Shannon a better coach?

2007- 5-7. Loses to Uva at home last OB game 47-0
2008- 7-6 Loses bowl

2011- AG- 7-6
2012- 7-5
In first two years he already has 2 fewer losses.

Perfect stats, shannon had kyle & kirby as his qb's, javaris james as a sophmore, coop, darnell jenkins as their top offensive guys with cotton candy jason fox at left tackle. goldie comes in has j70, Truth miller, mike james, travis benjamin, allen hurns amd stretch em, with top notch talent all across the o-line with an o-line coach who knows how to coach the position.

shannon had an o-line coach, who (i'm sure had shannon realized what type of mentality he had) was counting starts of other teams and their o-line as a litmus test of when we're suppose to have a dominant o-line, kehoe comes in and instantly ereck flowers is starting and playing like a vet, all he needs to do now is get his strength up.

I like how people try and back goldie up by saying shannon didn't recruit well, that's a lie. None of them bring up what shannon was left with though and how he actually is the one who built the talent level back up which reaised the expectations of the fan base, that's why most of these lunatic fans don't realize how delusional they are. When the 2009 schedule came out, Flordia St., Georgia tech, Virginia tech & oklahoma, shannon embraced as an opportunity to get back on the national stage, came out of that 3 & 1, had a chance to come out 4 & 0 if he had a better oc.

goldie gets the schedule this year, and all we really had as tuff teams were, k st. & notre shame spread out on the schedule than Florida St. as usual and this guy was crying about this year's schedule, that's not the Cane mentality we're use too. He's trying to manufacter his way to a national championship, instead of proving it on the field like we're use to, but i understand, anything he can do to try and protect his boy, he'll do it. To come out of that 2009 season with a 9 & 4 record, when alot of yall didn't think we'd barely come out their 2 & 2.

Give shannon his just due or STFU. And whoever is dumb enuff to try and lump shannon in with those who did wrong, you're crazy. He's the one guy that stood up for the school at the cost of his job. lo-cutt couldn't wait to fire that man for not bowing down to em or kissin aspirin.

It's funny watching this Fsu/n.i.u game, n.i.u. has given up over 300 yards, but the score is 7 to 3, unfortunately, this is the same philosophy of defense that we're trying to run, at UM, the mac staff's finest. Just sitting back waiting for another teams offense to make a mistake instead of forcing them to make mistakes is a coward's defense. This is not tennis trying to get unforced errors. Our defensive philosophy is trash.

Calvin your arguments are stupefying

You and gallo are one of the same

You are randy shannon apologists

Excuse mongers

Maybe an upper extremity? Or a lower extremity?

Admit it you dont like AG cause hes white.

But proof is, and many players have admitted it that shannon was no where to be found and they were allowed to be out of shape, lazy and weak in the weight room


7-6 lost bowl
9-4 lost bowl
7-6 lost bowl

At least ooker was 4-2 in bowls

Shannon should not pimp himself out as a LB Coach. How much does a premier Defensive Coordinator with Shannon's background need to do to get a coordinator position? It's ridiculous and borderline criminal.

What's stupifieying is for you racist idiots to keep defending a regime that has the worst defense in UM history and blame it on the our young players. Howard and the other players no what the deal is. Just ask chick does he like the system.

whats stupefying is that you all are so stupefying that youdont realize Rome wasnt built in a day and this was their 2nd year coaching this unit. If you all cant getthat through your thick heads then you all are more stupefying than I thought. I personally supported RS initially . I went to one of his rallys outo ftown and was very excited that Umhired one of their own, but it rapidly became obvious that he was like a cessna pilot being handed the controls of a space shuttle. He was CLUELESS from the get go.he alienated local coaches (not my words-their is proof of that). He played favorites, he was unable to game coach, he was unable to make spot decisions, he was given 4 yeatrs to develop his vaunted #1-2 recruiting calss and all except Spence were BUSTS, and he was a bust.

No, NY resolution is to never speak of Randy Shannon again. At least not in 2013. That starts now. But I am excited for the future of the U. Do I think they are perfect? Am I happy about Donofrios D? No. Am I willing to give them 1 or 2 more years (as long as their is noticeable progress?) Absolutely. Next yearthey have to go at least 9-3 or else they are all on the hot seat.

shannon was left with NOTHING for a team when he took over....in 2010 he left golden with:

2010 randy shannon:

total offense - 5493 / 44 TD's
total defense - 4199 / 37 sacks @ 241 loss / 16 INT's for 155 yards / 2 defensive TD's


2012 al golden:

total offense - 5280 / 45 TD's....every player randy shannnon recruit except duke johnsom

total defense - 5837 / 13 sacks @ 86 loss / 11 INT's @ 123 / 1 defensive TD

btw....fsu has a complete team comming back next year and florida has just about every top tier florida recruit....idiot fans think ONLY UM improves next year and everyone else dosent.....but dont worry, golden is doing his best to pad his stats next year with a weak sced......but still probably goes at best 7-5

I guess we don't like howard, jimmy or dennis either, lol. How this bozo comes up with us being racist because we keep pointing out the facts is asanine. They speak of goldie as if he was left with nothing. For the, "shannon's teams were out of shape talk" those out of shape shannon teams played way better defense than this so call in-shape golden team, not even close.

What these bozo's fail to understand and realize, shannon was a first time headcoach, goldie came here as a 5 year headcoach, how is it, that this man record is only 2 games better than shannon's 1st 2 years. When you do the talent comparison's of each coach first 2 years, if that doesn't disturb you, you're asanine. goldie talks good, gives the media the coach speak that they luv to hear. If anybody is going to criticize shannon for saying lower & upper extremity simply because he was doing it in the name of protecting the players, you're plain stupid.

What business is it of anybody's to get mad because someone won't let other people know exactly what an injury is to someone else, how stupid is that, anything to keep the other team guessing, it is what it is. I'd rather a coach do what shannon did than to have a coach say "so & so has a hand injury" than come the next game, the other team is going at that hand. Talk about stupid, i mean people actually got mad because shannon didn't tell the public exactly what kind of injury the players actually had, lol. People walking around frustrated like one of their kids was on the team and shannon didn't tell them, lol.

tallyCane & jim, as yall already know, it's like talking to a brick wallt to some people on here. They speak of shannon like he was the one who took over directly after butch davis. Soon they'll be blaming shannon for the so called "fiscal cliff". I like goldie, but he's really starting to wear out his welcome with his crying about that soft schedule we had this year, but worst than that, trying to convince people of how good a coordinator his boy is suppose to be, so it has to be the players.

Rivals top 100 recruits MIAMI has zero. Even Penn State has 2 of the top 100. What are we doing? I'm getting nervous

Jim gallo why do u hate golden so much? He's only been here 2 years and for the first time in our ACC history we made it to the championship game. Golden has done some amazing things in the past. At Miami it seems as though the players like him and the program seems to be moving in the right direction. Maybe he will be a bust of a coach- but so far so good-?it seems as though your harsh words are not deserved at this time

Jim gallo- randy Shannon failed as our head coach PERIOD, did he deserve a chance to lead our team YES but did he fail YES, it's time to move on. We are not fla state or fla but we hope to be catching up soon. Time will tell.

I dont hate him at all....its just I have been thru this for so many years....I see plenty of teams that have come back in the ncaa and UM after 12 years we are not even ranked in the top 50 (we are still nowhere).....stats tell the whole story about a guy and him and dnofrio dont have it....their stats as coaches would have been better by now....the whole NCAA world is passing us by....there are still so many questions at all the defensive positions.....I really dont see the defense improving much next year.....we have no game changers at key positions.....we lost keith bryant...who do we have now? chickillo?..he aint that good....the DC is awful, any other top team would have walked him off campus by now....youll see

GAllo and Calvin (aka the bible writer) are dead wrong on Shannon.

Shannon was THE worse coach Miami has had in the 20-21th century.

Someone said Coker left the cupboard bare for Shannon. LOL. Really? Even if that was true, Shannon had 4 years to recruit and rebuild, and 4 years were given to him, and he went BUST on us, by recruiting only at Miami NW and passing up local studs from other local high schools (like Conner Vernon). Calvin- wanna make a bet on who willbe more succesful in the NFL; Tommy Streeter, or Vernon?

Simmer down. Cane fans don't argue with cane fans about these trivial issues.

Congrats to the siemenholes for winning the "WHo gives a flying f*k bowl" against Northern I could give a da--n. Their discontent with this matchup was obvious in the 2nd q when NIU drove the field 85 yds,

Props to Clemson on a very good win
props to GaTech for shutting the mouths of Hollywood

Golden is recruiting well (as well as he can under these circumstances). The time will come soon when our U will be respected again. Very soon. I wish Joe Rose stopped interviweing herbie Herbstreit on radio. Recall this genius picked FSU to play USc in the NC!

Herbie and Brent Hamburger gots to be the dullest TV personalities in cfb.

So Shannon is a LB coach. Seems about right, though he has a good record as a DC. Arksansas will get strong under Bielema, a tough coach. We shall see what fate awaits the Canes.

Must say that NIU's Lynch looked really bad last night. Terrible passing accuracy. But speed kills. Shame to waste an Orange Bowl on a non-competitive matchup. No Cinderella there. FSU is talented and you have to wonder what it would take for them to be dominant nationally. An outstanding QB maybe?

Look forward to the day when Miami is sanction free and getting stronger and competitive on the big stages...such a grind going through this garbage.
Hope our recruiting brings in some true Canes.

And hope incoming players avoid such pitfalls. I mean it's one thing to have a bad reputation and be huge winners, no? But to not be...

Man, i hope we don't get this runningback & his gold hair from richmond, they need to be putting the full court press on alex collins. Until goldie learns to understand defense, we'll be a team that every team we play against has a chance to win. All this talk about, us scoring to fast on offense, left the defense out on the field to long is pathetic talk. This defense is designed to allow teams to get to your redzone and than play defense from their, instead of just choke a teams offense from the very first play, we're scheming and trying to get lucky.

Football is not that complicated, you put your db's on their widereceivers, safeties over the top, if you got a db or 2 that can play man, use your safeties to help out against the run or in the flats, period. What we do, is have everybody hovering around in spots, than once a pass is completed, the players are trying to figure out who's man was that. zone is a scared man's defense, they are trying to bulk 3g up to what howie long jr. was, that's not his frame or where he'll be best at. Again, clowney is 256, 3g is 265, 3g was way more productive at less weight. He needs to drop 10 pounds and just work on pure strength. You could tell when he was running around in the spring game he was to heavy.

This is the year that the coaching staff needs to get weight management under control, stop trying to bulk up players to fast, get our tight-ends at the right weight, if i see clive walford over 255pounds, we can go head and render him null and void just like asante(270lbs) & dyron dye(275lbs). Next year, i just don't see tyriq mccord being effective at 245, hopefully i', wrong, but i wouldn't be to quick to add basically about 25 to 27 more pounds on em in basicallly a years time frame, another 15 pounds would be perfect, than come his junior year, another 15lbs, but the mac staff has it under control.

goldie said it himself, "nobody can tell him that tyriq won't be more effective at 245lbs" ok, we'll see, because so far, al is about 0-for when it comes to guys putting on to much weight.

I say let us all write a letter to Shalala and ask her to give Calvin a contract- since he know so much about football and everyone else knows squat.

bet Calvin never played football in his life.

Big talker.

Later Ray Ray. You are leaving at a good time. Football is no longer football. Its been pu55ified by the likes of Goodell and others. An example- last night, during the FSU game. a player gives another a little shove- no falling, no intent to injure, just a shove, and the refs immediately threw a flag. Ed reed's 55,000 dollar fine is an example of the travesty of today's rules. Clean hit, below the head, below the neck. The receiver's head of course whips back, and guess what. The NFL Mafia wants his hard earned money.

Same with cfb. SoFl kids can no longer play like they were taught in the paygrounds and little leauges. There is no fun, no dancing no smack talking. Thats one example why the canes will have a hard time returning to glory.

Someone call Lamar thomas. Or Thrill Hill.

GAllo and Calvin (aka the bible writer) are dead wrong on Shannon.

Shannon was THE worse coach Miami has had in the 20-21th century.

Someone said Coker left the cupboard bare for Shannon. LOL. Really? Even if that was true, Shannon had 4 years to recruit and rebuild, and 4 years were given to him, and he went BUST on us, by recruiting only at Miami NW and passing up local studs from other local high schools (like Conner Vernon). Calvin- wanna make a bet on who willbe more succesful in the NFL; Tommy Streeter, or Vernon?

Posted by: crockilla | January 02, 2013 at 11:18 AM

Ok, that's easy, like taking candy from a baby, streeter all day, while conner is nice, who cares if he didn't come to UM, as if you would've taken conner over travis benjamin, aldarius johnson, streeter and company, get real. The bad part about it is, the only reason those guys on offense didn't excel more and shannon is because of the bozo coordinator in mark nipple that was hired by the administration, made the assistant headcoach, shannon didn't hire nipple, di you add in the fact that kirby locutt in cahoots with nevin shapiro who was behind the nipple hiring, between those 3, they sabatoged shannon.

How else do you explain, the many empty backfield sets, but jacory was still under center. Or how many times did you see jacory come to the sidelines and him and nipple not even talking. What kind of leadership is that where an oc doesn't even talk to his qb, how does an oc let it get that bad between him and his qb. shannon was the one who was building the program back-up. All goldie has to do is come in and continue on where shannon left off, but it's clear, from a defensive standpoint, they've already dropped the baton.

deion sanders would be ineffective in this defense, playing 30 yards off the wide-receivers and just watching out route after out routes get completed. Line-up, play press man and than go from there. If goldie and his boy's philosophy don't evolve into the talent level they have around here, they'll continually make excuses game after game.

Whoever you are, i don't need a contract, i can coach this defense better for free. If anything, you need to write that troll shalala about why they giving away free/stolen money to someone who has a unti ranked 117th. That's what you need to take your ink and do.

You talking to the wrong one when it comes to football, to many people down here know football, if this was some other state, you can probably get away with that nonsense you just spoke. They wouldn't give me a contract cause they wouldn't like my style, and alot of contracts are about politics anyway, i'm not with the politics no more than shannon wasn't. But football is football, some people try to act like geniuses with all these hand signals and this and that to call a defense. It don't take all that, especially when you sitting at 117th.

If shannon had any unit sitting at 117th no matter waht year it was he would've been crucified. The same hypocrites on here would've been blaming shannon by saying "how can he, having been a defensive coordinator before let a defense under him be this bad, he should take over the defense himself" etc. etc.

goldie was a former tight-end, he doesn't understand defense either, if he did, we wouldn't be getting torched week in and week out. If you don't understand defense yourself, i can understand though why you're probably with the same "our team was young" or "rome wasn't built in a day" crew. In the meantime, don't hold your breath waiting on a dominant defense under this crew.

No Calvin, Shannon was crucified for:

- Losing to UVa THE WAY HE LOST in the old OB's last game
- The musical chairs circus between Marve and Ja-picky
- The inability to communicate with people
- Losing to Oklahoma like 70 to nothing in Norman
- going 7-6 twice, 2009, 2010, despite his recruiting classes getting older
- Losing 3 bowls in a row, one to hated ND
- Sticking with Ja-picky despite his 800 interceptions
- Nearly losing to Duke not once but twice
- Losing to USF
- Having something like 3 commits by the time he got fired in November

Need I go on?

Man I just broke my resolution. You suckered me into it. The bet between Vernon and Streeter doing better in the NFL- I'll take that bet. Streeeter is already done. His goose is cooked

For all the golden shower drinkers around here, you ever wonder who the Mac staff built that "#17" defensive ranking against? The records of the teams are in (). Notice the records of the teams he beat and DID NOT beat. Lol some of the bottom feeders finished AHEAD of UM this year on defense!

2010 Temple Owls Football Schedule
Final Record: 8-4, 5-3 (MAC)

Villanova Won 31-24 (D1aa)

Central Mich Won 13-10 (3-9)

Connecticut Won 30-16 (8-5)

Penn State Lost 22-13 (7-6)

Army Won 42-35 (7-6)

Northern Illinois Lost 31-17 (11-3)

Bowling GreenWon 28-27 (2-10)

Buffalo Won 42-0 (2-10)

Akron Won 30-0 (1-11)

Kent State Won 28-10  (5-7)

Ohio Lost 31-23 (8-5)

Miami (OH) Lost 23-3 (10-4)

What up nash, you can always tell when it's time to stop talking to some people man, whenever they start blaming shannon for the lost to notre shame in a bowl game he didn't even coach in, you already they're f.o.s. Thee agenda is clear once you start seeing them blame a man for game he wasn't in, doesnt' get any clearer than that.

In shannon's first year, the final score was 51-13 against an oklahoma team that was humming and the score in the first half and the 2nd half was closer than the final score, but when you got kyle & kirby as your qb's, i guess any coach in the U.S. but shannon could have won that game with those 2.

goldie loses to k.st. 52-13 in his 2nd year and than turns around and loses to notre shame 41-3 and this clown is trying to bring up loses that went on shannon's record in his 1st year, lol, they make it to easy man. In 2009 the team went 9 & 3 and lost the bowl game bozo, lol, stop come on here lying to try and support your b.s. agenda against shannon.

stop lying about shannon nearly losing to duke, right now, goldie has that distinction of only beating duke by 7 points, shannon never let duke be that close to a tie or a victory, stop lying clown.

You need to start a new resolution, it's called being Truthful, anybody ever tell you lying is not good.

Yeah he was the same bumb that gave golden a victory saying golden was 7-6 in his argument bowing he was 6-6. Golden actually should have done better at temple seeing as how penn is more of a football state than any of those states that those schools are in. They talk about him developing talent but when u ask them who they can't tell you any names. I have a name for you Jaquan jarret. We can even use Chickillo they haven't developed him either.

GAllo and Calvin (aka the bible writer) are dead wrong on Shannon.

Shannon was THE worse coach Miami has had in the 20-21th century.

Someone said Coker left the cupboard bare for Shannon. LOL. Really? Even if that was true, Shannon had 4 years to recruit and rebuild, and 4 years were given to him, and he went BUST on us, by recruiting only at Miami NW and passing up local studs from other local high schools (like Conner Vernon). Calvin- wanna make a bet on who willbe more succesful in the NFL; Tommy Streeter, or Vernon?

Posted by: crockilla | January 02, 2013 at 11:18 AM
Why do people con't to say this? He was the coach for 4 years & he signed 8 players from 1 school? You post this mess as if he signed half of their seniors each year. It's stupid & juvenile.

GAllo and Calvin (aka the bible writer) are dead wrong on Shannon.

Shannon was THE worse coach Miami has had in the 20-21th century.

Someone said Coker left the cupboard bare for Shannon. LOL. Really? Even if that was true, Shannon had 4 years to recruit and rebuild, and 4 years were given to him, and he went BUST on us, by recruiting only at Miami NW and passing up local studs from other local high schools (like Conner Vernon). Calvin- wanna make a bet on who willbe more succesful in the NFL; Tommy Streeter, or Vernon?

Posted by: crockilla | January 02, 2013 at 11:18 AM
Why do people con't to say this? He was the coach for 4 years & he signed 8 players from 1 school? You post this mess as if he signed half of their seniors each year. It's stupid & juvenile.

202Cane, because alot of these buzzards got deep rooted hate for randy shannon for some reason so they come up with anything stupid to try and support their disdain for that man. It's funny, oscar cryer signed 7 kids from the same school in one year, and 4 of them made it to the pro's. shannon signed 8 and 4 of them are in the pro's as well, but for some reason when shannon did it, it was wrong, oscar cryer did it and it was alright. The sheer stupidity that alot of people on here post, they're not real Cane fans, they're jock ridah's.

They only want to beat their chest and brag about the 5 national championships, but hate some of the very players who gave them something to feel good about.

Brigewater is tearing it up!! Gosh I wish he stayed committed to the U. He's way better than Morris

I remember these idiots being glad teddy bridgewater decommitted from UM and once again, another player that was on his way to Miami that coach goldie didn't get or want, lol, i don't blame goldie to much cause he's a new jack coming in, but at the same time, he's been here in Miami for 2 years now, came in talking good, talking about the "eye of the Hurricane" but right now, i see alot of players getting away! So let's see who got away thus far under goldie: teddy bridgewater, eli rogers, jeremy davis, right now alex collins, bryant & travis johnson for right now.

In that book "deserve victory" on page 117th it must not have anything in their about playing defense.

Bridgewater is a very good college QB (and yes, I know we are talking college football), but Morris has a lot better mechanics and stronger arm than Teddy. Teddy's mechanics are not good. Teddy also has a better team around him, especially defensively than Moris has.

Don't get me wrong, I like Teddy and wish that he stayed committed to UM. I am not like some of the fans on here who for no reason, except that they want to be nasty, bash the kid because he went to Miami Northwestern and said that he is a bum and a reincarnation of Jacory. He is totally a better QB than Jacory was. I especially LOVE what he is doing to Gator Sam's and Curses team right now. Again he is a good QB, but I truly would rather have Stpehen Morris and his skill set.

Florida is getting buttf&ched by Louisville. First Clemson beats the mad hatter, then Northwestern beats the cowbell boy, and now and future ACC team is kicking the Gayturds ARSE. If Notre Dame beats bama, Reece davis and Mark May may have to be commited to a psychward.

So let me get this str8 because Morris has a stronger arm you rather him??Morris is an interception machine and will never lead the team to a comeback or big Win. Brdgewater has the it factor

Canes4life, looking at the mechanics of a qb is like looking at a guys 40 times as a litmus test of whether he can play or not. teddy bridgewater is way better than stephen morris. bridewaters accuracy is way better than stephen morris and he see's the whole field way better than morris does. Plus he's a winner, has been winning for a long time. Yeah morris has the stronger arm, but his head and feel for the game is nowhere near what jacory or bridgewater has right now.

In fact, you put jacory with a real oc from day 1 and jacory would've had a way better college career than most college qb's. jacory was way more accurate than stephen morris as well and just knows how to run an offense. Right now, stephen morris hits on a lot of big plays, but often times doesn't make the throws to move the chains and to many unecessary 3 & outs. jacory & bridgewater are playmakers.

They said, bernie kosar had bad mechanics and all he did was win a national championship and go on to the nfl and ball, they said phillip rivers had bad mechanics and all he did was become the all time acc passing leader and is doing his thing in the nfl, all you want behind center is a qb that understands how to win games.

Calvin masks sense Canes4life take your blind homer glasses off. Bridgewater is way better than Morris will ever be. I disagree with Calvin about Harris being good. He just was just to mistake prown. Bridgewater def sees the field better than Morris and Harris

GatorSam Logic:
Maryland beat UConn, who beat Louisville, who's embarrassing the Gators.
Therefore, the worst team in the ACC is as good as the best teams in the SEC.

Hopefully oh no sees this but he doesn't seem to be that astute. Thanks for erasing my earlier post manny and I didn't even curse.lol

Do the math...
Louisville moves to #10, the Gator drops out of the Top 10.
No conference championship, no bowl win, he11, not even a divisional championship.

It's ok though...because Alabama is carrying the load for the SEC (once again) by playing for the NC.

clue, what you gotta look at when it came to jacory was, when he got with mark nipple, that guy tried to run a version of the old air coryell offense that was later run by mike martz, the oc for the rams. That offense is a high risk high reward offense and pretty much all the qb's who played in it, threw alot of interceptions. This is why our qb's led the nation is interceptions, it wasn't just jacory, even nipple's own son couldn't run that offense, you'd think his own son would be able to look halfway decent in an offense i'm sure where the playbook was at the kitchen table or counter somewhere.

I didn't like patrick nix, but at least under nix, jacory didn't throw that many picks. It wasn't until he got with that yahoo oc with the gun slingers mentality in mark nipple, and the offense he ran had terrible route combinations. Often times all of our receivers ran the same depth routes, no hot reads or check downs under nipple and his offense.

jacory got with jedd and instantly got back to not turning the ball over, just like he did in highschool, you take away that last game against boston college, he had only 5 picks the whole year, threw 4 in that last game and still only ended up with 9 total for the whole year. jacory had a whole lot of talent, but it's a lesson in life, that it's very important to go to a school that has an oc/qb coach who knows what they're doing.

When you're a first time headcoach, you gotta have 2 things, alot of money to dish out to bring in who you want or a few people willing to take a pay-cut that believe in you to come to your program. If shannon had his way, koetter or trestman would've been the oc's at UM, either one of those 2 and our offense would've been much more dynamic. shannon didn't have the money to give them so of course coaches are not going to come to UM to take a chance coaching under a first time headcoach.

So shannon had to settle for nix, than the administration forced nipple on em.

tallyCane, you already know our defensive scheme is not an aggressive defensive schem. Our d-linemen don't run to many stunts if any why, because they're always preaching "gap integrity". Plus, oach OH-NO has no feel for calling defensive plays in-game and as soon as the game starts, he's clueless and needs halftime to figure out a minimum of half of what's going on.

Come next year, driskel will probably look all world against us too.

So now for all the excuse makers for goldie since they luv to use coach shannon's first 2 years record against him but when it comes to goldie's first 2 years, oh, "he's building the program" is thee excuse, so here it is, charlie strong in his 3rd year as the head coach of Louisville and he was 7 & 6, his first, 7 & 6 his 2nd year, to 11 & 2 his third year, to a dominant win over the gaytors, so next year is goldie's 3rd year, we'll go head an compare goldie with coach strong than since we'll be playing the gaytors come next year and it'll be goldie's 3rd year.

haha @ the idiots that blasted Teddy!

Congrats to Louisville for beating the #3 Gators.

What struck me was the number of Miami guys
on Louisville. The State of Miami for sure.
Got to keep these guys home...

Bridgewater is really excellent and Rogers made
some nice plays.

Their D line was really aggressive and fast and they
had some good hitters in the secondary. Impressive.

If they ever get a kicker...

And THEY are a very young team...Great coaching. Very motivated players, lots of fire on the sidelines. You got the feeling they don't blame much on youth...

The funny thing is, although it's louisville who beat the gaytors, most who know, alot of Miami guys were the ones who led that louisville team to victory. teddy is from Miami, so of course he wanted to beat the gaytor, same with eli, andrew johnson and guys like keith brown and company who bring that Miami spirit that says we can beat anybody anytime anywhere.

I'll take jacory or teddy bridgewater over stephen morris any day of the week. smo17 leaves to many plays out their on that field. Come next year, if we got allen hurns, phillip dorsett, rashawn scott, a mentally ready malcom lewis, of course herb waters, with duke johnson and a o-line that has been together for one year and should get stronger, for those who like morris over teddy, we'll see which one of them has the better game against the gaytors, teddy already did his thang.

It's not that i don't like smo17, i just know he's limited, that's why jedd took out alot of the intermediate routes where smo17 was more prone to throwing picks.

OH please, only a dumbass would think that Jacory Harris was on his best day a better qb than Stephen Morris in any offense. Bridgewater was on tonite and the kid played a good game. That being said he was the benefactor of a great start by Louisville with the interception return and a FLorida team that was overrated because of close lucky breaks during the regular season that allowed them to be overrated by the morons at ESPN and others. So he is the flavor of the day. I still would rather have Morris who has more upside than Bridgewater. One player that I was really impressed with was the safety Matt Elam from Florida. That kid hits guys as hard as any safety I have seen since Sean Taylor.

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