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Another member (or former member) of the UM Hurricanes family snagged by Arkansas's Bielema

Bret Bielema, the new coach at Arkansas, has hired former UM head coach Randy Shannon as his linebackers coach.

Bielema recently hired George McDonald -- UM's wide receivers coach -- as his receivers coach.

We're still waiting on McDonald's replacement, but I suspect Al Golden will make it a good hire.

As for Shannon, he moves to the premier conference in college football following his most recent job as linebackers coach at TCU.

The press release that Arkansas sent out about Shannon being hired is extremely long. It gushes about the former UM head coach and defensive coordinator -- as well as former UM linebacker.

"Randy Shannon is a great coach and a great person,'' said Bielema. "He has been a part of multiple national championship teams, and more importantly, he changed the lives of numerous young men. He has spent nearly his entire coaching career at Miami, and his defenses consistently ranked inside the top 10 nationally. I think a lot of people know Randy got a lot of great things done at Miami and most recently at TCU. He is a disciplinarian who has high standards, and he is skillful at relating to his players. He is a coach players turn to for guidance, and his players have always been prepared and played with intensity and desire.''

Hard to believe another year is upon us. Hope you all close this one out safely.

I think we all can say that this will be the year the Hurricanes meet their NCAA fate. The sooner they get it over with, the better for everyone.

Have a happy and healthy New Year. 





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Again, I am not saying that Teddy is not good. He is. It was great watching him make the Janitor (Muschump) and Emmitt Smith look like someone stole their lunch money on the sidelines tonight. I wanted Teddy to keep his commitment with UM. He is a winner. All I am saying is that in the Loooonnnggg run, due to his skill set, Stephen Morris will have a better career (I am including the NFL) than Teddy Bridgewater.

I know all we are worried about now is college, which is what matters, since they are playing college football. I am talking about the skill set of Morris compared to Bridgewater. Again, don't get me wrong, I want T.B. to do well and hope he continues to have a great college and hopefully great NFL career when that time comes. Watching them during their college careers many people would have picked Vince Young, Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy over Joe Flaco, Big Ben and Aaron Rodgers too. You can get away with bad mechanics in college, but they usually (Bernie Kosar and Phillip Rivers, being rare exceptions) are exposed in the pro's.

I (unlike some others on this board) am not bashing the kid. I have supported him when others have bashed him. It is just my opinion. Last I checked I think we are all entitled to have one of those. I may be wrong. Guess what, it wouldn't be the first time and I would be the first to admit it and come on here and say I was, I have a very small ego. Teddy may win the Heisman and go one to win 5 Superbowls and Morris may end up selling copiers. Time will tell.

Calvin, first off you can't compare a team that plays in the Big East conference with an ACC team because there just ain't no good teams in the Big East. Hell other than Louisville and COnnecticut who is in the conference. Second Strong has not had to deal with the Shapiro NCAA thing that has hampered recruiting for Golden. I give Charlie Strong a ton of credit for what he has done at Louisville and I really like the guy as a coach but to compare what he has had to endure with what Golden has had to clean up is simply just ridculous. They are not the same. Had Golden came in and not had to deal with all this crap then it would be a more appliable comparison but still not a fair comparison because they have played in the Big East.

The Louisville arse whopping of the Gators not only exposed what the Gators truly are, a wildly overrated team, but demonstrated the SEC is not nearly as strong as its been over the past number of years.

Muschamp made inexplicable, amateurish decisions tonight that prove he is not a top tier head football coach. That onside kick starting the second half reeked of a high school coach knowing he can’t beat the team he’s playing so he’s desperately making head scratching Hail Mary play calls.

Jeff Driskel is a fast, strong, passionate kid, but as a championship QB, not even close. This Gator season was an anomaly and tonight they came crashing back down to earth that will continue into next season.

Today, the undeniably great, first ballot Hall of Famer Ray Lewis announced his retirement and the glowing reports and accolades were all well-deserved, although not one time in the numerous media reports did I hear or read where they referred to Ray as a former University of Miami football player.

Yet, had Ray been arrested for a DUI or something worse every single report would have begun with…former University of Miami football player Ray Lewis.

Why is that?

I know that the media loves to bash UM, but I personally think that the reason that when Ray was accused of the murders during the Superbowl, he was in the process of making himself a Hall of Fame LB. He was still a relatively young player and in his 3rd or 4th year of his career He had went to several Pro Bowls, but was still know for playing at UM. At the time, The Ravens were in the process of developing a great defense and they weren't a winning organization like they are today. He hadn't even won his Superbowl yet with the Ravens. Fast forward 13 years later, Ray Ray has had a 17 yr. career and is now the face of the Baltimore Ravens and an Icon in the city and the NFL. He is arguably the best (and at lest in the top 5 of) LB's to play the game.

Again, I am not saying that the media does not like to bang on UM, but after a guy has played almost 20 years with the same team in the NFL (a rare ocurence in today's NFL) and is a 1st ballot HOF player, I believe that the 1st part of any write up or article on the guy will be about his pro career, not where he played his college ball.

I agree with you 100% Cane4life, but your logic that after 20 years the first thing mentioned should not be the college he played for, but that's exactly what the media does anytime it's a former UM player who has gotten into trouble.

Stop making excuses for what golden has to deal with. Shapiro didnt make oh no come up with that garbage scheme. I could understand the offense not being what it needs to be but to but to have the worst d in UM history is pathetic. Strong had fla pegged and oh no needs to look at that tape until his eyes bleed. When players no tendencies and are in the right places on the field fortuitous bounces happen. I have already said if we don't go 11-2 next year golden needs to be on the hot seat. The year after Shannon won 9 games everyone was like he needs to win acc and compete for a nc with a very inexperienced online. We have 21 returning starters so we should be competing for a nc next year.

calvin- wrong again (buzzer sound!)

Jacorry Harris would have thrown 5 ints in this game against UF and UM would have been demolished. Teddy is a a much better QB. I was reluctantt to admit this before, and thouht he was basically a JH clone, but he reads defenses better and the ESPN interview proved he studies film. Stephen Morris is more or less equal to Bridgewater in that they both can chuck it.

BUt that said, the SEC blabber by the talking heads (Herbie and others) is incredible. They ripped on the BIg EAst all year long. UF was OVERRATED all year long as well. SOmeone said they had the #1 SOS in the country. Thats a false stat, because as usual, they dont go out of state OOC to play anyone. Theyre comfy in their incestuous SEC, where everyone knows everyone, but do they travel TO KSU? NO. To ND? NO. TO OKlahoma? NO. To Columbus? NO. Even their "tough rivalry" game against UGA is at home in Jacksonville. PLease that's no neutral field.

Tally, expecting our team to go at least 11 and 2 or Golden should be on the hotseat is just plain stupid. Shannon couldn't go 11 and 2 without this whole Shapiro NCAA thing, all the tough games at home and he was in year 4 of his regime with all of his players juniors so get a life. We should win at least 8 or 9 games depending on the schedule and anything above that would be gravy. The point is under Golden we are not regressing but instead progressing. This ain't Xbox so get out of la la land.

5>3>2 I could not agree more.

The ACC has looked good in the bowl season, by and large, beating LSU, with future member Louisville dumping the Gators. Close games with the top SEC schools, with one of their best performances being lower-tier Vandy against NC State. G Tech dumped a hapless USC team (loved it by the way!). Big Ten held its own against South Carolina and Georgia as well.

I do believe 'Bama will pound the Irish, but ND is a bit quicker on the Offensive side of the ball. Should be a fun game.

With Pitt, Syracuse and Louisville joining the conference, B-ball is surely king. However, football is gaining traction versus the SEC, with FSU and Clemson looking like the current leaders. ACC offenses look better at the QB and receiver positions, and with better overall speed.

But, you can't beat the SEC for fan fanaticism, rivalries and tradition. UM - FSU is in that ballpark as well.

I think the bowl season has improved the stature of the ACC versus the SEC. This, plus a better academic rep, may tend to draw more quality players.

Maybe the ACC will become outstanding in football and Hoops. But it seems that the old "can't beat the SEC" is history.

If UM comes back, which all Canes hope we do, it will get very interesting on the national scene, and the ACC will be a major BCS force, and a Final four Hoops regular.

2013 canes: 10-2. 9-3 at worse (not incl bowl)

Take that to the bank.

exactly calvin.....3 yr turn arounds are happening all over the NCAA....like ive said, the ncaa is passing UM by.....as soon as steve kragthorpe goes 15-21 he gets fired immediately after 3 yrs (we still have a DC that gave us 3rd fro last place in defense)....they go sec and get a guy right out of our own back yard and win a major bowl against #3 ranked team....

what do we do....hire a mediocre coach from the MAC...its crazy....thats why I am so negative....get rid of all these idiots...why isnt dnofrio fired yet?

btw....bridgewater was a shannon recruit...

sickening.....the whole louisville team is from miami....whats golden going to to now when they are in the acc nect year? charlie strong will live in miami recruiting all our guys.....I see 3 losses already for 2013....the UM defense is in shambles...we still have major problems there.

Gallo- you mowron- Yes Louisville had tons of Miami players. many coulda shoulda woulda been recruited by Shannon. Yeah- Shannon would have had Bridgewater and eli- and then what? The rest were not recruited by Shannon.

How is it AG's fault that Bridgewater went to UL? He actually looked at LSU as well.

What I do know is that the SEC is overhyped and overrated.
How is Driskel still a QB?

Stop with your stupidity. You stupid person, you.

SEC is 2-3 in bowls. capeche?

ACC is 3-2 and 1-1 vs the SEC.


rofl, jim gallo, i'm one of those guys that don't look at the schedule before the season or during the season, i go week to week, but you see all thee excuse makers for goldie. All i know is, if next year's schedule is not as tuff as that 2009 schedule where shannon went 9 & 4, while jacory was throwing the ball with 4 fingers, because the oc/nipple wouldn't listen to shannon since locutt and company made him assistant headcoach, shannon came out of that 3 & 1, opened the season with 4 ranked teams, not to mention playing Fsu, which we all know no matter what the records or statuses are, both teams go at each other all game long.

People want to blame the sanctions, lol, goldie can hide behind that only for so long, but on game day's, it's evident and goldie has said it many times himself, "we had enuff talent on the field to win those games", so if that's the case, even he's admitting it's coaching that lost those games. Now it's, oh, "louisville is in a weaker conference so we can't compare the records" GTFOH, with that, lol, we'll definitely be able to compare come next year which team was better prepared to face the gaytors.

But if someone is saying a team came from a weaker conference but played a team from a so called stronger conference and dominated them, who do they want that statement to make sense, it gets comical by the day on here, the inept so called Cane fans show up time and time again. That's the same dumb argument many people use to try and make against us when we were independent and nobody wanted us in their conference, but they would bash us for playing "all these weak opponents" but than all we did was dominate any and ebasically every team we played no matter what conference, so what difference did it make, you beat who shows up when they show up.

So their actually argument is "louisville came from a weaker conference, so that's why they beat the gaytors" lol. Than you hear another imbecile say, "he thought teddy bridgewater was a jacory harris clone" , lol, based off of what, cause they went to the same highschool and have the same skin tone, their foolishness and hidden insecurties come out more and more on here.

Cane4life, stephen morris reminds me of jessie palmer, strong arm, had all the physical tools, just don't have the head for the game, but i will say this, stephen morris is better than jesse palmer though, just not jacory or teddy bridewater.

tallyCane, i gave this staff a pass their first year coming in, but i knew when they went out to neveda and brought in jalen grimble, i'm sitting their laughing saying, since when did we start recruiting neveda. I didn't want to be right, but i knew this guy wasn't ready for prime time. For all those people who've been bashing shannon saying "he wasn't developing talent, lol, yet you can go and look at how many guys made it to the nfl under shannon, they're continuing to lie on that man.

before shannon took over, darryl sharpton had no chance and making it to the pro's, c-mac would've made it to the pro's but not as a middle linebacker until shannon got with em, many players, but forget about those guys, why is IT that goldie is not developing 5 star jalen grimble, and 5 star 3g has regressed, or are yall going to go head and blame that one on the position coach, but when shannon was in charge, he got blamed for every thing.

The players shannon and his staff developed into draftable players, this staff reverse them, they came in talking about players reverting back to old habits on the d-line, lol, as if coach petri didn't know what he was doing, lol.

Now they want to down play bridgewater, trying to say he showed up and had a good game, lol, it's obvious they have no clue about Miami football. I remember them talkin about before he set foot on campus, how stephen morris could throw a ball from one knee about 70 yards, i said it than, i could careless, what football play in a game is going to require that. That man needs to work on his accuracy and throwing better balls that the receivers can actually catch instead of gunning everything.

I like smo17 cause he's a hardworker, alot of people try to act like jacory didn't study, lol, but can't explain how since smo17 as people say has the better physical tools, couldn't beat out j70 when both of them got the same playbook at the same time!

We need Dlineman and Linebackers, that should be the focal point on recruitment. I mean the nasty d lineman like Wilfork which are impossible to block, as far as position players I feel like were good enough but in order to win in college football you have to control the line of scrimmage which on the defensive side of the ball we were atrociuos. I hope Mark D has something better results next year, I doubt it though

Shannon is a good man and was a great Cane player.
But he was not a good coach. He had Cane LBs too far off the LOS just like the idiot golden and his DC.

Last night, the gators had an identical defense to Miami's except the gators had four down defensive lineman who were able to stop the run plays.

The rest of the gators' defense like no blitz, zone pass NO coverage, prevent the win, was just like Miami's and goldens and his moron DC's lack of defense which produced the same crappy result.

As to bowl games, there is NO way golden and his coordinators, offense and defense will ever take the Canes to a major bowl unless they make major changes in both the offense and defensive formations.
On defense, four down linemen, move LBs within 3 yards of the LOS, man to man pass defense, blitz from the blind side every down.
On offense, throw the ball down field on crossing time routes, NO flat passes like the gators first play/interception, no hail mary passes which are a wasted down, get a BIG fullback to get a guaranteed three yards even if you have to put a lineman like refrigerator Perry in as a fullback.

good idea! i dont know how any coach would be able gameplan against that. hilarious! will golden have success to a level of Cane fans expectations? i dont know, obviously.

but golden will never be good because he coached in the MAC?
here is a little list from the mac...
Bo Shembechler
woody hayes
ara parsegian
...to long ago?
brian kelly
urban meyer
nick saban

I don't have a problem with what conference a coach comes from, what i got a problem with is, them coaching like they're still on that level and not evolving. Your bring up oscar cryer, perfect, all cryer did was bring his offense in, charlie strong was already running that defense, in fact it was those charlie strong defenses that enable cryer to win those national championships.

brian kelly knows defense, but the point is, you won't find to many of those coaches who brought their mac defensive counter parts with them to coach against top flight talent. But bringing them up only hurts your own point, because right now, goldie is not holding up his end of the bargain of the mac staff coaches, but goldie has the potential to be a good coach, but promoting and trying to prop up and defend a coordinator that is aout pathetic as they come, does not show good judgement and definitely not championship caliber judgement.

UM5: your a complete idiot if you think ACC is harder than SEC.....

NCAA Toughest Schedule:
(Teams with at least 9 Inter-Division games) Sorted
on Cumulative Opposition
December 30, 2012

120 teams ranked in NCAA

SEC Teams:
#1 - Florida
#2 - Missouri
#3 - Texas AM
#7 - Kentucky
#9 - Arkansas
#13 - Auburn
#17 - LSU
#18 - Alabama
#22 South carolina

really idiot boy?.....dont ever challange me to statistics, lol....thats my thing

Gallo- your FIU degree didnt require reading 101- I never said the SEC was harder, but I did say they are OVERHYPED, OVERRATED and OVER exposed.

period. So how did Auburn, UK, Ole Miss, Mizzou, and Miss state do?

How did LSU and UF finally do playing OOC OO state?

dumba55 cant you read? Mustve been all those head injuries hitting your head on the back board of your trailer

We have 21 returning starters next year. Elam and floyd or going to the draft and fla is losing about four or five starters on each side of the ball. We should beat fla. we are not playing nd or Ksu next year. I think we play Clemson so that could be a loss and so could Fsu. Vtech will be better next year but still we should beat them. Unc without Bernard we should beat them gt at home next year we should beat them. If Virginia can beat us every year with far less talent then it must be the coaches. An average coach can luck up and win one of the games against fla,Fsu and Clemson. We shouldn't loose more than two games next year and if not ten the coaching staff should be on the hot seat. If we go 8-4 or 9-3 I'm sure that would be acceptable for some of u because it seams as if you already have your excuses ready why we can't win ten or 11 games next year.

ok overhyped, overrated to whom?.....isnt harder the same type of description?.....

so in conclusion the whole UM defense needs to be overhauled....dnofrio fired immediately and get a new DC with experience....if golden wont do that fire him as well.....UM will win the weak teams in 2013 coach or no coach.....promote jedd fisch to temp HC...let him interview for the job as well....can golden / dnofrio.....hire top avalible DC

I could care less about randy shannon, I really hated the guy, he was horrible with the media and with him it was difficult to know what was going on in the program. On the other hand, being a line backers coach is a good thing for him and the school, as a linebackers coach he won't have much say in what goes on and won't have the opportunity to drive arkansas into the ground, he'll never have to address the media or ban his players from talking to the media or all the other stuff, man randy shannon made me sick!!!!

No Gallo not overrate to whom but BY whom: ESPN, and all of the media.

Alabama, LSU, UGA, USCaro= NOT overrated. as good as advertised.
The rest including UF= Overrated. UF actually is in the middle but they were overranked all year. #3 over Oregon or KSU? Please.

The ACC has gotten a bad rap. Yeah some of their teams stink bad and this year was bad. But I will put the U, FSU, Clemson, UNC on anyone.Vatech wishy washy, so is GaTech.

But UK? Auburn? Ole MISs? MSU? Tennessee? Are you serious? Like you, they all ride the coattails of the cream of the crop.

If anyone is still looking to validate Shannon's firing, this is, to me, the only fact you need. Since he was fired, Randy Shannon has not been offered a single head coaching position at ANY university nor has he even been offered a DC position at ANY university. The market reveals the truth: Randy Shannon is nothing more than a LB coach & will probably never get another opportunity to be a HC. He was in way way way over his head at Miami & it's very clear that everybody in college football is aware of this.

The only reason they have a so called tough schedule is because that system takes into account the teams rankings. If 7 of the teams these teams play are preseason ranked in the top 25 then I reckon they by a computer will have a tough schedule. The thing is they are all conference games U idiots which is like playing your own brother in that you are very familiar with them because you play them year in and year out. Go on the road to play a Kansas State, or Ohio State at their house and then the SEC gets the respect they think they deserve.

The real tell tell sign of the mentality of people, the hate they had/have towards randy is more hate and disgust than they had or have for slammbutsky over their at penn disgrace. I've seen more hate post aimed at randy than that entire penn disgrace situation. To say shannon drove this program in the ground is a joke, lol, sure he made mistakes, but shannon was old skool, he wasnt' with the coddling of the media no more than jimmy was, jimmy didn't geive up that much information either, shannon did alot of things to protect the players and help them succeed in life.

People crying about "not knowing what's going on with the team" get a life, the only thing you need to know is what time the games come on on saturday and thursday nights, other than that, i don't want to know who's injured and where is their injury, that's non of my business, some of you mofo's think you own the team talking like that.

Alot of us Love UM football and the program and what it stood for and should stand for today but don't get carried away. Alot of yall don't realize, the same things yall blame shannon for, is the same mentality shannon help instill on some of those UM teams that made some of yall UM fans.

Alot of yall talk about "we need to get that us against the world mentality/attitude back", well it never left alot of people, so when the media started getting on shannon's nerves as well as shalala and locutt, shannon closed up shop, cause that's who he is and that's his make up, things get hectic on the outside, shut them mofo's out and do what you gotta do on the inside.

It's the same mentality dennis erickson didn't develop until halftime of the cotton bowl game. Of course that type of mentality doesn't work well with this kinder gentler audience who get sensitive real quick, seems like alot of people are not standing up to pee no more these days.

If anyone is still looking to validate Shannon's firing, this is, to me, the only fact you need. Since he was fired, Randy Shannon has not been offered a single head coaching position at ANY university nor has he even been offered a DC position at ANY university. The market reveals the truth: Randy Shannon is nothing more than a LB coach & will probably never get another opportunity to be a HC. He was in way way way over his head at Miami & it's very clear that everybody in college football is aware of this.

Posted by: Lucadawg | January 03, 2013 at 01:22 PM

It's not about shannon not being offered another headcoach job, first off, no one would've wanted to cover the money shannon would've lost had they even offered him a job, so shannon wasn't looking to coach nowhere until he finished receiving the money owed to him by UM. Next off, anybody that gets fired from UM as a headcoach, they're going to have a hard time finding another headcoaching job. The question is, was shannon given the resources and time, to justify his firing.

Most know his first real class was the 2008 class, he didn't get a chance to coached them in their final year. He wasn't given the money like goldie to pay in the assistants the money needed to bring them in. Can it be justified why goldie was given the money he got and than a pay raise after that and in his first 2 years he only has 2 more wins than shannon had, and yet shannon had the toughest schedules and the most watered down talent UM has had in who knows how long, we talking "ONE/NO DRAFT PICKS" in one of shannon's years.

Than we heard, "shannon hasn't been offered a d-co job yet" lol, again, shannon was in the same situation butch davis is in now, where who's going to cover the money they'd lose by accepting a job, that's not good business sense to give up sure money, shannon is well respected in coaching circles, nfl & pro's, all shannon is doing is taking his time and what some of yall fail to realize, 4 years of spotlight for shannon with all the hate mail & emails he got and jacory got, was more than enuff for him, him being a linebackers coach is a vacation for him and much more peaceful like he prefers it. When he won the broyles award, even than shannon kept himself in the background.

So for those of yall trying to make that argument like shannon doesn't have options, just stop, cause it's real evident yall are clueless.

The toughest schedule nonsense concerning Florida is more media BS. They played 4 away games this past season and sprinkled their schedule with 5 tomato cans. They will not play an OOC opponent in an out of state game, which that alone should disqualify them from ever being considered a top tier team or program. Last night removed any doubt as to how absurdly the Gators have been over-hyped this year and for that matter many years beforehand. The final score in last nights mauling of the Gators is misleading as the Gators were never in the game and were outclassed on every metric. The fact they were ranked #3 is an indictment on the college football ranking system...period...end of story!

If anyone is still looking to validate Shannon's firing, this is, to me, the only fact you need. Since he was fired, Randy Shannon has not been offered a single head coaching position at ANY university nor has he even been offered a DC position at ANY university. The market reveals the truth: Randy Shannon is nothing more than a LB coach & will probably never get another opportunity to be a HC. He was in way way way over his head at Miami & it's very clear that everybody in college football is aware of this.
Posted by: Lucadawg | January 03, 2013 at 01:22 PM


He was offered the DC position @ UMD...

If I remember correctly, he was also in the running for Texas' DC position & offered the DC position when Nueheiler(sp) was stil the coach..

championships... ditto.

People crying about "not knowing what's going on with the team" get a life

Posted by: Calvin | January 03, 2013 at 01:48 PM

First off Calvin that is bullsh1T because he was supposedly hired so cheaply by UM, and plus if he was that great a DC, another school such as an Alabama, LSU, or Texas with deep pockets would have gladly paid what ever they had to to get Shannon. So that argument doesn't hold any water. And please with the whole Maryland crap. If he was so great then Maryland would not have been the only offer.

Calvin- "Shannon didn't get the chance to coach his 2008 class"


Man get over that. You wrong.

What was the 2008 record? 9-4
And what was the 2009 record? 7-6
And what was the 2010 record? 7-6. And who did these vaunted 2008 juniors lose to in 2010? USF. THEY. More than anyone, are responsible for Shannon losing his job. Jacorry first and foremost. They quit on him, and they just didnt want to play for him. period. They quit at USF and they quit against BC. And then they quit against ND--- that is, until Morris stepped in after Jacorrys 4th int, and threw a TD to Streeter but they ran out of time.

championships is an idiot as always.....the system has nothing to do with the national rankings...that is not factored in at all:


Toughest Schedule
(Teams with at least 9 Inter-Division games) Sorted
on Cumulative Opposition
December 30, 2012

#1 florida

Past Opposition / 94 wins..41 losses = .06929630 %
Future Opposition / 10 wins...2 losses = .8333333 %
Cumulative Total / 104 wins...43 losses = .70748299%

thats how its done di...k wad

as for randy shannon....stats are the stats....randy has better stats than golden in every catagory so far.....so where is the improvement? media/blog opinion is worthless....show me the statistical improvments.....I have looked at all the stats since 2001....golden is the worst so far....

goldens only stats worth mentioning is offensive yardage for 2012 of 5280 & 45 TD's (all I might add with randy shannons recruits)

even with that....shannons 2010 was better with 5493 @ 44 TD's....

lol, j.g. hitting em with the facts and stats again, they can't stand the Truth. You can tell who has just straight up hate and disdain for shannon, they luv to lie on that man, texas was one of the first offers he got to be the dc, lol, no matter how much money a school has, they're not that desparate to go and pick up a tab for a coach from another school and than pay him on top of that his new salary when they can just hire another coordinator no matter how much money texas has. Anybody that want the facts go and do your research on the offers randy shannon had, in fact they wanted him to be the headcoach in waiting at texas, don't be clowns.

I'm not sure if people try and post randy shannon's records wrong on purpose to try and distort the Truth, but i'll do it to clarify:

shannon's W-L tenure:
2007 = 5&7
2008 = 7&5(bowl game appearance-lost +1 to L column)
2009 = 9&3 (bowl game appearance-lost +1 to L column)
2010 = 7&5 (jacory got hurt the Virginia game, lost to usF because of the dumb oc just like most of the losses that year was, that team was good enuff to win 10 to 11 games if not more, but 2010 was the year of the administration sabatoge year, so they had to get mark nipple in on it, so he personally jacked up at least 3 or 4 games to prevent shannon from winning a minimum of 9 games, keep in mind, we played than #2 ohio st.

The facts are clear, jedd became the oc and jacory's turn-overs went way down, nipple was the oc and his turn-overs went all the way up along with morris and whipple jr., so for those crazy enuff to keep saying it was jacory, all of our qb's were turning it over at a high rate, peope forget that smo had more interceptions that touchdown passes after jacory got hurt, they forget whipple jr. came in and started tossing em up to the other team too as well. It was a system flaw.

Who on here thinks any of our current qb's(williams, dewey or crow)on the roster are better than teddy b.. They're posting stories now saying shannon getting fired didn't have to much to do with him not coming to Miami, but i can guarantee you it definitely didn't help. And now you gotta look at this staff's ability to judge qb's right now, they're about 0 for 3 or 4, they put the full court press on jacoby brissett, turns out he can't be out driskel's sorry azzzzzz(but he'll look all world against us i'm sure, than they go and bring in ryan williams, need i say more, crow is hear, and i guy that has a real good idea about the players in that tampa area has been real good at spotting talent in that are.

He was saying before the coaches even knew about crow that he hould never set foot on UM's campus, than all of a sudden his worst nightmare came True, so that's more than likely 3 right their, and when it comes to mechanics, this preston dewey guy is not going to overwhelm any defense with arm strength, so he'd better be accurate and can read defenses, other wise, morris might be the last of the decent qb play we see for a while. In fact, where are any of the goldie qb's that ran his temple offenses these days.

calvin, i can't say i disagree with you. i have no faith in d cord, but i can't stand repeated coaching turnover either.

...and i was referring to your 11:41am post.

Gallo first of all everybody knows you are the one of the two or three idiots up here. How in the hell do you think they determine what is considered a tough schedule,idiot? The only teams the SEC plays outside their conference is somebody from Division 2 or a sunbelt team. Cause it sure isn't as though they have the ball's to play somebody at the other teams house who is any good.

And Calvin from 227 with the two left feet, why don't you try actually speaking the truth instead of your stupidass b/s that hates on the fact that Golden is better than Shannon. The only guy I would say was worse has been Coker and at least he could coach, he just sucked at recruiting. Shannon was the head coach and if he was too stupid to tell whipple what to do then that shows just what a dumbass he was as a head coach. He hired his assistants. Nobody on here hates Shannon as idiots like you like to dream up, we just state the reality of him as a coach. He was an overated DC who lived off of what Schiano and Butch Davis left him. And nobody knows what Dewey or Crow are going to do until we see the kids on the field, so that's a dumb statement by you to begin with. And Are you seriously so stupid that you typed Texas wanted Randy Shannon to be the head coach in waiting? Now that is some funny S%#t. How stupid can you really be?

The Miami fans have got to be one of the dumbest in all the NCAA for even HINTING that RS was over-rated as a DC..What's next? Mark D, 0-N0fri is great!! TR0LLS!

Kirby Hoecunt is the numbnut prick that was salivating over the $$$ that Shapiro was handing out and he fired RS for not allowing NS to get close to the players..

I am glad that RS will make $315,000 to be the LB coach at Arkansas..

Who gives a sh2t what he makes or what your dumbass thinks.

The question is whether or not Randy was offered another gig other than a position coach.. It was mentioned that he indeed was offered a DC gig & some still look to find excuses.. I am really starting to think Randy poked some of your girlfriends.. The hate for the hate is kinda creepy. Unless the man personally screwed you over(sorry not being a good head coach is personally screwing you over) some of you f&gs need to get a life

You can't talk to imbeciles, all they do is cry and whine and speak lies and their deep rooted hate comes out. I saw more hate and disdain post for shannon and jacory than i did for the situation up at penn disgrace. These guys who are talking about shannon, did not talk about how disgusted they were with shamdusky. They want to say shannon wasn't wanted by texas or any other colleges as the dc, lol, again, anybody that wants to know the Truth, just go head and google shannon's name and the d-co jobs he was wanted at, that'll show you who the real bozo's on here who are just typing hot air.

Watching this k st. oregon game makes me feel a lil sick to my stomach knowing at some point if we were playing oregon, oach OH-NO would have shayon green or curtis porter trying to cover thomas or barner in the flats as if that's a solid defensive call.

Bottom line is golden is the coach o the worst defense in UM history there is no around that stat. Shannon will get another oppertunity to coach an he will be better for it. It's funny how some think schiano was good his record as a coach was average at best as well. The bucs broke the bank in free agency and he still was some spit. No more than 2 losses and golden should be fired.


That's call scheming brah u didn't know.

That type of coverage prolly works against the buffalo, west mich, and toledo's of the world tho..

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