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Another member (or former member) of the UM Hurricanes family snagged by Arkansas's Bielema

Bret Bielema, the new coach at Arkansas, has hired former UM head coach Randy Shannon as his linebackers coach.

Bielema recently hired George McDonald -- UM's wide receivers coach -- as his receivers coach.

We're still waiting on McDonald's replacement, but I suspect Al Golden will make it a good hire.

As for Shannon, he moves to the premier conference in college football following his most recent job as linebackers coach at TCU.

The press release that Arkansas sent out about Shannon being hired is extremely long. It gushes about the former UM head coach and defensive coordinator -- as well as former UM linebacker.

"Randy Shannon is a great coach and a great person,'' said Bielema. "He has been a part of multiple national championship teams, and more importantly, he changed the lives of numerous young men. He has spent nearly his entire coaching career at Miami, and his defenses consistently ranked inside the top 10 nationally. I think a lot of people know Randy got a lot of great things done at Miami and most recently at TCU. He is a disciplinarian who has high standards, and he is skillful at relating to his players. He is a coach players turn to for guidance, and his players have always been prepared and played with intensity and desire.''

Hard to believe another year is upon us. Hope you all close this one out safely.

I think we all can say that this will be the year the Hurricanes meet their NCAA fate. The sooner they get it over with, the better for everyone.

Have a happy and healthy New Year. 





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schiano was a decent to above average d-co, shannon came in and took the defense to the next level just like he did as a player at UM and dallas.

tallyCane said it, goldie is the headcoach while we have the worst defense in UM history and damyum near the worst defense in college football at 117th. Even goldie himself was questioning whether their defensive philosophy needs to change. If somebody is sitting at 117th and are questioning whether or not the defensive philosophy needs to change, somebody might be a head-case.

behind enemy lines, i understand people wanting the same coaches here, but that's never been something that's been at UM, only the faithful few, that's why it was a tradgedy for troll shalala and crew to allow guys like kehoe, soldinger, heargrave, guys like them to get fired, you just don't do that. Leave those cornerstone coaches alone. But since she has no clue when it comes to a football team, in fact she could careless about us being dominant again, i'm starting to think she's a double agent to as well.

We got a big 10 minded president, now we got a big 10 minded headcoach along with his buddy oach OH-NO, all points to being more conservative. It's one thing to know the history of UM, but to be able to create an atmosphere where the team is allowed to express their talent and individuality as well, i don't know if this long sleeve tie wearer in 90 degree heat has the pedigree to get it done.

Here's what i do know, i like goldie, i don't have a problem with goldie trying to defend his boy, i understand that, it's the way he's going about it that's the problem. Saying things like "i'll challenge anybody, when you put oach OH-NO's track record up" what track record.


That's call scheming brah u didn't know.

That type of coverage prolly works against the buffalo, west mich, and toledo's of the world tho..

Posted by: Nash | January 03, 2013 at 10:26 PM

ROFL, my bad dawg, i forgot, all those high-powered mac conference offenses, you gotta be multiple, that's the one word i was glad not to hear no more from this coachng staff. I'm assuming now that 117th is multiple.

Also, no wonder goldie was complaining about the team not being in the kind of shape he thought they should be in, since his boy came in trying to be a tough guy talking about "when we turn on the film, we better see 11 men flying to the ball" it all makes since now why alot of focus was on cardio to, when the db's have to run and come from 30 yards away just to get in the frame, since they're sprinting away and have a 15 yard headstart before the ball is snapped, than trying to run back to the ball from 30 yards out just to get in the frame so some bozo can say "that's perfect, we got 11 guys flying to the ball" in the meantime, 117th again, is that mulitple.

a calvin put on some cleats & some pads & lets go 1 on 1 im from the mac

who cares about randy shannon hes working leave him alone he has high blood pressure & he can't eat red meat

Mark Twain wrote: "Lies, damned lies, and statistics", which is a phrase describing the persuasive power of numbers, particularly the use of statistics to try and bolster weak arguments.

For those citing statistics to bash Al Golden and bolster the ridiculous toughest schedule claim regarding the over-hyped Florida Gators I respond; lies, damned lies and statistics.

Your statistic ruse only works if the foundation for those statistics matches precisely that of the group you’re trying to compare them to...a statistical impossibility!

schiano is weak also....he was very mediocre to weak at rutgers:

68-67.....28-48 conference, with a 6 game average loss per year. you are seeing the same thing at tampa bay....statistics define the man...thats the type of coach he is...golden is the same way...he will not be a 12-0 or 11-1 coach.

golden should fire dnofrio....NOBODY in the ncaa at #117 keeps his job...thats the facts of life...if he cant do that and puts his ex-roomate ahead of the UM brand, he goes also....put fisch in charge then go get a REAL DC. there are plenty that would come here for the right money...a real bold move would be to get butch davis and fire the whole staff except fisch.

Surprised to see this discussion about Texas wanting Shannon to be "head coach in waiting."

In fact, that was Wil Mushchamp's role under Mac Brown. When it was clear Brown wasn't hanging them up, Muschamp wisely moved on.

Then it looked as if Major Applewhite, with his UT pedigree, might be the head coach in waiting. Manny Diaz also had some juice in the program, but his defense was weak last year. So, I think UT is comfortable with Applewhite as the next guy when Brown retires.

Don't know where the Shannon idea came from. He is a good coordinator or positions coach. He does not have the personality, communication skills, spirit of inclusiveness needed to be the face of a program. So, best wishes to a success story, a Cane and a talented defensive coach.

Conversely, we are in big trouble with the Penn State/MAC coaches we now have. The defense was a true embarassment the past 2 years.

D'Onofrio, while a tough player, was a classic PSU linebacker. The D had maybe some rush up front, strong LBs that sit back and are good against the run - slow with coverage, and hard hitting DBs who play determined.

The PSU model is not an attack defense often seen with fast Southern teams. It is a classic Big Ten style approach, where speed has been more of an afterthought.

It will not work at UM and will prohibit us matching up with many faster opponents. 'Bama and LSU, interestingly, have power defenses with big players, but they are quicker and very aggressive in terms of style of play.

While I also like Golden, I do not believe his overall philosophy, particularly on defense, suits the Canes, nor will it lead to a national championship level team.

I question D'Onofrio's soul connection with the players, and am troubled by the "blame the players" mentality of both he and Golden. It's garbage. They are the coaches, period, and Golden has sometimes said that, to his credit.

Look at PSU's record at the national level. Good strong team but not a powerhouse contender, the exception being when they beat us and Vinnie threw several Ints.

When you look at the attack style of Oregon or the defensive attack style of even Louisville the other night, the old "hold your ground and hit 'em style" is on its way out forever.

Look at Kansas State, a classic example of a PSU type team, overrun by speed and quickness on both sides of the ball. A Ford 150 versus a Ferrari. That should be UM's goal. And we once had that style of play, and it worked.

Enjoy a lot of the discussion from some sharp fans on this blog. Thank you for that thoughtful input.

Not sure I get the stats issue about group comparisons though. It sounds like there is a problem using your own group stats as a baseline for comparison with your own group stats?

Anyway, lots of good input here!

a calvin put on some cleats & some pads & lets go 1 on 1 im from the mac

Posted by: mac | January 04, 2013 at 12:51 AM

who cares about randy shannon hes working leave him alone he has high blood pressure & he can't eat red meat

Posted by: mac | January 04, 2013 at 12:55 AM

I know alot of guys that played in the mac conference from down here, didn't matter what conference you played in, we killed them too. Just like alot guys, down here, nothing new, i was sticking pro wide receivers when i was in the 7th & 8th grade.

I could careless where somebody played, i got em!

Hey Gallo I TOLD YOU Butch WOULDN'T be the coach at FIU. You're an IDIOT and your posts forever display your stupidity. You guys are STILL speaking about the D? Jeez let it go, NO team had as young a D as we did, and they'll be better next season. Those kids dont' want to be known as the worst D Miami has ever had, and that'll motivate them to be better. Our O is solid are we're in a great position to have a stellar year next year.

sorry...tcu was younger than UM on defense...

defensive ranking:

tcu - #16 / 4 soph & 3 freshman
UM - #116 / 5 soph & 1 freshman

those pesky stats, lol

////////////////////CALVIN WROTE:
Of course that type of mentality doesn't work well with this kinder gentler audience who get sensitive real quick, seems like alot of people are not standing up to pee no more these days.

Posted by: Calvin | January 03, 2013 at 01:36 PM

Calvin it seems a thread runs through your posts...you are still cranked that shannon got fired, therefore your dislike and dissing of Coach G.. get over it..

We have moved on, and about the above it seems that you are sitting but have no paper. Use all the posts that you have written and possibly your sanity will return, but no it is not enough...you make no logic in your dribble.
Your are not a 'U' fan . You are a shannon, jh fan.
Move on like they have.
The 'U' will be the 'U'

Calvin is a racist gator

You saw more hate against Shannon and JH than about the Penn state thing eh Calvin? What do you know about the PSu thing?

Listen, X, the 60s are over. Your black panther mentality is gone by the way of the Chevy Nova.

AG is here to stay. Get over it. Support the canes. your hatred and your 5000 word babbles arent going to do a dang thing.

I don't understand how you can defend Randy Shannon as a head coach. This team was undisciplined and out of shape. The guy had no clue how to game plan or use a timeout. Look at bow kuch cleanup Golden has had to do in Shannon's wake.

3-3 in the bowls
2-1 vs the big 10
1-1 vs the ACC
0-1 vs the Big EASt

2 more games remain (Texas A&M and Alabama)

4-2 in the bowls
1-0 vs the Pac 10
1-0 vs the MAC
1-1 vs the SEC
1-1 vs the Big EAst

There is no purer way than head to head comp in a relatively neutral site such as a bowl against an out of conference opponent which you rarely play. NONE.

Let's see when every thing is said and done how "superior" SEC is in general as the SEC inbreds claim (as does most of the media). They have started that argument went un-debated and have propagated it. NOBODY has denied that the last 7 NCs have come from the SEC. What is argued here, is that top to bottom, it is NOT the dominating conf that everyone drools about: why?

Vandy (most years- this year they are actually pretty good)
Ole Miss

That's 6 fairly mediocre or bad teams.

NC st
Ill even throw in VTthis yr.

The rest can play with anyone anytime

And that includes my []_[]

canejunk: you have it the wrong way...shannon needs to come in and clean up goldens mess:

2010 shannon leaves golden with:

total offense - 5493 / 44 TD's / ncaa rank #31
total defense - 4199 / 37 sacks / 16 INT's / rank #22

2011 golden takes over:

total offense - 4533 / 41 TD's / ncaa rank #70
total defense - 4319 / 23 sacks / 6 INT's / rank #45

2012 golden era continues:

total offense - 5280 / 44 TD's ncaa rank #37
total defense - 5837 / 13 sacks / 11 INT's / rank #116

call butch as HC...keep fisch as OC and hire back shannon as DC....ill be happy with that.

typo 2012 golden has 45 TD's..not 44

dbc, goldie doesn't know defense, and their was only one reason we lost that game to penn disgrace in 87, vinny, other than that, we dominated penn disgrace all game long. It's a terrbile philosophy because it's designed to take advantage of unforced errors, what goldie and his boy don't seem to understand is, this ain't tennis.

They don't seem to understand athlete's, all they want to do is create big guys that can kind of clog up the middle of the field, but nobody to cover the outside guys. It's a defense designed to let teams go up and down the field all day, but it's predicated on once the field shrinks, the advantages go to the defense. That philosophy is trash, because teams can come out right away and get momentum and they'll definitely have confidence all game long that they can score.

Than once you spread those guys out, it's curtains for em. If goldie doesn't understand he's got athletes and all he's concentrating on is getting guys bigger, i'll go back to something i've been posting.

This off season, goldie needs to get the weight management of the team under control. We don't need anymore 270lb tight-ends, or oversized defensive ends all in the name of trying to be a more physical and intimidating looking team.

In case they don't know, not to many i know were ever scared because another team was bigger than us, in fact, that made it worst for them, because guys went out of their way to really try and punish them.

sorry...tcu was younger than UM on defense...

defensive ranking:

tcu - #16 / 4 soph & 3 freshman
UM - #116 / 5 soph & 1 freshman

those pesky stats, lol

Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 04, 2013 at 10:34 AM


More ignorant applications of statistics to bolster a lie. Did TCU and Miami play the same teams, in the same environment? Did the freshmen on both teams play the same amount of minutes and the same positions? If not your statistics mean absolutely nothing. If your goal is to prove how dumb and uninformed you are...then factually, job well done!

Toughest Schedule - NCAA
(Teams with at least 9 Inter-Division games) Sorted
on Cumulative Opposition
December 30, 2012

#42 strength rank TCU - past opposition / 69 wins - 59 losses......53906250%

#46 strength rank UM - past opposition / 61 wins - 53 losses......53508772

TCU - #16 defensive rank with harder sced than UM
UM - #116 defensive rank out of a possible 120

what is there even to talk about...put the bong down and go to class you idiot, lol

I don't understand how you can defend Randy Shannon as a head coach. This team was undisciplined and out of shape. The guy had no clue how to game plan or use a timeout. Look at bow kuch cleanup Golden has had to do in Shannon's wake.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 04, 2013 at 12:50 PM

I'm going to say this to you, what exactly did goldie clean-up and where do you get we were out under shannon from, goldie. Ask yourself these questions, maybe it'll help you understand:

Which defenses played better, shannon's so called out of shape defenses or goldie's so called in-shape defenses?

Which team was more undiscipline, was it shannon or the oc/assistant headcoach in charge of the offense that got a few untimely penalties here and their or was goldie's so call in-shape defenses more disciplined that ended up being the worst defense in UM history?

Which coach was more discipline and consistent? (shannon made a wise choice when it came to injuries by just point out regions, and stuck with it, goldie was giving out specific area's for other teams to target. shannon kept things in house and dealt with regualr college kids life like he's been their, goldie can't wait to try and give hints to the media and act like it's one of the toughest struggles in the world by saying things like "you can't keep weeding the garden" like our players will be the first and last to do it", find another way to punish them if that's your rule, otherwise he's going to look real crazy later on)

Would thomas finnie had gotten caught stealing a laptop while shannon was here?

Which coach got left with the most talent to work with, shannon or goldie?

Did shannon have as many draftable players to work with his first 2 years or did goldie?

Why is goldie only sitting with 2 more wins after 2 years over shannon?

Would a defensive coordinator with a unit sitting at 117th still be here if shannon was the headcoach?

shannon lost to uVA his last year because j70 got hurt early, what reason has goldie lost to uVA for the last 2 years in a row?

Who created the current depth issues on this team and if you have d-line depth issues, who's idea was it to keep moving d-linemen to the offensive side of the ball?

Which coach is/was more believable/trustworthy, a coach that lost his job by going agaisnt the administration to keep that weasel away from the program or a coach that keeps trying to pursuade anyone who will listen why his boy oach OH-NO is one of the best in the nation?

In randy's first 3 years and now goldie's 3rd year, who's team had the toughest schedules(this question should been asked before trying to understand why goldie only has 2 more wins than shannon in his first 2 years).

I'll stop here for now!

Here's a statistic, if you don't beat the teams on your own schedule, you won't get a chance to go and play another team from a so called stronger conference!


Agreed. I like the point about the field shrinking after long marches downfield. Thus, clogging a smaller space with bigger guys is thought to give the D advantage. But the psychological deflation and fatigue of having a team move down the field on you, longer drives, is a factor.

Again, a Penn State style D will no longer work. The game is changing thanks to coaches like Chip Kelly and Art Briles. When these attacking offenses are supplemented by our previous speed and aggressive style of defense, watch out.

I mean who didn't love the Canes facing an option team back in the day?

Also, Jim, and sometimes Calvin, you guys take a lot of shots here. You have put up some good stats and arguments and I appreciate that.

The youth comparison on the D with this year's TCU team is notable. Never believed that youth was THE issue for the Canes. It goes much deeper to scheme, philosophy and coaching.

And yes, we should be better next year based on simple probabilities, though that did not hold from 2011 to 2012, as we all know.

Wish we could find a spot for Buth Davis, especially if he decided to settle in some. He could be a great HC if Golden does not work out, or, humble pie though it would be, an awesome DC.

Anyway, as a True Cane I hope for the best...For those on here who want to dump on UM, and who may be Gator fans, I would suspect you are taking a hiatus.

Overall, good if we can respond to some of the stats stuff that Jim and Calvin and other folks put up, because it makes you think about the foundation of some of our assumptions...

CAlvin- doent know squat
Jim gallo ( the fake gator)- dont know squat. Of thatI am 99.83754635279900% sure

Calvin. Seriously. Quit jabberwokying on Golden. Golden cleaned up the following from Shannon:

1)Lazy entitlement from Miami-Dade players who felt that just because they wore the U they didnt have to work out in the off season and would automatically go 12-0

2)bad public relations with the media, and with local coaches (except Miami NW who had Shannon in their back pocket)

3)Cleaned up the cobwebs in Jacorry's head, in a futile attempt to get him to get into the NFL. Unfortunately you cant make a cessna pilot into an astronaut.

4) Cleaned up the whole attitude of the team- Under Shannon players quit by the 3rd q if they were down. under Golden they managed to pull out close games by sheer guts and... conditioning

While Donfrio has not done much on D- A reasonable man would give him at least 1-2 more years. Why? because he has had only 2 years to coach these players. But based on your 15,000 word diatribes, you are not a reasonable man

Calvin you idiot we were losing when Harris got hurt because of Harris throwing interception after interception. You are so stupid with you idiotic lack of logic that you are an embarrasment to the human race. Get a life and some real logical points then somebody may just may take an idiot like you seriously. Until then you are nothing more than a racist, obsessed, hater on Golden just because he is white.

It depends on what you call quitting. We lost by almost 40 points in two game this year? You must be confused.it can also be said that we quit against fsu. We had a 10 point lead and then started to play to loose. I think this team under golden never thought they could win with the garbage schemes. Explains why we had the worst defense in UM history. Golden also had some timeout problems this year. The most aggregious offenses to me are the fact that golden blames their ineptness on the players. That's some bs. Shannon is no longer the coach stop making excuses for these coaches. Last year bc won 2 games and held the ball for 38 minutes out of 48 min.thats unheard of. The only thing that is young is our dc. I am all about stats as well and there is nothing good about that.

If Golden didnt have keyhoe and fisch he would be on his way out of miami.While we are talking about youth one freshman won the heisman and another redshirt fresh is playing for the national championship. i wonder what their coaches are teaching them. Texas A&M lead by a first year coach and first year heisman qb came in a played well in the SEC. Kevin sumlin coming from a pass oriented offense from Houston will do well in the sec. Arkansas had success coming out of nowhere in the sec because of that.

tallyCane, you making to much sense man, those imbeciles still won't be able to comprehend what you just posted. THey luv to say shannon's teams quit on him, when all it was, was 2 bad oc's who didn't know how to call plays.

goldie treats them like girls, after the k st. and notre shame games goldie talking bout "our guys didn't quit, we kept fighting", dawg, come on, after them 2 scores and this guy comes out saying that, well hell, if that's the case, if they're accepting that from goldie, what was the reason for getting rid of shannon again.

Did the team quit these last 2 years against Virginia under goldie, or how about did they quit against unc. Did the team quit against boston college last year. Where was the defense against duke, maybe they quit cause they knew they weren't going to a bowl game.

These bozo's talk about logic and have none. I don't waste my time talking to those inbreeds man. Come next year they'll be like, goldie is still rebuilding, but the team is in shape though, we got the 30/30 club, more people on the team benching 225lbs over 30 times, so apparently what we have is the strongest UM weight room defense ever with the worst UM defensive stats. It's all starting to translate now. "DESERVE VICTORY" join a club 20/20 or overacheive and join the 30/30 club.

Don't worry, you'll have a mediocre college career but you'll be a combine sensation in 4 years at that pace. tallyCane, once i see people posting an acting like scorned girls, i don't waste my time with them dawg, it's fruitless. Won't be long before they start keying my post!

tallycane.............exactlyyyyyyyyy, freshman are all over the place in ncaa....and sophmores are also as an example:

top running back 2012....SOPHMORE
ka'deem cary...1929 yards @ 148.48 yards per game

top scorer 2012....FRESHMAN
kenneth dixon...28 TD's

focus on stats and not golden media...youll see things alot different....

1. performance
2. then comes stats
3. then comes championships.....all in that order, cant happen any other way

goldie can now breathe a sigh of relief, ron turner was hired over their at F.i.who, apparently somebody felt that was an upgrade. I know what really happened though, butch went head and gave garcia the nod, like, ok, i'm bout it, than as soon as pete pulled the trigger, butch slid him over them numbers, pete was like, man, i thought we already discussed this, butch was like, yeah we did, but that was an old discussion, this is the new one right here, pete sitting their, like, man, this mofo trying me like that fo real.

pete fingers are probably sitting on ice right now, i'm sure he's been speed dialing ever since butch put the press on em, ron turner, at F.i.who, where is he going to start recruiting at, nobody knows em.

tallyCane, the other funny thing to me is, these guys are not even True Hurricane fans, you can tell they don't even watch games, they're wanna be Hurricane fans but will never understand. They said "we were losing when harris got hurt" They must determine losing by who's closer to who's endzone, cause the score was still 0 to 0 when j70 got hurt against uVA back in 2010. These guys are clowns man. This ain't the old days where only a few people knew how to read and had to take somebody's else word for it.

They continue to make tools out of themselves, don't worry though, goldie is well organized, he's just about finish wrapping up his excuse log for defending his boy oach OH-NO come next year after the gaytor game. I'm sure thomas finnie's name will come up as being "one of the older guys we lost, he would've helped us" lol.

If this man is stealing laptops, those are the guys you want back their in the secondary.


We were robbed!!!

Spoken like a true dumbass, Calvin. I am sure you will have another document to type out. You are the same dumbass that would have wanted Butch Davis fired after the 98 or 99 season. And had Harris stayed in the game we would have lost it anyway. At least with Morris we had a chance to win. Oh and if your boy Shannon was so bright then why was he redshirting Morris that year, instead of having Whipple as a back up. Yep thats a really intelligent guy that teams really would want to hire as a Head coach.

I like telling them the truth because its like gallo sais the stats dont lie. im a stat man and their is no way that you convince me that being ranked at 117 and it not be problem. Green,yellow black purple or brown that stat is a problem. We have always had a proud tradition and being highly scrutinized come with the territory. No one made Golden or shannon for that matter take the job. Golden and oh no shouldnt be able to live with themselves having a stat like that let alone make excuses saying its the players fault. then you got delusional fans on here saying its not goldens fault its the shannons fault. We will not be able tto play for a nc which is the sole reason to come to miami if there is no accountability. I like golden but the defensive scheme is not miami. I would rather lose playing like a miami team is supposed to play in the hopes that one day we will improve than to win with fools gold and end up wasting time and being embarrassed on a national stage in the long run.

Well that's the problem. Who would want to lose being or playing like something instead of winning. It will happen but you have to look at things objectivly. The team played freshmen, its gonna happen. The thing is you are worried about being embarrassed on a National Stage, well then what do you call, 48-0 at home to Virginia, 45-to whatever to FSU at home, 52-13 at Oklahoma, the way the lost to Ohio State at their place, losing to South Florida at home, losing 3 out of 4 times to Virgina, all while the team quits on the game. That's SHannon's model. Now Golden's model, kids losing 41-3 to Notre Dame in their house basically, when if Dorsett catches those two bombs and Morris's TD run is not called back the game is completely competitive and I might add the players played hard to the final second even though they were losing. Or about how they were suppose to be blown out at home to Florida State but were competitive the entire game and a onside kick away from having a chance, this against a team with upperclassmen and a defense that was spoken about being in the same sentence as an SEC defense. Even in the Kansas State game the players played hard throughout even though the game was out of hand. And most importantly, Golden's model won a Coastal Division title after being picked to finish 5th in the division, while Shannon's never won anything and quit. You dumbass's follow Shannon's model if you want, but I am gonna follow the one Golden has because its actually won something.

I like telling them the truth because its like gallo sais the stats dont lie. im a stat man and their is no way that you convince me that being ranked at 117 and it not be problem. Green,yellow black purple or brown that stat is a problem. We have always had a proud tradition and being highly scrutinized come with the territory. No one made Golden or shannon for that matter take the job. Golden and oh no shouldnt be able to live with themselves having a stat like that let alone make excuses saying its the players fault. then you got delusional fans on here saying its not goldens fault its the shannons fault. We will not be able tto play for a nc which is the sole reason to come to miami if there is no accountability. I like golden but the defensive scheme is not miami. I would rather lose playing like a miami team is supposed to play in the hopes that one day we will improve than to win with fools gold and end up wasting time and being embarrassed on a national stage in the long run.

Posted by: Tallycane | January 04, 2013 at 07:09 PM

This man, like jim gallo knows what hell he's talking about. It'll be a complete reversal, we'll look like osu did when they lost to the gaytors when cryer got handed his first national championship. With this defensive scheme/philosophy, commentators will continue to say "Miami is known for it's speed as a team, but right now, they're playing like the slower team".

All year long teams kept running to the edge of our defense, i'm waiting for somebody to show up and when they don't, it instantly comes to me, oh yeah, they're about 20 yards downfield wit their back turned after bailing out even before the ball was snapped. Anybody that knows anything about football, you don't need a db, with 4.4 speed to try and get a headstart on a widereceiver, so why do we have our db's running scared. Next year will be the True test, it reminds me of when mark nipple first got here and the players were saying "we've already got 95% of the offensive playbook down pat" than come game time, when you look at the plays being called, and you recall them saying how nipple when he first got here dropped down this big offensive playbook that looked like a thesaurus, i knew than this guy wasn't that good.

So it is with this defensive scheme, tracy howard pretty much has the defensive playbook down pat, that man, him, deon and company study the playbook all day long, because they don't want that to be an obstacle, come next year, put it this way, you knew when brandon harris came in as a freshman, that man was a balla, by his sophmore year, he was playing up to the level most of us knew he would. tracy howard is no different, this will be his sophmore year, it will be clear as day if that man is not playing up to a certain level that it's the scheme and scheme alone.

We will see what's going on, also, keep in mind people, alot of guys on the defense already are not necessarily liking the defensive scheme, they're just playing it, don't be surprised to see current productive guys on the team that might start rolling out, why, oach OH-NO is not the right man for the job, he's hiding behind his position.

Uh oh, jim gallo, i'm sure he knows some knews news, kirby didn't impress me as a true freshman, but he'll have to step his game up now, that's for sure!

I hope it's not True, but it sounds like another schalorship just opened up!

ha ha @ pointing out the blow outs while Randy was the coach, but making excuses for Al's.. WTF!!! A blow out is a blow out is a blow out!!!!

202, spoken just like someone that cannot see the game within the game.

Поздоавляю всех с наступившим НГ !

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