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Confirmed: UM Canes DC Mark D'Onofrio has withdrawn his name from consideration for Temple head-coaching job

Mark D'Onofrio is staying.

I just got it confirmed from someone close to the situation. D'Onofrio has pulled his name from consideration for the head-coaching job at Temple.

So, it appears that if reports about D'Onofrio and other finalist Matt Rhule are correct, Rhule would be the favorite to replace departed Temple coach Steve Addazio, who left Temple to take the job at Boston College.

The UM staff, it seems, will be in tact for 2013 -- unless news materializes in the next few weeks or after the NFL season.





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Sad news for THE U!!! I was wishing for a happy Christmas...

Ok coach O'nofrio time to put the D back in the D...Improvemnt improvement..just how much?

Please Temple...give Mr.D'Onofrio the job. PLEASE!!!!!!!

WHY!!!! D'Onofrio, go to Temple, please.....

Now lets see.. Two years ago the Head Coaching job at Temple was his for the asking, but he follows Golden to Miami. The next two years are the WORST in the history of Miami Football in the area where he is the man in charge..DEFENSE..Nevertheless, for some inexplicable reason, Temple invites him to interview for the HC job again when their Coach decides to go to Boston College. Apparently after the interviews he finds that he is now among two finalists for the job, with a damn good chance of becoming the HC,Logic would dictate that Coach "D" would be jumping up and down with joy to find himself in this position, but what does this DUMBASS DO????? HE REMOVES HIS NAME FROM FURTHER CONSIDERATION!!!!! UNFREAKIN' BELIEVABLE!!!!!!

If Golden continues to keep this incompetant around, and I have no doubt he will...I'm done with this program and this University.. I have been a fan and season ticket holder since the George Mira days and have enjoyed our success in football and improved academics over the years.. It started to go downhill for me with the introduction of this "U" crap.. To me we were the "CANES" and we were respected and feared, but now schools like Virginia, Maryland, Clemson, NC, NCS and FSU look foward to playing us because they kick our ass every year.. IF Coach "D" stays you can look forward to the same next year...

Damn Santa, I thought U had this. Please instruct one of your elves to fix it. WE WON'T HIM GONE!!!!!!!!!!


is sneaky pete whispering $weet nothing$ in the sports editor's tin ear ...
day after day splashing f-i-u-don't-matter on the front page ...
seriously, if U didn't know better ...
U would erroneously conclude that this good-for-nothing commuter school was on par with the well-established, well-esteemed, well-followed University of Miami ...
U know, the school they love to hate since 1926 ...
swim with the fishies ...
how low do they go to accomodate other small fry like barry, st thomas, florida memorial ... miami-dade
betcha didn't know the county community college enrolls 176,000 students ...
graduated 1.5M alumni ...
where's their beat? blog? propagandist?
(an allusion to the former staffer who worked for florida international before working for florida international)
lest U forget ...
minor-league college athletics with a make-believe fan base subsidized by the strong-arm of an unsuspecting student body warrants scant attention from a major-league metropolitan newspaper ...
something's rotten at 1 herald plaza ...


The defense better improve next year or he will regret this decision for the rest of his career. Nearly everyone is coming back and they will all have significant experience, so youth cannot be an excuse next year.

It is possible that he knew he wasn't getting the job and Temple allowed him to save face by "withdrawing his name from consideration."

A lot of people including myself put a lot of blame on D'Onofrio for the defensive scheme. But one thing I didn't realize until towards the end of this season, the head coach has to approve these defensive schemes before they're put into the game plan. So, as much as I'd like to see D'Onofrio go, I'd also like to see Al Golden go. Wish those rumors were true about him going to Wisconsin. Golden and D'Onofrio are not qualified to coach for the U. If these past two seasons don't show proof, go a little bit further and look at their history. Golden learned this defensive scheme from his mentor, Al Groh, who is no longer the head coach at UVA and have yet to beat a ranked team, even when he was the head coach at Temple. Al Golden has done what he said he would do, which is change the culture. As a season ticket holder it's sickening to watch all these fans dress up like the coach with the white button up shirt and orange tie, and the man has not done anything more than tarnish the U...shaking my head.

Yea, Susan, we really expect a pro team to be interested in Dinofrio or Golden....Nothing is going to change after the NFL season. I don't think there is one coach on this staff right now that is in demand for a pro team other than maybe, Fischer because of his previous experience in the NFL. I don't believe that he(Fischer) has proven him self yet and most likely needs a banner offensive year at UM. With everyone coming back on both sides of the ball next year, I think that we could be in for a big surprise both offensively and defensively. I don't really care how many yards we give up on defense. It's the final score that counts. Red Zone defense is key, just look at the New England Patriots. They give up a ton of yards but are very stingy inside the 20. Go Canes

Sorry to hear that.

billpr either gallo or trying to top him for most clueless.

Supposed hard core cane fan but doesn't like the "U" crap. Yep, you're really a fan from the George Mira days.

All you people calling for AG to leave must have an extra chromozone , with all the problems we have here right now who in the hell worth anything is gonna want to come here to coach a team with sanctions ,lose scholarships , no fans in the stands, and obviously never given time to implement their system before people start calling for their heads. If you ask me we are lucky to have someone who is willing to put up with all the negative crap surrounding this program and try to make it better . Whether or not his process is the right one or not remains to be seen but at least he is trying. Go Canes

our defense will improve next year and it all starts up front. if curtus porter stays healthy ALL YEAR, no one will be able to double team him, chick or mccord. Eddie Johnson, Perryman and Kirby will hold down the fort at LB and Howard, Bush, Jenkins and Gunter will be the secondary. A lot of depth is there too, along with experience. Just hope Fisch doesn't bolt to the NFL like he almost did last year.

This means Coach D'onofrio is staying and we will have to endure another year of our D playing soft zones, a bend but don't break philosophy and watching our D give up 500 yards per game - all of the average QB's we face will have career days against the U. Sad news indeed!

v-e-r-r-r-r-r-y sorry to hear it...thought we might catch an unexpected break.

our defense stinks. after 2 yrs of D'Onofrio his signature game was givine up 35 points to duke in the second half. He stinks- There are a lot of other tems with younger players and less talent that did better on defense- I was praying he would go.

Seriously are defensive is Terrible.. I was hoping we went after Greg Williams have are defensive putting Fear in teams heart!

And here I was thinking I was in the minority about Mark Onofrio. Mark D needs to be fired! If the defense is terrible again next year and we end up not winning at least 10 games playing in the acc then Golden needs to be on the hot seat as well. This is a sad day for Miami

Coach D will be fine...we were to young on defense last year....relax. Hey cane iller....

Never an undefeated season?
Ever, ever?
Ever, ever, ever??


OK he is here, I am over it. Look O'nofrio knows that he has to get the job done next year. If the defense improves to 80th overall, people are gonna still call for his head. Miamis Defense has to improve dramatically in order for him to feel comfortable and i mean a top 40 or better defense. Their are no more excuses period. Everyone stop crying and get over it. Me being the type of fan I am I hope he makes me a believer. I do have a little hope we finished 50th his first year...Still not good but better than 116th...WTF UHHH

You all chill.

Donofrio while not warm and fuzzy (kind of abrasive actually),should be given more time to build or rebuild this D. With all the players leaving after 2011, and the issues with Curtis Porter, Ramon Buchanan and ray Ray, it was really tough to get any good defensive depth this year. It showed. But next year will clearly be different and if so- he shoule be allowed to implement his system. If not- Then yes, he should be canned.

Golden is a Great Coach....if he has to part ways with his friend to save his face believe me he will...I am saving money for Sept.7 already..biggest game since Oklahoma in 2009...IMO

I don't understand why those ripping coach d, Don't realize how much of the issues on defense had to do with 15 true or redshirt freshman playing significant minutes. The last time a team did this was oklahoma a few years ago they went 7-6 then the next season with sam bradford at qb went on to win 10 games as there defense went from a bottom 20 in all college to a top 20 defense. Sorry but this d wasn't scheme issues but youth issues, which not only led to mistakes due to youth but also limited scheme as when u have that many true freshman playing u have to keep your defense pretty basic,

Maybe 'ole Temple University knows the same thing that we do. That being that DunnoToday, DunnoTommorrow, JustDunno is garbage. I guess U nation might as well get ready fir another year of 600-plus yards given away on D. And what about UM's secondary? Then U got those sanctions. This DC is not the right person, forget football, for this school.

maincane..first of all he didn't have 15 freshman playing ever. second of all they had the about the same number of freshman playing on offense, with a hell of a lot better results. thirdly by the 9th or tenth game they were no longer inexperienced and they still stunk..fourth, never once made an adjustment based on actual game conditions. every QB, and i mean every QB we faced this year, had a "career game" against this defense. fifth, this Temple thing is unbelievable.. i think Golden made him interview for this job and when the possibility arose that he might get it he chickened out.. he knows he can't coach and i think maybe Golden now knows it too...

Why would he be the wrong coach "for the school" Cool Cat?

Obviously he's the wrong coach for football...


It's Fisch, not Fischer. And he's not the only UM coach with NFL experience. Jethro Franklin has spent over half a dozen years as DL coach for three different NFL teams: the Packers, Texans, and the Bucs. He may or may not be in high demand by an NFL team, but he's had the experience. George McDonald, the WR coach, coached for several years with the Browns. Some of the other guys are young, like Brennan Carroll, they haven't had enough experience to get a shot at the NFL. One of the problems D'Onofrio has had is mediocre quality on the DL. There are no great pass rushers, the DTs are very average at best. That sets back the entire defense, since they can't protect the LBs, they can't get upfield on passing plays, and other teams have time to throw on them. They should only get better. Still, i do have some questions about D'Onofrio, but will wait another year until he gets some better talent and more experience on defense.

Personally I'm all for giving him another chance were only losing one starter on defense so therefore it shouldn't be any excuses about not implementing his schemes because of youth... There is more then enough talent on this team to break the top ten in total defense next year... But if they continue to give up the big nums UM plz let him go... But for now please recruit hard an bring in some big physical bodies on the front four....

billpr if you wanted to move on after all these changes on the staff were not made, what are you doing hanging in and posting?.

You are indeed a fairweather fan so give up your tickets and move on for the instant winners that you proclaim.

Fans like you who espouse one thing and then try to explain why you are still around after the defense "stunk" according to you need to get a grip. No mention of young team or winning the 'Coastal. All negative blabbering.

True fans hang with the team and players through thick and thin, not denegrate Coaching staff and issue ultimatums that say if a Coach sticks around I will give up my tickets..
Go ahead,the 'U' needs supporters who put the team first win or lose and who are you to threaten the 'Canes performace?.
Oh yeah, graced by your presence win or else because we are the 'U' and not the Canes as you would like..

The team is the team whether the 'U' or "Canes".

In or out bud and you can go ahead and move on.
Go 'Canes Always

The D was terrible due to a combo of factors; youth, low talent(especially the DT's), depth, and coaching. Notice coaching is last on this list. Everyone needs to calm the F down and give the program time to grow up. Stability on the staff is a big piece of this process. All of these naysayers can jump off the bandwagon and jump back on later when we are good again. As usual. Go Canes.

billpr: he only was invited to interview because of golden.....temple has already picked their guy for the most part, either bolwes or rhule......

golden has to fire his ex-roomate...I still dont know why dnofrio is still here....golden is not UM material...the sats, the way canes practice, his quirky requirements like having to go to his camp to get a scholarship..it dosent matter...dnofrio will sink UM next year anyway and that will be the end of golden and company....or he can replace dnofrio immediately and prove that he is worthy of being a cane. jimmy or howard would have let him go already...you cant preach cane history when you have the biggest liability standing right next to you....too bad, at FIU garcia said...you fire him or you go....then mario was out looking for a job...thats a real leader who is serious about program turnarounds

Dam what does it take to get rid of this guy D'Nofrio! Why does he want to remain doing something he not even remotely good at? Stay where he's not appreciated or wanted? Something is not right about these people. I say keep them around until we find out our punishment and give them another 2 years. Then bring in the professional coaches and recruiters. Man I can't deal with this cat. These kids deserve better.

I am not going to Miami because of Coach D. No fun playing in front on 15k and no majors games or bowls. Many of my county adversaries feel the same way.
Sorry cane fans -***** DT recruit


I used to be in you camp, but then I watched Duke put up more points on us than ND and decided there might be an issue with the defensive schemes.

Jim Gallo, you have no connection to the University of Miami and you are an absolutely miserable fan, ignorant of all aspects of college football and how athletic programs work and crying like a spoiled little brat because the team you only liked because they won championships isn't winning championships anymore.

I'm begging you, please go follow another university. FIU is serious about their program's turnaround, go follow them.

Even Temple didn't want him..

Bottom line is, goldie is good window dressing for the program, he represents himself decent, and gives the media the coach speak that they want and are looking for. He's an organized individual, after that, he hasn't reached his potential yet, and his boy oach OH-NO is definitely not some guy that carries himself like he's capable of putting together a dominant defense.

For those of you trying to make the argument that this bozo we have coordinating the defense is actually worth keeping, here are some facts for you:

We'll dive into 2010, since that should have represented the epitome of their era their:

In 12 games in 2010 6 teams rushed for over 200 yards against temple with 1st round pick wilkerson on the line, 4 games in a row and than 2 games in a row. In 12 games, 7 times the opposing team had more offensive possesions against them by an average of 17 more offensive plays a game, which translate to not being able to get off the field much.

In the meantime, when shannon was the coach here in 2010, same categories, in 12 games only 3 teams went over the 200 mark against us. In 12 games only 4 times did the opposing teams have more offensive possesions than us by an average of only 8 possesions.

i don't want to give to many stats at one time, but i think it's obvious oach OH-NO doesn't know what the hell he's doing and has the least amount of confidence i've ever seen from somebody who's suppose to be coordinating a defense.

All i want goldie to do is explain to us what he means by "he'll challenge anybody" with his boys track record, not sure what that means, but good luck!

You can not be soft and coach Florida players, just not gone happen. oach OH-NO comes off as being soft and green to the players and doesn't know how to challenge them like they need to be challenged.

He comes off that when he starts talking, the players will start laughing at em. Just because he's a coach at UM doesn't mean he comes off as if he's family. goldie comes off as genuine, where as jethro & oach OH-NO seems to be trying to fit in. jethro you can tell is more use to them west coast boys. In Miami, you can yell scream and shout all day long, players will just start tuning you out. It's funny how earlier in the year, guys were sitting under the shade, basically saying man, f that dude, than coach goldie had to go over there and try and get the guys up out the shade, lol, i knew than that these guys wasn't that excited about this defense.

It's a read & re-act cotton candy scheme. You got a bunch of guys who came from highschool's that had aggressive defenses, this staff comes in and are trying to teach them to be a sit back and than attack style defense, we won't go far with that approach. I can live with a guy getting bomb or beat deep in man coverage, what i can't live with is watching teams just dink and donk us all the way down field because we're giving up an 8 to 10 yard cushion.

It's not that we don't have decent pass rushers, the problem is, the scheme allows qb's to make their reads early and get the ball out quickly the majority of the game, so what pass rush is going to get their.

The philosophy behind this defensive scheme is to have 6'6 defensive ends to bat the ball down on the quick throws to the flats that this defense consistnetly is designed to give up. Well, calais campbell not here no more. 3g's game coming in was rushing up field checking run second, the technique they're being taught is to check run first, by standing the o-linemen up, than get up field and it's slowing them down.

I could careless if jethro was in the nfl for 12 years, when i see his name being affiliated with russel maryland as a prominent player coached, it's a joke, he's get no credit for him, russell was productive in dallas, when he got to green bay, just like our d-line now, most people didn't even know he was their.

I'm almost willing to make a deal/bet, and maybe this deal applies to everybody, but if our defense is in the top 45 come next year, oach OH-NO has earned another year, if they're in the top 20, it'll Truly be crow eating time, if they're top 15, everybody in here should vow to wear a oach OH-NO head visor with his name on it, and we'll have to post giving him credit with the same amount energy in our angst towards him, but this time with positivity.

Coach D will be in the pros in 8 years having accomplished everything you can in college. In 2 years these low-IQ fans will be calling him the best D coach in UM history. God bless him.

Thank you Coach 'onofrio for a efense that ranked worse than most of the saddest football programs in the country. I am saddened that there will be no eparture of 'onofrio.

D Onofrio only wanted to make it appear as if he wanted to go to Temple.HE KNOWS he d fall flat on his face as the main guy.HE KNOWS he s INCOMPETENT at Miami as their DC .....so why would he go there????????To deter well wishers that he would and like he really had a (FALSE)higher opinion of his coaching abilities(NOT).It s all a CHARADE.......like HIM.At night.....when he goes to sleep...he says "thank you Al...for believing I really can coach"....when the loser KNOWS at bedtime each night.....he CANNOT COACH.Period.

And we were suppose to be 3-9...

calvin and colool cat and many of you should simmer down. You all seem like you dont know anything about football- you may, but you make it sound like you dont. The bottom line is the quality of the D linemen and DBacks- Here's the painful truth WE S__KED! So he could only work with what he had. I suppose it was donofrios fault that Rayshawn Jenkins was in the wrong placve when Duke, at 1st and ten from their own 1 yd line threw a 99 yd TD pass.

I suppose it was Donofrios fault that Finnie canttackle a lap top sitting on a 19 year old co-eds lap

I suppose it was donofrios fault that Brandon McGee (projected to be either a free agent or 7th rounder) cant cover my granma in her 4 point walker

I suppose it was donofrios fault that VAughn Telemaque could never learn how to be a D-1 safety under 3 different coaches.

I suppose it was donofrios fault that Ray RAy Armstrong did what he did or didnt do what he was supposed to do

I suppose it was Donofrios fault that Curtis porter appendectomy surgery had complications that kept him from rehabbing quicker

I suppose it was doinofrios fault that these young linebackers cant tackle my 5 pound yorkie

I suppose it was donofrios fault that Chikillo took a step back from last year was always fouble and triple teamed and couldnt come off blocks

I suppose it was donofrios fault that we dont have a dominant inside guy like Mante Teo, and that Notre Dames two white boy safeties (and one corner) are bvetter than all that so-called south florida speed that we have (proven in two games against Miami)

Let up on Donofrio... for now. HAd he left it would have been worse- kids would have had to satrt learning a new system all over agian which is ten times worse. This is UM's like 5th DC in the last 10 years. No wonder Um's D has stunk. Kids cant get any continuity

On a different note- Notre Dame has a You tube video with rap music in the background with words like " we're going to the ship"...Clearly stolen from the Miami swag years. BAstrds cant even think their own s--t

I dont know about you all. But I like Albama 10000000 better than ND. I cannot stand seeing ND in the ship. Justr cant do it. SEC or n ot, UA gets my respect- they stood up and beat UM in 1992, even though we beat them, in 91. And without question are developing a dynasty.

In fact I would cheer on the turds over ND. I cant stand seeing ND in the ship. They remind me of Ohio State.

I'm almost willing to make a deal/bet, and maybe this deal applies to everybody, but if our defense is in the top 45 come next year, oach OH-NO has earned another year, if they're in the top 20, it'll Truly be crow eating time, if they're top 15, everybody in here should vow to wear a oach OH-NO head visor with his name on it, and we'll have to post giving him credit with the same amount energy in our angst towards him, but this time with positivity.
Posted by: Calvin | December 14, 2012 at 09:31 PM



Why do people always try and give credit to a coach by saying "we were picked to be last in our division or go 3 & 9" Who cares about what the so called experts think, if people are going to go by what they think as the litmus test to say we've suceeded, than why play the season. Let's just let those same experts say who'll be where and than go by that.

I myself never will look at UM and say we're garbage, to much talent around here and to much history to act like all of a sudden now we've forgotten how to play football. I go into every game expecting to win every game. I've never felt in my life like we've upset another team, when i played or when the teams play now, why, because i always felt like i & we should win. If the other team beats us, that's an upset. This is why i don't like hearing al goldie say things like "we played 3 top ten teams" so, what does that mean, go and beat them, that's a subliminal way of saying it was ok to lose just because they're ranked higher than you. Or when i hear goldie tell the team, "right now, Fsu, they're a little ahead of us right, but that's ok" NO, it's not ok, and who said they're a lil ahead of us, that's goldie talking, talent wise, man for man, they're not better than us, coaching wise, of course they are, don't put it on the players.

Coaching, gumbo fischer vs goldie= gumbo seems to at least have more balls, because he's trying to beat the hell out of us every time.

stoops vs OH-NO, this is child abuse.

kehoe vs trickett= kehoe all day long, shouldn't even have to be explained.

odell haggins vs jethro= odell haggins all day long, it's not even close right now. Although olsen pierre is showing signs and of course curtis porter has been official from day 1 before jethro, he gets no credit for him. 3g didn't look good this year, to much weight put on to fast.

terry vs eddie gran=right now this one is about even, although terry might have the edge because he's got a runningback or 2 in the pro's coming out of uconn where as eddie gran while he had the bigger name guys in cadillac williams & ronnie brown, the nod has to go to terry right now for me based on that, if soldinger was here, wouldn't even be close.

young mcdonald vs lawrence dawsey=nod goes to mcdonald hands down. The way our receivers performed this year as True sophmores, we already knew what allen hurns was going to bring but to see that next wave develop in dorsett, rashawn scott, malcolm lewis & herb waters, was nice to watch. dawsey though is not doing a bad job though and is a real solid receivers coach.

barrow vs hudson, i'm going with barrow because barrow has had the least to work with and still got production, he had glenn cook and romeo davis, ended up with darryl sharpton playing at a high level who's not often times starting for the texans to of course spence, to where we are now, we're back to where all of our linebackers are good and playing at a high level at the same time. While hudson does have his guys playing at a high level as well, but barrow gets the nod their.

stoops vs p.w. a.k.a. paul williams=since stoops kept his db teaching role, we all know this is not even close and as long as we're playing that cotton candy style of off man defense, it'll never be close.

james coley vs brennan carrol=flip a coin

jedd vs gumbo & coley=this one is even right now from a playing standpoint, but from a coaching stanpoint, jedd is way ahead of these 2 clowns. fisch has only been here for basically 1 1/2 years and already has our offense putting fear in d-co's and we have the potential to be one of the most explosive offenses come next year in UM history. In the meantime, gumbo and coley have been running this offense for at least 5 years now and had a fifth year senioe in it and that's all they got to show for it, don't lose to n.i.u.

barrow vs gran= special teams, i'm going with barrow again, barrow has our special teams back in the top 10 in some catagory/s.

So yeah, goldie is right, they(must've meant Fsu's coaching staff) is a lil bit ahead of them right now. And it's sad because it's really only in to of the most important categories, the efensive coornator and the efensive line coach, if those to positions get elevatedk we'd be straight, instantly.

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