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Confirmed: UM Canes DC Mark D'Onofrio has withdrawn his name from consideration for Temple head-coaching job

Mark D'Onofrio is staying.

I just got it confirmed from someone close to the situation. D'Onofrio has pulled his name from consideration for the head-coaching job at Temple.

So, it appears that if reports about D'Onofrio and other finalist Matt Rhule are correct, Rhule would be the favorite to replace departed Temple coach Steve Addazio, who left Temple to take the job at Boston College.

The UM staff, it seems, will be in tact for 2013 -- unless news materializes in the next few weeks or after the NFL season.





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ND rap...why is everyone suprised....they were always thug...we are the ones that have become p....sy, with the help of this coaching staff....coaches want to practice under the shade or when the sun goes down...pathetic

also...more of a cane fan than most of you here....you are all just too young to know what a real UM team was made up of and the coaches that were just as much thug in their ways as the players...but as always the stats tell the story

shannon left a defense:

3855 yards
23 sacks
92 tackles for loss of 358 yards
9 interceptions

4203 yards
37 sacks
115 tackles for loss of 465 yards
16 interceptions

now golden/dnofrio takes over 2011:
4319 yards
23 sacks
6 interceptions
73 takles for loss of 225 yards

5837 yards
13 sacks
53 takles for loss of 200 yards
11 interceptions

what you see here is a defense that is getting exponentially worse....you cant blame it all on TMZ

typo 2010 shannon was 3806 total defense...not 4203...what you see is that shannon was under 3900 yards during his tenue.....

2008 - 3789
2007 - 3855

all this talk about shannon leaving golden with bad defense is all BS....golden and company competely f....cked it up.....stats dont lie

keep trying to defend this clown, and keep following their lead on that "rayshawn was out of position for that 99 yard touchdown" ok, what about all the other yards in that game given up, who's fault was that since yall want to pin 99 of them on one man.

It's definitely oach OH-NO, jethro and golide's fault that 3g took a step back, to much weight put on for one, he's already at the weight he should be at as a junior or a pro, 265 to 270 is as high as chick needs to go, he should've been in the 250 range this year. Come nxt year, they're already trying to bulk up tyria mccord to 245lbs, to just go and throw on another 27poounds of muscle in one year is not smart, he'll probably be ineffective come next year too. This staff is coaching to size & strength and not speed.

Do you watch the games, what linebackers on this team can't tackle out of dzp, eddie johnson, gionni paul or jimmy gaines. You might want to look into that engage than shed technique that they're being taught which negates they're speed advantage.

You talking bout the same white db's that got torched at least 3 times by phillip dorsett, great points, had he completed those catches you wouldn't be saying that. Or trying to make that a point.

teo was null and void against us, made a couple of plays, but nothing special, kehoe had his boys going straight at em all game long.

ray ray armstrong being kicked off the team was all politics. The fact that UM didn't know what to think of ray ray and him being around his girlfriend, they preferred him not to be with her, so the easy choice for UM was to get rid of ray ray, period.

If you're going to blame finnie than don't forget to blame the coaching staff who brought em here if that's the case. finnie just like 3g, just like showed better as freshmen than they did as sophmores. So we all know this staff is going to get rid of finnie, if they got rid of ray ray for what they did, i can't see finnie having a chance with this staff, goldie talked about how they'll luv their players and this and that, well it's always easy to luv your players when they're following the rules, who can't do that, when they break the rules, we'll see how much luv is shown than.

vaughn telemaque played a whole lot better under shannon than under this regime, while he may not have been the best safety in the world, he definitely played a whole lot stronger under shannon. As did all of our db's.

I'll tell you waht is their fault:

brandon harris rolled out before he wanted to because he didn't want his draft stock to drop(2nd round pick under shannon) vaughn telemaque and ray under shannon were solid draft picks, under this regime, their draft statuses got ruined.

It is his fault that his scheme is consistently trying to teach defensive ends with repaired knees to cover runningbacks out of the backfield. Or it his is fault that his scheme is consistently asking our best d-tackle in curtis porter to back out and cover a runningback in the flats, than we're crying about ot having a pass rush.

It is their faults that we don't get a pass rush because of the d-line technique being taught to go along with db's playing 10 yards off the receivers snd linebackers lined up on the inside hash marks, so who's going to be able to cover the flats.

And it will be their faults if we don't end up with enuff d-line recruits in this upcoming class because of the stats being shown by other schools on how can they justify a recruit that wants to be here to come here when we only had 13 sacks all year long. These d-linemen coming out right now are making business decisions, it's all on jethro, now we're out their in cali brining in a juco defensive end, why, because cali is where coach jethro feels more comfortable and can relate to those guys better, him, OH-NO and p.w. are having a hard time being able to connect, but p.w. has a better chance than those 2 do.

It is their fault that they are the ones who created their own depth issues on the defensive side of the ball to try and buy more time. Tried to move luther robinson to the o-line, already got jacoby briscoe and jake o'donnel practicing with the offense. ricardo williams and dwayne holliett, who's developing them, ok, let's go bring in a juco defensive end. Where are they going to play jelani hamilton now, are they going to move him to the inside now. They got talent, will they use it correctly is the question.

That side of the ball coaching wise gets an F, everybody except barrow should be fired. Going into year 3 of this trash efensive scheme, we better be a top 45 defense, and i'm being lenient

to engage in an in-depth analysis is a waste of time.....its simple, management needs to be replaced....somebody gets fired and nothing in the end is worse than we think it will be at this point....fire dnofrio...we will be fine....this idea that we will be better and that the rest of the ncaa stands still....fsu,boston college, florida and the rest will all be better as well next year....UM goes nowhere....you cant justify 3rd from last place in the whole ncaa because of freshman....i dont believe that eastern michigan or miami (oh) have better players than south floridas recruits....seniors or otherwise

Jim Gallo, please go follow another university you have no connection to.

Okay, I was all for Nofrio to go, but since he's still with us, let's give him a chance. Admittedly, he has young players to work with, and hardly any front line pressure talent (other than Chickillo). As other posters said, there had better be a very marked improvement in D next year, or the guy is definitely outta here. I'm sure AG will be micro-managing D issues (Fisch has the offense going well). Hopefully, we'll be a top 20 team next year, not that will likely matter if NCAA hits us hard.

If Golden trusts him so do I......defense has no where to go but up.....we where so bad for so many years its gonna take time and next year is our time....any recruit that doesn't want to come to the U....we dont need U...

If Golden trusts him so do I......defense has no where to go but up.....we where so bad for so many years its gonna take time and next year is our time....any recruit that doesn't want to come to the U....we dont need U...

Just agree the one time but that's my thinking as well.

I don't trust coach D'Onofrio but Golden does. I trust that Golden values his career over his friendship.

Could be wrong but if I am it's Golden and not just D'Onofrio who should go.

CAlvin- You write books that nobody reads- your incessant babbling matters only to you.

Its not that I defend Donofrio- the D was bad- but facts are facts/The kids he has were garbage this season with very few exceptions (porter, Perryman). They rae young their football IQ is low, they are small, and bottom line is if you llook at NDs defense or Alabamas they are smarter, bigger, faster. Has nothing to do with schemes. Bamas runs a 3-4.

You idiots babble about using the south florida speed blah blah blah- Who cares how fast they are when they are out of position? Or cant tackle?

They need to be taught the basics and even if we had Bill Belchick as D coordinator this year they would have stunk. period.

So stop with that non sense

Gallo- That last popst was OK. I agree with some of that. Miami has to get back to thug life, but they wont be allowed to because this program has been pu55ified by Shalalala, and the powers that be from the NCAA who wont allow UM / southfla kids to be who they are. With the Miami rule began the downfall of UM.

I have nothing to do but post on this blog.

Leave for a year and all you guys have become fsu fans or even worse
Gator fans. To say the least cane haters. At least this gallo does not pretend to
Like the canes.

It's very clear to me now, most of you that post don't really know the real history of UM football. Trying to compare our linebackers to bama's linebackers is a joke. We've never been a school that had it's starting linebackers over 240 pounds, They all been around the 215 to 230(on the high side) during their college years. Many people on here just don't understand the difference between a 3-4 defense and a 4-3 base defense.

bill belicheat is a 3-4 base defensive coach, so of course he wouldn't work out here trying to coach our defense. saban is the same guy that came here and tried to make jason taylor a stand-up defensive end and flex him out from time to time. How stupid was that, than he traded sam madison and patrick surtain. He broke apart a consistently top 8 defense in the nfl that jimmy johnson left mustache.

The same transistion is trying to be installed now with the wrong type of athletes. This lastest recruit from the juco ranks are the type of defensive ends that goldie and his guys want. saban wanted olivier vernon to be a linebacker type as well, but what got him to the pro's is playing with his hands on the ground. That 3-4 crap gets torched as long as you have 3 strong wide-receivers. Again, jimmy johnson ran all those old 3-4 philosophical coaches out of the nfc east when he got their by bring in speed and saying, my 3rd wide-out is going beatone of your linebackers.

Since in the 3-4, they really don't have a nickel defense or dime. Which is part of the reason our defense gets torched on third downs consistently. keep blaming the kids like the staff does, shows you know nothing about football. This is college football where the students get taught what the coaches are teaching for the most part. prime example, how many times did spence bail out OH-NO lat year irregardles of it being a dumb defensive call.

Many clear mis-uses of personnel:

Consistently ask speed linebackers, to pass rush by engaging with o-linemen first. There-by rendering them useless against left tackles after they're picked up. When you have speed based linebackers, disguise your blitzes, they'll get their.

Consistently has d-tackles and defensive ends droping back in coverage to cover the flats.

Consistently has the boundary corners playing 10 yards off the line of scrimmage, the outside linebacker lined up on the inside out the hash mark, when all teams did was line 2 wide receivers up on 1side, the outside receiver goes up the field and clears it out for the inside receiver to do a 8 to 10 yard out route, or they'll give them the same look but run the ball behind it next time.

Our safties are consistently playing it safe in obvious runningdown situations. Case in point, Georgia tech, an obvious running team, safeties consistently played 11 to 15 yards back from the line of scrimmage. In that game alone you could see that OH-NO has no feel for the game.

The facts are, you keep making excuses for OH-NO, now it's the players don't have high football i.q.'s is your words. Who brought all those guys in, maybe the guys recruiting don't have a high i.q. evaluating system if that's the case.

Everybody know dzp is an outside linebacker, he was moved inside for to long, than finally moved back to the outside and the reason that was given by OH-NO "we needeed more speed out their" how long did it take him to figure that out. Now here comes the scary part, dzp is already up to around 225 to 230 pounds, that's all he needs to be weighing the rest of his college career, same with jimmy gaines and gionnu paul, their frames are the 220 to 230 frames, anything over that will render their services useless. eddie johnson is the only linebacker that's 240 and he should stay right where he's at weight wise, he's already running a 4.7 as is, doesnt' need to get any slower by puttig on bad weight.

This staff is trying to bulk to many guys up to fast in the name of their defensive philosophy and goes against what they said coming in, "think players not plays" well if that's the case, we wouldn't be calling alot of the calls that's been made on that side of the ball. The sad thing is, the calls keep being made although no positive plays happen from them. I can see if one of our d-linemen got a pick or caused a fumble in passing situations than it could be said, nice call. This bozo has to learn to put is his guys in a more advantageous position before the ball is hiked which he consistently does not do.

Keep saying it's the players. If shannon was here, we'd be a top 40 defense this year alone.

Yeah and we would have won only 2 or 3 games because the players would have quit like they did under him before.

I hope golden is watching cypress it would be nice to see him make a strong run Montgomery from cypress bay. Two way player that would look real nice at the U. 6 2 we/db would be an important play maker who is looked at mostly by Wisconsin. Golden go get him.

The only players that you could say quit were on the offensive side of the ball because he had an inept oc that locutt hired and made assistant headcoach. nipple was the worst, he didn't motivate the players to play in his offense and how bad can it be that in college the oc and qb wasn't even talking. j70 would just come to the sidelines and sit away from nipple. nipple was over their pouting the whole game and although he wasn't that good of an oc, he definitely helped to make the offense look worst than it should've just to try and help get shannon out of their.

Defensively, the stats don't lie, those guys didn't wuit under shannon. If anything, i'm not sure why people tell that lie about shannon's teams quitting on him, hell, if that's the case, yall should be saying that the defense this year quit on coach goldie than, because how many shoot-outs were we in this year cause the defense wasn't stopping people, the only difference is, jedd has been calling the right plays to put up enuff points or give us the opportunity to score points against pretty much every team we've played this year.

If jedd fisch was the oc when shannon was the headcoach, al goldie and his crew would still be at temple looking for his destination job. So to all those who want to try and say shannon's teams quit on, that's a lie, pretty much every game under shannon after 2007 was close games, in the 2 bowl(cali & wisconsin) games he coached in, both times the teams were in position to win those games in the 4th quarter.

In fact, if shannon was here, colin klein would not be running all over UM like he did the last 2 years. I got news for you people that think it's the players, and for those who want to keep trying to say this is the same defense bama is running. When it's 2 wide recievers lined up on one side of the field, saban has his outside corners up tight, which definitely takes away the flats, unlike us, where we do it the opposite way so teams already know, than on top of that, saban teaches the traditional to hand jams of the wide receivers off the line when he's in man.

coahc goldie particularly teaches our db's to only use 1 hand jams but don't engage to much with it, again, scared man defense.

Have ya seen the wide receiver #10 from Cypress bay, he has the touch for the d1 school.

I hope golden is watching cypress it would be nice to see him make a strong run Montgomery from cypress bay. Two way player that would look real nice at the U. 6 2 we/db would be an important play maker who is looked at mostly by Wisconsin. Golden go get him.

Posted by: Tallycane | December 15, 2012 at 09:59 PM

Back in the good ole days, the formula for a guy like montgomery would be to bring em in and he'd be groomed to be a tight-end. If you look at the guys this staff are recruiting for tight-end, they're already 250 in highschool and will baby left tackles like asante cleveland(270) and dyron dye(275), which has rendered them ineffective. We got 2 tight-end committs coming in who are already running 4.7's in highschool, and one is close to 250 the other is already 230, you alredy know what they're going to be weight wise with this staff, which will render than ineffective.

I'm just amazed at how this staff doesn't understand how much displaced weight they have wrong on this team. All a legit tight-end needs to be is 250(college or pro) we got guys 20 & 25lbs over that but are expecting them to get open. Our only productive tight-end this year as far as pass catching is concerned was clive walford, you know why, he's the only one still hovering around 250, all he needs to do is work on his strength, if he puts on more weight, his production will drop just like 3g's did.

You can't take natural 4-3 guys and try and force them to be 3-4 guys, just doesn't work.

Calvin. History? Lol. What a bumbling dumba55

Dan Morgan... 235-240 his senior yr. Beast
Colin mcarthy 225-240 beast
Jon beason
Dj williams

Both 230

And you clim our defenders know how to tackle.... Yeah great tackling against ksu and nd

Montgomery is a beast. Miami must go after him.

According to calvin colin klein wouldnt have run all over a randy shannon defense

How many yds did joseph addai have on um?
Tyrod taylor?

Please shut up you know nothing.

Support the current coaches for now. They will develop these kids but Rome wasnt build in a day.

Fischer and FSU have more talent than UM and they cant finish. I think Golden is a better coach.

congrats to Central for brining home the ship especially against Gainesville. Aquinas is beastly. Talk about a well coached and well prepared team.

BArry JAckson has some positive things to say about UM recruiting in his BUzz column. Finally something good to say.

I agree- Montgomery would be worth looking at. How about a bigger rb? Maybe trying to steal Fred Taylors son from the turds? But UM needs D linemen badly.

why would they want the man that ran one of the worst defenses in all of college football. I know he has ties to the school.. but damn.. the dude was aweful.

Y'all are silly. Get off his back. He played a bunch of freshman and sophomores this year. We were the youngest team in the conference and maybe even in the entire NCAA this year. Obviously, he is good enough for Temple to offer him the job twice. Give him time and a defense that has had two U-Tough off seasons under their belt and we will have a very much improved defense.

How can you get mad at finnie about the laptop which I think was a terrible decision but say Miami needs to go back to thug life5>3>2? You asked how many yards did review have on Shannon that score was 3 to 9 in the end of the 3rd quarter. They gave Luis Murphy that catch on the sideline where the ball bounced out of his hands after he hit the ground and we got blew out after that call. IMO we would have won that game if Shannon hadnt given the job to Maeve after being suspended for the first game. Defense balled that game. Shannon also beat tyrod Taylor and company in Miami. When Joseph adaai ran over us they were just coming out of Katrina and would have beaten anybody. The worst game Shannon had on defense is when gtech ripped us in atl I was at that game. With all that runnin we were close until Maeve threw that pick six to the de Johnson. Shannon. Had his faults but he had a lot young players to. IMO the oline is the most important part of the team and Shannon left golden a good one and golden has keyhoe. Golden go get Montgomery.

Thug life on the field Tally cane. Not off. Slamming QBs, late hits does not equal stealing laptops and committing felonies.

GEEZ do I have to spell everything out?

Just kidding. But you know whatthat means.

1992- Scoring a TD at the old Cotton Bowl against none other than Texas. At their home basically. After 200 yds in penalties, running through the tunnell then coming back and doing the pistol thing. Doing a pelvic dance after sacking the QB- I could give a dang about 15 yds. Then throwing a 60 yd bomb or runningfor 60 yds.

And my point was Shannon was and still is overrated as a DC- Calvin obviously has his jock framed at home in his man cave- Joseph Addai ran all over Miami and for your info that was before Katrina. Besides, Katrina didnt hit LSU as bad as NOrleans or other coastal towns. Stop with the silliness please. I was at the Peach Bowl and that was the least prepared, most confused no defense defense I have ever seen. Shannon was outclassed and outcoached and outscemed by Les Miles and Jimbo Fisher.

Calvin said that Colin Klein would not have ran all over a Shannon defense- so where was the Shannon defense when UVA came to the OB and put 47 points on us?

Where was the Shannon defense when Tashard choice ran for 200 yds on Miami at home?

Where was the Shannon defense when Oklahoma put something like 50 on us at Oklahoma?

PLease- youall dont say sh%t ifyou aiont prepared to defend it.

5>3>2 Katrina was in August of 05 we played that peach bowl in 05 when Coker could not figure out where to put Hester. He ran for a 50 or sixty yard gain on the first play at tailback and then we got no offensive production. Can a team win a game while putting up three points. What defensive coordinator does not have a bad game. A while year thought hat is terrible. The main point is that Shannon as a coach had more quality wins than golden has had. Shannon did not have an oc and golden doesn't have a dc. To me they are what and what right now golden IMO has to go 10-2 at the worst next year.

Where do u think the majority of lsu players are from the NO da?

of course now fsu just hired jeremy pruitt from alabama.....we waisted all this time with dnofrio...I cant begin to tell you how weak golden is, I mean really...this guy is the WORST at decision making..there are plenty of new talented guys out there that will be better than dnofrio.....this organization make you pull your hair out....incredibly incompetent...

Well getting Pruitt puts them back at the level they already were and maybe they got a better recruiter out of the deal. I think that dc has to get better but the most important thing is player developement and better preparedness on the coaches part. They must lock themselves in the film room of the old defenses and blend their style of defense with the things Miami has traditionally done well in blitzing and man to man coverage. He must figure out on third down when you change all those pieces out it takes the players out of rhythm. In the dc defense he did have some players out for stretches of time. This team is missing a big davenport type back, a pass rush, stretch and screen plays, some type of presence at te and another big hard hitting safety. If they can fix those things we will be very formidable.

I really like Montgomery. Golden go get him

OK TAlly- I stand corrected on Katrina. Not on Shannon bc I was there and he had players running in and out all condused. UM came out firing on D and sacked Flynn like 3 times to start. Um got the ball back quickly and drove it down and they got scrred and opted for a fg to go up 3-0. Then LSU adjusted and realized Um was over pursuing. So they adjusted by having Flynn run the ball and dumping it to Addai. Game over. Umhad no answer RS was like a deer in the head lights. UM had theathletes but not the coaches.

Thanks for clarifying my erroneous ways.

On another note-


TBenjamin TD. Buh bye
Hank- 2 TDs.
Andre Johnson another dominating day.

Is there any doubt about NFL-U?

This guy knows nothing of football, shannon wasn't the broyles assistant by luck. YEah, tebow ran all over us with his 13 attempts for 55 yards, in 3 years, tyrod had one good game running on us for 75yards. joseph addai was a runningback so how does he fit into the equation only he would know.

No need in wasting my time with a guy that's trying to say our linebackers at UM are not traditionally in the 215 to 230 range. beason was a safety coming in, bulked up, he got to the around the 220's while here, he's only 235 now, c-mac is only 238 now, he was in the high 220's while here, same with dj williams and the same with dan morgan, you don't know UM football, give it a rest. Our biggest linebacker since the 80's was probably bernard clark and he was an exception, other than that, it was always move the oversize safeties coming out of highscool to linebacker. That's what alot of the sec schools have done.

In the mean time, goldie and his boy are trying to go backwards and do it the traditional big 10 lame way, by bulking guys up and losing the speed on the outside. Teams use to never be able to run sideline to sideline on us, now they're doing it at will.

They can only point out that lsu game where the at that point in time it was well nknown that the recruits being brought into UM was based off internet rankings, so alot of those guys should have never been at UM. I hear people blaming shannon for the fiesta bowl loss, saying his defense got ran all over by krenzel, but those same imbeciles won't pull up all the other stats that osu had, they barely had any offense going that whole game.

The 3-4 defense is trash, gives up way to many openings, we need to bring in a 4-3 guys in here quickly, it seems like goldie is about to go all in with the 3-4 guys, you can tell by the personnel he's starting to pick up this year, in that linebacker from VA and that new committ from CA.

I like this defensive coordinator hire by Fsu. We'll, he's definitely a good recruiter, but we'll see what kind of defense he tries to run with Fsu. he doesn't have that much defensive coordinating experience, but i'm sure he'll do better than who we have. This will definitely up the anty though on who has the best secondary coach that's for sure. I saw brandon mcgee give props to p.w. for bringing him a long way, so that was positive and i do know p.w. does know how to coach safeties & corners, because he has guys in the league in delmas & biggers that he coached prior to temple.

I will say this too, we got some hitters back their in that secondary, bush of course, t3 will hit you, finnie if he's allowed to comeback will stick you as well, ladarius gunther plays physical at times as well, going to be real interesting to see what happens. We got hitters in the secondary, the linebackers now all we need is the d-line to be allowed to be more aggressive. So here's what we know about our defense going into next year if healthy, deon bush and rayshawn jenkins at safety with their first full spring, cornerbacks, t3 and gunther, than at linebackers, dzp guaranteed starter and eddie johnson, after that it's either gionni paul or raphael kirby at the mike., d-line, should be led by curtis porter, will olsen pierre take tat next step, same with 3g and either tyriq mccord or shayon green.

Serously been thinkin of goin to the U but I will end up at Alabama or South Carolina.....slight chance Florida.Play DT some DE in certain schemes.I m fast and plenty big and strong.Impact player has /is my only concern at a very excellent school.I don t know Miami s DC but he doesn t seem good from what lots of kids been tellin me.I m a top 5 DL and 5 star.My nickname in high school was the predator because i m very aggressive and nasty.Only want to play for good defenseve coaches mostly though.

calvin- blah blah....ten chapters.... blah blah

I never said UM's lonebackers werent traditionally 215-220. What I did say was theat they have had big lbs and thebig lbs have been quite good and I pointed out MDan Morgan, Colin McCarthy, Jon BEasonand DJ Williams among others. Youare going back to the 1980s whenplayers overall werent as big as they are now- even then, NFL ILBS were rarely s big as some college ILBs are now.

I dont know UM football? With your hateful fire this fire that, bordering on racist anti white coach comments, you sir dont know UM football- By the way I have been a Miami football fanatic before you were out of diapers. Dont come on here acting all preachy and all high and mighty with your ten pages of blogs who NOBODY GIVES A DAMN ABOUT, along with your garbage about defensive schemes which make absoultely no sense. YOU among a couple of others would like to re-hire Randy Mr-no personality Shannon. By the way- UM"s best Defense in the last 15 years came from Greg Schiano not Shannon. But the bottom line with rocket scientists like you and others who come here is that youwont realize no matter what that players need consistent coaching and firing a coach after two seasons is BAD. And you cant get it through your thick Opa Locka skull that our defsnive players were too young, too immature, too football immature, and need time to develop. That's why they s-ked. If the D doesnt imporve in the next 1-2 years under this DC thenI agree with you but its too dang early.

Keep on rambling, not sure how you added the racism part to it. If a mofo unit is 117th in the nation, maybe you want to think if you know of any brotha's in the nation that has a unit sitting at 117th that still has a job. Since you want to bring up race, ask yourself if oach OH-NO was another race would he still get the same benefit of the doubt that alot have afforded him. Most are saying now how good coach goldie is and has been but yet and still his record is about the same or worst than randy's was in his 1st 2 years.

People keep saying shannon left goldie with nothing which is not true, people saying goldie is rebuilding the program, lol, but when shannon took over, what the hell was he left with. This program was in way worst shape when shannon took over. shannon left goldie with a roster full of draftable players, how many were draftable when shannon took over especially in his 2nd year. So you might want to calm down with your slanted racism talk and try and figure out why goldie is getting way more credit for having just about the same record as shannon even though the talent shannon left goldie with is more than enuff to win with.

shannon came in had kyle & kirby, didn't have the luxury of being able to pick his whole staff from scratch. All we here from those trying to defend this clown is, he had young players on defense, but they fail to point out that that was by design. They chose to play the younger guys. No way you're going to say kacy rodgers is better than vaughn telemaque, or try and move luther robinson to the o-line when you're already thin on the d-line. Moved jeremy lewis to the o-line, how come all the guys that get moved to the offensive side of the ball actually become productive to the team.

The difference between you and alot of us, we know football, so it doesn't take us 2 to 3 years to realize a bum coach. If it takes you that long to find out out, you're not agreeing with me, you're just realizing the Truth 2 to 3 years late, which means your judgement is phucked up, so whenever you're talking, you'll know if you're right 3 years down the road, their are alot of us who know right now.

So again, like i said, you don't know UM football, you don't know what it takes and took to be the dominant program that all of college football is trying to mimic. It's obvious you didn't grow up with those who made it happen. You're trying to back track on your linebacker size statement already and what you're saying about that doesn't make sense, all those linebackers you pointed out were in the 220's while at UM, the same thing i said, so what was your point of trying to refute that point. I got an idea for you, stop sac riding my post, read your own post before you start posting foolishness so you can start making sense, until than, learn UM football.

Clearly you just like coach goldie and his boy OH-NO, don't know defense. I like goldie, but he's no defensive guru just like the guy they look up to is not in al groh, he's out of a job for a reason. The only way the excuse for youth would make sense is if we end up in the top 50 for defense come next year, anything over that, NO EXCUSES! In the meantime, go do your homework on UM football and stop posting non-sense with no substance, it's clear you can only post non-sense, talking real football is not your strong point, good luck.

Simmer down ladies. Calvin you have some points. So does 532. Calvin,you ramble on bro. And for weeks now youhave rambled about defensive schemes,and I will tell you this- you are FOS.

The name calling "coach o-no, no D, etc" is sad. This guy is tryinghis best to turn UM's defense around. The reason they were better last year is because theywere older and bigger, and more football savvy. This year they are in football diapers, and are too small too immature to play with the big boys.

Want to see a real big boy defense with speed, strength and basic fundamentals? here are 3 even though it pains me to admit it:

Kansas State
Notre dame

Miami defensive players werent even close. In size or fundamentals. tackling was bad, players were constantly out of position, and they seem to not understand coverages. thats ok, they are young and I am 100% sure next year will be a completely different scenario. In 2011 they were slightly better but not by much. IF UM had last years offense with this year's defense, they would have gone 2-10 or 3-9.

It's clear that this staff does not know the formula for UM football, they'll definitely have access to alot of athlete's but let's get real, they're recruiting guys like jeremy kerr and standish who are already running in the 4.7's as tight-ends, when they come here and pack on another 20 to 25lbs, are we supose to think their 40 times are going to decrease. We don't need any more 270lb tight-ends on the team, those guys would be converted to defensive ends in the good old days.

goldie is smart, but if he's doing it the penn disgrace way, we won't be on the national stage for a while if ever. If he truly wants to be dominant, he's going to have to get a d-co in here that knows what he's doing, this defensive scheme we're running is an irresponsible defense. Just like last night during the pittsburg dallas game, all you kept hearing is, the way to attack these defenses is with quick outs to the flats, sounds familiar, that 3-4 crap gets picked apart, Georgia ran all over bama and passed on them to as well.

bama's defense is not that impressive, that's why Florida beat them more than they beat Florida, and if steve spurrier was still with the gaytors, you wouldn't hearing all this sec talk because he'd kill bama, lsu and whoever else wanted to pop up and act like they were something special. He's already gotten South Carolina playing strong now, in a few more years, South Carolina will be carving out a piece of their own sec accolades.

Calvin get off already...
I scroll through and DO NOT read your books..A lot of what you try to espouse is as 5>3>2 says "biblical proportions of S***".

Think of your point , write it and get off the board.

We all have our points of view and writing just to read your own thoughts is a waste. Open the board to others.

Your opinions, ideas, thoughts are ONE of hundreds, if not thousands so enough already.
Shorten up or get lost.

Tallycane good points Preparedness, and Player development are crucial..If needs be, study every move in the offseason that could be worked into a working flexible model that can quickly flex, change, and adapt. If necessary look at the NFL and the looks that they are giving.
We can and will improve in 2013.
Go 'Canes Always

Nobody ask you to read my post and than start crying about em. If you don't like what i post, quit crying like a girl and just scroll on by. Your crying about my post reminds me of the age old "who left the toilet seat up" that seems to irk women. It's easier to put the seat down than up. So it is with my post, just scroll on by, nobody's talking to you anyway.

crockilla, our defensive players were not lined up pre-snap in many games, advantage, opposing offense. I could careless how hard this inept is trying, 117th is 117th no matter how you slice it. Yall would have a point if schools like maine & middle Tennessee st. hadn't played the same schools we played and held them to less yards and made their qb's look regular, so are we to believe that the players on this team couldn't start at either of those schools.

All this guy wants to do is try and look like he has some exotic defense and try and look sophisticated by sending in signals and all that fake band directing from the sidelines. When you're sitting at 117th, he needs to cut that shaaat out, it's not working. oc's are tearing him apart with simple formations.

Since you want to have your outside db's playing 10 yards of the line, no problem, oc's just keep lining up 2 widereceivers, pick a side, the outside receiver goes runs straight up feild to run the db off who's already 10yards back, than the inside/slot receiver just goes up and runs a quick out where everybody just left, easy pitch and catch. In the meantime, the linebacker is already beat because he lined up on the inside hash mark trying to get out their to cover that.

Or worst, how many defensive ends are we going to see in coverage being useless out in space, and than worst than that, d-tackles being asked to drop back and cover the flats. In 2 years, when has any of those been positive plays for our defense, but yet this mule continues to keep calling it.

Until he learns how to stop simple offenses, goldie will have a hard time trying to convince the recruits that want to come here, to not change their mind. I keep hearing about this continuity crap within the coaching staff, well we don't need to be in hundreds again as a defensive unit because that's what seems like what yall want. I'll gladly eat crow, but right now, watching our defense, sickens me, i can't even watch it, it's to frustrating. goldie keeps going to wits end to defend his boy, but it's only a matter of time, the good news is, at some point, he'll have no choice but to get rid of his boy, than we can get back to playing real Miami defense and not conceding anything on defense like we're use to.

So guys can start flying to the ball again and using their athletic ability more than trying to use power. They're trying to make it seems like this team was weak under shannon, but those so called weak shannon teams played way better defense than these so called 30 club team. Who cares how many guys can bench 225 30 times, can they play football is what i want to know.

Calvin do U work for Wikipedia or are you auditioning. At least Wikipedia does try to be truthful not full of s h it

Not crying just getting in your face to say a lot of things we all are thinking.

Droning on and being reptitious is boring and you are not growing your cred bro.

Your football knowledge is not as intense as you believe. So writing a book does not change the pic.

Lighten up.

Go 'Canes Always

matt rhule hired at temple....makes alot of sense...philly guy and will stay...like dnofrio had any chance....too bad for golden, he though he would get off easy and not have to fire his ex-roomate.....NOW he has too...lets see if all his talk is just plain BS.....

or shalalas new AD could do a FIU garcia...which should happen this way golden is put in his place a little....remind him that he is not safe here unless he produces....he is not the hot coach like every thinks he is....he is a 2nd tier coach....

Is his name really Elmo? Come on....

Ok, maybe whining is a better word for you, either, it's girlish. I don't think i know football, i know i know it. Whatever level of intensity you're talking bout, that's your twisted mind. I was raised up in football, so when people start talking defense i can tell if they know what they're talking about or not. Alot of people don't realize, the 3-4 defense is basically a zone defense, that tries to create mismatches by giving you alot of different looks to try and confuse oc's.

At the end of the day, the 3-4 can be run on, and than it relies on not giving up the big play that goes for a touchdown, but it will give up the big passing plays thru out a drive. It's a philosophical defense based on a whole lot of guess work where as in the base 4-3, it's more simplistic, and basically identifies right away who has the better athletes.

I could careless if you're interested in reading my post or not, again, scroll on by and stop being girly.

Calvin wouldnt be babbling like this if UM had gone 8-4 or 9-3. Bottom line is he too arrogant, hateful and stubborn to admit he may be wrong. All due respect to your opinion, Calvin, which you are entitled too, of course, but you are dead wrong. These kids would have s-ked in anyone's scheme, 4-3, 3-4, 3-3-5 or whatever. Under any DC- Saban, Belchick, Schiano, Shannon, Wanstedt or whomever. They are immature and need to grow both physically and with fundamentals. Your oral diarrhea about down linemen, 3-4, 4-3 and such is nonsense. Be polite and allow Donofrio the benefit of the doubt- after all, he is only in his second year. You act as if he'd been coaching Miami for 5 or 6 years. These kids would have stunk no matter what as any freshmen would against bigger older faster teams. Imagine if Central's JV team was put against Aquinas varsity. No contest.

Jim Gallo = Curse Piggy, tired of pretending to be a gator fan, finally admits he is a canes fan but that his trailer dwelling life left him too bitter to say anything positive about this improving Canes team.

Angelo jean louis commits to marshall.


Lol, ang.

R u serious

Has nyone here ever been to huntington wv?

Crap academics

Crp wether

Sure its a spread offense, but so what?

NflU is where its at:

Andre johnson
Greg olsen

Anyone else think otherwise?

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