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Duke Johnson becomes UM's 1st All-American since 2005

The honors keep pouring in for University of Miami freshman Duke Johnson.

The ACC Rookie of the Year -- according to both the media and coaches -- was named second-team All-America by the Walter Camp Football Foundation Thursday.

He is UM's first major All-America selection since 2005 (Eric Winston, Brandon Meriweather, Kelly Jennings) and was one of only two freshmen named to the Walter Camp team, joining Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman candidate Johnny Manziel.

The Miami Norland product had one of the greatest freshman seasons in UM history, amassing 2,060 all-purpose yards and 13 touchdowns, while breaking Clinton Portis' 13-year-old school freshman rushing record with 947 yards. He ranked nationally with a 33.0 yards per kick return average. His 892 kick return yards were a single-season record and he also tied the school single-season mark with two kick return for touchdowns.


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And that moron Dan Sileo said no top players come to the U any more! Duke was absolutely awesome, and he wasn't even the starting running back!


Love Duke! He's even better than advertised.

finally something good to read about, it is about time, GO CANES , and great work all, hit the weights and schoolwork, get rdy for next year, you have the gators coming to town early, and we want revenge!!! and as far as Duke, he deserves all he is getting, a class act, what a great true cane...... proud to cheer for him and the other youngsters , our future is bright indeed!!

Junk, I have to agree with you. Duke has been everything and more than expected. Great player with a great future and had a great teacher as a man in Mike James. He will be the first of many All Americans to come from NFL U.

Bravo Manny! Put it on the front page of your UM Section.

Stay positive!

There are a lot of good things going on at the U.

Great recognition for a great athlete, and what I love about Duke more than anything is his ATTITUDE.

Great job young man!

Montreal...even MANNY has a boss my friend!

I'd rather see some coverage of the UM scandal on the front page, you can't just pretend it's not there.

I'd rather see some coverage of the UF felony arrests on the front page, you can't just pretend they're not there.

I'm tired of Jim Gallo.....we can just pretend he is not here.

Calvin our boy Esteban just pinned a classic breakdown on OH NO's efense.
Check it out..
Posted by: Nash | December 06, 2012 at 09:25 PM
lol, don't tell me it finally has gotten to estaban too, you know if that man is frustrated, it's a done deal. Do me a favor, copy and paste it over here man or is it a video breakdown!
Posted by: Calvin | December 07, 2012 at 12:14 AM
Dawg just take a peek in...


Peeps is looking for u anyway...
Hurri thinks uve been eaten by a gator in the glades or some thing.
Hate to clip and paste a whole piece for another spot
Posted by: Nash | December 07, 2012 at 01:11 AM

I called him a cross between Clinton Portis and Devin Hester when he was recruited to the []_[]. He runs like CP did...great vision and balance. Small but not again to low the shoulder. But he was faster like Hester. I bought my #8 just before the B.C. game. Btw...he is the man.

It must pain the Herald to print something good about this program. One of the only news outlets that hates their local program. Keep up the bad work Manny!

One of many positives to come. Congratulations Duke.

10 more months of growing and weights. He'll be a beast. Already is a beast.

can we ge an update on recruiting?????????

Way to go Dooooook!

420, you are an idiot, the Herald reports on what's news period. That's what a newspaper does. They aren't supposed to be cheerleaders for a college team. This is great news about Duke, but you need perspective and a better brain.

Manny how about u get off ur lazy ass and get some recruiting info

No news is good news about recruiting. The news just hasn't been good about it. With Bryant de-committed, that's a big blow for our d-line.

Recruiting is overraated just get some guys who love the program and theyll play there hurts out like Duke Johnson

Duke is our nest player....not even a close second...everybody workout get strong...morris stays...wrs grow up...we really NEED some DLine help.

God bless

KB decom'ed because he wants a package deal with his teammate who is an rb, and we werent' going to do that. FSU is high on his list, but they may not do that either. We'll be just fine in recruiting.

mike- 420 is right- note how the Herald (i.e. Navarro) was quick to plaster the news about the laptop theft on the UM sports section immediately without any truth to the allegations that football players were involved or any research on the hearsay. The Herald so-called reporters are amateurish at best. At worse, I am convinced they have an agenda or bias against the U. That's ok, as long as Golden keeps recruiting, it will always be the world against the U.

Clue- right on bro. I agree. I could care about these 4, 5 starts. Someone once looked into the eventual outcome of many of these so-called blue chippers and 3-4-5 star players. Bottom line is the overwhelming majority of NFLers were once 1-2 and at most 3 stars, and many went under or non-recruited, or went to Jucos or came from somewhere else- oversease, etc. And being a 5-star doesnt gurantee you'll be a superstar in hs incollege: Jacorry harris, marve, Forston, Patchan, etc etc.

The recruiting process is flawed. The whole issue is media driven and it has had a negative effect onmany kids with all the hype, and arrogance, and entitlement.


Onofrio is our efense coordinator.
Thank God for Duke, we need to outscore every one to have a chance.

corpus, to make matters worst, somee of these recruiting sites go back and change their stars, for instance, jacory was a 3 star coming out, and so was spence on some sites sites until after they beat boone. forston was the only 5 star, him and arthur brown. Than somehow later on, on some sites, brandon harris and aldarius became 5 stars after they got to UM.

Anyway, as long as goldie doesn't get caught up in it, shannon definitely got away from it, that's how clive walford, got on the team, he was a 2star as well an some sites not ranked, now all of a sudden he's a 3star on sites, lol, when this man barely had offers and barely played football. I know those sites are jokes. Most of the guys doing work now were 3 star guys coming in, i would never recruit based off a site.

The nc2a needs to send the notifications right now, the players are not talking for free. Since they're done with school, they don't need people coming asking them questions for negative purposes, in the words of Kareem brown to the nc2a=e.a.d.

We just need need goldie to re-evaluate the players weight gains, asante cleveland needs to drop a minimum of 15 pounds, how is he going to get open at 270, who cares how he looks. Same with dyron dye, at 275 get real. Now we're going to ask tyriq mccord to throw on another 25 to 30 pounds in 1 year, lol, these kids need to be on the 15, 10, 15, 10/15 plan, proper weight gain per year, i'm not seeing how tyriq is going to be productive at 245lbs come next year.

Calvin- I agree with your post. This post was on the notch.

Wheres the D- Ok man, we are all frustrated. Funny post though (minus the D and all that junk)

Duke is a true class act and deserves all the awards that come his way. He was a Cane at Birth.

8 is Great.

Enough said.

Now lets bring in a couple of Dukes are our Defense!

Go Canes!

Duke Johnson is going to be transferring when the hammer falls, you can take that to the bank.

jim gallo, still and always a douche

Not Breaking News!!!!! Jim Gallo is still a moron.

JGalloMoron....Duke not going anywhere just like Golden was gone to every job he was mentioned for. Dream on moron, blog on and keep removing any doubts about your place in life!

Duke is deserving of ALL the Accolades that he worked so hard for..

To see this guy play is a dream..
and it happens so quickly that you have to shake your head in wonderment that the human body has the ability to twist and turn while speeding... Duke does all that and more.

Duke is a joy to watch...

After the electrifying runs, when you glance at the bench, all the offense and some defensive players acknowledge him and Duke is smiling and enjoying it...Coaches, and sideline personnel come over and embrace Duke and he continues to smile. What a kid.

I have said it before that if we get a couple more guys like Duke we will not have any problems in the future...Coach G says "he is a pleasure to Coach, a very humble guy, and a team player...Does whatever is asked of him"....A true 'Cane.

Congratulations again Duke you have made the 'U' proud, your team, and your family...Keep up the good work and look out 2013.
Job well done.
Go 'Canes Always

Where are J Gallo's facts that Duke really did not earn this, and it's just a conspiracy against some turd player. Gallow always has facts he "finds" somewhere to support his moronic claims. Great to see something good about the program, must have slipped by the editor or they had space to fill.

i love people posting as if it is me.....terrific entertainment...duke is fine, I said he didnt earn 1st team acc.....giovanni bernard did

duke johnson - 955 yards / 10 TD's
giovanni bernard - 1228 / 12 TD's

but his stats are weak in reality vs other freshman:

kenneth dixon - 1227 yards / 27 TD's lousinana tech
johnny maziel - 1181 / 19 TD's texas am
todd gurley - 1260 / 16 TD's gerogia

as soon as you factor in sophomores he get plummeted
such as:
Ka'deem carey - 1757 / 20 TD's

duke johnson is ranked #66 - no big deal. sorry..I like him alot but as always....the stats clarify all the BS

oh fyi....final ncaa statistics - total defense:

#117 UM - 5837 out of 120 teams...3rd from the bottom.
#88 Temple - 4809....looks like golden has infected us with his cancer....real nice

he is rookie of the year all purpose but still giovanni bernard was ahead of him at 198.10 average per game

1 Antonio Andrews, Western Ky. RB JR 12 1609 411 230 727 2977 248.08 355 8.39
2 Tavon Austin, West Virginia WR SR 12 598 1259 165 738 2760 230.00 214 12.90
3 Marqise Lee, Southern California WR SO 12 106 1680 0 802 2588 215.67 152 17.03
4 Giovani Bernard, North Carolina RB SO 10 1228 490 263 0 1981 198.10 247 8.02
5 Dri Archer, Kent St. RB JR 13 1352 539 -4 573 2460 189.23 201 12.24
6 Stefon Diggs, Maryland WR FR 11 114 848 221 713 1896 172.36 121 15.67
7 Ka'Deem Carey, Arizona RB SO 12 1757 288 0 16 2061 171.75 309 6.67
8 Duke Johnson, Miami (FL) RB FR 12 947 221 0 892 2060 171.67 193 10.67

the ncaa rookie of the year al purpose is stefn diggs @ 172.36 yads vs johnson @ 171.67

Anyone seen my jorts?

the stats don'e lie, duke is nothing special and transferring anyway. UM is spiraling down the drain, FIU is going to be the only team in Miami with a couple more years of the Golden retriever.

the ncaa rookie of the year is johnny football - manziel.....4600 yards at 387.67 per game.....duke is ok but nowhere near the top ncaa leaders.....

jim gallo promised to leave if golden didnt leave for tennessee

i dont care where you go.......just get out of here

you are right jim gallo #2...the stats never lie....

here is the top rushing leader:

ka'deem 1757 / 20 TD's as a sophmore.....duke is half of that....kinda weak for a running back, dont ya think given both are almost exactly the same height/weight....5'10" 197 KC & 5'9" 188 DJ

I said I would not post of golden resigns......plenty of time left....I still say he i 50/50.....

Ka'deem had literally twice as many carries dumbass.

idiot boy....the stats are based upon yards per carry....thats why it is fair

KC - 146.42
DJ - 78..92

like ive said...just OK

KC had 146.42 yards per carry? That is amazing. A football field is only 100 yards. Why isn't he in Heisman contention?

78.92 yards per carry is weak...

how about giovanni bernard who in 10 games played was at 1228 yards and 12 TD's @ 122.80 vs duke who played 12 games / 2 more than GB and was at 947 and 10 TD's

sorry DJ is just OK....thats why GB got 1st team ACC vs johnson

Do not forget that Duke is an RS recruit; Duke was on the RS radar a looooong time ago. BTW: Now is the right time to go and get Cristobal, so the UM football program can get back to prominence.

Those same players on the RS radar, have been on the Cristobal radar, too.

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