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Duke Johnson becomes UM's 1st All-American since 2005

The honors keep pouring in for University of Miami freshman Duke Johnson.

The ACC Rookie of the Year -- according to both the media and coaches -- was named second-team All-America by the Walter Camp Football Foundation Thursday.

He is UM's first major All-America selection since 2005 (Eric Winston, Brandon Meriweather, Kelly Jennings) and was one of only two freshmen named to the Walter Camp team, joining Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman candidate Johnny Manziel.

The Miami Norland product had one of the greatest freshman seasons in UM history, amassing 2,060 all-purpose yards and 13 touchdowns, while breaking Clinton Portis' 13-year-old school freshman rushing record with 947 yards. He ranked nationally with a 33.0 yards per kick return average. His 892 kick return yards were a single-season record and he also tied the school single-season mark with two kick return for touchdowns.


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wrong cool cat. He was not a shannon recruit. He was recruited by Golden. And signed. Lets see. He was a freshman in 2012. Golden was coach. Golden was coach in 2011 also. How was he a shannon recruit? So Sony Michel who was on the radar when he was in 7th grade and when he signs with Miami will he also be a shannon recruit?

I'm sorry but is there a way to delete the posts fropm Gallo and cool cat and all the other dummies??

cristobal dosent have it as a HC...gacia was right...

Ka'Deem 275 1757 6.4 73 20

Duke 139 947 6.8 65 10

so in this argument Gallo makes, Ka'Deem did twice as many carries so he should have more yards, but yards per play is on Duke side, so with the carries he would have made more yards. Disproved arguement, next.

forget all that...we have to rid this team of all the p.......ys from golden down.....self sanction, how embarrassing....crying like little c...ts.....every poster should watch 30/30 the U....at least once a week.....this team should be out there every week starting wars....f.....ck the penalties and the coaches....

we are p.....sys, in every way possible

charles your an idiot:

first of all it yards per game not yards per carry...Ka'deem is more productive in rushing.....thats how th ncaa ranks...thats the system....sorry if you dont agree.....besides giovanni bernard is a better back anyway..hes bigger and stonger in the acc....I like duke but I think he still has a long way to go....

KC has 20 TD's vs 10 (weak) of DJ plus 1757 yards....give me a break

idiots bloggers have no idea whats going on outside of dade county..open your eyes idiot

watch some of the utube videos...jimmy johnson is giving an emotional speech and these guys are sitting there staring, unemotional - brain dead....its embarassing to watch or when ray lewis is there....unemotional, quiet with the sound of crickets in the background.....this team is a little f.....cked up.....it better be corrected before next season

bynn ferris....at the BC game I didnt see 1 fan with #8 on...was that you 10 rows up by the mascot? I was sitting right behind you at the game, I thought you were a relative of his.

here is the top rushing leader:

ka'deem 1757 / 20 TD's as a sophmore.....duke is half of that....kinda weak for a running back, dont ya think given both are almost exactly the same height/weight....5'10" 197 KC & 5'9" 188 DJ

Posted by: Jim Gallo | December 07, 2012 at 04:26 PM

And no one suddenly decides to spend every night trash talking UM on this blog.


Duke is the man and we havent even seen him with a full preseason.

Actually Duke Johnson is a Shannon recruit.
Duke committed to Miami coach Randy Shannon on October 7 2010. Shannon wasnt fired till late november.

Randy wasnt a good HC- no one can argue against that, but it is only right to give credit where credit is due. Randy pulled duke in. Fisch made him an all american. Man, thank god for fisch. If it wasnt for him we would probably be 3-9.

Its hard to just sit back and watch donofrio, but he isnt going anywhere unless Golden leaves. I think its telling that Donofrio was supposedly offered the job at temple after golden left to the U, but when the job became vacant again after 2 years in a bcs conference donofrio wasnt even considered. They found out about him.

Jim go home. U are talking nonsense really, u cant be serious. Duke iz a true freshman with less carries than most of them players u named. And why in the hell u always have sumn negative to say.

Go puke on your urself and tell us how it smells and feels after u take that diaper off scrub.

Hey Cool Cat, we have a coach, we don't need another.

Hammer fall how? We have served our bowl bans.....no more coming. We will have schollie reductions but nothing that will make Duke leave. I feel sorry if the NCAA gives us another bowl ban based on "accusations"........or ex players not co operating......they will see what a courtroom looks like.

yall can't back gallo down, lol. duke is good but we don't need to just have 1 good player like duke be the main focal point, as long as jedd understands how to run plays off of the threat of duke getting the ball we'll be straight. Also, our receiving corp can and will get open against anybody. I'm interested in seeing what danny dilliard can do, i wasn't impressed with his highschool tape as a runningback myself, but he does give us some more power in that backfield as well from a size standpoint of view. If it was me, i might of moved him to linebacker myself.

jim, i thought i was the only one who noticed how the team kept reacting, they made jimmy johnson feel insecure and uncomfortable while he was giving them that speech, had him feeling like damyum, i must not have it anymore. When irvin gave his talk and when ed and ray and the rest of the rest gave their talk, i think right now these guys need to be let loose. Also, alot of it has to do with the fact that nobody wants to see the same type mentality guys that came to UM back in the days. They want guys who don't celebrate to much, but i will say this, tracy howard, deon bush, eddie johnson, curtis porter, luther robinson, rayshawn jenkins and gabe terry, those guys do a whole lot of talking out their on that field.

Come next year though, it's going to be real interesting, cause, dwayne holliet will be on deck, jawand blue, jelani hamilton, jake o'donnell, ricardo williams, jacoby brsicoe, so that'll be alot of additions with redshirts to add to this front 7 that goldie and his boy are so hell bent on.

This Jim Gallo Blog is really entertaining, even with its reptile smell to it.

after watching those videos you soon learn that the era of the U is gone....its just a memory on utube....todays kids are too busy with their machines...maybe it was the time "cocain wars" that fueled an appetite of all I have is miami football...you see jerome brown sweating like it was the end of the 3rd quarter and the coin hasent even been tossed...our guys are basically p.....sys, not hungry enough..

I like duke, but what is he to the UM offense....is he a feature back? The top 10 running backs average 290 carries vs 139 of dukes...can he handle that many? is he stong enough mentally and can his body withstand that kind of punishment....

and golden get rid of the tie and shirt....bring your lunch bucket to work...you dont see brian kelly or bill belichick wearing ties.....our boys wear fatiques not coats and ties.....your turing them into a bunch of f....gs

looks like tad foote won in the end....

GAllo is a pesimistic unhappy dork, who hates the U. Non of his drab posts m,ake sense (although he tries). He plasters all these "stats" mostly with a biased lean to try to make his point. If he is a lawyer, or lawyer wanna-be, he s-ks.

Gallo knows nothing about football. He is constantly berating Coach Golden on here, despite the fact that he grossly outnumbered. Most of the U fan base loves Al Golden.

Gallo is probably a jealous hateful 19 year old who was rejected by UM and had to apply to Nova or FIU becasue of low SATs, and like a scorned woman, feels the urge to seek revenge.

Gallo's rants are non-sensical. I call him a "he" but he may be a "she" hidden by the invisible cloak of the internet. In a word, a coward, who is incapable of holding back hateful dribble on a news blog that USED to be for UM fans only. He has hijacked this blog, thinking we will read his diatribes. Guess what, Gallo, after the first 2 or 3, most of us don't. So your so-called message has fallen on deaf ears and blind eyes.

Gallo- We don't care about you. We could care less about haters like you. No matter what you say about the U or Golden of whatever, nothing will change ebcause of your stupidity.

Gallo- We UM fans will still support the U. whether they go 20-18 as they have in the last few years, or 36-0. We know there are problems, and we will stand with the U. Always.

Way to go my friend and shoot Jimmy or Jammie Gallows down..

Some pimple faced kid sitting around trying to use the board from his dorm room or bedroom to get his kicks at the expense of the 'U'.

Way to go..I agree 100% with your post...WIN or lose We are the 'U'.

Shout it out agin 5>3>2...Gallows is also a little out of it, so you have to get his attention....Repititon is a way of life for him...not many brain cells left.

The 'Canes are winners whether he likes it or not...
Go 'Canes Always

5>3>2, just want you to know, i love you. you are the sexiest ever, with a shape like yours, those numbers most have, 36-24-36, you have 5>3>2, i mean SEXY. I like my other half to be big, squeeze them and they slowly pop out like bread, you are the best. see you tonight on s beach my man?, love j gallo

I rfead somewhere that the Nc2a has about 90 days to send the letter of inquiry to UM regarding the bs allegations from the ponzi scheming runt, in order for there to be enough time to get theis garbage behind us and be able to recruit for 2014. I dont really know what that really means can someone clarify please?

Randy "Duke" Johnson was a Randy Shannon recruit. He verbalized with UM in late 2010. So were Chickillo and Perryman. RS gets blasted on here enough (some of it deserved). Give the man his due when he deserves it. Also, the ENTIRE starting OL (the strength of our team, just ahead of our Wr's corp.) was recruited by Shannon. The only guy that CAGH recruited who is going to be a beast and a future All-American IMO, is Ereck Flowers.

CAG was able to keep Duke, Perryman and Chick on board after RS was let go. CAG has done wonders in recruiting also getting Bush, Waters, Howard, Malcolm Lewis, Rayshawn Jenkins and Rashawn Scott among others, so don't think I am saying he can't get guys here, he surely can, but lots of the guys that are doing well for the team were also Randy's guys. CAG, if he can figure the defense out, is going to have us back in the top 10 soon and is building a program, not a team, thus we will perenially be in the top 10 and challenging for championships for years to come.

Thats why when I hear people say, "I can't wait till all Randy's guys are gone", I chuckle. It is either their utterly despising the man for more reasons than him failing here at UM or they are know it all experts, who really don't know squat and like to read their own post.

OK cane4life- fair enough. Points well taken. However (big however), a coach cant claim a recruit as one of his, until he signs under him. Verbal commitments as you know are fleeting and non binding. Proof is Teddy Brdigewater and Eli. They committed to Shannon, but when he was fired they de-committed. So- do you still say that they are his recruits even though they are now at Louisville under another coach?

Again, I point out Sony Michel. Sony has been recruited by Miami since he was in 7th grade- 4-5 years ago. He hassaid he wanted to come to Miami. So he was recruited under Shannon, so if he signs do you say he was a Shannon or Golden recruit?

Furthermore- Many of these recruited "RS" players who still signed at UM did so because one of the main recruiters remained- Barrow. Are they Barrow's kids or Shannons- or Goldens?

What I like about Johnson is that he's humble and lets his play speak volumes . Others will see that and emulate .

Congrats and thanks Duke Johnson . You Rock .

You have to feel bad for Jim Gallo...he hates the Canes and all he has to do is troll a Canes board. Sad life...no women, no fun, no team of his own to follow. look how often Jim posts on this blog...he cannot have a life...feel bad for this guy. GO CANES

It is the HC who finds that talent at the time. If a guy is interested in any school and the coaching staff starts a relationship with this kid, it is really THAT coach who should get the credit for finding that kid. Now if the coach leaves for whatever reason, the new coach is the one who keeps the kid on board. It is not the new coach who started the relationship, he is credited though for keeping the kid on board and closing the deal.

As far as coaches on a staff who help to recruit kids, you can't discredit Randy for having good recruiters on his staff, isn't that what all coaching staffs need? If your going to discredit Randy for having Barrow on board then lets do this. All of the 5 and 4 star kids that Mack Browns has gotten at Texas are not really his, but his assistants. Same goes for Nick Saban, Lane Kiffin, Will Muschamp, Urban Meyer, Jimbo Fisher, Les Miles and any other coach that has recruited well. You never, ever hear that about any of these other coaches, so why would people just use that notion with Randy? "Well, those guys have won", well yes that is true, a lot more than Randy has, that's for sure. Other coaches who have not won have not had that said about them either though. Ron Zook, is known as a great recruiter, but he is not a "winner". Same goes for Dabo Sweeny and numerous others. Which business owner would not want to surround themselves with good managers, supervisors and team leaders? Should the business owner not get credit for running a successful company?

Randy can not be the only coach penalized for having good recruiters on his staff. With that logic, CAG is not a good recruiter either (I personally think he is), because the top kids coming in are really not CAG's, but Barrow's.

Larger point about recruiting aside, Duke Johnson recruited Duke Johnson, not Randy Shannon or Al Golden. He was coming to Miami no matter who the coach was.

I agree with Calvin's post about these kids needing to let loose. They look tight on the field and it doesnt look like the old UM teams. I saw them get off the bus at ND and they just looked focused. Let these kids do their thing.

the point is if it wasnt for shannon golden would have lost every game....duke is a golden recruit....stats do not give him to shannon....watch goldens practice films...impressive but you notice that it is too technical and controled. its too clean....there is no anger both at practice and during game day....the players dont want to kill their opponent....highs mith,brown,bain,starks,blades and definitely coach don soldinger wanted to take the other guys head off....

our guys never have fighs on the field or get personnal fouls...golden has turned the team into catholic school boys...coats and ties , please

the only catholic school boys that still play a little thug football is ND...they were just like miami in the 80's but still are. watch manti te'o and defense on the field and sidelines...they want to murder their opponent.....

UM has to be like that.....UM vs texas, 210 yards of personnal fouls

dont worry next year...golden is padding his resume:

usf 3-9
boston college 2-10
florida atlantic 3-9
savannah state 1-10

theres 4 wins right there with an average loss of 10 games....watch media "golden turns miami around and is back!"

Why Do People Enjoy Being Internet Trolls?

Ans: it is a kind of power rush or ego trip to be a troll. Being online is a place that is largely free of perceived consequences... an insecure person can get a sense of power online, without ever having to face someone directly. With the Internet being a world of imagination and fantasy for some, cowardly users can forge an alter ego for themselves, and act out their feelings of anger and inadequacy. It's sad and unfortunate that our advanced communications also brings out the darker side of many people.

all I'm saying is that randy shannon is the best coach UM has ever had, they sealed their fate when they let him go, guarantee if he was white like goldy they would have given him as much time as he needed to get the program fixed.

if they have a shred of honor they'll fire al golden and bring back randy shannon.

Jim gallo,factor in duke was a backup.....

I think Randy gets bashed for everything wrong with UM on this blog. Some on here even believe he was involved in the Lindburg baby kidnapping, global warming and was an associate of Osama Bin Laden. That aside, for you to say that Coach Shannon was our best coach is totally asinine!! You have a lot of statistics Z((which is good) about some of your points, but to make that statement, you lose lots of credibility.

I believe that Randy was hamstrung on hiring a good staff when he took the job initially, that is the reason why he had to hire Patrick Nix as his OC, the administration did not want to give him the money to hire his original OC, who was his friend Dirk Koetter (Koetter is now the OC with the Atlanta Falcons). That is why he had to sell Nix to the fan base, thus the statement "It was always tough to scheme against him when he was the OC at G. Tech". After a while the admin. saw the error of their ways and loosened the purse strings a little, thus he was able to hire Whipple, Bill Young, John (can't remember his last name, he was RS's last DC), etc. The bottom line is Randy did not win enough games and he and his staff did not develop the talent correctly, thus he was let go.

CAG is our coach now and again, if he can get our defense to even a top 15 defense next year, we will be on our way. As regards greatest coach at UM let me just throw out a couple of names to you Schnellie, Jimmy Johnson and Dennis Erickson, I believe you've heard of them.

recruits don't want a white man sitting in their house, goldy will never be a successful recruiter in south Florida, when randy shannon goes to FSU Miami isn't going to get another recruit from this area.

Also, Duke is 185 pounds dude, how do you expect to compare his running style with Highsmith, Bratton, Edge, Gore, Mcghee or any of our other big backs that we have had. Even Portis' physique was built more to take and distribute punishment than Duke. BTW, Duke runs EXTREMELY tough for his size and finishes run's and has one of the best stiff arms I have ever seen, that's toughness. He just needs to hit the weight room and add another 15 lbs of muscle for next year and he will be okay. When Duke leaves UM he should be at around 210.

Also, football is totally different now than it was in the 80's and 90's, as is every sport except hockey. You say Miami does not "get in fights anymore", well do you think that their will ever be fight in the NBA playoffs like the Heat and Knicks again in the late 90's? Of course not, because the powers that be will not allow that to happen. The same s true in college football. If you are real UM fan, do you want guys to serve 3-4 game suspensions like we did when we fought FIU??!! Come on dude. Also, USC and 'Bama sure have done well over the past 12 years ('Bama about to win their 3rd title in 4 years) and I have yet to see them even get in a scuffle, much less a all out brawl. Dude, you are looking at the wrong things.

Wow Jim Gallo really is an idiot. If Golden stayed and the rest of the coaching staff is staying then why would any of the current players transfer? Hammer or no hammer these players are getting experience and are being developed to play in the NFL plus if PSU gets to be on television then so will Miami if the worst should happen. The absolute worst case scenario is two additional bowl bans and a reduction of scholarships. Why? Because there is no offense greater than allowing a monster prey on innocent children and covering it up like PSU did. They got four years penalty while still being allowed to be on television. We gave up three bowls already because the NCAA would not allow us to play in the ACCCG after we earned it. If they would have allowed us to play in that game and sit out the bowl game then we would've but according to NCAA that game win or lose counts as a post season game.

dUh, when the hammer comes down all of UM's players are going to be eligible to transfer, guarantee you not a single one of randy shannon's recruits sticks around, and that INCLUDES duke johnson and tracy howard.

recruits don't want a white man sitting in their house, goldy will never be a successful recruiter in south Florida, when randy shannon goes to FSU Miami isn't going to get another recruit from this area.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | December 09, 2012 at 11:21 AM

In defense of Gallo, I now know that someone has hijacked his name, LOL!! Gallo has posted some things on here that are questionable, but the Shannon is the best coach at UM and The above post have never, ever been anything that the "real" Gallo has posted. Guys need to register their names so that when someone does hijack your name and starts posting, you can see the difference. No matter if you disagree with someone, it is pretty low brow to post crap under their name (Gaytor trolls are exempt from this rule though).

riiieeet, because everything else I post was written by the "real Jim Gallo"...

U cane clUcks aren't too bright are you?

i think it is funny all these blogs mimicking me...the best...of course shannon was not the best coach...but looking back in reality we should have never fired larry coker....nobody knew miami football better than him....he loved it here and would have never left...like ive said he could have been our bobby bowden, why because he had 1 season of 7-6....bowden had that and worse...

now dukes size is no excuse....both him and ka'deem cary are the exact same size/weight:

#1 ka'deem cary - sophmore / 275 carries 1757 yards / 20 TD and 146 game average
#66 duke johnson - fresh / 139 carries 947 yards / 10 TD and 78.92 game average

extremely weak...sorry. i dont think duke runs that tough at all....let me see how he looks after getting hammered 300 carries....lets make him a feature back and get our TE to 60 catches area....

freshman rushing leader 2012

1. kenneth dixon - louisiana tech 1194 yards / 99.5 avg / 27 TDs
2. johnny manziel - Texas AM 1181 / 98.42 avg / 19 TDs
3. todd gurley - georgia 1260 / 96.92 avg / 12 TDs
4. duke johnson - UM 947 / 78.92 / 10 TDs

its just OK....you have to break the 1000 mark to be a somebody....those numbers are weak

what's a clUck? Is that in Webster's dictionary?

Here is the tranlsation of Gallo- in spanish, italian or latin a gallo is a c-ock.

In my mind, this gallo is a petty, puny, jealous, uninformed, biased, hateful, sad, depressed melancholy infertile little impotent napoleonic shapiro-esque little dweeb

Get it clUcks?

Randy Shannon as the best of all time is too obvious, they sniff it out right away.

Go with Larry Coker as the best of all time, just crazy enough to work.

And don't just say Duke Johnson sucks, throw in some stats to back it up!

Dixon - 200 carries, 6.0 average.

Manziel - 184 carries, 6.4 average.

Gurley - 199 carries, 6.3 average.

Duke Johnson - 139 carries, 6.8 average.

stats dont lie jr mint....but you keep dreaming about fantasy results...so far golden is weakkkkkkk and team is worse..this year we went 7-5 with a #24 ranked scheduale of .597...the teams we play barely win 50% of the time...now add fla atlantic and savanna I am sure we drop even further down....but remember:

1. I inherited sanctions
2. the team had no cohesiveness when I got here
3. our defense was weak because a defensive player went the wrong way
4. the scheduale was is too tough / fsu,nd and ksu
5. it wasnt my decision because the legal team said I could get into legal trouble
6. its been TMZ since I got here

on and on...dude when you are 3rd from the bottom of anything, you get fired..period
dnofrio is still here because golden blames the defensive players...not dnofrio, get it

your right nobody can be that dumb and not know that ncaa ranks stats on yards per game:

#33 dixon 1194 / 27 TDs - 99.50 yards per game
#34 manziel 1181 / 19 TDs - 98.42 yeards per game
#36 gurley 1260 / 16 TDs - 96.92

then go 30 more places DOWN and you finally get to #66 duke....nice try green pea

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