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Finnie suspended indefinitely after arrest in laptop theft

University of Miami cornerback Thomas Finnie has been suspended indefinitely after being arrested Tuesday morning in connection to a laptop theft on campus last week.

Thomas FinnieHere is the press release I received from Coral Gables police: "After further investigation by detectives with the University of Miami Police, it was determined that Thomas Finnie, a University of Miami student, was involved in the theft of the laptop computer from a dorm room on campus. Thomas Finnie was arrested today, December 11, 2012, and has been charged with Occupied Burglary and Grand Theft. He has been transported to the Dade County Jail by University of Miami Police personnel."

Finnie is coming off a sophomore season in which he played in 12 games and made 30 tackles, three pass breakups and one fumble recovery. He started UM's first six games.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Finnie has two previous arrests. He was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession on July 20 of this year. He also was arrested with third degree grand theft by Hialeah police back in Nov. 2008.

Here is a statement from UM associate athletic director for communications and marketing Chris Freet: "Following the arrest for his involvement in the theft of a laptop computer, UM sophomore football student-athlete Thomas Finnie has been immediately suspended from all University of Miami athletic activities."

Finnie enrolled at UM in Jan. 2011. He was a three-star prospect according to Rivals.com. He helped lead Miami Central to the Class 6A state title in December 2010.

In an interview in June 2011 with UM's sports information department Finnie said he secretly wished he "could wake up 20 years from now and be in a big mansion." He went on to say, "I really want to be the one to bring my family up to par; I want to be the one who makes it out. I want to make my mother so proud and that's what I really want to do. I never quit, I never want to give up, because I really want to try to get there."


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Does this mean the U is back? Laptop thefts are usually a sign of future championships.

The kid just threw away a $200k education for a $1k laptop. What was he thinking?

It seems he was arrested before for marijuana. How come the herald does not report on such events?

We r back


He will end up either dead, in jail or flipping burgers in Alapattah

Sad how stupid some of these inner city kids are. What a waste of DNA- key word some.

How is it that they do not understand the implications of this? Or the value of the education and opportunity that they have been given a) from their God given talent and b) from Miami?

Their are 1000s of kids who may be a notch less athletic, who have been begging. BEGGING to be given a UM scholie who did it and would do it the right way and were overlooked.

This is a crying shame. If he is gulty Golden should kick him off the team- thatis if the Unioversity doesnt do that before that anyway.

This is a cancer that must be cut out of this program.

idk how disadvantaged he was growing up. I dont care about how blacks are less advantaged. This was a grand theft felony- if this kid cant accomodate to society's rules then buh bye loser.

Golden and Donofrio must clean the team of this garbage. I know they have tried. But there is still work to do- and I dont want to hear or read anymore about Donofrio this donofrio that- Calvin cool cat and other please STF_U. These coaches have had to deal with a lot inlcuding this p-o-s, and for what? What did he do? He s--ked a55.

It worked out well for Cam Newton..

Some of you people are huge Hippocrates. It is so easy to pass judgement on someone without knowing the whole story or knowing them. Cant judge someone unless youve walked a mile in those same shoes or down the same path. You people act so high and mighty like you havent done anything maybe if we shine the light on you i wonder what would we fine in the light. Just because you didnt get caught doesnt mean you didnt do it!!!!

LOLOL, Steve. Great call.

God bless him....unfortunatly....with Artie Burns coming in next year we may not miss him. I truly hope he repents...is forgivin....and is givin a chance to redeem himself.

Why? Why? Why Thomas???? You're getting a full ride at UM and playing football with the hopes of a bright future and you throw it all away over a laptop??? Tell me it ain't so.

NO answers, no thoughts, no recriminations, NOTHING..if this is true, and the facts stand up.BYE

Out the door...we are not giving anyone a pass...

See ya...if that laptop looked so good that it was worth more than honest , decent, hard work to get 50,000 laptops with the talent that God gave you as a pro in the NFL, then your football intelligence, and intelligence in general is lower than Whale sh**.

Dumb decision Finnie, you will regret this for the rest of your life.
Go 'Canes Always

why....all he has to do is return the laptop...ask judge for accelerated rehabilitation...serve his probation then his entire record is clear of the matter...as long as he is not rearrested.

"Dumb decision Finnie, you will regret this for the rest of your life."

what a jerk off idiot....

Shamed cane you are right on with these "Hippocrates" around here. First and foremost, you should do no harm.
Now there are also a bunch of hypocrites here that post on other's sites after a player is arrested.
Where is the reporting around here, marijuana is not a big deal with University of Miami Police, you won't see that news anywhere.
Now burglary of a dorm while occupied by other students is a big deal, it could lead to some one getting hurt.
Finnie, we find out is a repeat offender, let's see what Golden will do.
Joe the bit about we don't need you cause we got Burns coming in is asinine. First Burns is not in yet, and second even if he does come in, who knows how good he will be.
Finnie's stupid behavior must be dealt with, will Golden handle it correctly?

Used to be the canes had thug players that translated into winning football games........
Now they have thug players that translate into loosing with one of the worst defenses ever.......

Used to be Uncle Luke would pay the players and they would win..........
Now Lil Luke pays the players and they loose..........

Used to win, now they loose..........
What chUmps!

wonder how many other criminals are roaming around that program? I guees we'll never know given the crack staff over at the herald spinning the news.

shamed cane: What are you ashamed of? Finnie shaming the U and all of its fans? Look at the ESPN blogs and such- Theyre out in full force now.

The judgement is based on the police report- or are you of the thought that the police are wrong and setting him up?

If that 1% chance that he is fully innocent is correct, I will pewrsonally write a letter of apology. But guess what- he is a repeat offender. And the stupidest wrongdoer is he who repeats and never learns from his mistakes- If he wanted a shortcut to get him to that dream mansion he talked about- a $1000 lap top wasnt going to do it. Figures now why he couldnt understand Donofrios defensive schemes and game plans- hge is too stupid. I'm ashamed he got a scholie. And someone like Conner Vernon did not.

Cut his a55. But if the university (and Golden) decided mistakenly to give him another chance, he should very seriously think about his life.

What about that student player committee that Golden talked about? Arent they supposed to police themselves?

Give a second c hance-- Willie is a prime example. Or ray RAy.

I'm not sure. He's looking at a felony. He's a repeat offender having committed grand theft before. Then there are University bylaws- a crime was committed on campus- if it were you or I we'd be expelled on the spot. never mind suspended. I think he's done at Miami.

Addition by subtraction- give someone else his scholie- because he s-ked anyway.

He will transfer to Temple where Onofrio will be his new HC

Don't know much about the situation other than what is written. It's a sad situation to see a young man screw up his life over a stupid Laptop. He knows what he did was wrong and at least from what I understand he stepped up and admitted his part in the whole deal. Maybe he will take this time to get himself together and realize what an opportunity the young man had right infront of him.

Of course "Jim Gallo" is just that Gators troll and just trying to say idiotic things to make actual UM fans interact with him - but of course he's going to regret getting kicked off UM's football team the rest of his life.

He could have been in the NFL, now he has no shot.

Yeah he turned himself in. Judge may be lenient on him. 3 years instead of 5 in state prison

Teach the kid a lesson, dont kick him off the team.

Come On Man. Finnie what were thinking? You have to see the bigger picture... Always look at the bigger picture. Without struggle there is no progress. It is never about the now it is always about the process that leads you to the future you worked hard for.

Best wishes, but this world is not a forgiving place and even as those who love and support you through thick and thin will help you get over this set back there will be others who will never let this down. It is what it is. Stop trying to live in this world like right or wrong consequences are not a part of reality.

Stop passing judgement. the kid made a stupid mistake. Who here hasn't made stupid mistakes? The kid will spend his day in court, pay a fine probably and that should be the end of it.

It was a dumb mistake, but nothing akin to the administrative involvement in the Shapiro fiasco.

5-3-2: Have U, sir, ever made mistakes? Did U get a second chance? he's a 21 year old kid. we're taking about a laptop, that he took for funn.

He didnnt do it dummies..wow.. Do you believe everything the police say lol. Cant stand a theive though lol

Unfortunately in this country you're an adult when you're 18 and stealing a thousand dollar laptop is something anyone goes to jail for.

Maybe "unfair" that Finnie's shot at the NFL is all but gone but everyone knows the rules coming in.

Pass your classes. Don't burgle. No hats inside. No Grand Theft larceny.


suspended "indefinitely?" at the U--that means until spring practice starts. while he suspended, maybe he can party with the other players at the clubs and on those yachts, with rich boosters picking up the tab! party on at the U!

Dinolo......your name sounds Spanish......like a disgruntled FI Who idiot....

Will you make sure to say hi to Eddie Rios on your way out for me?

What Finnie did was wrong and stupid. I hope he gets his life turned around and makes lasting changes. I also hope this is a wake up call for him. He definetly needs to spend some time away from the team with a suspension. If CAG decides to keep him on board or kicks him off the team permanently, I don't have a problem with it either way. I really hope that Finnie changes his ways and gets his act together. For some to post how black kids have it tough is a little astonishing since NO ONE BROUGHT UP RACE EXCEPT FOR THEM.

It is also is funny how they bring up inner city kids, but they are kids all over the country, black, brown and believe it or not.......wait for it.......WHITE who do stupid, criminal acts while on scholarship at division 1 colleges. Some of you have got to let go of your hang ups and idiosyncrasies.

I guess Duke Johnson, Clinton Portis, Andre Johnson and others who of the darker hue who make it and never get in trouble are "some of the good ones" and a testament to the negro/colored race, LOL!!

And please, some 'Canes fans please do not complain to Manny how Gator fans come on here and post stereotypical things regarding race about 'Canes players. If you do, you are being a hypocrite, because they are 'Canes fans who do the same thing and have been for a long time now.

cool cat- yeah he made a mistake. A felony mistake. Grand theft. dumba55es like you always find excuses. Have I ever made a mistake? Ive never committed a felony if that's what you are asking. And no he didnt steal a laptop for fun- he tried to sell it back to the victim. Thats how he and his accomplice got caught.

Why is a scholarship player, a D-1 athlete of one of the best universities in the country resort to doing that?

And cool cat- his dumba55 had a second chance- this is his second grand theft in his young life.

I say if there is a conviction, cut him. BUt I would be ok if AG ends up giving him a second chance.
That would be a chance he takes. Because Finnie may dsomething stupid again.

Unfortunately, his priors will haunt him. If guilty, I don't think he is coming back to the team.

didnt gallo say he was so confident fsu would beat fl and golden would leave that he would stop posting here if wrong a few weeks ago? first, i find out there is no santa and he is still posting...i have nothing left to look forward to!

After a foot chase — and the help of police dogs — Streeter was taken into custody. The second suspect at the scene, Finnie, ran away. Police caught up with him on Thursday.

This is the best part to me about the whole situation, they caught streeter right away, finnie was to fast for em, they couldn't catch em til thursday, that's that goon speed. Had finnie let the police or the dogs catch em i would've been dissappointed, we use to never get caught on foot, to much speed, all they saw was dreads in the wind.

Who cares about an arrest in 2008 when that man was a teenager, lol, or the one this year in July, hell weed damyum near legal now, find something better else to do. So the players in Washington st and California can smoke tree's now but goldie keeps suspending players for it, lol, all he needs to do is run that shat out of their system when they get caught. Just make it a mandatory thing, you fail a drug test, these are the conditioning drills you will do or you're of the team, that'll work better than suspending them.

Hell if i got suspending for smoking, hell, that'll give me more free time to smoke some more, i'm already suspended.

The only real news that needs to be posted is, when are they going to announce that oach OH-NO has be named the next temple headcoach!

3 players for Oregon state were suspended after a bar brawl- I see no headlines on ESPN about that. A BC player was arrested recently for secretly taping his 3-way with some h-o--e. Where's the outrage?


Poor little canes, the whole world is picking on U, it's not fair......
So Calvin says Finnie outran the cops and the dog, too bad he couldn't outrun the opposing WRs....
And dUmb Joe and dUmber 5.3.2 say good ridance, the former cause some no name recruit who may or may not show is somehow already a better player, the latter utters some meaningless cane crap about addition and substraction. Bottom line you lose another defensive player from a very offensive defense. More like U getting worse by attrition....
The saga of the dUmb and the clUeless continues

Reality- bite yo mama

your a pathetic loser... and as more seconds pass, you are more of a loser... just because you are.

UM is not getting worse by attrition you pathetic brainless low IQ re=ard.

Its addition by subtraction. get it right.

Why was he starting less than two months after being arrested for possession.

Lack of institutional control....again.

The U is devolving into a cesspool.

Let's hear the whole story before dismissing the kid...

Thanks Santa for working on getting rid of "No D"!!!

This happened 30 times in Gainesville and it was swept under the rug. Finnie is the product of the Democrat Welfare society. My guess is his dad was nowhere to be found when he was needed. 70 percent of blacks born to single mothers and a corrupt political party that encourages this with a tax structure that penalizes marriage and funds the proliferation of illegitimate births born behind the 8 ball before they ever open their eyes. FInnie should have known better but he failed himself and society failed him. All the democrats can do is steal from the successful to fund this nonsense. Its sad .

Steve b... Shut up, your a fool

I'm sorry but I have to agree with Steve B.

I cant see how people are so down on Donfrio- You all think if a dumb a55 like Finnie, who does this dumba 55 s--t, can memorize a defensive playbook, read signals, read and understand coverages, and think on the run, then you all are just as stupid as this dumb a55

Miami should start doing IQ tests before they sign players. You cannot expect a player to learn a complex system... let alone four years later understand an NFL defense... if he is this dumb.

Why am i so harsh on this 20 year old?

Because he did something extremely dumb. So stupid its beyond rational. It wasnt an act under emotiopn i.e. a bar room fight. It wasnt smoking some weed- who care. It wasnt a fight with his girlfriend. It wasnt academic trouble.

My dog would have caugfht his has and bit him in his rear end. Cause my dog faste rthan Finnie- besides Finnie got burned all year long/

Dumb a55

Was bernie maddoff a democrat, or all those ceo's at eron, or the guy who ran world comm, or healthsout or imclone, were they all democrats. You sound like a fool trying to diagnose a guy that admitted to stealing a labtop. Were the guys who stole people from other countries democrats, how about the guys who killed lincoln, were they democrats, GTFOH with that nonsense.

Get your facts straight, welfare was created for poor whites. Now all of a sudden people keep trying pin it on others and want to forget where it started from. The problem is much deeper than your skewered shallow attempt of explaining it. Stick to football, hopefully you're better at trying to analyze that.

Stealing is stealing, but at least what finnie stole, that's actually something he can give back to the person. In the meantime, all these real criminals who stole peoples retirement money and investments haven't repaid the a whole lot of it back, but somehow, thomas finnie helping to hijack a laptop all of a sudden somehow illustrates all the problems in politics. Quit being a sore loser, bush had 8years, if you republicans can get your act together and realize the old redneck and playing on people fear tatics are over and done with.

The smart whites aren't trying to be affiliated with that type of mentality no more. This finnie story should not be front page news. goldie letting it be known how mad he is and how he can't believe what happened, i don't want to hear that and i could careless, welcome to Miami goldie, man up and realize, it's a different mentality down here. I would've almost have want to pay to see what would've been said on the blogs back in the days when the players from Miami use to rob the other players from out of town or basically make them give up what they had.

Getting rid of finnie will not make a difference in the way the other guys on this team feel. Guys are going to do what they gotta do, who cares if the nc2a is still investigating, this is a separate issue. You want to come and coach at Miami, this is part of it, nothing new, howard, jimmy & erickson had to deal with it. shannon did to, you don't get the dominant type football play people have come to Love and respect at UM by having a bunch of choir boys on the team. Guys played how they lived life off the field, aggressive.

Everybody is not going to be a mike james or duke johnson, if a coach is thinking he can get all of his guys t obe like them, whoever that guy is might want to get out of coaching. finnie stealing a laptop has nothing to do with why the defense was that bad. Or why our record was trash, and from the looks of things, alot of guys on defense are going to have to resort to goonin, because it'll be hard to get drafted in this cotton candy defensive scheme if you're a corner or d-linemen. The linebackers will definitely get drafted out of this scheme.

Alot of ignorant people on here. This defensive scheme is only complex to the coaches who keep trying and want to look sophisticated on the sidelines like they're doing something. It doesn't take all of that to play defense, before this staff came to UM, the way and foundation to play defense was already established, why is it, that this staff is all of a sudden having a hard time trying to play simple defense.

If someone is dumb enuff to think finnie taking a laptop is a reason the defense is bad, they need mental help. This defense is so complex, it's been giving up azzzz to basically every team it's played, somehow the opposing oc's don't find it complex. Just throw to the flats or to the receiver being covered by the linebacker lined up on the inside hash mark. Or to the runningback being covered by a defensive end who even if he was on good knees would be able to cover them in a million years.

Or throw it to the guy that's waiting for the d-tackle who was asked to drop back in coverage and cover the flats, if that's what you're calling complex, you sir are an i.d. ten T!

Thats right calvin. Welfare was created for poor whites, and the democrtic party was dead set aginst civil rights, but the rnc was 100 % for civil rights yet the democrats have hijacked the black vote for years now with empty promises. Wht percentage of blacks can say they ern as much as jay z or lil wayne? Right.

Ok enough politics. We have a marxist for president oh well.

Finnie is a dumb shyt. Plain and simple. This aint gooning. Gooning is slamming a QBs head on the ground or a late hit, or doing a dance after scoring 40 pt against notre dame. Away. This aint gooning. These kids dont know squat about gooning. This is stoopid

I got a plan for ya, get rid of all that welfare s h it and everybody go to work and quit looking a handout!

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