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Five former Hurricanes who left early for NFL keeping the faith (and Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you!)

Their decisions -- at least most of their decisions -- weren't very popular among University of Miami football fans.

The UM football underclassmen caravan one year ago began with receiver Tommy Streeter, and continued with defensive tackle Marcus Forston, running back Lamar Miller, offensive lineman Brandon Washington and defensive end Olivier Vernon.

UM coach Al Golden was admittedly shocked that so many departed even before waiting to receive their projected draft status from the NFL Draft Advisory Board, which can be requested by any underclassman eligible to leave early.

Some of those players were equally shocked during draft weekend. Washington was drafted 200th overall by the Eagles -- the 30th pick in the sixth round -- and didn't make the team. He's now on the practice squad with the St. Louis Rams.

Forston wasn't drafted, earned his way onto the Patriots roster as an undrafted free agent, then was released after three games and subsequently named to the Pats' practice squad.

Streeter was taken 198th overall by the Ravens and signed a four-year, $2.19-million contract, with a signing bonus of $94,500. He broke his left foot in the final preseason game and was placed on injured reserve for the season.

Olivier Vernon was the 72nd overall pick (third round) by the Dolphins and signed a four-year contract reportedly worth $2.84 million, with a $638,000 signing bonus.

Miller went 97th overall (fourth round) to the Dolphins and signed a four-year contract reportedly worth $2.58 million, with a $486,000 signing bonus.

I talked extensively to four of the five players, and to Tommy Streeter's dad.

All said they're happy they made the decision they did (Streeter's dad would have liked him to return for his senior season, but said Tommy is happy), although I'm figuring Brandon Washington, Marcus Forston and Streeter had their doubts after the draft.  

Washington was quoted last spring as telling ProCanes.com that if he knew he was going to be drafted that low, he would have stayed in school.

He told me that he really likes St. Louis, that sometimes he does get lonesome, but that he's just waiting for his moment. 

Streeter and Marcus Forston earned their college degrees while at UM. The others did not earn their degrees.

When asked if he'd make the same decision again, Washington told me, "Yeah, I would. I have my personal reasons. I think I made the best decision for me. I try not to look back.''

Streeter's dad, Tommy Sr., told me he feels Tommy "could have gotten better at his craft, and that putting together another great season like he had would have looked really good. But I wasn't disappointed because he did what I asked him to do. He went to college and got his degree.''

Marcus Forston told me he has become very close with former Cane defensive tackle Vince Wilfork, now an NFL star with the Patriots. HIs mother, Pearline Simmons, is spending Christmas with him in Foxboro.

"I have built a great relationship with Vince,'' Forston said. "I really feel like he's going to bring my game to the next level. Being around him, his attitude on the field and off the field, and even around his family - he's an all-around great guy.''

Forston and Vernon talked about how tough it was having three different defensive coordinators while they were at UM. Vernon admitted that it was tough having a new coach as well, and getting used to his ways. 

Forston respectfully declined talking about what effect the new coaching staff had on his decision. But he did say he never intended to be at UM for five years. Injuries took their toll on him, and he said he was ready to leave when he did.

Lamar and Vernon are very satisfied, and realize how fortunate they are to have landed in their backyards  in Miami -- where they grew up and have played their entire careers.

Here's the link to the story I wrote for today's paper about the five Canes who left early. http://hrld.us/Y6yBIZ   By the way, they said they all keep in touch with each other.

Everyone have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and holidays. 



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I heard theyre making a movie about Calvins posts- something like Lord of the rings or the Hobbit.

By the way- worse move by shannon was that clowning around with time outs and the musical chairs with marve and jacorry. Word in the street was that Shannon "promised" jacorrys dad that Jacorry would play as a frosh. Marve was an example of a player who was underdeveloped. certainly wasnt as good as he was hyped but could have contributed- jacorry could have sat out most if not all of his freshman year and learned.

ESPN has a series on modern football dyanstioes and the U 1983-1994 is mentioned. Seminoles are struggling trying to prove that they belong.

^ Why didn't Randy start Harris from day 1 then? JH12 only started the first game as a Fr because Marve was suspended--let me guess Randy suspended him so he could kept his promise to Harris' pops...Sounds like something you pulled out of your a&&!

Cool cat is a d...mb arse

8-4. Possibly 9-3

This is a rebuilding year. We said the same things in 1999. No way anyone thought that in 2000 wed beat that juggernaut #1 fsu with weinke and anquan boldin and such. And we did. We rocked the world... And even the gators with their golden child rex grossman were like deers in headlights when they saw all that speed.

Believe me guys

2012- 8-4
2013- 10-2
2014- 13-0 ncs

Posted by: 5>3>2 | August 28, 2012 at 10:25 PM

Hey 5>3>2. Checked an archive do you still stand by your post back in August?..
Very close my friend...you just might nail it.
Go'Canes Always

Yall can say whatever you want, but my man Calvin is ON POINT! Part of being a true fab is being honest. Ofcourse we like A, but it is what it is! Please leave Shannon out of these conversations! HE IS A TRUE CANE THOUGH AND THROUGH!! Even if you didn't like him as a coach, respect is due!

Thanks bro

Yeah i said 8-4
So i was off one. 7-5
Which could have ben 8-5 or 9-5 but i had no idea UM would self impose.

St 26 fair enough.

Go canes. Well beback

Just had a friend today tell me he has a newfound understanding of what it means to be a cane. He watched the U on 3030 this weekend. He now understands. And you know what? Hes a gator.

6 probowl selections for the U

Tied for #1

With tennesee

Wheres FSU?

And mcgahee came close.so did jimmy graham

Need i point this out again?

Who is NFL U?

Where it is?

You wouldnt understand

Recruits pay close attention. Alabama 2 maybe 3 NCs. uF 2. Auburn 1. But yet the U still putting out probowlers... And future hofers: ed reed and reggie wayne

Your post are too long. nobody wants to read all of that. Even if you are making valid points...ease up on the keystrokes. lol

c-dogg and the rest of yall complaining bout post, nobody's forcing you to read my post, just skip over em if they're to long for you. It's not a take home assignment. In the mean time, if a lot of yall wasn't complaining about my post, you wouldn't have nothing to post.

ST#26, alot of people's True colors come out when it comes to shannon and alot of them when it came to jacory to as well, that's why they're blind to the facts. goldie came in trying to keep it classy, but every now and than he'll keep taking these lil sneak shots in at shannon and crew in an effort to try and defend his boy OH-NO. At the same time, they crying about db's, the 2 starting safeties shannon left thisnew crew derservingly or not, both of them were being talked about as being solid draft picks and as being potentially one of the best safety tandems in the nation.

When it came to db's, they got rid of devont'a davis, wouldn't let phillip buchanon's younger brother jeremy davis in, got rid of the lead weed rolla in keion payne, latwan anderson, forget about it. They created they're own problems but than he keeps trying to sneak diss shannon by distortion. goldie got 2 things he needs to fix, #1 is, stop trying to convince people with words why his boy is a god defensive coordinator, to many people down here no football for him to keep trying to past that off, next is, quit crying about a weak schedule and trying to let it be known he's going to try and water it down later on.

At the end of the day, he can keep his boy, they'll both get fired at the same time. I'm sure al groh can get you next to a chalk board and start breaking down the x's and o's of that same b.s. defense they trying to run now and why it works but he not working, so that tells you all you need to know about this defense that's trying to be implemented here. Also, being a good defensive coordinator doesn't mean just being able to implement a scheme, you have to be able to make the right calls and have a feel for the game as well, something oach OH-NO clearly doesn't have.

He doesn't know how to dictate to an offense and force them to have to make adjustments, all he does is sit back and try to see what the opposing coordinator is doing and than try to adjust from them, by the time he figures out what adjustment to make, 500 & something yards later, the opposing oc has moved on.

In his first year, you kept hearing almost every week, that the other team did something different than what the defense had prepared for, it took goldie almost the whole year before he realized that's basically saying "his boy is confused". So you didn't hear players saying that, than that's when all this we're a family type talk and we're all in this together type talk started surfacing. oach OH-NO is to foolish to realize he needs the players more than they need him.

Posted by: 5>3>2

Again with the Pro Bowlers? Live in the hear and now, primo. We are on our way back and Coach Golden can sell recruits on 2013 and beyond. Be patient, we will back.

Go Canes! #canesfam #cutlerridgeyardworkers

I am in the here and now cousin Laz. Miami has always prided itself as being NFL-U. I have a $400 framed poster entitled "Pipeline to the pros" with a bunch of first rounders

HS recruits are thinking "who is taking me to the promised land"?

The answer is a no-brainer: Despite 7-6, 5-7, 7-6, 9-4, 7-6, 7-6, 6-6, 7-5 seasons since 2006, spanning a period during which UF has won 2, Alabama has won 2, LSU and Auburn have won a NC each, guess who has the most NFL players? Guess who has had the most probowlers the last 4 years? Guess who had the most players named in the top 100 by NFL channel?

The U.

Its been a rebuilding period. OK. It occurred between 1983 and 1987, 1994 and 2000 and 2004-2012. Theyre getting there. And the NCAA is squirming.

---On a seprate note- root on for our ACC brethren Ga Tech against USC. The trojans are disrespecting the very hospitable and kind city folk of El Paso alredy, and dissing the ramblin wreck.

Miami just need to win, thats it, win baby win, and the marquee recruits will come in droves. Win or Lose, I am Miami through and through, my mood is effected for weeks on end behind a single lost. Another factor that impacts recruiting is Miami's Admission Standards, we lost a prime recruit in Lous, forgot his full name, but the kids has serious academics issues, but could play football, and see only Vanderbilt in the SEC have standards close to Miami, people dont get it twisted, its a reason the SEC get these good athletes, thier admission standards is like what, 2.0 GPA, 16 or 17 on ACT tests. I want be bias to say all of these athletes who go the SEC fit in this category, but the vast majority do.

I'm not reading them. It's just annoying trying to get to a shorter post and i have to do a lot of scrolling down to get past your book of Genesis. With that said....#GoCanes!

Al beg to differ. Stanford and notre dame have very strict academics. Result?

Drew Rosenhaus’s greed and snake like actions cost those 5 kids who came out early untold millions. I said at the time that each and every one of them would earn a fraction of what they would have received if they all played just one more year of college ball under Al Golden…and that is exactly what has happened.

The silver lining of this story is Al Golden now has the dirt bag Rosen in his crosshairs due to stealing away what could have been a very good 2012 UM campaign and will do everything in his power to prevent the snake from representing our players in the future.

I disagree, how much will vaughn telemaque and ray ray armstrong be making next year since they stayed for their senior years, or how about darius smith. The whole d-line regressed, curtis porter still played his usual style of play, and olsen pierre might be coming on strong, but yall talking like if marcus forston had stayed he would've been a first round draft pick. The only player that would've elevated their stock was tommy streeter, but he wasn't going to roll the dice with smo17 and risk not out doing the 1 year he shined, so it wasn't necessarily a bad move for streeter to roll out either.

olivier vernon would've been asked do be ineffective flexing out after 2 years of straight pass rushing. Where was brandon washington going to play, and Truth miller did the right thing, don't cry like goldie.

We all know rosenhaus is a weasel but if the players didn't have faith in goldie and them, they all made the right move!

Calvin U have lost your damn mind again. Every one of those players would have greatly improved their draft stock by staying another year and working hard to prefect their skills. Forston definately would have only helped his stock because he would have had to work his arse off to get on the field because he like alot of the Shannon boys are lazy and had a sense of entitlement. Washington is in the same mold as Forston. Miller could have had a monster year and streeter no doubt would have been a 1st round pick had he came back with Morris throwing the deep ball, his stats would have been off the charts. Miller, would be in this years group of backs which is a weak class for running backs anyway. He needed to get stronger and smarter in pass protection.
Telemaque, and Armstrong, neither ever lived up to the hype. Armstrong is too dumb to make it as a top pick because his dumbass would have failed every written test they gave him. Vaughn on the other hand I see a a potiental for him at the next level, because he does have the brains to make it and the potiential. He just lost out to a better player in Bush at that position. Vernon could have had a great year and been a much higher pick so it is unfortuanate the kid lost the easy money by being a high pick. He would have been a beast this past year and would have made a huge improvement in our defensive line production.

I'm getting nervous- I look at rivals top 250 and the canes have 2 maybe 3 one being Olson who nobody even had to recruit- what the !-! Ell we doing? Randy Shannon deserved a shot at being our head coach- he FAILED let's move on

We need a stud nose and 3 technique- are there no good ones out there in juco? Because the ones I see they are choosing Alabama Georgia or other schools- they probably don't know what they are doing huh?

LAnce- dont matter. A couple here and there and we will be fine- Miami's 2013 recruiting class will be 1/2 of 2012 15 total (more or less).

But its 12/28 and still no word from the NCAA. This is an outrage. But it shows how desperate for proof they are. No surprise there being that 95% of the allegations are hearsay from a ponzi scheming fraud wanna be jock sniffing runt. They will probably hang there hat and suspensions etc on the remaining 5% of the allegations.

I agree with championships- Calvin. Man- all due respect have you lost your mind? Streeter would have detroyed it under Morris. He thre tons of deep balls. Some were caught many werent (Dorsett comes to mind?) Plus with the injuries to Malcolm Lewis and Herb the WR position would have been something to lick your chops with! Streeter would have gotten better running routes AND BLOCKING which is huge in the NFL (why do you think Georgia Tech receivers are getting so much attention?) and his stock would have risen considerably- had his draft position changed 10 spots he would have mad at least half a million more. Same with the other lazy a55es. But no matter. Its in the past.

Who here is rooting for Alabama vs ND? I cant justify rooting for Notre Dame. I just cant. I cant stand their smugness and that whole TV deal. I cant stand Lou the spitter Holtz and I cant stand the thought of them winning another NC. Alabama I can stomach. Theyve been a dynasty forever. They beat Miami cleanly in 1992. No need for refs to intervene like in 1988 with ND or 2002 with OSU.

532, what yo usaid about Georgia tech vs usc the other day was the best post i've seen from you yet, but for some reason, you keep missing where i say & said the only person that would've elevated their draft stock was tommy streeter. But the fact of the matter, alot of yall are looking at it now, but streeter didn't have confidence that smo17 would developed into the qb he is now, so streeter rolled the dice an hung his chances on the year he had with j70, which really wasn't a bad move.

Also yall gotta look at what streeter was looking at at the time he had to make his decision. Once Truth miller was rolling out, that meant teams were going to pay more attention to streeter, even though allen hurns was the main one drawing double teams. So yeah duke johnson was committed, but streeter could only go off of who was coming back and that was mike james, while he's a real solid back, he wasn't the home run hitter that miller was which meant more guys paying attention to him.

Now i will say this, if streeter had stayed, notre shame would've had problems as well as k st. Anyway, streeter went ahead and took his chances on the one year he displayed and it got him a 2million dollar contract over 4 years. His signing bonus was some trash though, but when you had to calculate what he had to calculate, it wasn't necessarily a bad decision, than you factor in would he had stayed healthy enuff all year, he already had to redshirt before and than now, i can guarantee you that man feels better having a broke foot with money and not a broke foot and broke too.

"2000 and 2004-2012. They're getting there and the NCAA is squirming"

--This cat is funnier then me.

5>3>2, man this bama, Notre lame game is a head scratcher as to who to root for. At any other time in history I would have rooted for Alabama hands down versus Notre Dame. I remember the only times that I have ever rooted for Notre Dame to win was only in a case where it would help our Canes out such as in 1989 when we needed them to beat Colorado. And believe me I know how you feel about hating Notre Dame and that slobering, drunk sounding Lou Holtz, babbling on and on about how great they are. That being said even Lou Holtz is not as annoying as that crooked teeth Reece Davis and that blown up version of Urkle, Mark May are drooling over the SEC and Alabama and how great they are. So that being said, I am afraid I am going to have to say I am going to be pulling for Notre Dame in this game. Man I can't believe I am actually typing that, but we lost to them and if somebody is going to win the damn thing other than us, I guess I am going to pull for them. Kansas State and Oregon f-ed things up by losing. At least I can respect Notre Dame because they go and play at other teams venues across the country unlike the SEC teams who never go and play teams other than instate rivals, or conference opponents in the opposing teams house. Notre Dame had to play their way in rather than be giving a free pass by winning a conference title game. So that being said I respect Notre Dame, Brian Kelly and what they have done to get there.

I always wanted sonny lubbick to be the headcoach at UM, he would've had us back to where we needed to be. But if push comes to shove, if his son is on the way in, that might not be a bad look as the new wide receivers coach either. Time will tell, and if he's the passing game coordinator, he'll continue to tear oach OH-NO apart in practice. I knew this efensive scheme was going to be trash from the very first spring game they got torched.

Defenses are normally always ahead of new offenses, but since we have that sit back and wait an see approach to defense, we sit back and saw teams consistently torch us. So bring in lubbick, he'll force oach OH-NO and everybody else on defense except barrow to step their games up. We're fine at linebacker, it's no question as to why. Almost every week somebody new at linebacker was getting player of the week, gionni paul is the real deal out their, a True sophmore, always liked his footage coming out of highschoool.

Also, he definitely knows talent, is a young up & coming coach, not sure he'll get a pay raise but he'll have a better chance at getting more recognition coaching here than at duke. So that might not be a bad look. It will also give us a credible wide-out coach with UM ties but more importantly again, he might just have an eye for talent growing up down here he has an advantage. Make the decision, getting that lubbick bloodline back in here is a good move.

Also, the only way i can see offensive recruits not wanting to come here, particularly alex collins is, they're unsure about what the nc2a is going to do, but they're in a bind, they only gave penn disgrace 4 bowl bans, we already self imposed basically 3 games, suspended players, so no way can they get the football team to much more. If anything, the basketball team might be the one that's having problems, other than that, football wise, when you look at our runningbacks depth chart, basically duke johnson, crawford and danny dilliard, if you're believe in yourself, you're saying, i'll be starting over duke johnson too.

Either way, that offense is high-powered and the players produced. I'd be surprised if mike james doesn't get drafted or make and nfl roster, he'll represent UM well in the nfl. All coach terry needs o do is give a better look with his rotations, to many times mike james was getting pulled out instead of letting that man get into a groove. That's the main thing i didn't like when i heard terry say something to the effect of, "you'd like to have one guy be the guy", yeah, if this was the nfl that's True, but this is college, no cap and no guys trying or having to meet certain incentives in their contracts in order to get paid.

Rotate em, give one guy a series without having to look over his shoulder so he can just worry about playing and what he needs to do in/on that series. mike james would pop off and 8 yard run and he's looking to the sidelines to see if he needs to come out. Also, please don't call the same running plays you call for duke to a slower but bruiser type back.

anyone know how long Reggie Johnsons gonna be out??

Hmmm...sorry to see those guys depart early. Best wishes to them. Happy New Year everyone!

Canesport reported that UM got a verbal from a sought after OL. Anyone here know who this might be?

What in the world is going on, out of the 12 committs, only 4 of them are from Florida, 2 from Miami and 2 from northern Florida, this is a trend that i'm starting to notice, most of this staff can only connect with alot of guys outside of Miami!

As long as the florida players arent like the northwestern boys that gave me gray hairs!

I don't give a s h i t if they are from bulgaria as long as the mu tha fu ck er can play.

like I have said....you will all see how weak golden is....recruting will be extremely weak.....we get jr college rejects....the competition gets butch davis....a real cane coaching against us in our own back yard....unbelieveable

Yeah fla bridge water is on that a@@.lol

I hope oh no is watching this.

Probably not though he doesn't seem to be that astute!

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