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G Bishop Daniels leaves UM

Redshirt freshman guard Bishop Daniels has left the University of Miami men’s basketball program and the University, Coach Jim Larranaga announced Friday afternoon.

Daniels redshirted his freshman year and averaged 5.0 points, 2.0 steals and 1.0 assists in three games this season.


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who gives a flying (----fill in the blank)

When you "leave" this time of year, well, we used to call it flunking out.

Don't let t! the door hit you in the Axx! If you can't cut it with the big boys, you made the right decision, good bye....did you tell Mommy you weren;t getting enough playing time...boo hoo! Go Canes

Big loss as no other backup point guard on roster.
Scott & larkin only ones who play oint on roster.
If one getgs hurt, big problem.

Sorry, could we hear something awful from Jim Gallo please?

This is big he was going to take Scott spot next year. Next year Miami might not be to good. So get it done this year while u all can.

No worries we raised $324.21 this week for the stadium fund at Tropical Park. We are making our dream a reality. We will bring back the magic of the old lady - The Orange Bowl

Looks like we are recruiting some eight star studs at DL!


Quit using my handle you trailer living troll. DON'T TALK BADLY ABOUT THE OB!


Whew!... When I first saw this headline, I thought, oh man, I've never heard of Bishop Daniels, but the last thing we need right now is another player leaving the team on bad terms.
Then I saw that he plays some sport called basketball. Man, what a relief!!! We have a basketball team? Who knew? Sheesh, Manny, don't scare us like that. Maybe you should reserve this space for real news.

Well, unlike the football team, the basketball team beat a top 15 team. Unlike the football team, the basketball team plays good defense and unlike the football team, the basketball team exceeds expectations. Our football team consistently plays below expectations.

Coach Larinaga has these guys believing and playing well. I hope I can say the same about CAG at this time of the year next year. BTW, get out and support the basketball team. They play in a great arena and they won't disappoint you.

Going to the final four - book your trip now!


The Canes are doing just fine...thank you very much.

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