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Mark D'Onofrio reportedly interviews at Temple; Duke adds to treasure trove; and Knighton commits

With the football coaching carousel in full swing, one of Miami's own is reportedly checking out the prospect of going for a ride.

The Philadephia Inquirer, OwlScoop.com (Rivals) and CBSSports.com reported (citing unnamed sources) that Miami Hurricanes defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio already interviewed for the head-coaching vacancy left by Steve Addazio.

Addazio departed Philadelphia last Tuesday to become head coach of Boston College.

D'Onofrio, UM's defensive coordinator and assistant head coach, was the Temple defensive coordinator from 2006-2010, when his close friend Golden (and former Penn State teammate) was head coach. D'Onofrio was supposedly offered the head-coaching job that Golden vacated to come to Miami. But D'Onofrio chose to accompany Golden.

It has been a rough year for D'Onofrio, whose defense ranks among the worst nationally in almost every category: 117th in total defense (of 120 teams ranked in the Football Bowl Subdivision), 113th in rushing defense, 82nd in scoring defense, 101st in pass defense, 112th in sacks, 102nd in tackles for loss.

I looked up UM's defensive stats from 2011, D'Onofrio's first season at Miami, and here's how the Canes ranked: 45th in total defense, 68th in rushing defense, 21st in scoring defense, 28th in pass defense, 56th in sacks, 50th in tackles for loss.

Last year Miami finished 6-6; This season, 7-5.

Former Hurricane/Hurricanes assistant coach Mario Cristobal, recently fired by FIU, also interviewed for the head-coaching job at Temple, Miami Herald FIU beat writer David Neal reported, citing sources.

The Inquirer listed New York Giants offensive line coach Matt Ruhle, Temple defensive coordinator Chuck Heater and Ohio State receivers coach Stan Drayton as others who interviewed.

CBSSports.com and OwlScoop reported that Notre Dame defensive coordinator Bob Diaco was also scheduled to interview for the Temple job, with the Inquirer reporting that Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Todd Bowles was set to interview Monday night.

So, how would you feel if D'Onofrio left and the door opened for a new UM defensive coordinator?  Either way, the pressure is big-time for this defense to start going in the right direction. With Stephen Morris and UM's offense poised for a bright future, they need the defense to hold its own.


Running back/return specialist Duke Johnson was named a second-team Freshman All-America by CollegeFootballNews.com. Also named a second-teamer: safety Deon Bush.

Duke Johnson and linebacker Eddie Johnson were named to the CBSSports.com All-Freshman Team.

Johnson, a second-team Walter Camp All-America, is the ACC Rookie of the Year after amassing 2,060 all-purpose yards and 13 touchdowns and rushing for a UM freshman-record 947 yards.

Bush played in 10 games, starting six. He had 34 tackles, three pass breakups and three forced fumbles.

Eddie Johnson had 59 tackles and a team-leading 7.5 tackles-for-loss in 10 games, with eight starts. He finished second in ACC Defensive Player of the Year voting.


Canesport.com and InsidetheU.com have reported that 6-5, 265-pound DL/OL Hunter Knighton of the Hun School, in Princeton, committed tonight to play football at Miami.

Knighton, rated as a three-star player, told CaneSport that UM recruited him as an offensive lineman, but that "if things don't work out they said I can definitely play defense.''

He said he is trying to enroll early, so he could participate in spring practice.






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todd bowles would be perfect for temple....I wish he came here as DC....but how much is temple going to pay?...diaco walked on BC at 1.7 million...golden gets a break....rids DC and at the same time saves face...our problem is guy like that wont come to UM and work under golden.....the real gutsy move would have been fire golden and replace with bowles or diaco at close to 2.5 million....let both fix UM defense with jedd have offense under control.

how does denzel perryman not get the defensive player award at UM dinner when he was 1 tackle off for a loss compared to johnson but had 45 solo and ranked #16 ACC....shayon green had 10 more assists and wasnt even ranked.

I can't say I wouldn't be happy with D'Onofrio departing . With the exception of a few plays the defense was not up to Cane standards .

The one good thing is that a lot of these kids will have that first year past them .

Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

This would be great! Please let him get the job.

Dont do this to me...Dont play with my emotions...Its not cool. If he leaves we will be playing in the NC in 2-3 years guarenteed. God please let this be true.

First off perryman is a great player. U can't compare stats of a lb with those of a de. Lb's get more tackles overall and dl usually hold the blockers so lb's can make the tackles. That said firing golden isn't a good move its a dumb move. If u fire a guy willing to go through whats coming who would wanna coach here. dumbest thing ive heard in a long time. U want to fire a coach who is improving for a guy in diaco who has never coached at this level ? Really then what we get randy shannon 2.0 how did that work out.

Please LEAVE!!!!

Taking stock.. He was offered the job two years ago. He left to follow Golden to Miami. In the interim he has established the "U" as one of the worst defenses in major college football. Now he wants the job..Someone please explain this to me...

I am not leaving, just looking at my options. If I did leave, J Gallo would be the first on my staff, just so I could fire the dork who knows nothing. If my defense could make negative plays like his negative blogs, I could coach anywhere. Morons like him, will make me stay longer, just to make him(her) eat those words. This guy is the dumbest person on these blogs. Thanks to all canes fans, and know this, we will become a dominant D, and again be relevant in the national scene.

How does he get an interview for a HC job?

why would coach D try to get the job that he turned down just 2 yrs ago? its getting hot in the kitchen. maybe golden has told him shape up or ship out, the U is not a place thats going to give you 5 years and hope the D has a lucky season. if Dnofreo has the skills now is the time to show it or move on.

Why is AG giving out scholarship offers to bottom feeders when we only have very few to give?

first of all my pick would be todd bowles...diaco, however would solve the defensive problems immediately.....as long as dnofrio is here UM goes nowhere....second of all miami is not improving....compare the 2010-2011-2012 stats...we are getting worse.....and the ONLY reason the offense is successful is because of randy shannon.....golden hasnt proved anything yet....so firing him is not dumb at all.....jimmy johnson would have NEVER self sanctioned when a team is inline to win a championship not to mention a bowl in your own home town.....golden is weak, you will all see....he will not fire dnofrio and temple will not hire him...trust me.

Absolutely no way D'Onofrio gets a HC job offer. No way possible. Just look at the way his defenses have performed down here. He has no shot whatsoever of landing that job. Todd Bowles, Mario Cristobal, Bob Diaco, Matt Ruhle... I just can't imagine he comes out on top of that list. Unless Temple feels some sort of loyalty to him for the decent job he did there under Golden. Or they're just trying to get back to their old Big East days.

PLEASE LEAVE ONOFRIO!!!! Just GO regardless of where it is, just go!!! Take the job where ever it is!!

Gallo, give it a rest with all the alter ego's. everybody on here can tell its you because you type the same and say the same sh i t over and over again. U suck Todd Bowles, Diaco, and all these other guys d ic ks on here post after post after post. Hell they see the mess that Assazio left at Temple after these two guys built them up and now some moron at BC has hired him. Yeah I can really see BC being a threat next year, OH yeah. The funniest thing I have seen the last few weeks is how Tuberville told Texas Tech to F-off after their little reprimand. Gotta give to Tubs, the man don't take no S h i t off of administrators.

Taking stock.. He was offered the job two years ago. He left to follow Golden to Miami. In the interim he has established the "U" as one of the worst defenses in major college football. Now he wants the job..Someone please explain this to me...

Posted by: billpr | December 10, 2012 at 08:23 PM

Absolutely no way D'Onofrio gets a HC job offer. No way possible. Just look at the way his defenses have performed down here. He has no shot whatsoever of landing that job. Todd Bowles, Mario Cristobal, Bob Diaco, Matt Ruhle... I just can't imagine he comes out on top of that list. Unless Temple feels some sort of loyalty to him for the decent job he did there under Golden. Or they're just trying to get back to their old Big East days.

Posted by: canes_5rings | December 10, 2012 at 11:03 PM

Hey, you two, shhhhhhhhhhhsshhhhh, temple might be reading this blog, maybe they haven't noticed. temple might be looking at it the other way around, oach OH-NO was the d-co when they had a #1 draft pick in defensive linemen wilkerson, a 2nd round safety pick in jarret, and that they knew he would finally come to his senses and comeback home. He already knows the area when it comes to recruiting. Some of the players he helped to bring to temple are still their.

He'll have instant credibilty once he's hired back at temple, let's support him and fire up the "hirehim" website with the quickness. This might also mean we lose the db coach in paul williams, and the d-line coach, those 3 will coach em up back at temple.

Good take that bad scheming on somewhere

To be honest with you I don't really know how to feel about this. I know what he did at Temple making them a top 20 defense before he left, so even though the defense was pretty bad at times they showed alot of promise in some games especially being so young. I know there is a few really good coordinators who are out there, like a chizek, Ellis Johnson, and possibly Diaz. I don't know until the guy has players in his system for at least another year or so it really is difficult to evaluate the guy. I know this McGee had the best two years of his career under him and the secondary, and LB's look great, the only part that needs a huge improvement is the D-line which that will come with the players getting stronger and developing physically.

I'd ask our Jewish friends here (BTW, Happy Hanukkah) to go to their nearest "Temple" and PRAY that D'Onofrio does the right thing and goes to Temple as well.
Shalom, Markster, and may the Force, and Swayze, and our DB's coach be with you.

Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

Posted by: ohiocanefan | December 10, 2012 at 06:46 PM

LOL. Excellent OCF.

Has my boy been posting all day again? He never leaves the basement...he only posts on the Miami Herald all day long.

I'm not going to bash D'onofrio or beg him to leave town. Cause I think improvements were made, just not necessarily seen. But if he were to take the job, we would need a DC. Ok, Diaco is a no go. Unless Diaz gets fired he won't leave Texas. So, what about a former Miami Head Coach? And no not Randy Shannon. What about Butch Davis? Add his recruiting abilities and his coaching. I think that could complete what Golden has done already.

Um what improvements...he never improved...ever.
First game 86 ranked offense-532 yards
Last game-76 ranked offense-583...
And just what kind of improvements can be made but not seen?
Makes no sense. He never adjusted. He was outcoached.
And all this he needs players to run his system is nonsense.
We will never have big 10 slow linebackers that are 6 4.
Look at the miami greats...
Lewis. Vilma. Williams. Barrow. Spence. Beason.
Its just not the kind of athlete we get down here.
Jedd fisch gets it. He knows he has tons of speed and he utilizes it.
Donofrio says he doesnt have experience or personel to run his soft scheme but he doesnt use what he has...speed.
Hes just a bad coach.
And unfortunately hes not going anywhere.
They are saying they interviewed him as a courtesy to golden.
And um i think its pretty telling that golden is pushing so hard for him to get it...
If he were so valuable...why would he want him gone.

yeah lichtenparkMIA we may have speed but we aint got brains- that 99 yd TD that was given up by Rayshawn Jenkins against Duke because he was clueless about the coverage and freelanced isproof. Speed or no speed these kids were clueless last season. Too young too cluless.
It happend multiple times. Plus early on tackling was pathetic.

5 3 2 you are correct. Brains is the problem along with a D line that is just too small and not strong enough at this point. How many times have we seen blown coverages? Players out of position? Wrong reads and the list goes on. How come Donofrio has a top 20 defense at Temple (the armpit of college football)? Did he forget how to coach? My thoughts are that defense starts in the trenches. Our weakest area. I like our linebackers, D backs are so so. LB and DB will be good one day. But without a D line they will always struggle.

you have to fire golden to get a guy like butch davis or any other top ncaa coach....these guys got tons more experiance then him and will not work under him...you are stuck with dnofrio....this noise is noting but noise.....dnofrio stays and UM suffers....

cane89: thats because golden is an idiot....level 3 prospects only because he hands FSU a recruiting bonanza with OB apperance:

UM casualties:

1. alex collins
2. keith bryant
3. stacy coley
4. denver kirkland

jimmy would have told tad foote to go kill himself rather than self sanction and give up acc championship and OB recruiting appearance....this guy is not smart...I will keep reminding all bloggers....this way his BS press conferences have balance....just a BS from NJ...him and dnofrio

Congrats Duke!

Jim Gallo, what do you mean Golden "hands FSU a OB appearance", there was nothing he could do about the bowl ban, he wasn't here when the violations occurred...

he had to have signed off on sanctions...shalala said he was part of the decision in the official statement....what violations are you talking about...remember UM has not been served with anything...the smart thing to do was play then see what if ANY violations come down from ncaa....then manage those decisions the best you can......bottom line is golden did not want to play FSU....too much heat if he lost especially with DC...easy way out is to shut the season down....he is a total coward...

jimmy in his speach to UM at documentary "a football life" said during UM visit that he couldnt wait for oklahoma to come down or nebraska...he wanted to play all the best teams.....he couldnt sleep he was so excited....

a must watch for bloggers so you can see the difference in culture and see what I have been saying all along....golden is weak dude....

Great that we got another recruit....Also a little heads up on recruiting.....the 2013 class a lot of the kids will be red shirted. Due to how young the team isand the scholarship sanctions that are gonna come down. Besides the juco d lineman we are gonna get,and whichever stud running back we get on signing day,and probably another linebacker or d lineman that is a freshman,the majority will get red shirted. Ten guys will be redshirted to come in with the 15 we will sign for 2014 just so we will have at least 25 more freshman coming in when we the sanctions want allow us to have 85 scholarship players and we need the bodies. The more Golden is here the more I say he is a really good coach and has his plan laid out.I am truly happy we got Coach G. Mr. Jim Gallo will you please come up with better material.

ON coach Onofrio i can't call it, one more year he has to tighten up the defense. I'm not gonna lie 2011 defense wasn't as bad as I thought.. Improvement Improvement...Also for the people bashing Golden on his recruits...Chilcko, Dorsett(842yds)Eddie J( made All Freshman team on a lot of publications)Perryman(defensive Acc freshman of the year)Duke(Too many to type),Feliciano(20 plus starts)Deon Bush(2nd team walter camp freshman of the year)Flowers,Herb Waters,..so all you silly people bashing his recruiting..just look at the recruits he has got in here so far with the crap he has to deal with and with the sanctions looming...Golden is good...ALL About the U

Gionni Paul(2 time ACC defensive player of the week)Gabe Terry(ACC special team player of the week)Rashawn Scott...great players...IN Golden I Trust

The timing for our dc possibly leaving kind of sucks because now defensive recruits will be worried about coaching consistency and who may come in. We don't need any negatives right now to add to the ones we have.I am not a huge fan of our DC but I can't really judge him until I see what he does using men instead of boys on D. To call recruits we get bottom feeders is pretty retarded ,The star rating is hugely flawed so don't be ignorant .Go Canes

I agree- Give Donofrio one more year and see what he can do in the spring, summer to get these kids ready for 2013. If the D improves dramatically, then we were all wrong and Gallo can eat everyone's jocks. For your information, He is so dead wrong on Golden its pathetic. Worse yet is the doosh is so stubborn, its unbelievable.

Gallo- Youre wrong, you dont know it but we could care less.

We need Coach D another year....he deserves it. Coach D'S defense last year was a lot better when they had experienced veterans to work with. A change now would set us back for sure.

I was just reading on another website that Bjoern Werner was rated a three-star DE out of the Salisbury School in Connecticut. He's probably going to leave early and will be a first round pick in the NFL Draft.

The star rating system overall is a decent predictor of future success, but I would rather coaches actually scout talent and develop players than rely on it. I believe that is what Golden and his staff are doing. I liked what I saw from the Golden's recruits last year and they should only get better. I hope they use Knighton on the defensive line. Could he be the next Werner? Perhaps - he is already the same size. Go Canes.

lets see clemson fire kevin steele immediately after OB blowout:

2009 - #22
2010 - #23
2011 - #59

UM :

2010 - #16 / shannon
2011 - #45 golden/dnofrio
2012 - #59 golden/dnofrio

lets keep DC...lol, we need to give him a chance...that the best so far

typo 2012 golden/dnofrio #117...3rd from the bottom

but TCU with same amount of youth on defense goes #16....its the players, lol not the coaches

First, DENO ain't going to get the job. Second, if half you guys that say you watch the "U" play football and know all these stats, had actually watched the games, you would know are two problems, one is having to play to many freshmen and 2, we have zero talent at DT. No pass rush and very few sacks. As a matter of fact Shayon Green didn't record one sack in 12 games. How do you play 12 games and not get one sack? The talent level on the defensive side of the ball is down around the Mendoza Line. Our best players are freshmen & Sophs. We are undersized at LB and we have 4 smurfs at DT, that are 6'0 300 lbs. Take a look at N. Dames average size up front 6'4 300 lbs. We probably average 275 and 6'2. These are the facts! If you can't get to the QB the secondary gets lit up. We blitz, we still can't get to the QB. I'm not going to sit here and put the whole blame on DENO. If you want to lay blame, lay it on Shannon for being to dam lazy to recruit and leaving the cubbard bare of depth. Half the class of 2010, has left which was Shannon's last full class and then Al has to come in a save what was left of the 2011 class. Last year was his first full class. Until we get some beef up front and I mean some talent and size, it will be some of the same next year, just not as bad. We need some 6'3 or bigger 300lbs or bigger up front. The way recruiting is going, as usual it looks like some more under the radar guys and that's not going to help our cause. Only talent will.

all golden excuses.....shannon didnt leave he got fired....again TCU has the exact same size and youth on defense and finished #16...beat texas as well. Um is only 22 lbs light at LB vs alabama...defensive line is exact height/weight

so then to be fair...all goldens wins were because of shannon right.....UM without shannons recruits is 0-12

shannon recruited over 41 defensive players since 2008, he gets fired in 2010..players left because of golden.....and they are still leaving

#1 alex collins
#2 keith bryant

Good bye

So long

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Good riddens to garbage.


I want continuity in our coaching staff. Yes, this was statistically the worst Hurricanes defense ever and that says a lot considering we started playing football back in 1920 something. However, it all does not land on D'Onforio because if we are playing a bunch of high school graduates against seasoned veterans then the chance of winning the line of scrimmage is diminished. In his first year when he had seniors and juniors starting in key positions he had a respectable defense.

Imagine how much better we would have been if Forston stayed one more year or if O Vernon stayed one more year or if Ojomo was granted one more year or if Ray Ray Armstrong did not get suspended. Learning how to play offense is always easier as long as your offensive line is not made up of Freshman and Sophomores. Defense on the other hand has a much longer learning curve and the worst thing that can happen now is for us to lose Coach D. In all respect he knows what he is doing and if he can get us back to where we were ranked 21st in scoring defense or even better then we have a chance of winning 10 games next year especially if the offense continues to improve.

Why does Gallo have a crush on Keith Bryant?

Gallo stands for Gator in Ocala .... He is not even a Hurricane fan...

It's a CANE THING so U Wouldn't Understand It.

As much as I want to land a big defensive class this year I am content in allowing Coach D develop his defense and pick up the momentum in 2014. To any recruit... If you don't want to be a CANE when we are down then you don't deserve to be a CANE when we are back on top. Given the circumstances if you are good then you will play. Deon Bush, Eddie Johnson, Tracy Howard, Randy 'DUKE' Johnson, Raphael Kirby, Herb Waters, were all true freshman who started because they were that good.

lets put it to the test last UM depth chart vs TCU uncomming chart for bowl:

de 6-3 240 fresh
dt 6-2 275 soph
nt 6-2 205 soph
de 6-4 240 fresh
cb 5-10 180 jr
ss 6-1 220 jr
mlb 6-1 215 jr
slb 6-1 210 sr
ws 6-2 200
cb 5-10 174 jr
fs 5-10 182 jr


de 6-4 262 soph
dt 6-1 300 fresh
dt 6-4 300 soph
de 6-3 260 jr
olb 6-1 238 fresh
mlb 6-3 230 jr
dlb 6-0 229 soph
cb 6-2 198 jr
s 6-1 190 fresh
s 6-2 210 jr
cb 6-0 194 sr

so we are heavier, bigger and no younger and end up #117 but TCU finishes #18...wait, its shannons fault....ahhhhh ok makes sense

dude "its a cane thing" is a dead memory......notice cane alumni had distant themselves from the program....watch jimmy and ray talk to these kids on utube....its embarrasing, the silence.....you couldnt help be feel uncomfortable when jimmy at the height of his speech and these kids were motionless...it was the most ackward thing I have ever seen.....he bolted out of the room....right, its a canes thing...snap out of it

Jim Gallo is the same guy as Curse. Haven't you noticed that as soon as Jim Gallo started posting more all of a sudden Curse disappears. Silly Swamp rat... Trix are for kids.

It's A CANE THING. U Wouldn't Understand It. Something scares you about the CANES Rising back to being the only team that can run the table and win 4 out of 7 National Championships from 1983 to 1994. That's not even counting how many more championships we would have had if Butch Davis would have stayed.

You worry about your little swamp and let the CANES watch History Repeat itself

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