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Mark D'Onofrio reportedly interviews at Temple; Duke adds to treasure trove; and Knighton commits

With the football coaching carousel in full swing, one of Miami's own is reportedly checking out the prospect of going for a ride.

The Philadephia Inquirer, OwlScoop.com (Rivals) and CBSSports.com reported (citing unnamed sources) that Miami Hurricanes defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio already interviewed for the head-coaching vacancy left by Steve Addazio.

Addazio departed Philadelphia last Tuesday to become head coach of Boston College.

D'Onofrio, UM's defensive coordinator and assistant head coach, was the Temple defensive coordinator from 2006-2010, when his close friend Golden (and former Penn State teammate) was head coach. D'Onofrio was supposedly offered the head-coaching job that Golden vacated to come to Miami. But D'Onofrio chose to accompany Golden.

It has been a rough year for D'Onofrio, whose defense ranks among the worst nationally in almost every category: 117th in total defense (of 120 teams ranked in the Football Bowl Subdivision), 113th in rushing defense, 82nd in scoring defense, 101st in pass defense, 112th in sacks, 102nd in tackles for loss.

I looked up UM's defensive stats from 2011, D'Onofrio's first season at Miami, and here's how the Canes ranked: 45th in total defense, 68th in rushing defense, 21st in scoring defense, 28th in pass defense, 56th in sacks, 50th in tackles for loss.

Last year Miami finished 6-6; This season, 7-5.

Former Hurricane/Hurricanes assistant coach Mario Cristobal, recently fired by FIU, also interviewed for the head-coaching job at Temple, Miami Herald FIU beat writer David Neal reported, citing sources.

The Inquirer listed New York Giants offensive line coach Matt Ruhle, Temple defensive coordinator Chuck Heater and Ohio State receivers coach Stan Drayton as others who interviewed.

CBSSports.com and OwlScoop reported that Notre Dame defensive coordinator Bob Diaco was also scheduled to interview for the Temple job, with the Inquirer reporting that Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Todd Bowles was set to interview Monday night.

So, how would you feel if D'Onofrio left and the door opened for a new UM defensive coordinator?  Either way, the pressure is big-time for this defense to start going in the right direction. With Stephen Morris and UM's offense poised for a bright future, they need the defense to hold its own.


Running back/return specialist Duke Johnson was named a second-team Freshman All-America by CollegeFootballNews.com. Also named a second-teamer: safety Deon Bush.

Duke Johnson and linebacker Eddie Johnson were named to the CBSSports.com All-Freshman Team.

Johnson, a second-team Walter Camp All-America, is the ACC Rookie of the Year after amassing 2,060 all-purpose yards and 13 touchdowns and rushing for a UM freshman-record 947 yards.

Bush played in 10 games, starting six. He had 34 tackles, three pass breakups and three forced fumbles.

Eddie Johnson had 59 tackles and a team-leading 7.5 tackles-for-loss in 10 games, with eight starts. He finished second in ACC Defensive Player of the Year voting.


Canesport.com and InsidetheU.com have reported that 6-5, 265-pound DL/OL Hunter Knighton of the Hun School, in Princeton, committed tonight to play football at Miami.

Knighton, rated as a three-star player, told CaneSport that UM recruited him as an offensive lineman, but that "if things don't work out they said I can definitely play defense.''

He said he is trying to enroll early, so he could participate in spring practice.






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id love to see my canes come back to the glory years of butch....but these are not my canes....these are the walmart version....i think they can become the old canes but would need drastic coaching change....

all you have to do is ask yourself.....if jimmy was here for those that were part of the 80's teams and knew jimmy...would dnofrio still be here?

there lies your answers to all the questions....

Hey Jim 'Vin Red Rose Wine" Gallo because that must be what you are drinking, is TCU playing for A ship, I didn't think so, you moron. The two teams playing for a ship have hugh defensive players up front, not to mention the quality is better. Do we have anyone Manti's size playing LB, that would be a hell no! Perryman: 6'0 230, Paul: 5'10 230, Gaines 6'3 230, Kirby 6'0 225, Buchanan 6'1 220, Johnson 6'0 230. You get the point. We need to get bigger, stronger and deeper with talent, if we want to be where they are, plain and simple. By the way this ain't 30 years ago. Times have changed and you obviouly are still stuck in a time warp.

"Gallo" - how much time did it take you to compile the lists of the TCU and Miami starters? Does UF pay you by the hour?

I have all the stats....instantly. I know it frustrates you since the thing about statistics....cant BS them. So keep drawing conclusions from golden press conferences.....Ill go by the numbers....ourLB are bigger than TCU....but we give up almost 6000 yards....so here is your data:

1. shannon left me with no players
2. our schedule is too tough
3. there was no synergy when i got here
4. our defensive player went the wrong way....
5. I had to suspend all these players
6. I had nothing to do with the decision
7. I was told by our legal dept that If I had a say so in self sanctions...I could be legally liable
8. Honestly, they dont even discuss any of that with me
9. I make no excuses..I Take the blame
10. Wait....not my fault, I blame the players
11. ita been TMZ since I got here
12. I am here for the long haul...my wife would kill me if we left....my agent is talking to Wisconsin though

this should be a bravo reality show

The count is 1 under Golden now-

Thomas Finnie arrested for laptop theft.

I have come on here and said several times that Finnie is garbage

This proved my point

He is garbage as a corner and garbage as a person

Golden shgould kick him off the team permanently if he is indeed guilty. I dont give aq da--m where he goes. I am sick and tired of the recruiting in this 50,000 a year college, with 5 national ch. Some of these kids are brutally stupid. It is just unbelievable- you come to get a free education, maybe an opp to land in the NFL and they throw their lives away because they are plain stupid- with this or baby mamas or other garbage

I really hope DunnoToday, JustDunno gets that TU job. He might go down as the worse DC at UM. The right thing to do was to keep RS as DC and then hire "Goldy for some "pass through" years and then go and get the real deal.

We should let him go and replace him with a non-living object, like a chair or a paperclip. I doubt we could do any worse and we'd save some money.

Golden will get the recruits on national signing day, he said at the duke press conference that we have to wait because the kids want prefer to wait for the all star game to announce..he obviously knows things we don't.............Golden is the man ..O'nofrio has a year to put the D back in.

Gallo you're an idiot , for one thing TCU did not play the same schedule as we did and they are not as young as we were , is it not depressing to be so negative all the time? I know just knowing you exist in this world is depressing for me .Go Canes

Welcome back Canetillidie....good to see you are here and not scared off by Little Jimmy Gallows who is so redundant that it is pathetic. What a moron..

Where is 'ship, Tampa Cane,corpus, and NJCane?..
We need the input of you guys on this...

Who could come in if D'No leaves, and how long would it take to get up to speed on the defensive schemes to make an impact this upcoming season?..
Go 'Canes Always

How does Gallo call the Canes his Canes , a true Canes fan stands behind his team win or lose not just spout every negative thing he can think of .Go Canes

ga cane: wrong again idiot....

UM opposition 60 wins / 52 loss .535714
TCU 59 / 52 .53183157

idential for the most part....dude dont ever challange me on stats...my agenda is simple...rid these idiot coaches....they s...ck.....the whole brand is falling apart in every way

also golden is begging temple to take dnofrio...but it aint gonna work...temple passes on dnofrio....golden has to do the dirty work himself...if he does that then Ill know he is serious about the UM brand....temple is only going thru the motions as a favor to golden....bowles gets the job

D'onofrio stinks- after 2 years he gives up 35 points to Duke in the 2nd half- God I hope he goes

Please Temple hire D'Nofrio! If you do I will become a huge Temple fan and wear your gear. Please! I couldn't be so lucky. All the other candidates sound better although I know nothing about them.

That must be one really desperate football program to take our worst defensive coordinator that we ever had off our hands. 2 years of getting run all over and having the worst defense and this guy thinks he is head coaching material, good luck with that. Please get this guy out of Miami ASAP, that would be the best thing for the U. Please let this be true, maybe if I fail at my job miserably like him, I can get promoted somewhere else too. We already sanctioned ourselves just by keeping this guy on staff.

Hey Gallo,
Your momma told me just before she left last night that you were hatched, not born....

I would be happy to see D'Onofrio go to Temple, but doubt he will get the job. Personality issues.

There was no reason, youth or not, that our D should have been as bad last year. Something was missing, as in connection with players, ability to motivate, tendency to blame players, etc.

We need a change on that side of the ball...

Gallo,first of all I was not challenging you to anything , stats don't tell the story ,did TCU play 3 teams in the top ten? Did they play three of the best defenses in the country?Are you going to say that it does not matter what defense we played because your talking about our defense , well I beg to differ , playing top def means that your offense does not get as many first downs and keep your def off the field which tends to wear down these boys that are playing against men who have had more games , practice ,training etc.You don't need stats to use common sense .Go Canes

@ UGoCane

Oh I never left simply took time off from here for awhile. But I check in from time to time. Running your own company and having a young family takes alot of your time so I've been focused on that since the season ended. But I'll always been around. Scared??? Of what I ask U? These little girls gallo, and whatever other 100 handles they like to use, as well as my own, make me LMAO!! I'll be in the same section I've been in now for the last couple of season sec 122 row 23.

Man I'm happy as hell to hear that Coach No D is looking around. Guess he finally figured out that his defense doesn't work down here.

2013 will be a whole different theme. So many EXPERIENCED players are on the roster and literally everyone is coming back for their senior season. Henderson said he would be returning yet also asked about some NFL info such as how how he would be drafted if he was to go. He was told somewhere in the 3-4th round so I hope he uses some common sense and sticks around so that he could be a first rounder.

That's all I got for now. Hope all is well in your world. Cuidate.


ga cane: stats always tell the whole story....thats what football is all about...stats..tcu played 5 ranked teams beat #17 texas and lost by a touchdwon against oklahoma......UM played 3 ranked teams and lost to all of them

UM #117
TCU #18

your opinion has to support.....you can always measure a guy up by his stats.....both golden/dnofrio are weak...their stats support that....having a thesis which is supported by stats has a much higher probability of being accurate than golen press conferences and media love affairs....I will bash until stats prove me wrong

it is a statistical impossibility for a #117 defense to become a top 10 or 20 for that matter next year...there is no information that supports that happening either from past performances or future predictions....so where is all this success ging to come from? The only logical thing to do is to fire dnofrio...but golden values his ex-roomate more than UM or he would have been gone already....golden should care about only winning at ant cost...jimmy would have fired hi a..ss immediately after the season ended.....golden seems to make bad decisions...his roomate, the sanctions, the suspensions...I know he is young but please..these are common sense things

Great players make great coaches.

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