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McGee accepts invite to East-West Shrine Game

Hurricanes cornerback Brandon McGee, who concluded his career with 24 consecutive starts and graduated Thursday from UM with a bachelor's degree in sports administration and a minor in entrepreneurship, has accepted an invitation to play in the 88th East-West Shrine Game.

The game will be held Jan. 19, 2013, at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Fla.

McGee, a former All-Broward First Team selection at Plantation High will be the 44th Miami Hurricane to play in the East-West Shrine Game and first UM defensive back since Al Blades in 2001. As a senior in 2012, he started all 12 games at defensive back and finished tied for sixth on the team with 54 tackles. He snagged a team-high-tying two interceptions and also notched four tackles-for-loss.

McGee is currently rated the 33rd best cornerback available in the 2013 NFL Draft. He is projected to be a seventh round pick/free agent signee according to NFLDraftScout.com.


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There are some great things happening at The U at this point and time!! The Schwartz Center is coming along nicely....Canes finish with better record then last year with all Freshman & Sophmores playing....Co-Coastal Champs.....multiple players making "All Acc, Espn, American" lists....Golden and staff staying put....a potential Heisman candidate in Duke Johnson in 2013...top 20 ranking to start next season....multiple players on awards lists to start next year.....WOW....ITS GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE !!!!!!

top 20 ranking i dont think so...lay off the pipe.

@Dacanes............Gallo might be right. Because we're not loosing many people. And Stephen Morris and Duke coming back next season with an experienced Offensive line & Receiving Corp. Yep I think it will happen We might make it in the lower 20's.

thats funny...no improvement at all. teams is in total chaos....

let me guess..more tmz for golden....let the kid go thru the legal process and then evaluate him after....golden has bigger worries like when will he fire his ex-roomate...too bad the wives get along and are social....thats gonna end. if your gonna go meet jimmy in the keys..pay attention to what hes telling you...the only thing that matters is winning and winning big...so far you are losing...dnofrio is not worthy of being a cane...it dosent just apply to players....you cant have ed reed, ray lewis and jimmy talk to your players about UM tradition when you violate that same tradition by keeping people that are not winners...you have to set an example.
cane practice videos look great...but there is a very real disconnect at game time...it is showing up in the stats big time....also the team is not in condition...defense was holding their hands on their hips many times during the season at half time....

last post

Gallo, u sound like a idiot they won the first 1 game off conditioning. Hey Gallo ho go find another blog to blog on their is only CANES fans on this 1, loser. Canes future is bright can't wait until next year and this NCAA is over..... C A N E S!!!!!!

thats more funny...every loss the defense was sucking wind at half time and also during the duke win...totally not in shape to compete top 20 ranking....

duke johnson is nowhere near heisman material yet...he already too far from the leaders for 2012

giovanni bernard is a better back in the ACC...his freshman totals were 1253 yards @ 96.38 per game and 13 TD's vs duke at 947 yards @ 78.92 per game and 10 TD's.....this year GB was ranked #11 in only 10 games and was 1228 @122 per game and 12 TD's

Its a stat thing....funny thing about stats...no room for BS..

McGee good luck and thanks for your years as a 'Cane..

You helped lay the foundation for the return of the 'Canes and years down the line you can look back and think " I was a part of the resurgence of the 'U'".
Thanks again.

Coach G will make it happen...good recruiting news and a boatload of talented players who got their feet wet last season...
After the NCAA ( which will almost be a non event, since we already punished ourselves more than once) deal...the path to being a factor on the College Football Scene will be ours...
We are doing our homework, developing our FI (football intel.) and looking forward to 2013.
Go 'Canes Always

@ Gallo....Bernard also had (184) carries to Johnson (139) that's a significant difference. But, to Duke's credit he average 6.8 per carry to Bernard 6.7. Which show that their stats are close even though Duke lack 45 LESS carries than Bernard! It's a Canes thing []_[] won't understand!

Its a stat thing....funny thing about stats...no room for BS..

nor room for manipulation
bernard 184att @6.7 yds per carry
The Duke 139att @ 6.8 yds per carry
with another 45 ATTEMPTS!?! duke would hav had at least 15 tds comapred to GBs 12...guess you didnt want to add that bs in there huh?

I am starting to understand ,Gallo would not be happy unless he were bitching about something , she just needs to complain no matter what . The stats thing has been proven wrong a thousand times and she knows it.Go Canes

idiot boys....giovanni bernard played in 10 games vs duke at 12.....per game average is 122.80 #11 rank vs duke at 78.92 #66 rank

funny thing about stats....even when you try to fiddlef...ck them...you still end up wrong.....class 2016 vs 1979....its not even fair, lol

Gallo, is there somewhere else you can spew you crap?

Jim Gallo your so funny....Canes....

I really did not like McGee's overall play during his years at UM. This is the kind of player who lacked player development by coaches, but the kind of player who'll excel in the NFL.

Who do U blame for the lack of development? It's just the whole mediocre program.

here are my demands:

1. fire dnofrio immediately
2. play only the most senior players - freshman sit on bench and watch/learn (duke types are exception)
3. total off season focus and reg season conditioning...remember what jimmy says, fatigue makes us all cowards...no water and practice starts at noon....no shade or early morning/evening practices
4. get rid of 3-4 defense...use either 4-3 or 4-2-5
5. get rid of the tie...cane walk is OK..parents like it
6. if some players want to boost laptops so be it if they are good players....like wash said "thats what they had to do to get by"
7. dont give a dam about anyone...all that is important is winning and winning big....shalala is not your boss...you are the boss of bosses.....

is this alot to ask for?, lol

Yea because no team in college football wins the title with a 3-4 defense right? Bama plays a 3-4 , nd plays a 3-4 georgia plays a 3-4. They are 3 of the best defenses in all of college football so yea lets just scrap a defense that had given alabama multiple titles..

To any potential recruits reading this blog - AL GOLDEN IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE. He had a chance to take a great head coaching job at Wisconsin and turned it down instantly. Nobody would have blamed him for leaving, but he is here for the long haul. He is firmly committed to Miami and he will bring the Canes back to glory. Go Canes!!!

what difference does it make who plays it....we play it bad....florida,oregon and kansas state play 4-3..so whays your point

Miami's base defense is a 4-3. They probably would be better off with a 3-4 with the personnel they have. The could move Chickillo to outside linebacker and use him primarily to rush the passer.

Posted by: mainecane, u serious? Bama, ND and UGA? U are not remotely close to any of those teams, who cares what they play? U can't compare chicken shyt to chicken soup. BTW, U are the chicken shyt.

Gallo U dumbass, Oregon plays a 3-4, and Florida plays the same style as Alabama. Get your facts straight dumbass!

Gallo still an idiot, a moron, so what else is new?

Wishful thinking....lol get all the sarcasm in while you can, take your best shots because Golden and the U is coming for you and hell is coming with them!, lol

Internet experts, ROFLMAO!

Hey cane clUcks you finally had a DB selected for an all star game since last decade, wow talk about a wasted decade. LOL, ranked 33rd best, and that is just on potential, if he were ranked in results he wouldn't crack the top 100. Just like your pathetic D ranked in the low 100ths.
Yet you still predict you will be ranked next year, that Golden Balls has turned the program around. Yep clowns, wait til next year. Where have we heard that before? When? Every year for the past decade. Bunch of delUsional dUmmies.
How can you be better than this pathetic year. Right now you will have two less starters from a terrible secondary. Less players means you will play worse. The dUmb logic of cane clowns is amazing.
Hey all those recruits reading these blogs, right, like they do. Morons.
And some other dUmb clUck comparing your D to the likes of Bama and ND. What a dUmb doUche!
Next year will be like this year, like the past 10 years, very mediocre at best.
All dUmb, delUsional and in denial is no way to go through life clUcks!

Gallo, who the hell do you think you are that somebody cares what your stupid demands. Now that is funny. We play a 4-3 defense and just like Butch and Schiano did in dime situations we may have 3 down lineman, and standup potiential rushers. This ain't 1986 where you can leave your base defense on the field all the time U idiot.

Gallo and canekiller are sissys... You dont know football. Ray lewis the 3 rd is coming with duke johnson our offense will be best in college football. You can bet that. Watch how we stomp florida next year. It is going to be fun to watch. Morris and duke will be on heismen watch... Bet that.

you dont know what your talking about....yes UM is base 4-3 but they have been playing more of a 3-4....chickillo cant come off the double block and the linebackers are not suprising anyone nor can they get to the QB....sacks have gone from 37 2010 to 23 2011 to 13 for 2012...

oregon and florida both play 4-3...you are an idiot

we are gonna get crushed by florida next year....they got every top recruit in florida....we just had our 2 best recruits de-commit.....put the bong down and go to class...

if you are in condition you can leave your base on the field with strategic rotations...but we are not in 1980's condition....we give out water during practice and practice when the sun goes down....if you have any questions, howard-jimmy anc bring you up to speed....lol

Here's my demand: That canekiller and Gallo stand in the middle lane of the Palmetto at 730 am tomorrow morning holding hands

Good luck to Mcgee, and all the canes. I have been wondering why UM hasn't gotten the "letter" from the ncaa about the allegations. It was supposed to be late Nov. to early Dec.?

Jim Gallo, just kill yourself dude.

Either you're that same Gators troll who's lived on this site 24/7, until you showed up this year to live on this site 24/7, or else you're the most miserable, uninformed, loudmouth Miami fan that's ever existed.

You obviously didn't go to UM, go follow whatever college you did go to.

You guys are insane if you think you're going to have 85 people and none of them are going to steal. To many people in society try to play this high & mighty game as if they're perfect. Who's advocating that players steal, common sense, you can go pick out any random 10 people and you'll probably have liars, theives, maybe a murderer or 2, alduterers, fornicators, etc. etc. So to act like all the players on the team are going to be responsible all the time, you must not be prepared for real life than.

Why would people be embarassed for UM, he stole, him and his family are embarrassed. You're only embarrassed if you lived in a bubble all your life. Again, it's just a laptop, in fact, no matter what it was, he stole something, ok, if goldie and crew can't come up with a plan to help him make retributions than that shows we're not equipped to address real life situations as a institution and that's part of the problem right their. The best thing to do is to help this young man move past this and help him actually be able to become productive in society.

Why call an institution higher learning if it can't help to transform young men who make a minor mistake. He's not a ponzi schemer, if goldie and crew can't generate enuff power with helping to keep things like this under wraps, he might as well jet off to some country bumpkin school where they know how to do that.

You got guys on the team that smoke a lil bit, it's college, that's what alot of them are going to do, if goldie thinks he can stop that entirely, good luck to him. None of this is the reason the defense has been trash, he took the laptop after the season was over. Also, he's not going to rob the other players, because he'd get dealt with. Welcome to Miami coach goldie, the community is watching how you handle this one, but shaat just got real.

The good coaches know how to navigate thru this process, we'll see if al takes the easy way out or if he abides by finnie overcoming this mistake. Again, to many people trying to pass judgement on a situation that in the old days wouldn't have even been news. goldie was crying earlier in the year talking about "weeding the garden" why would he cry about that type of stuff, if goldie is letting that type of stuff affect him to the point where he's using it as an excuse for why we're not succcessful on the football field, than he doesn't belong at UM either.

It's college, it won't be the first time and athlete steals something and it won't be the last, it's how the headcoach and the administration deals with it that makes the difference!

Florida has a very suspect quarterback and rarely do there so called 5-star recruits pan out...Name me a 5-star recruit that was a stud last year or the before for the gators????

Still waiting????


golden and staff are all BS artists.....talk tough but are p....sys. why is practice not at 12:30 mid day like howard used to do so canes win 4th quarter using the humidity and sun?....guys used to think about quiting and 1 guy stipped naked on the field he couldnt take it then left in the middle of the night from campus to go home.....they used to hide bags of ice by the puke bush because there was no water at practice.....the coaches dont want to be out in the sun...you think we are gonna beat florida with our defense....your insane

Take 16,000 undergrads at the University of Miami and none of them are going to be stealing a laptop computer, this isn't a cross section of America, it's a bunch of reasonably intelligent and well raised students who understand a $1,000 computer isn't worth risking your education for.

Finnie's going to be kicked out of the university, it's not going to be up to Al Golden.

Hope for the best for him but he's done here. He didn't get arrested for pot or drinking or vandalism, he stole another student's computer.

quamcane: they are ranked #3...enought said about failed studs, lol

Calvin, Im with you....teach Finnie a lesson, no need to kick him out.

Duke did not even start...haha....900+ yards with his eyes closed. An offseason and U Tough....I CAN ASSURE YOU DUKE WILL BE ON THE HEISMAN LIST EARLY AND OFTEN NEXT YEAR....YOU F'ING DUMB ARSE...

Florida has a very suspect quarterback and rarely do there so called 5-star recruits pan out...Name me a 5-star recruit that was a stud last year or the before for the gators????

Still waiting????


Posted by: guamcane | December 13, 2012 at 06:43 PM

LOL, these are not your gaytors of old, muschamp has them for the first time playing physical defense similar to how us and Fsu use to. The question for you is, name a qb that has played against us that hasn't looked all world yet. How many qb's have had their best game against us. Our defense continued to cloud up the hesiman trophy race by imposters being inserted after they played us.

Now i will say this, no matter how strong the gaytors defense is, we actually do have a potentially legit offense to be able to go at anybody. We'll see if rashawn scott gets re-instated. As long as allen hurns is healthy, we'll always be straight at wide-out. Of course we'll see how well malcom lewis comes back from that injury mentally as well. Of course herb waters is going to be a force out their to as well. We definitely need rashawn scott back, that'll help solidfy our wide receiving crew and give the young guns more time to develop.

Also, this is the one thing i know for sure, the gaytors have one of the most athletic o-lines in the business, muschamp got it right in gainesville in the trench warfare category that's for sure. Them guys on that o-line go at people.

People can keep thinking jim gallo is this and that, but that man is one of the only one's on here that's speaking the real Truth. While goldie is a nice window dressing type coach, represents himself and the program well in coach talk, he's not the type of headcoach that's right now actually bringing out the best in the players that made em play like we're use to guys playing. That's not a knock on him, it's just like i said when they first came in, his boy oach OH-NO, whe nyou here him talk, he just doesn't sound like he can fire guys up to play defense like we know defense to be played.

Worst of all, he sounds like he doesn't even know wtf he's talking about, and that's definitely translated onto the field. The players on defense have been speaking out and don't have confidence in him as well and feel like he has them playing soft. I like what i'm seeing from deon bush, he's a naturally hard hitter, and so is dzp, but they are not being put in the best position to succeed. Anybody with common sense would have known that dzp is better as an outside linebacker, took them how long to realize that.

I'm all for coaches taking pre-caution and protecting the players, but what jim gallo is saying is right, guys back in the day, hell this is done at the highschool level to in the summer time, 12p.m. practices. Now and these days we're trying to avoid what help to make us the toughest team in the nation.

That's one of the reason you notice the difference in play in sections on our team. Notice how the o-line plays, who's coaching them, someone who knows and coaches to the UM standard. Our linebackers are balling, who's coaching them, someone who knows and coaches to the UM standard. Next in line, coach george mcdonald is the best wide receiver coach we've had in a long time, in fact he's better than curtis johnson was at this stage, we came into the year with just allen hurns with the most starting games experience and i think dorsett and scott only had a combined 2 to 3 starts, wasn't long before that was long forgotten, who's coaching them, apparently some guy who can coach up to the UM standard.

Our offensive philosophy has the potential to be a consistent force, we do know that jedd will be aggressive and i'll take that all day, all he needs to do now is use the power running game a lil more though, well now that mike james is gone, we'll see what danny dillard is all about now, but we definitely need some more backs.

The runingbacks coach, we know he has a track record of getting it done, but we'll see how the guys behind duke are developed, that'll tell the real story but we definitely don't need duke to be the work horse back, but what i didn't like was the way we rotated our runningbacks, mike james runs the ball for a 7 to 8 yard gain, than he's off the field or looking over to see if he needs to ocme out, and i know what that philosophy is, make every carry count, but don't take mike james out when he's the type of back that gets better as the game goes on.

Come this year, they'll have to give the other guys more reps, and right now we're talking hopefully eduardo gets healthy and dallas crawford, we're thin back their at the runningback spots. i'm sure lil ray will be a hardworker and may just come in and do his thang thang.

The rest of this coaching staff has a whole lot to prove. When you had a coaching staff full of guys like kehoe & soldinger, we got it done. You can't be looked upon as being soft, if the players think you're soft in Miami, you'll never get them to be able to play for you like they could. That's what's happening over their at Northwestern right now, i don't have nothing against that man who's seems to be genuininely trying to do his best, but he's going to have a hard time getting players to respect him over their.

goldie's boy oach OH-NO, unlike most d-co's when they talk, you can tell that the guys that they coach will be fired up and ready to let loose because they speak like d-co's and talk confident because they know what the hell they're talking about and bring that same aggressive mentality to the football field. Come game day, oach OH-NO looks frightened to death and about as unconfident as you can look for a coordinator at the other teams offense, and is always trying to coach just to survive so he can get to halftime and try and make adjustments.

How many times have we heard him say after games "the other team went away from their tendicies that we studied on tape" NO SHAAAT sherlock, and he was saying it and kept saying it as if the other teams were cheating by doing that, he can't GTFOH fast enuff already, but if i hear him say that one more time and goldie keeps em, his stock is going to fall to as well.

Calvin, Im with you....teach Finnie a lesson, no need to kick him out.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | December 13, 2012 at 07:36 PM

No doubt man, the sad part about it is, they might let him go just to try and make more excuses and buy more time of why the defense looks like trash. Going into year 3, we're not going to want to hear how losing finnie an upperclassmen has hurt this defense, why sure it has, but he wasn't a starter anyway, come next year, they'll be rotating gunther, howard and crawford for the most part, i want finnie in their myself, cause that man has talent for sure and true speed and quiet as kept, is one of the hardest hitters on the team.

For some reason, like 3g, finnie made more plays as a freshman did he did as a sophmore, i'm not expecting to much from next year's sophmore's myself, because so far the trend has been guys becoming less productive the 2nd year unde this staff with the exception of the units being coached by kehoe, barrow & george mcdonald. jedd fisch is the only d-co we got on the team right now, they should just let, like it's done with certain players, just let jedd coordinate both ways.

I like Finnie, I thought he started coming on as the season progressed. D'Onfrio better read defense for dummies or something because those schemes could ruin next season.

McGee good luck and god bless. I admit that I had said many things that weren't positive in regards to your play these last 4yrs but you came through at the end and for that I'm thankful and appreciative as a fan of The U. You worked hard, you didn't quit, and you led our young DBs this season preparing them for the next. I wish you luck in the shrine game and luck in the pros.

By the way about 2wks ago I bumped into McGee at Ruth Chris steak house in the Gables which is walking distance from where I live. He was alone so I walked up to him and introduce myself and thanked him for his yrs of service and sacrifice. He was polite and appreciative. He asked me my name and how long I had been a fan. He was shocked when I said I've had season tickets for 21yrs. I mentioned to him that at the beginning it was pretty rough for him but thanked him for sticking it out and coming through in the end and wished him luck in the pros. Very nice young man. God Bless him.


Cal I ain't gotta listen to d.'umbnofio say nothing...

I just look at the 'efense that's given it up more than a kardashian

What i also meant to say was, this might also help finnie stay on the team because goldie is going to look at that depth chart and be like, we need em, otherwise, this is going to hurt his boy also, so it's a catch 22.

In order for our offense and defense to go to the next level, our defense needs to be able to shut our offense down in practice, our db's need to be more physical against our wide-outs than the opponents that they'll be facing, and right now, them playing 10 yards off the line of scrimmage is a joke. This is why the defense was getting torched in practice.

Cal I ain't gotta listen to d.'umbnofio say nothing...

I just look at the 'efense that's given it up more than a kardashian

Posted by: Nash | December 13, 2012 at 10:33 PM

rofl, you ain't neva lied about this one. I'm still waiting for goldie to show us the track record that oach OH-NO has where he says "he'll challenge anybody" about justifying why he's sticking with his boy. It's comical to me to keep hearing goldie say that he'll challenge anybody, as if this guys team led the mac in defense, lol. I just want the same proof goldie has so it can give us the same confidence he has in his boy, cause as it stands right now, of course the defense should be improved from last year, when you're sitting at 117, how hard is it to improve, what they need to be more concerned with is falling down further since teams are going to be real familiar now with the type of defense we running now.

Calvin may be right, Golden Balls needs all the help he can get on such a pathetic D so he may look the other way and keep Finnie. So much for running a clean program.
No matter the D will still sUck next year, you will have fewer players due to graduation and other normal attrition. Fewer players from a terrible unit, is that good or bad?
Now some of you clUcks are already qUacking non sense about Morris and Duke for Heisman next year.
Reminds me of another "great" cane QB who was hyped for a Heisman in the off season. The one who rented a pink suit, or was it a pimp suit, to wear for the ceremony.
Of course when the real games began, when the season started he went on to be a finalist for a different type of record. The all time NCAA INT record.
Ahhh it's great to be a cane in the off season, looking forward to that Spring game, all the baseless predictions come out. We already have doUches predicting top 20 ranking and 2 players for Heisman.

Between now and next Spring we can predict that Onofrio will turn the D around and have a top 25 D and that Golden Balls will be coach of the year and that the NCAA will only slap you on the wrist. You will also land 6 or 7 5 star recruits and a few JUCO studs in the D line. Go ahead and dream clUcks, predict all kinds of wet dreams you have until next fall to do so before reality sets in.
All dUmb, delUisoanl and in denial is no way to go through life clUcks!

cane iller....your an idiot....plain and simple. EVERY time there is an article on the U you are one of the first to post...pathetic...and good at the same time. Pathetic as in....get a life....good as in....if you were not worried about us you wouldn't be wasting your time here. I want to know one thing....which game or games(s) did it to you? Which game did our Canes simply beat the crap out of your team? Was it one game or was it multiple....over and over and over and over....haha....you are a true HATER...LOVE IT!! Yes...Duke will be on the Heisman list next year...mathmatical fact. Morris? I never said he would be and don't think he should be a contender unless he comes out tearing it up. Fact of the matter is....who ever you are...The Canes REALLY get under your skin...haha...wow dude...we got you irked THAT BAD?????? Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahhah....Miami will have a top 20 offense next year....defense should be improved.....if we lose Finnie...no big deal....you see....there is a stud freshman coming in next year 5 times better then Finnie....his name is Artie Burns....6'1...190...world class speed....loves to hit....he will probably be starting from day 1....so...no big deal to us....U are delUsional my friend not us....stay intereted though....THE BEST IS YET TO COME....in your mouth.

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