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Reports: UM Canes DC D'Onofrio is finalist for Temple head-coaching job

    The Philadelphia Inquirer, citing "several sources,'' is reporting today that Hurricanes defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio is one of two finalists for the Temple head-coaching job.

    The other finalist: New York Giants assistant offensive line coach Matt Rhule, who reportedly interviewed Thursday night with incoming Temple president Neil D. Theobald, according to OwlScoop.

    D'Onofrio was the Temple defensive coordinator from 2006 to 2010, when current UM coach Al Golden was the head coach at Temple. Rhule also was an assistant under Golden.

   The Enquirer said D'Onofrio will meet with Theobald today.

   From OwlScoop: "Rhule's Giants are 8-5 and atop the NFC East standings. In two seasons as offensive coordinator in 2008 and 2009, Temple had 17 wins and a bowl appearance and a program single-season rushing yardage record in 2009. Rhule served as the co-offensive coordinator and tight ends coach under Addazio before he was hired by Giants head coach Tom Coughlin last March.

    Rhule and D'Onofrio played their college football at Penn State, and both played linebacker for the late Joe Paterno."




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Contradictory reports up to this post, but thanks for the latest, Susan.

Can't say that I would be regretful to see him move up the ranks and out of UM. Not sure about ability to connect with players.

Defense has been exceptionally poor the last two years. Believe someone could do a much better job, even given youth, etc.

If he leaves, I hope the Canes will find a coach who gets it done on the D.

We shall see...

I don't know ...would like to see him go though....

any idea of who might be the top candidates might be if he departs? i pray it will be an energetic effusive strong recruiter game planner personality all of which "No D" seemingly is not

D is a good coach and needs continuity and stability in the program to prove it. Younger players will develop further next year. NCAA thing needs to go away to to get great players,most recruit prospect thought it would be over by now. The fact that it has taken so long to play out is a big negative against the program.

There is no question that if he leaves it will be a major sit back. He deserves one more year given the talent he was handed. Those that wish him out had better be careful for what they wish for.

The Herald is so slow in reporting. IDK if its slow incompetent reporters or slow editors, or both.

Cane sport just reported Donofrio has pulled out of the race for the Temple job.

You heard it here. Why isnt there an update by the herald? Proves my point.

Now Um needs to regroup.

I agree with above posts- continuity is more important right now. Look how many DCs we've had in the last 10 years. Does anyone have that number?

Don't know who the replacement would be if D'Onofrio
left, but something tells me the only qualifications
the candidate would have to have is....

1. Did you play for Penn State?

2. Did you play for Penn State with Al Golden?

3. Do you own a tie?

The reason people are calling for O'nofrio's head is bcuz we never seen any improvement...yeah they are a young team but you have to show improvement...if he stays and the Defense improves to 80th in the nation,people are gonna still call for his head.The defense has to improve drastically. Im not gonna compare him to Stoops that went to kentucky, but when he went to FSU in 2010 the Defense was ranked 109 and then improved to 42 in the nation. In order for people to hush we need to see that type of IMPROVEMENT...all year long thats what I have been preaching improvement,improvement, improvement. From a fans and statistical standpoint they did not improve one bit over the season. It is not the talent. If we have talent on one side of the ball their is definitely talent on the other side.

O'nofrio reminds me of Mike D'antoni a little. He says he has ran the same system with success. Well what happens when you can't run your system bcuz you don't have the players. You have to coach with what you have. I mean the B.C qb said that they knew exactly what Miami was going to run bcuz our coordinator knew what was coming(1st game of the year was his best game of the year go figure). He will have his players next year and I hope he makes me eat my words but I believe they will improve but how much i don't know. IT'S NOT THE PLAYERS!

Frostdog0819 is 100% correct. Continuity means nothing without progress. Look at fisch. He has just as much youth and the progress is palpable. I mean the guy improved jacory harris into the top 20 passer rating in the country his final season. Hes using what he has. You cannot make that argument for donofrio. Everyone says we are young and inexperienced. But after 12 games there should be some improvement. There was none. Its as simple as that.

D isn't going anywhere, as Corpus said, Canesport reporting that D has backed away from Temple.

Hopefully, Coach D will take a job someplace else.

Onofrio is all yours little girls. Looking forward to more porous defensive schemes and record setting defensive stats. As in worst defense on record for UM and for the whole league. As in record number of yards allowed. As in record number of points given up.
The future looks bright for you to set several of these records.

Never an undefeated season?
Ever, ever??
Ever, ever, ever???


Will continue to taunt you....cane iller....

Record breaking cane D under head man clUeless Onofrio is back in business. Lets go canes, wait til next year!

Bottom line is, goldie is good window dressing for the program, he represents himself decent, and gives the media the coach speak that they want and are looking for. He's an organized individual, after that, he hasn't reached his potential yet, and his boy oach OH-NO is definitely not some guy that carries himself like he's capable of putting together a dominant defense.

For those of you trying to make the argument that this bozo we have coordinating the defense is actually worth keeping, here are some facts for you:

We'll dive into 2010, since that should have represented the epitome of their era their:

In 12 games in 2010 6 teams rushed for over 200 yards against temple with 1st round pick wilkerson on the line, 4 games in a row and than 2 games in a row. In 12 games, 7 times the opposing team had more offensive possesions against them by an average of 17 more offensive plays a game, which translate to not being able to get off the field much.

In the meantime, when shannon was the coach here in 2010, same categories, in 12 games only 3 teams went over the 200 mark against us. In 12 games only 4 times did the opposing teams have more offensive possesions than us by an average of only 8 possesions.

i don't want to give to many stats at one time, but i think it's obvious oach OH-NO doesn't know what the hell he's doing and has the least amount of confidence i've ever seen from somebody who's suppose to be coordinating a defense.

All i want goldie to do is explain to us what he means by "he'll challenge anybody" with his boys track record, not sure what that means, but good luck!

You can not be soft and coach Florida players, just not gone happen. oach OH-NO comes off as being soft and green to the players and doesn't know how to challenge them like they need to be challenged.

He comes off that when he starts talking, the players will start laughing at em. Just because he's a coach at UM doesn't mean he comes off as if he's family. goldie comes off as genuine, where as jethro & oach OH-NO seems to be trying to fit in. jethro you can tell is more use to them west coast boys. In Miami, you can yell scream and shout all day long, players will just start tuning you out. It's funny how earlier in the year, guys were sitting under the shade, basically saying man, f that dude, than coach goldie had to go over there and try and get the guys up out the shade, lol, i knew than that these guys wasn't that excited about this defense.

It's a read & re-act cotton candy scheme. You got a bunch of guys who came from highschool's that had aggressive defenses, this staff comes in and are trying to teach them to be a sit back and than attack style defense, we won't go far with that approach. I can live with a guy getting bomb or beat deep in man coverage, what i can't live with is watching teams just dink and donk us all the way down field because we're giving up an 8 to 10 yard cushion.

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