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Tweeting up a storm: one tweet and its aftermath

Someone told me today that Al Golden is tired of refuting the coaching rumors.

I would be, too.

But refute it he did on Thursday, even if it was privately to University of Miami interim athletic director Blake James

The tweet that started the online frenzy: "Al Golden, a favorite of Barry Alvarez, has emerged heavily at Wisconsin. Source says Golden mulling a decision today.’’

Alvarez is the Wisconsin athletic director.

The tweet came from a respected journalist, former New York Times sports writer Pete Thamel, now at Sports Illustrated. Pete has more than 69,000 followers on Twitter, so he has an impressive audience.

About a half-hour later, Thamel posted this tweet: “Just got word that Al Golden is flattered by Alvarez's interest but staying at Miami.’’


I guess the "mulling" didn't take long.

Anyway, UM associate athletic director for communications and marketing Chris Freet said UM interim athletic director Blake James chatted with Golden about it.

Al isn’t going anywhere,’’ Freet said. “He’s 100 percent committed here.’’

I have to admit, I had a few heart palpitations when I saw the tweet. Didn't want to think about the prospect of a coaching search and what that would mean for the Hurricanes during this precarious period.

Glad it got resolved quickly. Scary how powerful Twitter has become.

Susan Miller Degnan



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Scary what journalism has become. Everyone is trying to be the first to break a story. Nevermind confirming a source before publishing something. Pete Thamel was a respected journalist but no more. Unfortunately, most people will forget about this total lapse in journalistic integrity. How about Dave Reynalds last week tweeting he heard from a credible source that Al Golden was going to Tennessee, only to tweet later "I was mistaken, heard a different but similar sounding name/UT job." Was his credible source some UT fan he was evesdropping on at a bar? Pathetic on all counts.


As I mentioned in my tweet to you earlier today, this has all the markings of a fishing expedition gone bad. It strains credulity that Golden mulled anything so momentous, and then made a decision affecting the course of his life, during a fifteen minute coffee break.

The only plausible explanation is that Thamel went on a tweeting fishing expedition, without any real information and not based on any real sources he had, but based on his cursory review of Internet/social media information. After a few minutes when it became clear to him that he had "stepped in it" he scrambled, immediately backtracked and went into damage control mode.

I can't come to any other conclusion other than this, to me it's the most logical and rational explanation of these events. If you have any other explanation or rationale for Thamel's odd behavior, I sure would live to hear your take on this as a journalist.

Tweeting has become the tool of cowards and lazy unprofessional hacks. The journalistic profession should police itself and this idiot should be censored. This was not journalism. It was patently false and didnt even reach the level of a rumor.... Sources?

Name your sources, spineless coward. What sources? Barry Alvarez? Golden himself? Your high school buddy who while high on dope decided to give you an inside "scoop"?

I mean, this is preposterous. No journalistic integity. No character. Ulterior motive by SI.

SI, yahoo, most media outlets, inluding the herald would lynch there own mommas to gt a scoop, and they would all love to see the U go down

Theyve tried... Several times,,,

1996, the BCS fiasco in 2000, the 2002 fiesta bowl debacle. Yeah... All of these a55holes are in cahoots.

If anyone dont think its the U vs the world you are all in denial

Great thoughts and comments. I too am at a loss as to how so called journalists can just on a whim post information that hasn't been confirmed as credible. I thought Twitter was for the list and boundless fools chasing around their One Direction loves, Kardashian tools, or other non interesting so called "reality" stars. All if these people need to find that one special goal we real people enjoy; it's called a LIFE! Try it on for size, it might actually fit.

The Canes have the chance to be a legit top 25 program next year if not higher. I couldn't see Golden leaving for the cold winds of Madison anymore than I believe what Jim Gallo pulls out of his backside while whipping off a quick one viewing what he believes is his "glory".

I happen to like Al Golden and hope he stays on as our coach, but the fact is if Randy Shannon was here the past two years I don't think our record would have been significantly different. The point being, what is the fascination with Golden?? To this point he has proved to be OK, not great, OK.. His Achilles is D'Onofrio.. I'm afraid his loyalty is going to cost him and us dearly..

The record would of been diffrent this year. He wouldn't of landed howard, bush, duke or the others. What al is doing the last 2 yrs as a recruiter in south florida shannon couldn't of done.

One thing we should of learned is al had alot of work to do to remake this team. I loved the heart this team showed, Sure they had some breakdowns on d, Most do to young guys being out of position.
That said the young kids on this team a team by the way that had more freshman and sophmores starting then any team in the country had way more heart and guts then any team shannon ever coached at miami.

As for coach d. He took 2-3 star guys at temple and made a top 15 defense year in year. out. Of course he wasn't starting 12 freshman either. Im sorry but the fact no one out there who rips him will give the fact he was starting alot of true freshman. guys who haven't got the bulk to be great yet , And true sophmores for the most part might of been part of the issue on d. Im sorry but this d will be much better next year after they bulk up and with there experiance.
Howard, bush and jenkins are better db's then shannon ever had at miami.

"he took 2-3 stars gius at Temple and made a top 1r defense year in year out"

What you fail to understand is that Temple played a schedule of teams made up of 2-3 star guys.. How do you think Temple's defense would have looked if they played Alabama, FSU, Ohio State, etc..

If you saw your Coach D on the sidelines during games he looked constipated, overwhelmed, out of control, lost.. Of course that's just my opinion, but for openers he should never have been on the sidelines, he should have been upstairs in the booth, then maybe he would have seen what the rest of us saw...bad schemes, no adjustments.. This Freshman, Sophomore B/S is just that, B/S.. We had just as many Frosh and Sophs on offense and they did damn good..

I heard from a credible source that Al Golden is leaving to coach the Lakers

Alvarez said he couldn't bring D'Onofrio. LOL

Dude is two games over 500 this year and people in here are actin as if he u the savior of the program with the worst defense ever in canes history. Al golden can go just leave Fisch. Why wouldn't Shannon have landed those players they were coming to the U not because of any coaches. Fans keep talking about golden in reference to developing players but I think the exact opposite. Did golden develop chik. He has not done anything since he got here. I like chik but u think he had a garbage dline coach. The dc has us last in the NCAA in defense and you are begging him to stay. Kehoe and Jed are the reason for Al's success whatever that maybe. He should have been able to get temple to be competitive penn is a big football state. Does anyone know who Jaquan jarret is. He was a second round pick for golden that was cut from Philly a year into his 3 year contract. Golden has some very good qualities but he has some fools gold about himself as we'll. if he stays so be it if he leaves then bye.

The same people that wanted to get rid of Henderson are the same people that want to get rid finniee. Judge not lest ye be judged.

tallycane- seantrel didnt do anything half as serious as Finnie. You are right many of us called for Henmderson to be cut becasue it seemed he wsnt serious or committed. He did well last season (not great), and began to show what he is capable of. I for one feel he has another good or great year and he will be a first round pick in the 2014 draft. If he dominates a he should given his size, he could command millions. I was wrong- but saying that many of us here "judge" Finnie- hey this is his second felony. And yes we are going by the police affidavit (which is more thanjust hearsay)- he did what he did. And it doesnt change the fact that it was extremely stupid. I will give you this- let Golden and the school adminstration be the judge and jury on what happens to his football career at UM.

The tweet issue is still gnawing at me- notice you all, that ESPN or ESPN .com had ZERO. ZERO tweets or comments about this Golden-to UW speculation preceeding the so-called tweet from the SI idiot. And there were ZERO articles about the aftermath of the original tweet. THAT is responsible journalism. Not the display of sheer desperation that Thelam displayed to try to get that "scoop" about Golden

ANd by the way- It's not that many of us are in love with Ag. BUt that's who we have and he has been here only two years. You can't seriously judge him with the personnel he has had. Otherwise you know nothing about football. Yes, he made some coaching errors along the way, but overall, the love he has shown for our so fl kids (eg Malcolm Lewis, ), the love he has shown for the U is to me exemplary, esp for someone who actually played against the U during those fierce rivalry games with Penn State in the 80s and 90s...so he deserves more time- recall Jimmy Johnson and Schnellies record at the U the first couple of years and they didnt have to go through what AG is going through. Erickson walked into an already formed championship -dynasty same with Coker.

Temple should be playing other teams with 2/3 star recruits thats who they are and if they took they're kids and beat the other ones that is still success , so If we ever get 4/5 star recruits and beat other teams recruits I will be happy . We need continuity with our coaches and a little help from our fans filling the stadium and those recruits will come , then we can judge what we have for coaches , until they have a level playing ground with other big programs in the country you can't judge them accurately . go Canes

Whatever happened to responsible journalism? Does credibility matter anymore? Or is it just who can be more sensationalist, who can create more of a stir? Facts get lost in the morass, who cares? It's something akin to collateral damage, nobody really wants it, but we accept it as a fact of life. Journalism used to be an honorable profession. It's just collateral damage now.


Good comments. Agree with your ideas here.

FInnie shows signs of being a character problem. Often, that only escalates with time...Sometimes, with help and a wakeup of the mind, it does not.

If D'Onofrio leaves, I hope we get an emotionally charged DC who is hyped during the games, not a Big Papa type who kind of stares at the field.

Muschamp got any clones? My kind of guy on the intensity level.

AG is a man of integrity and character. I respect him.

Hopefuly, he will make the Canes into an NC contender again.

Go Canes

Hey clUcks all I hear from you dopes is a lot of wishful thinking and wet dreams. No one is considering Golden Balls for a job, he and Onofrio are all yours clowns.
Who would wanna hire a mediocre coach and an inept DC?
Your stUpidity is amazing!
How's Golden Balls and Onofrio gonna make you a contender?

Only if you move to Div 2 ball.
Dude can't coach, can't recruit and can't get above .500.
He can complain and whine though. Wants to play a weaker schedule. Imagine that, only plays 2 or 3 good teams a year and still finds it too tough. What a LOOSER! Will keep Finnie on the team cause he has no depth. And no standards.
All dUmb, delUsional and in denial is no way to go through life clUcks!

What class CK. I doubt you know this. What you say about other people really reflects what you think about yourself. "nuff said.


Your name is just as stupid as your comments. There hasnt been a cane killer since the 20s-60s. Notre Dame is the only team that UM played regularly and regularly beat us year in year out. More recently I'll give you Va Tech. That's it.

The U has owned. Yes OWNED:

Texas A&M

So no one is a real cane killer in the last 30-35 yrs. Not Alabama (1-1), not Ohio State (2-2), not Michigan (1-1). Not Cal (2-1), Not Wiskie (1-1).

Now, in regards to your other assinine comment, Yeah, OK, let's say Miami does go to the FCS or D-2- then they will have 15 national championsips. I have no problem with that.

Poor turds...

Choke job to Bama & Dogs
Timmy tears on TV
No dynasty
Never an undefeated season...at least one loss when winning National Championship with other schools in top ten undefeated.
UFelony, Inc....60+...record never to be broken
Achy breaky heart Meyer
U wish U were Us....

Hey dUmmy corpus why don't cha join the rest of humanity in the 21st century fool. Is that all you got dUmmy little dweeb? It's 2012 and in the present and the recent past all these programs: Oklahoma
Texas A&M. All of them you doUchebag are so much better than the canes. It's not even close. It's like your other favorite argument, the NFL. Meaningless weak arguments. 35 years ago? What a doUche!

Joe, you have to be right there with corpus as the top doUche along with 5.3.2. The three retarded cane clowns.
"U wish U were Us...." LMAO!
Only pathetic and chronic LOOSERS like you wish you were someone else.
Just like no one is interested in Golden Balls as a HC, no one wishes to be a mediocre team with poor facilities, no stadium, no loyal fan base and in decline for over a decade.
Are you clUcks really this dUmb?
News flash, not even Temple wants anything to do with Onofrio. Are you dUmmies shocked?
All dUmb, delUsional and in denial is no way to go through life clUcks!

CK you say know one is interested in AG , know one is interested in your nonsense either but you are still here . Why are you here ? Whoever your team is must not want you on their site either.I can't believe someone can have so much crap to say without knowing what they are talking about.Go Canes

Again....a disgruntled turd fan probably...truth hurts at the end of the day. What I really love is that he REALLY hates us....which equates to his team being our little biatch....for the past 30 years or so....who knows.

Never an undefeated season?
Ever ever??
Ever, ever, ever????


Little cane clowns, not hatin', just making fun of ya. So easy to do. Never has there been such an inept program with so many clUeless and delUsional fair weather fans.
Georgia boy just listen to your fellow clowns try to get back at me with all this talk about crap that happened 30 years ago. Just admit your sorry condition and move on. But you chUmps keep making stUpid and baseless predictions and when you are called out come up with non sense about how you won 35 years ago or how you beat an SEC team in 1984 or about former canes in the NFL, none of this matters. But it's all you got. Pretty pathetic.
The 3 blind and dUmb clowns (corpus, joe and 5.3.2) are typical examples of doUches living in the past and delUsional about the present.

Go ahead clowns, get in your baseless predictions now that your sorry season is over. Get pumped for that all important Spring game. You already called 2 Heisman candidates and a top 20 ranking. You are on a roll. Keep going you have until next fall when the losing will return and you will all cry out: wait til next year. Pathetic.
All dUmb, delUsional and in denial is no way to go through life clUcks!

Bottom line is, goldie is good window dressing for the program, he represents himself decent, and gives the media the coach speak that they want and are looking for. He's an organized individual, after that, he hasn't reached his potential yet, and his boy oach OH-NO is definitely not some guy that carries himself like he's capable of putting together a dominant defense.

For those of you trying to make the argument that this bozo we have coordinating the defense is actually worth keeping, here are some facts for you:

We'll dive into 2010, since that should have represented the epitome of their era their:

In 12 games in 2010 6 teams rushed for over 200 yards against temple with 1st round pick wilkerson on the line, 4 games in a row and than 2 games in a row. In 12 games, 7 times the opposing team had more offensive possesions against them by an average of 17 more offensive plays a game, which translate to not being able to get off the field much.

In the meantime, when shannon was the coach here in 2010, same categories, in 12 games only 3 teams went over the 200 mark against us. In 12 games only 4 times did the opposing teams have more offensive possesions than us by an average of only 8 possesions.

i don't want to give to many stats at one time, but i think it's obvious oach OH-NO doesn't know what the hell he's doing and has the least amount of confidence i've ever seen from somebody who's suppose to be coordinating a defense.

All i want goldie to do is explain to us what he means by "he'll challenge anybody" with his boys track record, not sure what that means, but good luck!

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