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Al Golden and Jedd Fisch statements regarding Jedd leaving the Miami Hurricanes

Jedd Fisch statement:

“I want to thank President [Donna] Shalala, Athletic Director Blake James, Coach [Al] Golden, the coaching staff and all of the incredible student-athletes that I have come in contact with since joining the program [in] January 2011.  There are 32 NFL Offensive Coordinator jobs and the opportunity to become the Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive Coordinator this year was based on all of the successes our program has had in the past two years.  I am so excited to watch the Miami Hurricane and Jacksonville Jaguar football teams compete for and win championships this year and the years to come.  There is no doubt that this program is one of the premiere in the country and I am grateful that I can always say I am part of the Hurricane Family.”


Al Golden statement:

"It's been a great week for the University of Miami and the NFL as evidenced by the hires of Marc Trestman (Chicago Bears) and Rob Chudzinski (Cleveland Browns) as head coaches, having the most former players participating in the conference championship games Sunday and now the hiring of Jedd Fisch as the offensive coordinator with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  We are happy for Jedd and his family.  Jedd has done a great job for us here at the University of Miami and we are proud of the contributions he made to our program over the past two seasons.  We wish him and amber and the Jacksonville Jaguars the best of luck for years to come."



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I know it's a great opportunity for him but why can't we have stability with the coaches at least for a couple of years.

Congratulations to coach Fisch, class act all the way!

As a Head Coach, the objective is to hire the best possible assistant coaches, and if you do, they are more than likely going to be recruited by other teams... The fact that the offer came from the NFL is a validation that Golden successfully hired great talent. Instead of bemoaning this news, we should all be praising Golden for a great hire. And most recently, he hired Mario Cristobal. Golden is proving that he's a heck of Head Coach and Leader. Thank you Coach Golden for being great at your craft. Please stick around and continue to build a great program that has the ability to reload/restock with great talent - coaches and players. You da man!

I hare to see him leave but if he must go can he take "ONOFRIO" with him??? Please??!!


Stability? Sadly, there is no such thing in college or pro football. The one thing you can count on is almost constant change.

Jedd was qualified enough to be given a big promotion and he took it. His departure has NOTHING to do with him being displeased with Al Golden or the Canes.

I think it would be great to see Mario Cristobal as the next Canes offensive coordinator. And this is not a cheap shot at Jedd as I think he was great, but I believe Mario would be an upgrade.

I tell you what, the best thing coach goldie can do and it's simple, we don't need to be out here trying to outbid guys for this rotating coordinators, we need to go back to our roots, all goldie needs to do now is bring back don soldinger, the time is ripe. Let soldinger be the oc, don will make sure our offense is on point, plus he can take over the runningbacks as well. Either way and however it is we need to get soldinger back in the fold.

If you already had to reach back and get kehoe, kept barrow and got mario, only 2 moves left to make, bring shannon back to be the d-co and and soldinger back and just figure it out from their. Plus you wouldn't have to worry about these guys going anywhere. soldinger could've left Miami along time ago, he's not interested in leaving Miami, shannon would come back with the quickness, and we'll be right back where we're suppose to be, with a coaching staff that's here for the long haul.

In fact, hell, if they don't bring soldinger in for the oc job, call sonny lubick and see what he's doing. The funny thing is, the 2 guys shannon wanted, trestman is now the headcoach of the bears and dirk koetter is just got a contract extension with the Atlanta falcons til 2014, lol.

The main thing is, goldie needs to repent for his sins(ray ray, vaughn telemaque, travis williams, gionni, finnie, luther, tracy, cain, and others, if not, he'll continue to have to go thru these trials and tribulations.

Yo Cane trash

Yo Golden Retriever now sounds like one of you chUmps

Golden Retriever is talking NFL and how great the canes r doing in the NFL.
Just like U loosers: "can't say anything positive about our college program so let's talk NFL"
What a doUche!
Trestman, Chudzinski and Fisch are on NFL teams, yep that's gonna help our cane team a lot. Maybe Chudzinski can come and help Donofrio with our No Defense. Maybe Trestman can coach the QBs via Skype from Chicago.
The coach is talking just like the average clUck who has nothing good to say about college football in Miami.
Hey Golden Retriever how come U didn't say anything about Fisch"s replacement?
Have U got a clUe?
U dUmmies are in more troUble than U know.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Classy move by all parties concerned here. Fishe giving credit to the student athletes and all the hard work that each part has done. Golden on acting immediately and giving respect for the accomplishments of former Canes, Chud, trestman and Fishe. This staff and first class.

D corch please LEAVE!!!!!!!!

Calvin said: "The funny thing is, the 2 guys Shannon wanted, Trestman is now the head coach of the Bears and Dirk Koetter is just got a contract extension with the Atlanta Falcons 'til 2014, lol."

True Calvin...But Heocunt wanted to get rid of RS with the $$$$ that midget man (Shapiro) threw at him...

When the NFL comes knocking with big opportunities and big $$$ then I can't blame Jedd or any coach. The Jags saw that Jedd produced enough at UM and has confidence in him which means AG made a decent hire. The trick is to thoughtfully and properly replace him. There will be plenty of solid candidates out there, don't worry.

I get that he wanted to be in the NFL and I hope he is successful but I definitely think he left a year too early. UM's offense should be dynamite next year - and Fisch's stock would increase any more. There are no guarantees in anything but next year he might landed a job coming into a much better situation. Instead he has to go try to make chicken salad out of chicken s**t with Chad Henne or Blaine Gabbert - good luck with that. This job sets him up to be the next Brian Daboll, bright young coach whose career growth is stunted by taking OC jobs with bad personell situations (Browns, Dolphins, Chiefs).

Hope it works out for him but I seriously doubt it.

Glad for Fisch, he deserves it.

Would have been nice if he could have left 3 weeks ago or 3 weeks from now. So close to signing day, very inconsiderate.

Canetrash...spoken just like an inmate at Alahua County Detention Center or should I say teammates!



Congrats to FIsch, who is a guy who has dreamed his whole life of this chance.
Get ready for another dazzling Golden hire.
And can you believe that statement by Al? Brilliant. The man is 100% leader.
It's inspiring just to be a Canes fan!

U all wont be asking for coach d to leave next year. I expect the freshman who played this yr. From deon bush, and jenkins at safety to howard at cb to the dl and lbs , They will improve. No team started more true or redshirt freshman on d last year then the canes. So this d should be much better next year. Much like fisch offense got much better last year. The truth is in every other yr but last yr coach d has had top 20 rated defenses at every stop he has been. I expect that to be the case next year . If not then maybe should make a change,

Yeah I can really see Marc Trestman leaving a head coaching job to become Randy Shannon's OC. What a dumbass thing to say much less think it would become a reality.

The one thing ill ever agree with Calvin on is we do need to get soldinger back into the fold.hes a um guy and he bleeds orange and green.great recruiter and great coach.

All the best to Fisch. In his brief stay at Miami he gave us his best. This is how our society works. If you perform well expect to be promoted.

Mario seems to be the logical replacement. As for bringing back older guys with UM ties for the OC position, college offenses are just too complicated. I think you need a young creative mind to run the offense. Back in the day, we had the most sophisticated offense in college football while playing against wishbone offenses from the neanderthal age. But college programs have caught up to us and you can't have coaches from the 80s running today's offense. Just my opinion.

what else is golden going to say.....as far as fisch leaving that's complete BS...what opportunity is golden referring too?....the guy was already in the NFL FOR 9 YEARS....why did he come here to begin with anyway?....it was just a place for these guys to hang his hat is all....golden too. they all have their agenda's.

OC options now are weak and impossible....the program has to be re-structured thru the HC position....Mario cristobal would be a complete disaster as OC...the guy never called an offensive play in his life....this move by fisch really f....cked UM....there is no way golden can sugar coat it....btw, kevin olsen is weak.....him committing means nothing since he has nowhere to go at this time and signing day right around the corner....plus bad senior year and the under amour game a disaster for him...nobody will give him a scholarship at this late in the game

Again, whether players or coaches, the road to the NFL still lives in MIAMI. Yes, the worst sports town in the US the NFL pipeline. That's for all you haters. GO CANES

2 Points:
Coach Fisch made our Offense produce points...Much more production than we could have imagined.

The other is that as an NFL Coach, he did not throw away his desire to get back into the ranks of the NFL..
He did when the right opening occured.

Now to address RS.. Calvina sorry shannon will never be back on the UM Campus..neither Soldinger..times have past them by..Get an Oregon type mentality and we will win consistently.
Coach G knows this and is working on it so sit back and be patient.
on every subject, Calvina mentions shannon..there he goes again..
Move on Calvina, move on...
The 'U' will be the 'U'

Gallo you are pathetic Get a clue!

Gallo your statement about Olsen just goes to show everyone that U are completely inept when it comes to knowing anything about CFB or the Canes. It is an Allstar game U idiot. A Quarterback can't just go out there practice with the guys only a few days and look like Elway or Montana.

your the idiot....Brice Ramsey (white) and Christian hackenberg (black) look very good ..those guys had the exact practice time.....what your excuse for that...olsen is weak not worth having to bring along under morris.

Get Ken Dorsey- One of the most intelligent QB's from the U. He was an avid studier of films and made up for his limited athletic abilty with smarts. He would be a great offensive coach or QB coach.

HAHAHAHAHAHA @ Cristobal being an upgrade when he has never been an OC IN HIS LIFE!!!!

I think it's time for Miami go to the spread Oregon type offense.

Gallo, first of all it is "you're an idiot" as in you are not your. It;s bed time for you so go beat off under the covers to your little Tebow poster. And just so you know I watched the game myself and none of the QB's looked all that good. Go back to your little soccer ball game cause it is obvious you know nothing about grown man football.

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