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Booker T. coach Tim "Ice" Harris says he's stunned UM pulled scholarship from Kirkland

This isn't the type of finish UM coach Al Golden had in mind.

With less than a week before National Signing Day, the Hurricanes have pulled a scholarship offer from a top recruit at a major high school power in Miami-Dade County and angered its head coach.

Booker T. Washington coach Tim "Ice" Harris said Thursday it was grossly unfair for the Hurricanes to pull their offer from All-American offensive lineman Denver Kirkland right after the team's state championship parade through Overtown.

Harris, who himself worked on UM's staff under Randy Shannon and whose son Brandon was a standout cornerback at UM, said he had assured UM coaches privately Kirkland had decided to sign with the Canes and was simply waiting until National Signing Day to announce. But because Kirkland wasn't willing to commit before then and make the announcement public, Harris said, assistant Micheal Barrow told him the program "was moving in a different direction."

"This had nothing to do with academics and everything to do with UM doing something unfair to a local kid," Harris said. "Denver has a 2.8 GPA and has the test score.

"Coach Golden visited the school today before our parade and told Denver everything he wanted to hear. Then, a couple hours later, everything changed. I told them Denver was all set to go there for the academics. This isn't the way UM should be doing business, not with the kids in their own backyard."

Harris said Barrow asked for a private meeting following the parade and asked Kirkland flatly if he would commit. Harris said Kirkland told Barrow UM was in the top three, but he wanted to wait until Signing Day to announce.

"I just don't understand why they couldn't wait," Harris said. "The same way [linebacker] Matthew Thomas is a big-time kid, Denver is the same big-time offensive lineman. Let the kid enjoy his moment. If they were going to do this to him, why not let him know well ahead of time so he could plan another visit. Don't come to us in the end and say you're going in another direction because of a defensive lineman."

Asked if this would affect Thomas' recruitment, Harris said: "I just look at this from a loyalty perspective. If we commit to something and show you love and tell you we're going to do something, just wait for it to happen. I've never seen anything of this magnitude. I'm not sure what this does for UM in Miami as a whole... I'll never tell a kid not to go somewhere, but it's tough for me to tell my kids to trust UM at this point.

"They don't know when an offer is going to get pulled, if they're going to do what they did to Denver today. He's an All-American. I just don't understand how they let him get out of here. I won't stop anybody from going to UM, but I can tell you I'll never help them again."


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That fence Miami was trying to build seems to have just collapsed. Sounds like the Noles get the entire Booker T Washington group now.

Miami has limited scholarships to offer, so this goes both ways. Too often these kids change their mind and then the school is left out. Maybe there's another OL that has told Miami he wants to go there, but UM was holding for Kirkland.

Remember, it's always a two-way street.

idiotic move...why destroy a pipeline like BTW?

Forget Harris....he's never supported Golden and is still butthurt over Shannon's termination. If Denver wanted aboard, he couldve done an announcement at any time...obviously the staff didnt trust what they were told.

The kid wouldn't commit so the offer is pulled. We ain't go time for this crap. He can be a silent and play the game right. Coley has his replacement already.

And Mr. Ice, you know how the game is played bro. Get over it.

Tee that tater up!!

Sorry but Golden has to do whats best for the U. The hat games and the song and dances these kids give are getting old. Kids commit and decommit in the last week leaving schools high and dry. AL Golden means business.Its likely there is a better player showing a late desire to commit. With the paucity of open spots due to the ridiculous NCAA debacle they gave Kirkland his chance and he blew it. If kid thinks a hat game is more important than his choice of college then he may not be the type Golden wants.
The fact that this happened means there are silent commits and that bodes well for the U.

Harris loved Randy Shannon, no surprise here.

Welcome to FSU Mr. Kirkland. Glad to have you.

I can tell U one thing: This would not have happened under RS. JJ never did this neither did Butch. Howard never did this. And why send Barrow out to to the dirty work?

This is about recruitment, the side of the game that UM is losing right now. This is reflective of where the program is compared to FSU and UF. I really think FSU goes in with the state's top recruiting class. meanwhile, UM is back to giving up 600 yards a game on D.

Agai, DunnoToday, DunnoTommorow, JustDunno Dag Gumit!!!

That is the type of shellacking you don't recover from. Wow.

...damn, that Coley thing just blew-up in the Canes' face. No Kirkland or Thomas. I just hope for UM's sake that Coley can do better as an OC than he did at FIU.

It's hard to feel sorry for a kid who had an offer in hand and chose to keep the Miami staff on the hook waiting. This is a critical class for them and they can't afford to dick around with a prima donna till the last minute. Sorry Denver, I wish you the best, but consider this your first lesson in the ways of the adult world. Loyalty goes both ways.

Sounds like Miami was scared not many OTs better so there isn't a better player lined up.

Kirkland didnt comitt because hes going to be a hog bitchez. Harris and randy shannon the new LB for hogs gonna open up a pipeline down to BTW. Thanks UM for the help! Haha WPS!

Has Golden put the hex on UM and laughs as he walks out the door very soon. Leaving Miami high and dry.

Kids want to be divas and sting the schools along. Kirkland had most of the last year to commit and quit playing the games.

Hogs also going to take Alex Collins while were in miami recruiting. Haha good times baby!

Who needs the NC2A, Miami is doing quite well sanctioning themselves. If we lose MT6 because of this, not another dime of my booster $$$ for this school.

Denver Kirkland was not a UM commit, coaches move on from uncommitted players all the time.

Good for Golden. No need to beg a kid to come. If he truly wanted to come, he would have committed. Would you guys stop living in the 80's saying Jimmy and Howard would not do that. Its a different world and day.

Don't get mad when someone asks you to go on a date...you say you have to think about it...in the meantime someone better shows up and takes your slot. Quit the "hat games" and commit...otherwise don't complain when someone takes your spot.

Ps...who over the age of 25 has a "cool" nickname? Grow up.

I'll say this, the only way this move will make sense is if we end up with jaynard bostwick and keith bryant, but if keith bryant and kirkland both end up at Fsu, that's not going to be a good look. No matter how you slice it, it's never good to have bad press at home. That's for sure, i don't like seeing stuff like this, no matter who's right or who's wrong. Again, we got guys like junior alexis and hunter wells & jalen grimble hogging up spots, get rid of them and bring in kirkland.

Now if we end up with coley & jordan cunningham and keith bryant, along with of course matthew thomas, bostwick and again, if this move was made because of keith bryant coming back into the fold, ok, np. At the same time, goldie has to wisen up, if you were going to pull the schalorship, why do it this close to signing day to get more bad press. I said it earlier today, goldie feels more comfortable in Tampa, why the bad news in Miami.

I understand all the dynamics, but you start messing with schools like BOOKER T. WASHINGTON, you asking for the out of state coaches to get an upper hand.

This move doesn't surprise me though, just like during games, some times goldie nuts up, but keith bryant better be on the way or this move makes no since. In fact, i'd axe that o-linemen coming from ohio myself to. Either way, if this messes up the matthew thomas situation and if goldie thinks this move right here is going to change the dynamics and start forcing kids down here to start committing earlier, he's fooling himself.

The kid and his momma loved their arkansas visit last weekend. Thats why he wouldn't commit. It was between hogs andcanes. Now hes gonna be a hog. Bad move for golden to have pulled his offer like he did. But as a hog fan. Very thankful. Haha

^ Posted by Tim "toilet" Turner

I complain a lot and love the gaytors. My team got destroyed by Louisville.

Except I'm not a Gators fan? *shrugs*

Well, I am not surprised how some of our fans are trying to spin this.. The same ones that got on Randy for his relationship w/local coaches are probably the ones placing the blame on Tim.. The report is already out that Al pulled it for not having enough schollies, so how in the f&ck can you blame Tim?

HORRIBLE MOVE by the Canes not only will this hurt them KILL them with Booker T but with a number of local schools coaches and kids. If the U was assured that Denver was in then let him go through the process. It is what it is! I hate the hats and the games and shenanigans but message to the coaching staff "IT AIN'T Going To Change" So either deal with it, do a better job of locking kids up early like Texas and Alabama or go to the pros. There's too much negativity associated with the program as it is we just cannot afford this kind of thing.

Don't ike this, whatever the back story may be. I am sure there is a lot more to this than meets the eye...Hard to imagine Golden treating someone so unfairly, especially a Boooker T kid. We shall see.

Grow up Ice, if you would have done your job and got the kids head on straight this problem would have never happened. Did you want Miami to wait till the last minute and get burned? Do your job next time!

I can't imagine UM pulling an offer on this kid. Yeah sure the Defense needs a lot of help for the U. But you're talking about Randy Johnson back there. With Kirkland in the mix, you guys would have a very effective OL

Golden knows what he is doing. Fans can't coach.

Who cares if he doesnt come or if Thomas doesnt come. Next person up. If they wanted to come they would have committed verbally.

Stop getting all hyped for HS kids. Remember 5th star great Fortsen, 4 star great Futch, 4 star great Holton, 4 star great Lewis, 4 star great Jones and so on from the 08 class.

Things like this happen when you have a head coach that lost more games than he's one. The rest of you can be happy with 13-11, I wont be happy until we get a real coach. Fire Golden, promote Christobal

If the issue is because the guy has not told them yes or no, why not pull every scholly then?

No Thomas now! If there isn't a lot of space for recruits this year why no pull the offer on Hunter Knighton! Ruined the pipe line. With 1 week left they lost trust in all the recruits. How stupid can you be? I'm tired of pretending Miami will ever be good again. I'm going to think realistic now. Coach D isn't going anywhere soon. Defense is worst in the country. Team only beat Duke by one touchdown. This team sucks. It's fun to have hope every year and think what they can do, but the dream is over. At a normal job your boss dosnt let you suck and hope you will be good next year. No, you just get fired. Sick of reading this dumb a** blog and hoping I have something to cheer for next year, ever f**king year! Team will never be worth anything because there's too many dumb people in charge of the team. Goes for you too Donna. Sorry a** Sun-Life Stadium. Almost no point in being a fan anymore.

Who stole my nickname??

This is not funny.

Wow. Coach Golden has a set of nads to pull that offer. I wonder if other coaches will start following suit with these kids who want to be attention wh0res and play the pick a hat game on National TV. Enough is enough with the "look at me! show me some love! look at me!" attitude that these kids are displaying.

Let's see, the kid won't commit but wants UM to wait until signing day to make his pick, where he could easily pick somebody else and leave UM high and dry and out of time with the limited number of scholarships available this year, and some of you experts think Golden did wrong? Yeah, sounds very logical to me.

Well it's almost certain at this point you can kiss MT6 goodbye now. and the 3 top kids from BTW def wont be canes in the '14 class. Hope this doesn't backfire but it inevitably will

Amen good for golden..plus, there has to be more to this story.

I love coco.

Stupid move golden,,a dade county beast is better than anything..fix this crap

Eddie - the only issue w/your logic is the staff will wait every year for guys to make their choice.. If they pull every offer then cool, but to single out this guy is wrong. I hope this does not bite us in the a&& in the future.

H.S coaches in Miami are all connected. They talk all the time. FSU will be a power for a decade now because this horrible move. Pull the damn offer on the Ohio kid Alex Gall. UM dosnt need a Ohio pipe line. Golden needs to go back to small ball. Even San Jose State ranked in the top 25. Go do your circus act in a community college UM coaching staff. I just can't believe how stupid of a move this was. Now we will see Golden on TV sweating and talking fast explaining nothing. " We got a good set of guys in here, we got to follow the process and the system." Shut up Golden!

Don't criticize until you see signing day results.

Glad to see that Im not the only one not buying the Golden hype. Fisch was the only guy worth a sh@t on the staff and now he's gone. Golden deserves to be coaching Temple not Miami.

Their loss is FSU's gain. We gonna get Kirkland, Thomas, Coley & Bryant and Collins will go to Arkansas and Miami will strike out on all the big name South Florida kids this year. This news has made my night and week especially after the James "Traitor" Coley fiasco last week. Go Noles! #TomahawkNation #FearTheSpear

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