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Booker T. coach Tim "Ice" Harris says he's stunned UM pulled scholarship from Kirkland

This isn't the type of finish UM coach Al Golden had in mind.

With less than a week before National Signing Day, the Hurricanes have pulled a scholarship offer from a top recruit at a major high school power in Miami-Dade County and angered its head coach.

Booker T. Washington coach Tim "Ice" Harris said Thursday it was grossly unfair for the Hurricanes to pull their offer from All-American offensive lineman Denver Kirkland right after the team's state championship parade through Overtown.

Harris, who himself worked on UM's staff under Randy Shannon and whose son Brandon was a standout cornerback at UM, said he had assured UM coaches privately Kirkland had decided to sign with the Canes and was simply waiting until National Signing Day to announce. But because Kirkland wasn't willing to commit before then and make the announcement public, Harris said, assistant Micheal Barrow told him the program "was moving in a different direction."

"This had nothing to do with academics and everything to do with UM doing something unfair to a local kid," Harris said. "Denver has a 2.8 GPA and has the test score.

"Coach Golden visited the school today before our parade and told Denver everything he wanted to hear. Then, a couple hours later, everything changed. I told them Denver was all set to go there for the academics. This isn't the way UM should be doing business, not with the kids in their own backyard."

Harris said Barrow asked for a private meeting following the parade and asked Kirkland flatly if he would commit. Harris said Kirkland told Barrow UM was in the top three, but he wanted to wait until Signing Day to announce.

"I just don't understand why they couldn't wait," Harris said. "The same way [linebacker] Matthew Thomas is a big-time kid, Denver is the same big-time offensive lineman. Let the kid enjoy his moment. If they were going to do this to him, why not let him know well ahead of time so he could plan another visit. Don't come to us in the end and say you're going in another direction because of a defensive lineman."

Asked if this would affect Thomas' recruitment, Harris said: "I just look at this from a loyalty perspective. If we commit to something and show you love and tell you we're going to do something, just wait for it to happen. I've never seen anything of this magnitude. I'm not sure what this does for UM in Miami as a whole... I'll never tell a kid not to go somewhere, but it's tough for me to tell my kids to trust UM at this point.

"They don't know when an offer is going to get pulled, if they're going to do what they did to Denver today. He's an All-American. I just don't understand how they let him get out of here. I won't stop anybody from going to UM, but I can tell you I'll never help them again."


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Good luck noles. the curse of bobby Bowden is on you.

I just read on inside the u that Kirkland confirmed that the offer was pulled because of his grades. The writer thinks that Golden was trying to save Kirkland any embarrassment (Angelo Jean-Louis didn't qualify, went to a prep school and still didnt qualify and ended up stuck with going to Marshall). This article says that his coach said that he has the grades so who knows?

Perhaps Mr. ICE should tell his kids that if they are not willing to take a stand when a decision is needed, that they risk the decision being made for them. Shame this happens, but if UM is the place Kirkland wanted to sign with, he should have agreed to do it, yet even today, he was not able to commit...and ICE is putting the blame on UM??????

If people think a high school coach is in charge of where a guy commits the next 4 years of his life they are fooling themselves. If a kid from Booker T is good enough and wants to be at the U he will learn that the word commitment means something. The fact is it wasnt important enough for Kirkland himself to give his word . He wouldnt do it and UM moved on .
As for Ice Harris. I am sure there is resentment against Golden as he was on Shannon's failed staff. Of course the Herald would only interview him and get his biased side of the story. And his son Brandon abandoned his college team at a moment of need. So Ice Harris doesnt have a leg to stand on. Another example of incomplete reporting Susan. Nice work as usual.
When the football team wins big soon those who dont jump on the bus will be left behind. Regardless of what a petty high school coach thinks.

Most be a reason why the scholarship was pulled but this close to NSD is a little absurd on the part of the coaching staff...now its true if the kid wanted to come and wanted to part of the U tradition, he would have committed long time ago, but really, i believe this is golden last year in south florid,,i think the coley and mario cristobal hire was designed with the future in mind,,cant blame golden for losing patience espcially when u consider the ncaa cloud

The rest of you are probably wondering the same big question I am. How can al golden ever win a national championship when he does not have a cool nickname???

Golden is trash. U fans need to open your eyes and not believe the BS hype

Got to admit this is a move that really surprised me but as a head coach has to do what works for his team. I am going to assume coach Golden knows or sees something none of the rest of us do. I know one thing whether you like it or not too many of these kids act like those two dumb b it ch sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. Another thing is alot of these kids are soft today. They ain't like the guys from back in the day like a Irvin, Lewis, Lamar Thomas, Randall Hill or Sapp. They are weak physically and mentally as well.. Those old guys were hard to the core and they didn't play the bs glamour games like alot of the guys today. Duke Johnson is a guy who also fits the mold of an old school Cane, who is orange and green to the core. I like the fact that Golden doesn't kiss anybody's arse. Harris is just pissed because his boy Shannon flubbed up and he had to go back to the HS ranks.

Ice Harris sounds like Calvin. Another RS apologist. RS could do no wrong. Please, there were plenty of kids who didn't come to the U while he was HC.

I don't wait on the words of 18 year olds. They make childish decisions and often look as foolish as a Calvin post.

At the end of the day...a silent commit does not mean squat...plain and simple. AG pulling his schollie...understanding the possible repercussions only means they have someone better to replace Kirkland. These kids need to understand THIS IS NOT a game....your not in the sandbox any longer....grow up!! Last....I blame the high school coach for this. He is ultimatliy the one who needs to sell these kids...."if your interested"....COMMIT....dont wait...THIS IS A BIG MONEY BUSINESS HOMEBOY!!

Saban is a genius...He put a billboard right in front of booker t high school. Why doesnt U.M. do things like this?? We need to do some agressive recruiting. Im from alabama and there is a lot of talent here but U.M. has no footprint here....WHY??? Golden please recruit south florida much harder!! Put a concrete wall around it!!!!! AND recruit the rest of the nation as well!!!

golden is absolutely the most incompetent coach in the ncaa.....he has to go...UM is going to lose it all

bryant - gone
bostwick - gone (ignores him and is parents at UM weekend)
kirkland - gone
paul - gone
finnie - gone

collins - thomas will not come here, you watch now. I agree now..FSU will probably get most of these kids...

get Butch Davis here....NOW!

Looksmlike someone didnt slip Ice some funds. Lol.

The Miami recruiting mafia atif again with help from the SeC$

Jimmy Gallos is a gator troll.

so Golden couldnt hold a scholarhsip for this top flight O lineman AND nab whatever other lineman on D or O he needed? What do we only have five schlardships? We need lineman on both sides! Our whole O-line graduates after next season!

this TMZ 2.0 now.....thank god for the basketball team....a path to the championship....beat arizona - gonzaga - florida.......thats all that has to happen and you will shake hands with kansas for it all....

like the "cane mutiny" or fisch quiting or #117 defense wasnt enough.....NEVER in the history of this brand have Ive seen so much incompetence....no championship or orange bowl appearence...totally f...cked class of 2012....like ive said...why in the world would we ever hire a guy with a losing record from temple...heres the best part...DNOFRIO IS STILL HERE....

I really want to be liked and will often resort to biting my pillow, butt up, just for kicks.

Hey guys, I know I come on here and pretent to be a Cane fan but I can't help it. I'm tired of camping with necks in trailer ville only to wake up and discover that spooning with Cletus is not enjoyable no matter how many Natural lights I drink.

"Go Gators....I mean Canes!"

wow.....this is inane......with sanctions still to come....where is larry coker or andy shannon....never woud this happen under those guys.....BUT, as in life.....BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR...it can always get worse.....this feels like enron, lol

Dont you people get tired of being morons.you're not smarter than golden & staff.yes, personally I disagree with messing with kirkland cause that inevitably messes with mt6 as well.but he clearly has a reason for this.maybe him & mt6 are playing games with us but he wouldn't pull it unless someone big has interest in the spot.just relax & let him work.

Barrow knows bs when he sees and/or hears it from a kid. That's what he got from Kirkland. Golden pulled the scholarship offer based on the report from Barrow.

There's never been a guy dumb enough to stand in line at a girl's door on prom night to find out whether he has a date.

When a kid can look Golden in the eye and say "you will do things my way...", that's a kid I don't ever want to see again.

Golden is a "neverwas" cant believe some of you are still buying what he is selling. Coach Fisch has carried this team and now he is gone

It's a cold move to pull on the day that they are celebrating their championship, There are other recruits on the fence and they haven't pulled their offers, I think the U got wind of MT going elsewhere and this was a way of getting back at Harris. They sent Barrow so that it won't be seen as a white-black thing. Not only are they breaking ties with Booker T, but its not going to farewell with future recruiting in So Fla, we have more commits from NJ and Nigeria than we do from So, Fla.

i thoughtt he was announcing his decision tomorrow??? wat happen?? bad call

Cameltoe...that was a great one!

Jimmy Gallos is a gator troll.

Let's put it another way -

go ahead and wait, Kirkland. If you decide in a couple of days that you want to come to UM - GREAT!

We'll look around to see if we can get a scholarship for you - honest - you know we'd love to have you. Maybe someone will give one up just so you can have it.

And no hard feelings for not committing now when we have a very limited number of scholarships available and a lot of guys who we know want them....

Fsu fans can go to their newspaper and stay there there was obviously a reason he pulled it ad I wouldn't be to shocked if mt6 stays a cane Fsu can go dig a hole and burry themselves in it BC no matter what Fsu will drop this year they are garbage regardless

All the sad UM haters just dont understand . Kirkland's scholarship offer was pulled because we had a better player in mind. Thats a position of strength not weakness. Still UM honored Kirkland by asking him to commit. He wouldnt and his offer was pulled.
The fact that Golden would take a player just because it would please Ice Harris is ludicrous. Ice and his son abandoned the U and Golden - he owes them squat.

@ Jordan says the fan of a team that is entering a entirely new "Golden" age of existence.

Thanks for Kirkland, Thanks for Bryant, Thanks for Thomas.

Also have fun missing out on Collins.

Only Nixon could go to China;
Only the U could go to Nigeria;
Only Kirkland would go to Arkansas;
(where is that?)
Thank goodness for the small state of New Jersey;
And thanks to all those who want to be Canes!

Miami will get more of the kids then u think. Last yr no one thought they would get howard and guess what they got howard. Each kids choice is his own. That means kirkland not coming isn't any idication of the others. For one only thomas plays at the same school. Will miami get any of them id bet they will. Golden does a great job closing. I will continue to have faith in golden and his staff until they prove i shouldn't . This past yr everyone predicted a last place or next to last place coastal division finish and 4 wins at most and they won 7 games and should of played for the acc title. Its recruiting and sometimes unless u are howard or busch or a player of that status if u wait out commiting u lose offers its what happens.



There is more to this situation than Tim Harris is trying to sell. Al Golden would NEVER go back on his word to a kid or doing ANYTHING that would hurt a kid…the real story has yet to be told.

All the speculation may have shreds of truth, but the one thing you know for a fact is that Al Golden is a very experienced, decidedly successful, extremely smart and highly ethical professional.

Things are not always as they seem and the best approach we Canes fans can take is to support Coach Golden and patiently wait and see what the coming days bring.

The agitators/haters are on this thread in force using a variety of aliases…ignore them as their posts are a reflection of their jealousies and being fans of teams (i.e. the Gators) that could never stand-up to the Canes unmatched successes and future successes.

When we win the ACC Championship this wont even matter!!

For the guy who says RS would never pull a Scholly.. tell that to Jakhari Gore...

Common sense suggests there is some other reason than what is being said for Golden pulling this...however it is hard to assume logical decision making from Golden since he refuses to say a single critical word about Donofrio but throw every kid that plays their heart out for him everyday. If your reasoning about pulling a sxhollie is that he wanted to wait to commit...then why isnt collins, cunningham, grace schollies being pulled too? Very sketchy move so late in the process. I want so badly to believe in Golden, but he and his retard best friend make it damn hard. Either way, hope we get what we need on signing day. Some more guys to drop back 20 yards on defense and then get blamed at the press conference later by Golden and Onofrio.

The kids need to understand this is not a game to play musical shells with in the recruiting process. Loyality is a two-way road. Miami screwed up by not waiting, but Kirkland, Bryant and Collins have played this stupid game for the last two months. Golden is not doing anything different then when he started. Golden wants nothing more than having the hometown kids stay home and paly for the "U". Golden said he would not play any games and go after recruits that WANT to come to Miami.

Oil and water don't mix. And as for HS coaches speaking to each other all the time they are also talking to Canes coaches all the time....the truth will set you free! There's more to this story...

Ice is a dope!

Larranaga has made the basketball team better, Golden has made the football team better, and Kirkland wanted to play games instead of answer an honest question.

Heck, even if he says No it is still his choice. But instead he chose to either hurt the team he was going to by not telling them, or he was stringing Miami along to make them lose a schollie.

He failed. And now Ice Harris, who was obviously a part of this insecurity on the part of Kirkland, is trying to deflect the blame away from himself.

If MT was coming here, and changes his mind because we didn't leave a spot open for some other gy, then he will change his mind again a year later and end up in junior college. See the Jelani Jenkins handbook for primadonna dancing and dodging reality.

Kirkland is better than Grace, so why doesnt he get his schollie pulled?

Larranaga is winning games, Golden is 6-6 and 7-5 (Due to Fisch being awesome)

Ice Harris is more of Cane and cares more about the U than Golden ever will

The truth is a year from now you will barely remember his name - let a lone why he wasn't apart of this class... Get over it!

Pull sorry a** Ohio nobody Alex Gall! Makes no sense. Thanks for ruining the Miami recruit pipe line for years Golden.

So Mr. Harris the U wouldn't get into a bidding war?

On the face of it this story doesn't make sense. You told the U the kid is committing to Miami and so all of a sudden Miami doesn't want to wait until signing day and because he wouldn't commit until then, they pull the offer, again knowing that you told them he is coming? Sorry that just doesn't make sense. Knowing the shizz storm this story would create and you want us to believe this fairy tale?

Nope not buying it and when FSU gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar along with Ole Miss and others people will then know the truth.

And you expect us to believe that all of a sudden, even though they came late to the party that Ole Miss is in his top three?

I know all about Ole Miss, I used to own a business in Oxford and helped them to recruit to the school. It is clear to me that they have decided to join the party in the SEC and you know what that means!

Also you want to slander this coaching staff, Al Golden and the rest of this staff knowing full well from when you worked at the U that they cannot respond to this. So you are taking advantage of the fact that only your version of events is going to be told and theirs cannot. You don't play fair and you and your staff have lost my respect.

Yeah I'm calling you out!

We are ignoring the MOST important issue out there!!! How can Al Golden compete without a cool middlename??? We are in deep trouble!!!

Miami hurricanes will do the right thing. Al. Golden will do the right thing. Kirkland to the U. Let's keep making that fence higher. Why build the dynasty somewhere else. When you can build the dynasty here. When you win the community,the city wins, It draws people too the games, some new to the area. It create jobs and more businesses will be attracted to the area. Not to mention you will be playing in front of fans,friends and family members who love you and not just football player

When a kid decommits a couple times or strings a school along for a year and signs elsewhere on Signing Day, no one says anything. No one blames the kid because picking schools was his choice, after all. But when the school does the same thing to the kid late in the recruiting period, its the Most Unfair Thing of All-Time.

Give me a break.

Yes this whole thing is way immature.

PS...Is "Ice" Harris related to Iceman? I hate that guy.

Story makes no sense there's lots of potential players waiting until signing day. This isn't the full story. Golden is hiding something. No coach would pull a offer this late in the game unless something was seriously wrong. Why ruin UM's already shaky reputation?

Miami hurricanes will do the right thing. Al. Golden will do the right thing. Kirkland to the U. Let's keep making that fence higher. Why build the dynasty somewhere else. When you can build the dynasty here. When you win the community,the city wins, It draws people too the games, some new to the area. It create jobs and more businesses will be attracted to the area. Not to mention you will be playing in front of fans,friends and family members who love you and not just football player

Forget Harris....he's never supported Golden and is still butthurt over Shannon's termination. If Denver wanted aboard, he couldve done an announcement at any time...obviously the staff didnt trust what they were told.

Posted by: jh | January 31, 2013 at 09:43 PM

True Harris has been a Closed Nole supporter for a long time. H e still has his ass on his shoulders over the Shannon thing.

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