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Booker T. coach Tim "Ice" Harris says he's stunned UM pulled scholarship from Kirkland

This isn't the type of finish UM coach Al Golden had in mind.

With less than a week before National Signing Day, the Hurricanes have pulled a scholarship offer from a top recruit at a major high school power in Miami-Dade County and angered its head coach.

Booker T. Washington coach Tim "Ice" Harris said Thursday it was grossly unfair for the Hurricanes to pull their offer from All-American offensive lineman Denver Kirkland right after the team's state championship parade through Overtown.

Harris, who himself worked on UM's staff under Randy Shannon and whose son Brandon was a standout cornerback at UM, said he had assured UM coaches privately Kirkland had decided to sign with the Canes and was simply waiting until National Signing Day to announce. But because Kirkland wasn't willing to commit before then and make the announcement public, Harris said, assistant Micheal Barrow told him the program "was moving in a different direction."

"This had nothing to do with academics and everything to do with UM doing something unfair to a local kid," Harris said. "Denver has a 2.8 GPA and has the test score.

"Coach Golden visited the school today before our parade and told Denver everything he wanted to hear. Then, a couple hours later, everything changed. I told them Denver was all set to go there for the academics. This isn't the way UM should be doing business, not with the kids in their own backyard."

Harris said Barrow asked for a private meeting following the parade and asked Kirkland flatly if he would commit. Harris said Kirkland told Barrow UM was in the top three, but he wanted to wait until Signing Day to announce.

"I just don't understand why they couldn't wait," Harris said. "The same way [linebacker] Matthew Thomas is a big-time kid, Denver is the same big-time offensive lineman. Let the kid enjoy his moment. If they were going to do this to him, why not let him know well ahead of time so he could plan another visit. Don't come to us in the end and say you're going in another direction because of a defensive lineman."

Asked if this would affect Thomas' recruitment, Harris said: "I just look at this from a loyalty perspective. If we commit to something and show you love and tell you we're going to do something, just wait for it to happen. I've never seen anything of this magnitude. I'm not sure what this does for UM in Miami as a whole... I'll never tell a kid not to go somewhere, but it's tough for me to tell my kids to trust UM at this point.

"They don't know when an offer is going to get pulled, if they're going to do what they did to Denver today. He's an All-American. I just don't understand how they let him get out of here. I won't stop anybody from going to UM, but I can tell you I'll never help them again."


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Get out of town to all the dade county kids -the fans are better

Get out of town to all the dade county kids -the fans are better

These kids needs to go to a town get out of the city -its more love

Sorry, it's not like he committed and then they pulled his scholarship offer. UM gave him a chance to commit and he wouldn't because he wants to pick a hat on national TV. If he really wanted to be a Cane he should have committed to Barrow. Miami does not have that many scholarships to give out this year and I'm guessing there are other players who have silently committed.

"Ice" Harris seems very bitter about being let go by UM and appears to be looking for an excuse to trash the program. He also knows that Golden can't respond because he is not allowed to comment on potential recruits.

He didn't pull a scholarship from a committed player, so where is the lack of loyalty? He told him up front that he needs to commit. If he committed, he'd still have his scholarship offer.



Golden isnt gonna do it for no reason

The reasoning is right in the article...Harris says they pulled it because of a DT that was willing to commit...Kirkland had his chance...say yes and we will honor the commit and say no to a player at a position they really need- defensive tackle. Since Kirkland (and Mr. Harris) decided to call Al's hand...one fewer hat on the table. That's life.

Coach Harris - You said "if we commit to something" but you didn't and wouldn't. I'm absolutely certain you could have told the U to hold the news until signing day, right? Like it of not, this is a serious endeavor and not a playground for anyone's ego.

Many of you posters don't know JACK about recruiting. If this kid was going to come to Miami , then COMMIT, and quit this I'll wait until signing day BS. All these ridiculous 4 star and 5 star, those STUPID stars dont' mean ANYTHING. Our scholly's are precious and shouldn't be wasted on a 'maybe'. To the dork poster from Arkansas, all I can say is REALLY???

I understand that UM has to do what's best for them and they have limited number of scolies, but the way this was handled was in a poor manor. UM has to keep going to the well at that BTW, which is one of the premier high school talent. I believe this will hurt Um in the long run. Remember it was rumored that behind closed doors, out of all the players UM was recruiting, Denver Kirkland was the most sure recruit, his mother wanted to stay in miami and pushed hard for him to go to Miami,and behind closed doors BTW Coach Harris guranteeded UM coaches that Denver was a lock.
Matthew Harris the number one linebacker in the country and also his teammate.
My thought is UM probably knows that Matthew Thomas is not going to UM, so since he is not signing, they are not intrested in Kirkland

Don't get me wrong, i hate all those hat tricks, and i like the fact that this might send out a message that if you want to come to UM, you can't sit round all year long and do that, but at the same time, the only ways this is going to work and look smart is if, #1. Come next season, this team is going to have to start looking dominant and winning, not barely winning and get into a significant bowl game. #2, this must mean we're getting another d-linemen as well and #3 this begins to help future UM classes fill up a lil better early, but than again, shannon didn't have this problem.

The sec schools are off the chain, kirkland didn't want to miss that last payday, you know what those sec schools do, when they first come to you, they hit you off with a few g's, than the longer you stay committed, more comes in, if you're a star player and start wavering, more money comes in, than they'll let you know, "if you continue to stick with us, you might just receive a gift from out of nowhere the day before signing day, so don't mess that up".

It's a hard choice for a teenager and grown-ups to. Alot of these guys trying to cash out before making their commitments. Anyway, it's showtime next week, and the only class i'm looking forward to seeing for real are the 2011 and 2012 classes going into their 3rd and 2nd years, right now, those are the most importat classes, if they shine and represent UM likes it's suppose to be, and if these coordinators put our players in position to suceed, everything else will start taking care of itself.

Right now though, that move by goldie was a rookie move, i know kirkland had an option, but if that man is feeling like he want to wait until signing day, he didn't do nothing wrong, this is definitely not an easy decision when you got this many schools sweating. Also, alot of yall need to stop trying to compare college recruiting to regular jobs. More than like the people who get offered jobs found the company, if a company found you and gave you and offer than of course, like these kids, you can basicallyplay the hat trick to as well.

Many companies started giving employees sign on bonuses as an incentive to come to that company until the bottom started dropping out of the economy.

Speculation! At this point who knows what will happen, but I can say the first thing Tim Harris did was tell Matthew Thomas not to come here. Who knows what will happen. Maybe Golden just wanted to send a shot over the bow. I'm goona stay out of this recruiting snitz till signing day. Bet if we all decided to wait till signing day every year this crap would be less. NCAA should dictate commitment to institutions by 6pm Sunday after contact period ends, its confidential and they can still do their little hat trick. The Bullsnitz has got to stop!

EOT FIU is the commuter school. Miami costs almost 40k per year........Sorry buddy. u aint from sofla

Well, maybe you guys get a real understanding of what Coach Shannon went through. He was blamed for burning bridges with local coaches. Then comes in Golden and he tell everyone that he's going to repair the relationships with the High School coaches. Now the it turns out he's now having the same issues as Coach Shannon. If you've noticed over time you have began to appreciate coach Shannon and respecting his recruiting abilities more and more each year.

Yo Cane Trash

Yo chUmps this is too funny...

Yo half of U r so in love with this Golden Retriever, he can't do no wrong. U little girls r so easy to please, he hasn't done squat to get all this love, bunch of fools.

Yo Golden Retriever messed up big time
Funny how U doUches blame everyone else like the HS coach, typical dUmmies.

Yo some clUck said the truth U fools ignore: "So either deal with it, do a better job of locking kids up early like Texas and Alabama" And 48 more schools I may add, including all Ur rivals.
Yo I've been telling U that for weeks now.
Everyone has locked down their classes already, except Golden Retriever
Everyone is now looking for some xtra gravy on top, except for U fools, U r still looking for a class. U barely got 4 clUcks locked up.

Yo some of U keep harping that if Kirkland did not commit now Golden Retriever couldn't wait till NSD.
Really? R U so stUpid?
If that were so he shoulda pull the offer from Tracy Howard last year, he was supposed to go to UF remember?
He should pull the offers from Thomas, Coley, Collins and all the other targets right now. All of them r waiting till NSD to declare.

Yo don't be kool aid drinking zombies with no grasp on reality living in a make believe Golden wannabe world.
Yo Golden Retriever messed up big time.
BTW pipeline gone.
If U can't keep the local kids home U will turn out to be worse than U already r. Worse than mediocre. That is bad.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Let me get this straight:

Alot of people are crying and doubting AL FRIGGIN GOLDEN and UM's Recruiting efforts?!?!

Reminder of who is doing the recruitment here:

AL GOLDEN- boss who killed it last year...
Mario Cristobal- knows SoFla extremely well- recruiting badass...
BARROW- rumor has it he knows recruiting and Sofla well...
Coley- FSU's best recruiter now on our side...

I'll take these guys words over anything wannabe commenters have to say. PS- Harris is extremely biased and butthurt.

we have been chasing this kid for 2 years and decide to pull the plug with a few days to go , i want the real deal here, i do not like the vibe in the gables anymore.

These kids grew up loving um, its in their backyard and to think when they get offered a scholarship they either wait for signing day or burn the school they love while repping an out of town school who is just the flavor of the month. If u love the u go there and make ur team relevant again, stop giving these sec teams and other joke teams the power to call themselves the best. Without u guys from south Fla they wouldn't b relevant . Stay home and crush every one else

Miami has the #1 offensive line in the country next year. All their starters back and projecting seven to be drafted next year... that's right seven! When Matthew Thomas decided to attend USC or FSU, Miami lost some of its motivation to sign Kirkland. He could be a great player... but he also could be like that Northwest class that never turned over. One thing is certain, Al Golden will not bend the knee to any player, coach, or parent. And, the U has been pining for this type of decision making for year. Hope his coaching can catch up with integrity soon!

U cant blame golden. HE IS NOT GOING TO BURN A BRIDGE UNLESS THIS KID WAS REALLY PLAYING GAMES. There are overrated 4 star guys people. How many top 4 stars fail.....Maybe they didnt want Kirkland, and maybe Thomas gave a silent, so now they said yea or nay denver. and he said wait....
I watched espn recruiting nation, and both r mentioned yesterday and are announcing live on tv wednesday morning. I think we get Thomas, and since he said Yes, put it on Kirkland.

Coach Knows what he is doing. Half these recruits you will never hear of again. Remember those words. Half of the 4 stars you will never hear from again.....

We are on Cover of Yahoo sports yesterday for most players in the superbowl. N BUTCH DAVIS SAID STRAIGHT OUT. I DIDNT PLAY THE 4 STAR AND 5 STAR RECRUIT GAMES. I WANTED ATHLETIC HUNGRY 3 STAR GUYS THAT CAN B MOLDED.......ANd hes right.........

You people think AG doesn't know what he's doing? We really don't need an OL and since DK wouldn't give a silent, someone else DID, and we once AGAIN gave DK ANOTHER chance to give a silent, and he didn't so enough said, we pulled it.

We've been recrutiing him for a couple years, and Barrow spoke to him probably a 100 times, and STILL no firm commit, so time to move on.

His grades also are not where they need to be anyway, and Ice HArris is STILL po;ed that RS was fired.


We were looking for athletic, speed guys who loved football," explains Schiano. That was a directive from Davis, who got his start coaching multiple sports and always looked for players who could excel at basketball, track, wrestling, whatever. "When you coach a lot of different sports," Davis says, "you start to appreciate a lot of skills and how they work together." He would assemble his staff in a film room, look at high school games, and wait for preps to "jump off the screen."

The recruiting ground in South Florida was fertile, but a lot of the stars on that 2001 roster came from elsewhere. Reed arrived from Louisiana. McKinnie came from New Jersey. Jeremy Shockey grew up in Oklahoma. Davis didn't much care for five-star guys as much as he wanted those three ingredients: athleticism, speed and love of football. For every Andre Johnson, who probably could have played in the NFL as a college freshman, there was an undersized talent nobody else saw. "Roscoe Parrish was a midget," says Curtis Johnson. (For the record, Parrish is 5-9.)

^ Again, if that is the case, why are his kids thinking about signing on? That doesn't make any sense & just an excuse by you to kiss Al's ass! If OL is not an issue, why offer a scholly?

You either want to play here or Not. Cola cane, good point. Enuff is Enuff. especially local kids. Tell Barrow, Mike, I am comin, just wait till wendensday but plzzzz save my scholly. He THOUGHT HIS SHEEEET DIDNT STINK, AND WE DONT WANT THOSE PLAYERS ON OUR TEAM............WE WANT BALLERS..

ALl Canes Fans should be happy today. He will be a 2nd-3rd scout teamer for 2 years anyway, and maybe never hear from him again.

Can anybody that is ok w/this explain why others are given the chance to wait until signing day w/o having theirs pulled? It doesn't add up. If Al is holding out hope for a guy that he feels is better, then so be it.. Just say it.. Trying to hide around the fact that he has not said yes is lame.. I know schollies are limited but only 2 kids from the area has said yes so far.. Our fans were up in arms when this was Randy.. Ha Ha @ the hypocrites!

Why there are SemenHoles on the Canes Blog still baffles me. ALL D1 schools do this in recruiting, its simple math, you have 30 scholarships but 31 commitments, 1 of them has to go. Sucks for the kid, but thats what he gets for trying to play his own game.

I Stand With The U

To pull Denver’s scholarship when it was a done deal and relayed to AG by player and coach, is totally asinine. There is no way that we should pull this offer to set an example; but more importantly, if both (AG and Denver) made the commitment, the agreement should be honored. Harris’ comments about AG has nothing to do with being upset that RS was terminated; if AG broke his word, he should be fired. It’s not a good practice to set this precedence with a local kid or program. So what if it means to hold a scholarship open while an 18 year old kid takes it all in while playing the game; it’s what kids do. This was a UM kid from the word go; we made a mistake yesterday. As a UM alumni, this doesn’t sit well with me or thousands of others who support our academic and sports programs. From the word go, there has been too much drama with this administration and coaching staff; AG has not earned anything before coming to the "U"; he doesn't get a free pass or countless numbers of mistakes…what a sad state of affairs. AG is way over his head.

If Michael Barrow (Miami legend) asked Kirkland and his coach in a private meeting (after both having spoken to AG) if he would commit and Kirkland said: "Miami is my top 3" GTF0H!! Come on, even with the sanctions Miami MIGHT get 1 more bowl ban in 2013, but after that Miami will be sanction free in 2014..Miami kids need to pick Miami, just as USC, Alabama, Texas local kids pick their schools early and IF they visit they always speak to the coaches and tell them it is just to get some free sightseeing, hotel room, free meals, free drinks, etc.

202 AG is trying to get things locked up and loaded and NOT have recruits dragging you by the balls up unitl signing day. It's a priviledge to come and play at Miami and it's also expensive, to the tune of about $250K and you dont' just throw schollys out to anyone. That kid had over 100 chances to FULLY COMMIT and didn't and we MOST LIKELY got some silent commits and that's where the scholly will go. If DK REALY wanted to come, he would've said 'yes' but I still want to announce on NSD, and case closed. Harris said he was coming to the U, but DK said not sure, so who're you going to listen to???

Cane 89, theres a reason for it. PrimaDONNAS are not welcome at the U......Ballers are. Id take a hungry underrated 3 star than this primadonna 4 star.

Howd Sentrel Henderson, 5 star primadonna work out so far. is he good , yes, but its taken him 3-4 years.
GOLDEN IS RIGHT, and this kid isnt a Miami guy.

http://miami.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1467010 Link to the story

Kirkland trying to be like the Bryant kid if your are a cane say so don!t dick around they only have a handful to sign iReal canes say they are no games please. Next,

Golden wants kids that want to be here..I would too. Miami is Miami......

I am not sure whether Kirkland will attend Florida State or Ole Miss or Arkansas. But I am sure that one way or the other, Thursday's events created long-lasting memories that will benefit Golden and the Hurricanes and also the future generations of young kids that come up through the Miami community and want to play for Miami.

Treat those Miami scholarships for what they are, golden tickets to a free education at one of the top private schools in America, a pathway into one of the greatest institutions and legacies in college football history.





extremely high probabilty kirkland was going to UM....the move was rookie all the way. Every top uncommited recruit in florida is red hot.....UM freaked out as always....florida/fsu are all going thru the same thing as is all other top ncaa teams....this "if they dont want to come here f...ck them attitude" just plays into the competitions...

you have to be pretty stupid with pending sanctions to think like you have all this leverage....the last thing you do is piss off your feeder school RIGHT in your own backyard....Golden is not smart...one day the light will go on with fans...until then enjoy your koolaid

Ok so If UM has limited scholies to offer, and Golden s being super selective on the ones he had left, and he offered Kirkland, but Kirkland didnt commit, so what are UM coaches to do? Seriously- WHAT DO YOUO ALL (CALVIN, COOL CAT, ETC) WOULD YOU ALL DO IN HIS PLACE? WAIT TILL SIGNING DAY AND BE LEFT WITH A SCHOLIE THAT HE COULD HAVE OFFERED SOMEONE ELSE?

that CAlvin would have been a rookie move and it proves to everyone here that YOU and all the RS apologists DONT KNOW SQUAT!

By the way- excellent article on canesport on the U domination. Excellent article about Frank Gore, and the 2000-2002 boys, and Butch's view on things- he regrets ever having left. I am sure he regrets it every ---ing day of his life! Butch couldhave won 5 national ch at Miami.

It also proves what I have said before- that those superiro defense of Miami were Butch's and Greg Schiano's creation NOT Randy Shannon's. Sorry to dissapoint you all.

Golden is playin ghard ball with these jokers4 star 5 star recruits who think they are all that. I guarantee Alex Collins is seriosuly playin g with Miami and will end up at Ark. I'd hate that if I were a coach


go on rivals, read the free comments what Alquaddin Mohmammed said and ARTIE BURNS SAID.........they knew they want to play for the U, and Burns already talkin about bein top player in ACC>......
THATS A MIAMI GUY. Mohammedis the #3 DE in the US, dominated in army all american game. THos are Miami guys.... COMMIT TO YOUR SCHOOL

College sports are a business just like a car dealership. The car u test drove might not be there when u make up your mind. Know what u want and get it. Dont wait for someone else to take what is offered to u.U are offered a ice cream cone but u want to wait until it expires. smart choose by MR.ICE to let his players wait for their 15 seconds of fame

GO "U"

Cola - So then every remaining recruit must be a silent commit. I wouldn't have an issue if Al pulled it if he pulled all, that is my point. No coach is going to get every single kid to say yes right when they want them to. Al has always said "if the player is looking, so are we" I am cool w/that.. The thing is the rest of the guys are still looking.. Grace just had a visit from UL.

Calvin.....please STFU!

You are the same narcissistic doucher that used to post on Omar's old cane blog. I know this because your idiotic ramblings made no sense back then either. You used to excoriate Coker back then. When RS got the job you became a master apologist and took then attitude that poor RS is getting picked on. RS could recruit but was piss-poor with player development (see NW recruits). Now you are on here bashing Golden almost daily. If you are such a master of the inner workings of college football you should become a sports analyst and make the big money otherwise I suggest you get off the storeroom computer at Walmart and get back to cleaning the hair out of the restroom drains.

A Scholarship at miami is 250k a scholarship at UF and FSU is like 40k.. for the 4 years.......

and a better degree at UM. U dont mess around

Johnny1303ification, first of all Johnny, you'd better go back to school and retake that grammar class you failed. Next Alex Gall committed, Kirkland didn't, that's why the scholarship was pulled. That's the difference, or do you have to go to reading class as well. When you have a low finite number of scholarships you can't let a kid dictate the process. I'm sick of the switch caps on TV thing. This should be a serious process. If a kid refuses to commit, move on. The U owned Northwestern in 2008, had a top 5 recruiting class, did you see what that got us. Golden did the right thing.

corpus, good post. yahoo put that Football factory article on the front page of yahoo yesterday. THATS THE U , to the haters. No FSU or UF players like that..
Sounds like they were helping the U out b4 signing day, since they launched the Shapiro story..

can89: at least I'm not the only one here now....he was all wrong right from the beginning....just analize his record at temple and the teams he just barely beat....the UM brand was worth more than the golden hire.....

lets be bold....butch davis IS AVALIBLE..does anyone at UM have the balls to reach out behind the scenes...why not test the waters, golden is still an employee...there are no employment guarantees at any corporation....UM should treat it the same way

Stupid Jim Gallo STRIKES AGAIN.

No 202 every player doenn't have to be a silent commit, but this kid had over a 100 chances to commit and did NOT, so are you gonna let some kid drag you around until the last second and then NOT go to your school? These scholly's cost 250k and aren't to be taken lightly. Besides if we get some kid who REALLY DOES want to come to Miami is that not worth more than a kid who says MAYBE????

Gallo you are the BIGGEST contradicter on this blog. The opther day you were singing the praises and now back to bashing, I wish you were at arms readh because I would b-i-t-c-h slap you. AG knows what hge's doing you idiot, and do you SERIOUSLY think FSU's OC left to come to us if he also didnt' know that things are changing for the better. God can just you shut the f up and GROW UP and be patient.

look when you offer a kid a scholarship - EDUCATION, the contract / ncaa rules say you have to committ in writing on or before national signing day....recruits are not required to comitt to them and the scholarship is no guarantee either....but to pull a kids education right from under his feet is immoral, unethical and unscrupleous...at the very last minute....his education just got greatly compromised...its a "david/golaith" optic that can only hurt UM...there is no other way it can be viewed...spin it all you want....

how much bad press does UM want?...hasent there been enough already? any ad agancy working for UM would have quit by now....

please....the real jim gallo never praises golden, lol

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