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Booker T. coach Tim "Ice" Harris says he's stunned UM pulled scholarship from Kirkland

This isn't the type of finish UM coach Al Golden had in mind.

With less than a week before National Signing Day, the Hurricanes have pulled a scholarship offer from a top recruit at a major high school power in Miami-Dade County and angered its head coach.

Booker T. Washington coach Tim "Ice" Harris said Thursday it was grossly unfair for the Hurricanes to pull their offer from All-American offensive lineman Denver Kirkland right after the team's state championship parade through Overtown.

Harris, who himself worked on UM's staff under Randy Shannon and whose son Brandon was a standout cornerback at UM, said he had assured UM coaches privately Kirkland had decided to sign with the Canes and was simply waiting until National Signing Day to announce. But because Kirkland wasn't willing to commit before then and make the announcement public, Harris said, assistant Micheal Barrow told him the program "was moving in a different direction."

"This had nothing to do with academics and everything to do with UM doing something unfair to a local kid," Harris said. "Denver has a 2.8 GPA and has the test score.

"Coach Golden visited the school today before our parade and told Denver everything he wanted to hear. Then, a couple hours later, everything changed. I told them Denver was all set to go there for the academics. This isn't the way UM should be doing business, not with the kids in their own backyard."

Harris said Barrow asked for a private meeting following the parade and asked Kirkland flatly if he would commit. Harris said Kirkland told Barrow UM was in the top three, but he wanted to wait until Signing Day to announce.

"I just don't understand why they couldn't wait," Harris said. "The same way [linebacker] Matthew Thomas is a big-time kid, Denver is the same big-time offensive lineman. Let the kid enjoy his moment. If they were going to do this to him, why not let him know well ahead of time so he could plan another visit. Don't come to us in the end and say you're going in another direction because of a defensive lineman."

Asked if this would affect Thomas' recruitment, Harris said: "I just look at this from a loyalty perspective. If we commit to something and show you love and tell you we're going to do something, just wait for it to happen. I've never seen anything of this magnitude. I'm not sure what this does for UM in Miami as a whole... I'll never tell a kid not to go somewhere, but it's tough for me to tell my kids to trust UM at this point.

"They don't know when an offer is going to get pulled, if they're going to do what they did to Denver today. He's an All-American. I just don't understand how they let him get out of here. I won't stop anybody from going to UM, but I can tell you I'll never help them again."


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There was a reason Golden went to the school 1st, ""cough, got some good news"", and then sent barrow back to say its yay or nay. . . Both Coaches went separately, meaning good news came 1st, and since we have 3 offensive lineman, Gall, Knighton, and the kid from nigeria, TELL US DENVER KIRKLAND< R U COMING BECAUSE IF NOT, WE NEED YOUR SCHOLLY. He owed that to Matt Thomas his teammate.......

Canetrash=Inbred Whitetrash. Yup!!!

Man, Coach Harris Sound like a FOOL!...Miami doesn't ole Kirkland , jack Sh...t. This is a number business and his number wasn't one of them, plan and simple. The last recruit Miami sign from B.T was some kid name Roberto.OT Clement we see how that's work OUT.

U have to bleed orange and green, and thats what his post on rivals said today. that mohammed new almost a month b4 he announced.

#2. With the Rivals.com Panel(not Miami panel) all highlighting U for Matt Thomas as of this morning, I think they know why Kirkland lost his scholly. They were , just 2 days ago, saying 2-3 fsu, 2-3 U, 2-3 USC for Thomas, and now all 10 guys state Miami for Matt Thomas.
Golden most have gotten word in his eary visit from thomas, and they wanted same assurance from Denver.

Matt Thomas is announcing wed morning at 905 on espn U. or 915.....live

I refuse to believe The U blew it with Denver. It has to be something else, then again he could have simply said I'm in, but I want to announce it on NSD. Case closed. U don't play.

Ricky. golden had an early meeting 1st, then he sent m barrow back later. What tht says is matt thomas gave the silent, so we got good news, and hes waiting till wed to announce(all rivals on main site panel put a U next to M thomas's name) ,so barrow went back and Denver wouldnt say yes.. we need that schollie....so sayonara Denver.....

If we take the offer from Kirkland we have to take it away from Thomas....if we took it away because he has us in the top 3 Thomas has us in the top 5. Need to be consistent.

Coach Harris needs to grow up and stop acting like a fool, Harris shouldnt make the statement he made, he will look bad down the road, dont let your alligator mouth overload your humming bird butt.

JVEL. thomas prob gave his silent. All the panel on the main rivals.com site put a U next to Thomas name today. Here is the link. Sounds like Thomas is in, 2 days ago that was half fsu, half usc, half miami, so they went to denver and said yay or nay.


Thank you Dom.

No prob. I have been following that predictor I posted above and all the rivals team put a U for Thomas, and then kirkland gets pulled. Sounds like we got thomas, and with 3 OL committs already, we woulda taken him but we dont need him, so, R U COMING DENVER? when he said maybe, he was launched

you guys are dumb this will not hurt them one bit they might have played at same school and thomas doesnt have arkansas in his top 100 so settle down thomas loves miami and the coaching staff harris straight up bullshitted his story it was cause of academics period. He did not have the necessary scores miami is best institution in florida academically and one of best in country . they will land bostwick coley thomas collins grace robinson and keith bryant

First of all, I wanted Kirkland but if he was such a Miami sure-in, why not commit like the rest of commits that want to wear the U on their helmet. Tim Harris, please be quiet, we know your still sour about the Randy Shannon deal. He was good, but he did a poor job of recruiting and he didnt win. H e brought in J Harris, one of the sorriest qb's I ever seen, just ran my blood pressure up everytime he stepped on the field. Al Golden is the Man, I trust his decisions, we got plenty more big boys to fill Kirkland's spot. If M Thomas lets this affect his decision, then he isn't his own man anyway, I'm sure he'll stay home, or regret not being a part of whats about to happen. TIME WAITS FOR NO-ONE!! Oh!! we need M Thomas, but it aint the end if he switch to the dark side.

FSU get top recruits every year and never win anything, obviously the coaches are not developing the talent, every year, same burger, same bun!!!

How many times have we seen the recruits put 3 different team ballcaps in front of the TV cameras and feign which one they are going to choose. Too much ego and not enough sense. Is a 2.8 GPA worth crowing about. Naw. I want to win but not with a egotistic lineman. Go 'Canes.

exactly biilpr: golden is a coward to send barrow in to do his dirty work...just like being afraid to play FSU for the championship because he was afraid of getting beat again....its is funny jedd fisch totally f....cks UM with his departure not to mention the timming of it all.....but all these offensive recruits that were TOLD jedd fisch was the OC for 2014 all of a sudden cant leave all their options open till national signing day.....

now golden is doing damage control with harris...thomas and kirkland are close friends and golden just sacrifced his best friend but then again golden has been doing that all year.....if I were thomas I would be pissed....more bad optics from this administration.....maybe in the end we need to loose everyone so a REAL change can happen.....Butch Davis where are you?

Harris said: "I just look at this from a loyalty perspective. If we commit to something and show you love and tell you we're going to do something, just wait for it to happen.

Dumb comment from the coach trying to cover his arse. First of all, what commitment? What love? And you didn't tell them you were going to "do something." Coach Harris, your player was asked point blank, face to face, man to man "you coming to Miami?" duh!!!

Does anybody out there think Howard, JJ, Butch, Dennis, Larry, Randy never did this? You are delusional. They didn't take any crap from recruits or dumb arse coaches either.

This will not hurt us long term at Booker T. Is Ice gonna steer kids away from the U if it is not in the kid's best interest? I don't think so. Kirkland had a right to make a decision and deal with the consequences. He did, welcome to adult life and way to go coach!

We are all tired of the hat game. Golden was supposed to wait around until NSD and then if the kid chose FSU or ARK where does that leave Miami? People like Johnny1303 would be bitchin that he didnt have a plan because who are you gonna get on February 7th? Let's move on folks.

It's about time someone put a stop to this madness, this kids are manipulating the system to get attention. They want to go in TV with the hat game and get the spot in. Usually it is ok but not now, the few spots the U have are gold. They can not make a mistake to loose a good kid for the one who may come. "Show me the money!!!!!!!", this kids are miss guided by their coaches who advised them to "play the field" for a better offer. Then complaint about it when the program protect their interest. If he do not recognize the value in front of him let it go and good luck anyplace u wind up. But be careful, heat reject the chance of his life. I wish him the best but if ur heart is not in the U place go on with ur career someplace else. I think kids are going to take Miami's offer serious from now on thinking if they try to play the field they may not get invited to the dance!!!!

What has BTW kids done for the program? Have they added any Bowl wins to the trophy case? NOPE. One player is not going to make or break The U. Denver can got to Arkansas and never smell a BCS Bowl due to Texas A&M, Alabama, S.Carolina, Florida, LSU, etc...Good job Coach Al. Move on.

With the experience of Coach Barrow and Coach Golden looking in this kids eyes and he is all over the room and can't commit after 1 year of saying he was a "Cane, then "Houston we got a problem". It is not the 'Canes but an immature little Prima Donna who wanted more stroking.

Well reality is that we have limited scholies,and with our position now, you are either on board the train, or you will be left at the station staring at the tracks, as the 'U' moves on.

Many posters say many prospects do this every year. The difference is are you REALLY commited to the 'Canes or not?..If you are lukewarm, or not, then move on, because as Duke Johnson showed, commitment is part of team.

If you are this now, then it won't work down the line, and in 1-2 years Marshall here we go.

Coach G wants more old fashioned Ed, Clinton,Ray, and other Canes who say hell yeah, sign me up and when do we start. Let's kick some A**.
That is what Duke said and did...The U and our Coaches are on track.
Go 'Canes.

if you cant play the game then quit....golden is not able to compete at this....all he has done all year is hand our competition tremendous amunition.....

but it is OK for this coaches to do this....I am on the side as a fan of the players....not the coaches or administraion......these guys are destroying UM football....nobody s gonna want to come here....you will see

IM BACK!!!!!!!! I told you Cane's over and over not to get excited over Coley. Sad thing is, you guys will fire him soon and all will work itself out the way it should. Thank you for growing Matthew Thomas and Denver Kirkland. 'Check and Checkmate!'

Go Noles!!!

ryan: I hate to agree with you but FSU comes out the winner in all of this....

Coley is my alumni...man I hate to think maybe fisher held the playbook because coley was not ready yet...bad karma has a way of having a snowball effect...its funny golden and company are their own worst enemy..they put so much pressure on themselves....now monday they got to announce BIG.....or they all will look more stupid than they already look

You're either in or out. We are not in a position to wait until signing day. I like the kid but Miami has to know at this moment.

You see young lads, if you want to be a manipulative diva and try to be more important you really are and then someone comes along and punches your ticket back into reality; you better wake up and smell the coffee. I don't feel bad for this action, business is business. "Ice".....wtf........lose the nickname.

Hay Ice you need to grow them up. It' all about the U. Ask Ray L., Ed R., Michael Irvin, Vince Wilfork, Jonathan Vilma, Warren sapp, Melvin Bratton, Alonzo Highsmith, Brian Blades, Bennie Blades, Don Baily, Tolbert Bain, Berni Kosar, Jimmy Johnson, Don Baily, Jerome Brown, R.I.P. Sean Taylor, Ect. Ect. Ect. ON and on and on. I trust Our Micheal Barrow knowes a miami guy or not, sorry kirkland you'r not. You should have bin all in. Hay Ice It's all about the U. 30 for 30 The U.

Jimmy gallos is a gator troll.

All Florida teams are trying to rebound to rebuild the best teams they can, with the "smartest" toughest kids available. The Kirkland kid , if he was "smart", new there were limited # of scholarships. If he wanted the U he would have commited to the U. Your crying over a girl that didnt love U. So, U, have to move on.....that's what U have to do .. God job to U and Golden. Free shoes university can have the materialistic girl.

Harris you can talk crap all you want. But the bottom line is your kid was playing games with the U and they didn't want to wait another week to lose out on another player who may WANT to be part of the U. Obviously your boy didn't want to play for the U and be part of the family. GO CANES

i am shock u dont mess with wat got miami wer miami is and that the kids from south florida golden better have some thing under is tie or up is selve to be continue

Guess what? ALL the NFL teems look to the U for thier talent $ their big play makers. So stay home get the best education $250k, And a clear path-way to the NFL. Thier is no Greener grass then so. Fl. It' a canes thing!!!! Don't play games with you'r future.

who cares....the hurricanes will still winn acc this year

It s a business Mr Ice.Stay cool.Keep out of it now at this point.It s not your business.The kid had a year to decide.They were genuine in meeting with him I m sure Thursday.When they were not respected...it all changed.Tough.The kid and apparently (you as well) just got a big boy lesson in life.Grow up...both of you.Life s NOT about playing games.

Still think Kirkland signs here after his full family visit with Barrow. Why would his family accept a meeting if there isn't anything going on behind the scenes.

Good, lets move on..hey ice there is millions of players out there.NO one player is bigger than the program..

The reason the other coaches never had to do this, was because back then the minority of our kids in our back yard committed to us and helped us recruit. It's more kids in our back yard committed to Florida, Fsu, and ect. Then to us.

the kid had a 2.8 at Booker T.? good luck with making grades at UM... I'm sick of these kids and their HS coaches who lie like hell about how great their kids are.. Canes recruited a buch of local kids in the past 7 years.. how did that work out????

Tim Harris is a weasel, who was instrumental in UM's decline under Randy Shannon...
there is a reason Ice is back in HS and Randy can only get hired as a linebacker coach.. They are both top level phonies...

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