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Canes' RB Duke Johnson becomes target of Twitter thug after commenting on LeSean McCoy's baby mama drama

From the zany world of Twitter here's a new story making the rounds: UM running back Duke Johnson apparently became a target of one of LeSean McCoy's twitter followers for publicly voicing his opinion on the Eagles' star running back's baby mama drama.

BlackSportsOnline first got wind of the story Sunday and now it's spreading after a few retweets. Here is a link to the story and the details

In a nutshell, Johnson criticized McCoy publicly -- as other athletes have -- for his public battle with his ex-girlfriend. One of McCoy's fans @John082583 then began attacking Duke for his comments. 

Johnson hasn't paid much attention to it. His response on Twitter: "My mom always told me beware of the Internet thugs....✌"

UM fans have of course come to Duke's defense.

It will be interesting to see if UM coach Al Golden says anything about this. He's been pretty lenient on guys having Twitter accounts. 


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I got your back Duke.

Sounds like Calvina and Gallober again.

duke is young but he is a class act, if more athletes were like him there would be far less drama.

Duke doesn't need any fans to back him up. He is a real man, with a real, busy collegiate life. Plus, as a real Cane, he lives above the fray of haters.

Update: that loser's twitter account was deleted.

Dont feed into the small things duke -you on a higher level

Careful commenting on others duke.

Really proud of "[]_[]" Duke. Punks get real big & bad behind that computer screen! Make em even more mad in the future with holding up that crystal National Championship trophy then going on to being a class act in the NFL!

Instead of being on Twitter I hope these guys are in the Weight room, getting bigger, and Stronger can you say ...Alabama!

I couldn't agree more with the majority of the comments, Duke is really the part of the first generation who loves are played out out on Twitter I know everybody is into it I'm some way, but he and his friends are truly 100% living out their lives for all to see, so it's easy to insult somebody without even knowing it, as a 30+year Cane fan I'm proud of what he did last Season, I also can't wait to see what he's going to do this Season especially with a real Top Top blocking fullback to work with him

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