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Canes land big commitment at U.S. Army All-American game

The Miami Hurricanes picked up a huge commitment Saturday afternoon at the U.S. Army All-American game when defensive end Al-Quadin Muhammad, a standout at Don Bosco Prep (N.J.), announced he'll be heading to Coral Gables.

Tabbed the fourth-best weakside linebacker in the country by Rivals.com and the 97th-best prospect regardless of position, Muhammad (6-4, 225) had a sack and a forced a fumble he recovered in the first half of Saturday's all-star game in San Antonio. He picked up a second sack in the second half.

Rivals.com's Mike Farrell calls Muhammad that "a tremendous edge rusher" who "can stand up, work in space." Muhammad chose the Hurricanes over Rutgers, Notre Dame and Alabama.

"They showed a lot of support, they were hungry," Muhammad said during the NBC broadcast. "I went to the University of Miami and I visited. They came to see me and they showed a lot of commitment."

UM signed JUCO tight end Beau Sandland (6-6, 260) last month. He's considered the team's top recruit according to 247sports.com. Muhammad, the team's 12th, non-binding oral commitment, is considered the second-best commitment behind quarterback Kevin Olsen.

Olsen played six series and went 5-of-13 for 21 yards and no interceptions in Friday night's sixth annual Under Armour All-American game in St. Petersburg.

Defenses reportedly dominated the nationally televised game as offenses had difficulty earning first downs and quarterbacks were afforded very little time in the pocket. Olsen's two teammates on Team White combined for four interceptions. Receivers dropped a lot of catchable balls.


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Considering everything going on right now with the program, Golden should be up for recruiter of the eyar award!!

Damn Many, how much did it hurt you to have to type up a positive article about the U?

u are going to see al do the same as last year and close strong, this guy is nothing short of outstanding, now lets get thomas, greene and foster

On a serious tip UMfan_, & no disrespect-this post is for conversation only. Foot ball convo

Now about your comment, I don't want somebody blowing smoke up my arse...give me the good,bad & the ugly( & I don't mean Manny's mug). I don't wanna live in Pollyanna bc right now our boys ain't that good. & although, theyre on the climb, they've been struggling. In other words, they ish has stank. Every story about them can't be positive. Manny keeps it real.

wonder who recruited this kid..bet it wasn't D'onofrio..kids who have left or are in trouble..
Ray Ray, Gionni,, Finney, Buchanon doesn't want another year, Johnson-suspended.. Others??? ALL DEFENSE!!!!!

ray ray and finnie didn't leave...they did dumb stuff and got kicked off

Considering everything going on right now with the program, Golden should be up for recruiter of the eyar award!!
Posted by: nolekiller69 | January 05, 2013 at 05:33 PM

Yes sir AL Golden all the way!

Shayon Green will be looking for a Job next!

First off welcome to the U young man. Great job at the Army All American game and can't wait to see you in a Cane Uniform. Also great job to Coach Golden and staff, for their undaunting drive and persistence reeling in a top defensive talent like Mr. Muhammad. Continue the great work you and your staff are doing restoring our program back to a National Power.

Much better comments> still always one idiot!

Nice pick up Coach! Go Canes!!!

Its like this, while other teams are coming to Florida and taking the best players, dont forget Miami is doing the same thing in New Jersey, we have 3 of thier top 30 players. We have the 16th best player from Lousiana. We have the #1 Junior College player who play TE.If we can grab 4 more solid to great players from I dont care what "state" we will have a solid recruiting class dispite the NCAA looming sanctions.

Welcome! Glad you are here.

Back to the great defensive teams!

This kid played in the nat tv game AT ST THOMAS home field when Don Bosco came to Ft Laud in Sept and dominated the game, shut down st thomas offensae and new jersey won the game. He was all over the field. KIS IS A GEM. 4 of our 12 committs are espn 150 players and 5th is #1 Juco player. SO basically half of our recruits are top 150 players overall regardless of position.

With that said, sometimes the under radar the Sonnys, the Hunter kid from new jersey, those are the ones that become studs. Ed Reed was a 2 or 3 star, many of butch davis's classes were not top 10 classes.

NOW, he can close strong with 4-5 top 4 and 5 star kids and its a great class. I think we have 20 spots with paul and finnie gone, plus a few early enrolees that count towwards last yr.

WE ARE LOADED WITH YOUNG TALENT> GUYS GO look at no dame in 2010,2011. Brian Kelly sucked They lost at home to USF. THEY WERE PLAYIN ALL YOUNG STUDS< and well now, getting the rewards. WE ARE ON OUR WAY BACK.

in 2014, theyear of the college playoffs, the duke and tracy howards will be JR's, the redhsirted kids this y will be sophomeres, Kevin olsen will be a redshirt freshman, the LB's will have tremendous depth if we can land Thomas. we need 2 more LBS', 2 more DT,s 1 RB, 2 wr's . coley n cunningham from boyd anderson and university school. Matt thomas is a 5 star LB from Miami.
Also. the #2 CB in nation, Mackenzie, is fro Edgerrins school inImokallee High. IMAGINE LAST YRS #1 CB and THIS YRS #2 CB. Plus Artie Burns, Jamal Carter, and Deom bush. THE TEAM IS GETTING LOADED

Guys I've actually been pretty nervous and disappointed about our recruiting up to this point. This is our first top 100 recruit who ranks 97- for craps sake penn state has 2. I believe in golden and believe he will come through in the end- but right now I'm not sure why you guys have been impressed by our 23 nationally ranked recruiting class.

Our d line was terrible this year- although a good start- we need many more d lineman. Need a beast of a 3 technique

As far as sanctions go- we will probably lose a couple scholarships and that's it. Remember we already sat out two bowl games and an ACC championship game. All because the NCAA wants to believe a convicted thief and liar who is trying to not go down alone.

Regarding NCAA - I keep re-posting these two posts because they are must reads regarding the NCAA and its role as judge, jury, and executioner. And, the governor of PA is suing the NCAA over the Penn State penalties, although that move has political overtones. Time for a generalized revolt against the NCAA. Doesn't excuse whatever happened at the U, however, what for sure didn't happen is the program being well led.



Amari cooper back in town says hes always been a cane, but the string of mediocre seasons was a huge factor in deciding on miami.


The u needs to win. Play in ships. And local kids willl stay. Period. That simple.

Good luck amari.

No way i can stand the thought of ND winning. I cheering for bama. Bama fans are ok. Not smug or whiney like gator fans or nd fans


Welcome to the U! You have made a great choice and we look forward to welcoming you and your family to UM.
You will be a difference maker for the Canes!

Welcome Mr. Muhammad. As a Miammi Hurricane fan I wish you all the best on the field and more importantly off the field and in the classroom. You have picked a great institution to be a student athlete. Keep up the good work CAG and staff. Let's get Stacey Coley, Matt Thomas and Denver Kirkland.

Hey Lance, with all the crap that has been compiled with the mess Golden has to clean up from the two prior coaching regimes along with all the negativity regarding the possibility of NCAA penalties, we are actually doing pretty well with all things considered. Last year we signed a top 10 recruiting class and we knew this year we would be only signing 15-18 players with this signing class so if you take a look at it we are doing pretty well. I think if everyone just takes a step back and look at the totality of the situation we all would know that this recruiting class would not look as good as others but would instead fill our needs.

I know one thing I would love to see that Green kid that plays RB and Alex Collins come here to play. That Green kid is a Ron Dayne type of punishing runner with much better speed, and Collins is an electrifying runner. We really need that bruising type of back that can run out of either the I formation or one back set and push the pile forward.

Good pick up. Welcome to the U. Now all we need to do is recruit a competent dc.

We still in the ball game with several top notch recruits. We need them on both sides but definitely on the DL! It should be a situation for D'Nofrio to get Bostwick and the DL from Deerfield that decommited or get gone!

Canes are irrelevant--get it through your thick heads.IRRELEVANT and that guy LAZ is a joke.

Canes just picked up Yur Mama from St. Thomas of the island od Irrelevant.

good pick...but well see. this is always the same BS post/pre season....I still say UM goes nowhere with dnofrio. Golden getting left with a mess is also BS....more excuses for his failure. all you have to do is check the stats....the stats were better with all the coaches before him including shannon and coker.

#116 defensive rank out of a possible 200....no one left him with that..that is goldens own doing. but well see....next year he has a chance to prove he can lead this brand...ill give him at least that for now

Gallo, you are wrong as usual.

championships..who did butch davis suspend? this year UM had a mutiny....suspension - players leaving - parents calling radio stations......please adise who and what year that happened under davis or coker or shannon.....

a good players leave...we recruit anothr good player....what are we gaining?...UM is still running behind in place on the recruiting trail is all

giovanni paul
alex collins
keith bryant
travis johnson

new recruits are not beter than those that have decommitted...so why is everyone so excited?

And WZard, we only gave up the chance to play in our conference championship...yea, we're irrelevant.

Nah, we're just deep in going through two very incompetent coaches. One road the coattails of another while the last one simply was not HC material, hence, only nabbing two position jobs since.

We finally have a HC after a decade of not having one. It's like getting Ron Zook twice in a row.

We are in some serious need of a DT unless we're switching to a 3-4 hybrid. Getting this outside guy sure does make it look that way.

lets not forget the others that have left UM

kermit whitfield
jayron kearse
angelo jean-louis

2010 shannon leaves golden with:
total offense - 5493 / 44 TD's / ncaa rank #31
total defense - 4199 / 37 sacks / 16 INT's / rank #22

2011 golden takes over:
total offense - 4533 / 41 TD's / ncaa rank #70
total defense - 4319 / 23 sacks / 6 INT's / rank #45

2012 golden era continues:
total offense - 5280 / 44 TD's ncaa rank #37
total defense - 5837 / 13 sacks / 11 INT's / rank #116

even on espn bcs bowl interview he is doing damage control with the freshman BS....thats what I hate the most about him....he says he takes responsibility but then he dosent.....he plays merry-go-round with it

Marc Trestman good enough for the Bears but not UM. What a joke !

There were over 30 dropped passes! What the heck is wrong with Wide Receivers today?! Wow, terrible!

Gallo you ignaant dope:
Jayron Kearse couldnt qualify academically. Get your facts straight. dont let your hatred for Miami get in the way. All your stupid stats dont mean a thing if you dont have the facts.

By the way, idiot, college football is 1000% different than when Butch was coaching. First- there was no twitter or facebook. Second, there was no stupid ESPN 150 or under all american games. Third of all, Butch didnt have to kick anyone off? so what. That's the circumsatnces of it all it means nothing.

Um in fact wants to weed out players who cause havoc and trouble we dont need that garbage. We dont need the Finnies of this world. There is no place in cfb for that- I criticized how thewhole Cam Newton thing was handled. I supported UF's decision to kick him off but not how he ended up again in the SEC. What a hypocrisy. He had no accountability for his actions.

yes who said he didnt? he still left, what difference does it make?...there lies the difference, we need the trouble makers that cause havoc on and off the field....whether it is stealing car radios like steve walsh said or taking the $200 from luther to buy pampers like benie blades said....or we can get vague infromation as to why a very promising 230 6'1" OLB on the 2 deep depth chart is gone.....always mystery with golden in media on why players leave or get suspended.....

the gallos of the world will always appear....hard to watch cane utube videos etc from the past and then look at this product and say WTF happened?
why do you think the fan base is so weak.....the product is really not that entertaining like the past teams....the us against the world thing really worked well.....add the thug life to it and it was explosive chemistry.....now we have al golden trying to turn UM into a catholic boys school....even ND is still thug...
UM was always from liberty city...not coral gables

why is giovanni paul gone?....please tell me EXACTLY why he is not with UM....

Um doesnt play for a championship or bowl game and goes #117 defensive rank because of facebook and twitter....I see ty, that explains it

Welcome to The U!!!

denzel perryman:

45 solo tackles - 19 assist - 64 total

gionni paul:

40 solo - 21 assist - 61 total

almost equal to our best defensive player and we get rid of him who also has 2 yrs under his belt....WTF is that?...why are we celebrating about some high school kid from don bosco HS?

the dt spot is the most important in the recruiting process this year.Do not see any on the list.We have three 4 stars right in our backyard and havent gotten any of them.That is what I will judge the class on.Alex collins is for real,forget about green.We have the potential to have a backfield like in the past.Gore,Mcgahee,and portis.Duke ,alex collins,and next year sony,equals the best backfield in the country by far,maybe better than the former best backfield in the history of college football


Richard Pitino has said he wanted his team ready to play whether the crowd was five
-- david j neal

did U know Miami began ACC play with a convincing win ...
not if U just read the herald website ...
they're too busy accomodating a tier 4 commuter school whose students, faculty & alumni unabashedly root for U ...
f-i-u-don't-matter basketball v. louisiana laffing yet -- the 5th most important story ...



Richard Pitino has said he wanted his team ready to
play whether the crowd was five
-- david j neal

here's the rub ...
because of guilt, threat or inducement ...
the f_cking faint-hearted herald could lead with f-i-u-don't-matter all day ...
everyday ...
but it won't matter ...
the sophisticated readership skips their articles ...
never amongst the most read or commented ...
all the while alienating the paper's core cUstoMer ...
so you can lead a horse to water ...
but you can't make it drink ...


What is the deal with Matthew thomas?He has set his visits up so we have no slots to bring him in for an official visit.He has one visit left to schedule but from the dates used leaves us no slot to bring him in.Thought he has continually said Miami is either the leader or at least in the top three.Bothers me that he hasnt set a date for our visit.Maybe he has been to the campus enough and dosnt need an official,still worries me

Paul played hard but we will be fine without him.He was slow and unathletic,when I watched him.The numbers were decent but with a non-existaant DL the linebackers would make alot of tackles anyway.Jermaine and matthew will be a huge upgrade.

thomas is leaning towards fsu now.....maybe thats why golden cannned gionni paul....told paul he will 3rd in dept chart next year to fit in thomas....

fsu now has moved up as the place to play in florida.....they are the hot commodity now.....

sorry he was the best tackler on the team with perryman, he still had 40 solo tackles vs the next player after him which is eddie johnson with 39....you dont get rid of a guy like that with 2 years of the system under his belt....there is something very wrong here like in the beginning of the season with all the suspensions....

but well see....next year he has a chance to prove he can lead this brand...ill give him at least that for now

Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 06, 2013 at 08:03 AM
That's cool JG, although it's considered an excuse by some, you can't ignore the fact that this team lost 5 junior-to-be-senior starters last year. That doesn't figure into any stats.

Next year we have to roll.

@buk...lmfao!...Manny's mug!!

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