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Canes land big commitment at U.S. Army All-American game

The Miami Hurricanes picked up a huge commitment Saturday afternoon at the U.S. Army All-American game when defensive end Al-Quadin Muhammad, a standout at Don Bosco Prep (N.J.), announced he'll be heading to Coral Gables.

Tabbed the fourth-best weakside linebacker in the country by Rivals.com and the 97th-best prospect regardless of position, Muhammad (6-4, 225) had a sack and a forced a fumble he recovered in the first half of Saturday's all-star game in San Antonio. He picked up a second sack in the second half.

Rivals.com's Mike Farrell calls Muhammad that "a tremendous edge rusher" who "can stand up, work in space." Muhammad chose the Hurricanes over Rutgers, Notre Dame and Alabama.

"They showed a lot of support, they were hungry," Muhammad said during the NBC broadcast. "I went to the University of Miami and I visited. They came to see me and they showed a lot of commitment."

UM signed JUCO tight end Beau Sandland (6-6, 260) last month. He's considered the team's top recruit according to 247sports.com. Muhammad, the team's 12th, non-binding oral commitment, is considered the second-best commitment behind quarterback Kevin Olsen.

Olsen played six series and went 5-of-13 for 21 yards and no interceptions in Friday night's sixth annual Under Armour All-American game in St. Petersburg.

Defenses reportedly dominated the nationally televised game as offenses had difficulty earning first downs and quarterbacks were afforded very little time in the pocket. Olsen's two teammates on Team White combined for four interceptions. Receivers dropped a lot of catchable balls.


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Jesus f-ing christ gallo....get out of that wheelchair and walk. you suck as a motivational speaker and U are no better at trying to depress the Cane Nation. Go back to (not my words but someone in the media said)gator neighborhood. 6000 tickets for the Sugar Bowl....Thats sad being that it is only 8 hrs. from gainesville..we sell more than that in Washington state and its 4000 miles away. Put the wheelchair down...U too can make an honest living if U try...

look golden still had a chance to keep them here...he couldnt, ok no problem with that but stats dont care about that....its not part of the data

UM is not a hard sell (paradise)...playing in south beach and no snow well get plenty of players....but its the right sought after players that we need.....the campus is beautiful...sunlife is still big time....brickle, CC and sobe for fun....key biscayne etc.....give me a break a blind man with a wooden leg can recruit UM..please

It s always exciting to get a good new commitment....especially on DEFENSE.When you honestly look that NO new or JUCO DT s have committed/ decided to come to the U.....the sad reality of the past several years of Miami defense rears it s VERY UGLY HEAD.(Worse the Nightmare continues with Golden s pal....that AWFUL DC for the Canes....still here .....still incompetent ...I am sure).Therefore.....with no progress or hope at DT......just as it has been seen in the last 7 or 8 years also......it s not much to get excited about defensively.Golden goes everywhere with his brother/pal...loser ...the same ol terrible DC.I no longer even mention the guy s name.Offense will be real good but with a poor DL..........still intact.......what improvement can be seen??????

sorry old time cane here that tells it like it is....soon green pea youll understand that in life after a while of countless seasons and disappointments....you just dont give a s....it, all you care about is performance...nothng else inbetween matters....dont care about sanctions, dicipline problems, freshman or players going the wrong way

bring a national championship to UM tomarrow...no more waiting with the 4/5 year rebuild BS

You can't beat the So Fla recruits, but don't underestimate AG's NJ connection.

NJ ranks in the top 6-7 every year in players drafted per population and they're #3 in players drafted by state for the Canes over the years.

We need the discipline. If they don't know how to stay out of trouble they don't know how to stay away from trouble (jerkho1e boosters). That can't happen again.

Golden wants to use the excuse we played more freshman than anyone again this year. I like the pick up but losing Paul hurts.

Mr Gallo, I have followed Florida College Football sports and recruiting for 31 years. You sir are not only a complete dummy, you bring nothing to the table, and your information is DEAD WRONG! Get a life and troll somewhere else.

Louis went to marshal because of grades and Johnson the te decommited cause we got the number one juco te.

tell me what exactly i am wrong about...what stats r u referring too.....you follow s....it

what year and coach did we EVER lose the amount of top recruits? since you follow for 31 years please advise.....

By my count UM has 68 players on scholarship right now. That includes giving Fentress a scholly and not expecting R. Buchanan back. That means they have just 17 scholarships to give. Some players might transfer or enter the draft, but if Golden is accounting for scholarship reductions it would seem that he only has room for 2 or 3 more players in this class. M. Thomas, S. Coley, and D. Kirkland?

Please tell me gallo was wrong about being ranked 117 on defense. Instead of saying that gallo has false stats show us where he is wrong. This blog is full of fans with opinions with no statistical evidence to back it up.

@Jim Gallo: Travis Johnson transferred because UM had numerous TE's committing plus they landed Beau Sandland. Travis knew he'd be riding the bench behind everyone else. That's not hard to figure out.

Just when the doomsdayers where crying that the sky is falling UM lands a top player. Deal with it.

there goes another one.....thomas finnie

I have never seen players drop like this ever....

alex collins
keith bryant
gionni paul
travis johnson
kermit withfield
jayron kearse
angelo jean-louis

suspensions of good players during season....eddie johnson, rashawn scott, gabe terry and darion hall

no wonder matthew thomas is leanng to fsu and is keeping UM hanging....this staff is completely crazy

BS....travis johnson was our 3rd top recruit behind alex colllins and keith bryant....and the 3rd best TE recruit in the country....he would have made a huge difference at TE since walford did nothing (25 receptions for only a weak 451 yards and 4 TD's) this year...wasnt even ranked out of 200 players

@Jim Gallo: Dude, you really are a effing moron. You really are. Let me fill you in since you seem to know nothing about college football. Angelo didn't academically qualify so UM backed off their recruitment of him. Angelo is going to Marshall because Marshall has no academic standards at all and will take anyone. Travis Johnson decommitted because UM is loaded with TE commits and then landed the #1 JUCO TE, Beau Sandland. Shortly after landing Beau, Johnson decommitted. Johnson saw the writing that he'd be riding the pine. Paul has his own personal issues and can't seem to get his life together. Finnie committed 2 felonies and had other issues so there is no way he could stay. The other commits come and go like commits to most other programs during the recruiting process. FSU and Clemson are hot right now and kids found them attractive. When UM gets past the NCAA thing and starts winning more kids will want to come here. It's not hard to figure out. As far as suspending good players during the season, this is not UF. When players break the rules they are suspended. UM is not going to let the players run the program. What don't you get about that? Gallo, seriously man, I and most other 'Canes fans here are completely done with you.

no your the moron...but good try....the beau sign was AFTER johnson de-committed....as for finnie, so what. An ex football player washout mistakenly puts his little 13" appl laptop in finnies hands? the 1987 team was stealing car stereos with hoods on, dealing drugs and taking payments from luthers "hit pool" which were gievn out by randy shannon....whom the UM had no problem hiring as a head coach.....

on the record it is not condoned...off the record is essential to cane thug football (code reds are OK by me)....same UM hypocrisy jimmy was up against with foote..."we hate what your players stand for and the reputation BUT we have no problem taking all the money it makes us".....the endowment and all those $200K plus profrssors should be thankful

Gallo, have U ever heard of Magic Benton, who was one of many that Butch got rid of. Let me ask you this how many years has Jimbo Fisher had to rebuild FSU and what has he done and what has he had to deal with. This anin't your little Xbox where you can build a team within a year so get a life.

jimmy was smart...he built that "us against the world" with BOTH the outside and against the UM administration....he created this internal bubble that made the players work as hard as they did because they felt he cared more about them than his reputation, the media or the UM administration.....as for finnie I would have look the other way....not suspended anyone last year.....keep it all in-house. i would have punished them on the practice filed but never in public

lmao oh man.....magic benton, thats your answer?, man that is funny....

jimbo fisher:

31-10 / 18-6 conference / 3 straight bowl wins
2nd leading recruiter behind florida for top 100 state players....

al golden:

13-11 / 8-8 conference / no bowl apprearences or wins
#116 out of 200 possible rankings for defense - worst in UM history / more lost recruits ever at UM

whats your point?

@Gallo: Travis Johnson did decommit on Dec. 18 and Beau committed on Dec. 19. UM backed off their commit of Johnson and would not return his or his mother's phone calls or emails because they were pursuing a better recruit in Beau, but in your nutty book that's "crazy". Johnson knew he was being edged out. For some reason everyone gets that but you. By the way, get over this 80's thing you effing Gator trash. It's not 1986. This is 2013. Move on. I noticed you failed to address the academic ineligibility of Angelo. Your failure to address it bespeaks of your lack of integrity. In short, you're either a moron or dishonest. By the way, I noticed your Gators, after a strong season, are losing players left and right. Finally, you speak of UM thugs? Do you realize that UM football has been criticized for not playing well because they don't recruit the "thugs" like they should? Then again don't let pesky facts get in the way of your little mind.

what in the world are you talking about....he was offered the scholarship to play....UM did not retract that....he decomitted & gave up his scholarship on his own....as for angelo, yes but he could have worked his way to eleigibility..he didnt want to...UM wasnt worth it.....

thug recruiting works....cane walks with ties dont...ask alabama, lsu, nd, florida and all the rest.

"Is this a sign of a University of Miami football apocalypse? The Hurricanes are are posting fliers around the school Wellness Center, asking "any student that is at least 6'1 and 230+ pounds" to contact the team about becoming offensive linemen."

We gotta say, this does not strike us as Division-1 behavior.

Miami Newtimes, march 26, 2012

how f....king embarrassing is that?

Gallo I guess we are gonna have to call Roto Rooter to get you off this site cause your so full of sh*t.Have you ever said anything that involved you knowing what your talking about? did'nt think so.

Figured out gallo....he was hit by a car and fell 40 ft from an overpass....he has brain damage.....

Notre dame played a bunch of fr and sophomores in 10.11, and had bad teams similiar to the U< in 2012, they had a Defense that had guys with 3/4 years of experience, and playing the young kids paid off.

Cane bashers ,,,,ARE WE CLEAR----GOlden played 30 something fr/soph on the 2 deep. 18,19 yr old kids mainly going vs 22/23 yr old men who have 4-5 years in the gym. BY 2014, we will be 3-4 deep at every position, have a stacked Defense and stacked Offense, and things will b back to normal........

Bottom line, UF had 3-4 seasons with 5-6 losses counting urbans last yr , fsu had 4-6 loss season as recent as last yr correct? No dame wanted to fire brian kelly. USC LOST 5 or 6 games this year WITH A LOADED SR LADEN TEAM............WELL give it time. Golden is doing it right...
4 espn 150 players
1 JUCO Player of the year.
so 5 of the 12 committs are basically top players nationally. Considering we have looming sanctions, THATS 1 HELLUVA JOB BY GOLDEN

Shayon Green will be looking for a Job next!

Posted by: Valdis Moseley | January 05, 2013 at 07:23 PM

are you serious? do u know football? unless this kid comes in and has clowney type impact how is he going to start ahead of the leading tackler and 5th year sr.if anything you should be saying you hope this kid puts in work like shayon green who is by far the strongest de on the team. i say these kids should be redshirted unless they can make an impact.lets not waste eligibilty like they did with lockhart,kirby and a few others

Other than the top maybe 10-20 5 star studs like a duke johnson, to argue over a few decommitts of 3-,4 star kids is crazy.
1. Who knows how they will perform after leaving high school.
2. there are always 2-3 star kids that become studs
3 there are always 4-5 star kids that bust out.
Its building a program with depth and talent, year in and year out. .............

Golden is doing the right thing

The Gators are rebuilding their convict list due to some of their inmates recently escaping.

Who will ever forget the Gator criminal stealing the credit card off of his teamates dying girlfriend and going on a cross-state spending spree.

Louisiana-Lafayette is calling the Gators to re-new their series, but after the recent pounding by the kids from the Bayou the Gators won't play them again...sound familiar Canes fans?

Hey UM Fans, check out this clip from Sunday's episode of Family Guy dissing UF. It is hilarious. Please pass this on and post elsewhere so all UM fans can enjoy.


The University of Miami is at leat 8 to 10 years away from contending for anything.

You can have your stars... I want player development. Randy Shannon's 2008 class was supposed to be the best in the country and look what happened. You obviously have to have something to work with, but I think these class rankings and the star system are quite overrated.

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