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Canes land commitment from Nigerian-born JUCO defensive lineman

A handful of Canes recruiting websites reported that UM landed its 14th commitment on Sunday morning from Nigerian-born Junior College defensive end Ufomba Kamalu.

Listed at 6-6, 280 pounds, Kamalu led Butler Community College (Kan.) with 7.5 sacks and finished the 2012 season with 54 tackles, 14 tackles for loss, four forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries. He is the third JUCO player the Hurricanes have netted in their 2013 class, joining highly-touted 6-6, 260-pound tight end Beau Sandland (he's already signed and in school) and outside linebacker Devante Bond (6-3, 230).

Robert Cassidy, who covers JUCO football for Rivals.com, saw Kamalu play this season.

"Butler had the best defense in the country JUCO wise," Cassidy said. "They had a lot of good players on that roster. [Kamalu is] a really big kid, very raw because he's only been playing football a few years. He relies a little bit on bull rushes. He just runs kids over. He's one of those kids who is going to need some coaching. If the staff at Miami can mold him into a football player, he has the potential to be a great player. There is definitely some technique that he needs to work on."

Kamalu, rated a 2-star prospect by Rivals.com and a three-star by ESPN, will reportedly cancel planned visits to West Virginia and Auburn now that he's committed to UM. Canesport.com reported Kamalu could play defensive end, tackle or tight end at Miami - coaches will put him at the position where he can get on the field quickest.

This weekend was a big recruiting weekend for the Hurricanes, who hosted prized South Plantation tailback Alex Collins, Miami Booker T. Washington offensive lineman Denver Kirkland and Port St. Lucie defensive tackle Jaynard Bostwick. Several commitments including running back Ray Lewis III, quarterback Kevin Olsen and defensive backs Artie Burns and Jamal Carter also took their official visits to Coral Gables this weekend.

Stay tuned for recruiting updates as they come. Twitter will always have the news first.


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Dude is from Georgia and is a good get...Congrats to Mike James on looking good this week at practice..raised his stock up..per McShay and Bill Polian" the back that stood out everyone saying he has a good looking future at the next level" nice Mike J....Jim Gallo Get Off the Blog Already!!!

Well at least they are trying to address the immediate need at DT. He is a big kid with a powerful base. Given a higher level of physical training dude will be huge! Now if he can play is a qestion to be revealed when he puts on the pads and get after it.

I'm still on pens and needles regarding Bostwick, Bryant and Thomas. We need them despertly!

Lets go juco canes

This is how Jimmy JOhnson got the Russelly Marylands and Jerome Browns, etc Under the radar guys that can b molded. JUST GET MATT THOMAS< KIRKLAND

If jimmy gallo is a canes fan, I am a DEA agent. He is a gaytor troll. Go Canes!

Nice that will be important as we build our D to match the O's progress.

It will be good also to get on the field with someone who plays not with finesse but with guts and heart.
Coaches can refine those instints..
Welcome aboard Ufomba and join the process as the 'U' grows and improves in 2013.
The 'U' will be the 'U'



Congradulations to this young man on becoming part of the U legacy of greatness. great job of staff getting this this young man. On a somber note RIP coach Frazier.

gallo has too much time on his hand.....is he in jail?

That's not funny guys!

Welcome to the Da U Big Black.

Say what you will about ray ray and ed reed and mount mckinnie, but my boy frankie gore is what a rb is supposed to be... Money. $. he money.

Hall of famer. Frank gore.

Alex collins. Wher gore from? Where did he grow up? What runs in his veins?

Green and orange nuf said what do you want out of your carer?

Frankie is the personification of cane blood man

Its all about this effen u man.


Goodbyecoach fraser. Thanks for the meories. You were a class act. A true cane. You garnet and gold roots were replaxed by green and orange lood. Thanks for the wo ships.

Morris should learn from coach fraser and retire.

Morris will never be a fraser.

You go boi. Frankie gor just threw upthat []_[] on national tv boyyyyyyyy

What is it all about?

Its the u family baby. Nothing more nothing less


12 former Canes in the playoffs.

Recruits, come to Miami if you want to increase your chances of being a star in the NFL.


Gore just flashed the U!
Take note Alex...

"I'm from the U..."

"im from the U so im gonna bring it"

Thats all you have to say.

Recruits ... Thats all you need to know.

More Words arent needed.

DT Bostwick is almost a given to com here.

Dont know about you guys, but Frank Gore giving a shoutout to the U makes my heart swell with pride.

Coach G should get a clip of that and send to every undecided recruit...

"I'm from the U, so i'm gonna bring it..."

Somebody make a t-shirt outa that!

The u



I bet Frank Gore knows its recruiting weekend at The U and the kids are watching the playoffs with our team. He put out a word for the U.

Thats the Cane Family attitude we have that no other team has.

Rest in peace Coach Fraser...a man that helped invent Cane greatness.

R.I.P. Coach Fraser, You will be missed. You built a great baseball program at Miami and also influenced College Baseball on a whole. Coaches like you, Augie Garrido and Rod Deveareux are who made college baseball what it is today.

One of you innovations that I remember were beautiful young ladies retrieving foul balls down the baselines. It is something that all teams, in all leagues do. You used to call them "Sugar Canes". All the best to your family and friends.

Sources say, The U In the running fo Rashard Jackson LSU commit.

Those type of late night visits mean he seriously considers to flip but is trying to keep it secret so the school hes committed to doesn't get on him soooooooooooooo we may be on the verge

This kid might be the best corner in south Florida. checkout his highlight on YouTube

Need to go hard after matt thomas


I feel u bruh, I know he commit to USC this weekend, but 2 weeks left till signing day so anything can happen.

All recruits for 2013-2015 please read

just look at the NFL is nothing but TheU players. Hell I can't remember how many years this is in a row now that someone from the TheU has won the superbowl. Looks like Frank Gore or Ray Lewis Ed Reed gets one this year.

Also sources say Al Golden is looking at Duke's game day coordinator former Canes assistant Sonny Lubick. not a bad hire

I need my East Coast Brethren to get on your J-O-B and lock down Keith Bryant and Matthew Thomas! Tell them to make a difference in their own Hood! We get those two and Bostwick! Whaaaatttt! The D-Line would have the depth and competition we need to hold the line and get to the QB. Those that can't cut will probably opt to leave thereby opening up scholies for better talent. I can guarantee the NCAA will make some kinda move week leading up to Signing Day to further muddy the waters for us.


This is good

All new NCAA recruiting rules take effect Aug 1, 2013
2 Tweet:Joe Schad ‏@schadjoe

NCAA announces elimination of rules such as prohibitions on texting recruits and regulations of printed recruiting materials.
NCAA has approved 13-3. Let the texting and unlimited calling begin!

@mitchsherman filing reaction shortlyAlsoAmong NCAA changes: Allows other staff - not just on-field coaches - to recruit. Hello, separate player personnel depts at big programs

Glad for all the canes going to the super bowl.


Matt Lubick never coached at the U! His father Sony is the one that was a former UM coach, and later coached at Colorado State.

I do not think that Matt Thomas committed to USC over the weekend (I may be wrong). I do know that he went their for a visit. Maybe he committed before flying back to Miami.

Also, Sonny Lubick is retired. The Duke coach that they may be going after is Lubick's son. I think it would be a good hire also. Since it is his SON, I see how you could think is was SONNY Lubick.

BTW, guys, the LSU potential flip is Rashard Robinson. He is an Ely DB. LSU has developed a pipeline into Ely high since they got Patrick Johnson, eeerrr, Peterson.

@cane4life and Umfan

my mad its is his son, I misunderstood them. but Matt Thomas did commit to usc over the weekend. per 247 sports miami.

also reports thst kirby smart bama d-coordinator might be heading to the eagles.


stop posting bad info. Matthew Thomas has not committed anywhere. I doubt he commits without his friend Kirkland beside him.

Kirby Smart is not going to the Eagles.

Matt Thomas did not commit to USC...or any other team!

I think the canes need to hire Lamar Thomas as receiver coach, move Carroll back to te coach and promote cristobol to oc. Move would.help solidify staff and recruiting in south Fla,cuz schools like Arkansas and Louisville have a definite plan to raid that talent down there.

benji and just the facts

buddy im just reporting the info I've seen on Miami247 sports. me personally want Matthew Thomas too, like I said its on miami247sports. I only post things I've seen. but we have a great shot of landing LSU commit Rashard Jackson. He is by far the best corner in south Florida.

keith Bryant is definitely gone....alex Collins just might recommit.....jaynard boswick and Denver Kirkland are complete unknowns....matthew Thomas goes to Arkansas in the next week or so and they will get the last crack at him...not good. we get Jermaine grace with Tuesday announcement.....

wonder how long the fisch leave was in the works? why didn't anyone have something in place before all these recruits showed up Friday?....like ive said, jedd is a complete scum bag....he knew the salary UM pays and he still took it....if he wanted to stay in the nfl, he should of never left....but to leavethen go back and say its an "opportunity" like a transitional ncaa coach is pure BS.....I wish I could have been at Fridays dinner and jedd is a no-show...what did golden do the next day....call all the kids and parents and say...btw, we have no offensive coordinator?.....talk about a game changer, the parents must have said WTF is going on here at UM...how embarrassing..

bloggers should not fooled into thinking that jedd left for "opportunity"...he left to save his own ass from the sanctions. he put himself before the team and the brand after hearing time and time again how this "staff" as committed to bringing UM back to greatness from his boss golden....press conference after press conference. then goes to a team that is 2-12...so let me get this straight...gus bailey gets hire on 1-17-2013 (Thursday)...then jedd announces the next day?....he is so full of sh...t....fisch had this in the works way before Friday and he knew that Friday was the most important day for UM.....golden knew far in advance also....

bloggers should not be fooled into thinking this poster troll "Jim Gallo" has anything intelligent or factual to say. In fact,his posts are full of biased, hateful, un-objective anti-Golden rhetoric, negativity, pessimism, hate, and in fact border on the ridiculous.

sorry...I tell it like I see it....picture alex Collins with his parents at the Friday dinner for all the recruits.....and fisch is a no show....no explanation just gone....I am sure that was a big moment for his parents...

I am objective, your the one that is blind...he knew what the score was here, everyone know that UM is light on payday...but he took it anyway only to use UM as a stepping stone....

when did the jaguars and fisch first make contact..id like to know that..herald should ask more questions about this rather than praise a scum bag

Gallo unless you were there you don't have a clue how it went down so stop with the bullsh*t, You have no stats to go by on this so shut the f*ck up just once please. Go Canes

sorry herald reported he was not at the dinner Friday...that's is a fact....

all you have to do is just look back at this year..he has brought so much turmoil since he has gotten here......remember these are his picks...so did golden know at the time Mario was hired? when did jedd interview for the job? I am sure he wasn't hired over the phone....when did fisch meet the jaguars? couldn't have been on Friday then the same day he is hired?

why didn't he stay another year and land these recruits that are critical to UM going forward?....all he cared about was himself and to escape....that is known as a scum bag

@ jim

Thats bout the only thing I can agree finally with u on. he interviewed for that job before Friday. so golden shoulda had a back up plan for the recruits Friday. but who knows

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