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Canes land commitment from Nigerian-born JUCO defensive lineman

A handful of Canes recruiting websites reported that UM landed its 14th commitment on Sunday morning from Nigerian-born Junior College defensive end Ufomba Kamalu.

Listed at 6-6, 280 pounds, Kamalu led Butler Community College (Kan.) with 7.5 sacks and finished the 2012 season with 54 tackles, 14 tackles for loss, four forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries. He is the third JUCO player the Hurricanes have netted in their 2013 class, joining highly-touted 6-6, 260-pound tight end Beau Sandland (he's already signed and in school) and outside linebacker Devante Bond (6-3, 230).

Robert Cassidy, who covers JUCO football for Rivals.com, saw Kamalu play this season.

"Butler had the best defense in the country JUCO wise," Cassidy said. "They had a lot of good players on that roster. [Kamalu is] a really big kid, very raw because he's only been playing football a few years. He relies a little bit on bull rushes. He just runs kids over. He's one of those kids who is going to need some coaching. If the staff at Miami can mold him into a football player, he has the potential to be a great player. There is definitely some technique that he needs to work on."

Kamalu, rated a 2-star prospect by Rivals.com and a three-star by ESPN, will reportedly cancel planned visits to West Virginia and Auburn now that he's committed to UM. Canesport.com reported Kamalu could play defensive end, tackle or tight end at Miami - coaches will put him at the position where he can get on the field quickest.

This weekend was a big recruiting weekend for the Hurricanes, who hosted prized South Plantation tailback Alex Collins, Miami Booker T. Washington offensive lineman Denver Kirkland and Port St. Lucie defensive tackle Jaynard Bostwick. Several commitments including running back Ray Lewis III, quarterback Kevin Olsen and defensive backs Artie Burns and Jamal Carter also took their official visits to Coral Gables this weekend.

Stay tuned for recruiting updates as they come. Twitter will always have the news first.


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Thats right. No one knows what or how it went down. For all we know he was asked to resign (probably not but who knows?- there is very little information coming out of the gables).

Alex Collins and other commits:

What other program instills in you that sense of pride and family that 5-6 years after you leave when you are in the NFL playoffs, you throw up the "U" on national TV?
What other program will have several of your " cane boyz" come to you after a game to give you props? LAst night Ed Reed, McKinnie and Ray ray went up to Big daddy Wilfork and gave him a big ol hug.

This is the U. You all belong here. You all will be strangers and outsiders up in Tally or Baton Rouge of Bamy. They dont like florida boys up yonder any how.

Yes Gallo, you have NO CLUE as to what went on. The Jags can pay SO MUCH more than the U can, and Fisch is a good OC, and took the opportunity, just like the Gators losing a few coaches, and also FSU, and a slew of OTHER colleges as well.

This happens EVERY year to many colleges so it's nothing unusual. The recruits know we'll STILL have a stellar offense and that replacing Fisch wont be that difficult. You continue to show your IGNORANCE.

Gallo you don't know what AG knows or does not know ,I can tell you one thing I know and that is that AG did not get where he is by bieng stupid.If you think for one second he does not want to succeed here you are dumber than everyone thinks you are. I can bet you that he had a plan as soon as he knew Fisch might leave , but he proably did'nt find who he wants yet.Maybe that was the main reason for the Mario hire who knows ? Not you .Go Canes

Why do you people even bother responding to what that complete imbecile and his dumb and dumber counterpart Calvin post on here?

Want intelligent, rational and informed Canes talk?

Check out this site:


everyone is being hush-hush on all of this and trying to sweep it under the rug....

thurs (17) - gus bailey is officially hire as head coach of jaguars, parents of all UM recruits start to arrive at UM...however they (UM and golden supposedly knows nothing about fisch's departure)

Friday (18) - parent and recruits still arriving at UM, 10:29 am herald breaks story he is leaving....a whole day goes by, recruits and parents have to be in confusion until 3:53 pm when both golden and jedd releases official statement....dinner is a few hours later with no-show fisch...how f....ck up is that, imagine if that was your kid on the fence about coming to UM.....however based upon the timeline today was also the day jedd got the jaguar position...

Jedd knew exactly how important his presence was during this weekend especially for alex Collins who less than 2 weeks ago complained about the abrupt departure of the running's back coach at fsu, which got him to rethink UM....this is a program that is completely unstable and rattled....even when jimmy left it wasn't this bad

al golden is a mediocre coach....his record and stats say it all....I am not alone on this, all the blogs when he was rumored to go to Wisconsin or Arkansas all said no way to al golden......the guy has never lost less than 7 games every year since he has been a HC...I don't think he is smart at all....look what he did with the self sanctions...another disaster....when was the last time UM was 3rd from last place in defensive yards...another al golden hire....when in cane history has there been so much turmoil with the players where parents call radio stations...

dude your living in a dreamworld....a kool aid drinker to the max....and if you think sonny lubricks son is the answer, your dumber than anyone deserves to be...

saturday (19) gallo is still anidiot
sunday (20) still an idiot
Monday (21) a bigger idiot because he hasnt learned anything

when jimmy left in came Erickson. Result:

1989- Win a NC
1991- Win a NC
1992- play for a NC
1994- play for a NC

that's right corpus...you know why very little is coming out of coral gables is because UM is in damage control....I bet golden and staff are in lockdown handling parents complaints as to why the invite with very little time left for them to visit schools and waste a weekend without the UM staff giving them a heads up...the parents feel duped with 2 weeks left to signing day....

but no..lets praise jedd fisch and congratulate him....ya right


lmao, the only problem with that is jimmy had won a national championship....golden has yet to win a division or a bowl game.....that's the best so far

Very little coming out of Coral Gables??? What're you a beat reporter for the Herald? Golden is trying to FIND an OC you DOLT.

Is he supposed to give up to the minute reports on his progress or something? Sure he's probably also called the recruits to let them know, as ANY coach would, but also to assure them that we'll get it handled.

JF was a good hire and AG will get another, and someone who most likely won't change much, because there is no need to. Your Gators lost 3 coaches Gallo, and their O STUNK, so quit trying to jinx ours.

Did anyone notice Tom Brady slide with his leg (and cleats) pointing at Ed Reed who was coming in to tackle him?

Of all the low life no good disgusting pieces of ----- (fill in the blank).

Ed Reed gets a 50,000 dollar fine for a perfectly legal hit a couple of weeks ago, but this cry baby gets away with this on national TV?

Roger Goodell- be a man.

We are in play for all the remaining top targets on our board. With Keith Bryant having a daughter The U would seem the most logical location allowing him to maximize his time with her while attending classes, studying, workouts and practicing. But maybe there is another reason he suddently fell out of favor with Miami. Anywhere else and he'll be on the phone telling her I miss you, wish I was there with you. When he comes home he'll be, you've gotten so big since I last saw you! Keith whats best for all. Sign with the U. Keeping it real!

tampa cane...Bryant loved fsu, that is what is being reported...he is gone and now matthew Thomas is leaning towards Arkansas....Kirkland we will likely get....but stacy coley wr...fsu and alex colllins is a tossup....with jedd leaving hard to imagine Collins and coley come to UM

Jim Gallo is brilliant in his ability to assume the very worst, report false stories and post outright lies regarding anything to do with the Canes.

Gallo claims Golden has no back-up plan and Jedd left the program due to the impending sanctions. It must be nice to be clairvoyant.

Gallo would have you believe that Coach Golden stumbled into face-to-face meetings over this past weekend with the recruits and their parents and offered no explanation as to the offensive coordinator situation and basically told these people that their guess is as good as anyone else’s as what will happen. This is simply stupidity on steroids and Gallo has become infamous on this blog for those types of observations and lies.

He also believes that the Jacksonville Jaguars conspired to fire their offensive coordinator and replace him with Jedd just so he didn't have to face the NCAA sanctions. In other words--an NFL franchise put their massive investment in the back-seat to give a job to a guy they have had no previous affiliation so he doesn't have to deal with NCAA sanctions that may or may not be bad.

And this same genius has concluded that most every prized recruit will ignore Miami and sign with other schools. Yet, they all visited the Canes with their parents that in the world of Gallo was subterfuge and a grand plan to mislead the world as to what school they will sign with.

The NCAA purposely dragging their feet has been a staggering weight and drag on the UM recruiting efforts. Once this situation is settled Al Golden will recruit top 5 classes each and every year.


Ummm, Galober, if You couldn't be stupid, you would cease to exhist wouldn't U? Golden did win the division title this year no matter how you want to cut it.

RIP Coach Fraser.A man among men.Put college baseball into the limelight all by himself.What a pioneer.Great personality and motivator.Guy had unreal charisma and confidence.UM s new JUCO recruit from Nigeria "could" become GREAT except the DC for Miami won t be the one able to teach it.He s incapable.One morning soon I just want to wake up and see that the guy is GONE.GO CANES.

sorry facts...never said any of that....also FSU won the acc conference....don't know where you think UM won....maybe it was with one of your golden dreams.

if it is all BS....lets see who commits then.

Jim why go out of your way to say something ugly and quite frankly stupid. No college coach with exception of a few who have produced many wins at the collegiate level decides they want to become a Offensive Coordinator or anything in professional football to avoid sanctions. The GM and coach at J'ville haven't been at their new jobs but a week or two themselves. They would have sat down and determined the staff then make offers. Which would have been last week or so like it happened for many who got new jobs in the NFL last week. By the way Fisch was present to address the recruits and they understand this is common place. Why can't a supposed adult like you? Like all teams the Canes will win some and miss out on some highly desired recruits. Stop being silly its annoying

Jimmy gallos is a gator fan just here to troll. He is mad because Louisville spanked his gators. badly...

If this was basketball, i'm all in for taking these guys from different countries, but taking a raw talent from another country in football, unless he was playing rugby somewhere prior, now we got Ufomba & Odogwu, this ain't georgetown.

Last night i was watching the Atlanta game, and ahmad brooks made about 3 plays, he batted the ball down twice and than drove matt ryans shoulder into the ground and i couldn't help but think, somewhere coach goldie and oach OH-NO are trying to use him as an example of how they envision our players on defense being, and i got sick. No disrespect to brooks, but he's not UM material and the level of defense we expect to play around here, batted balls mean you were to far to get a sack.

Also, the game last night ravens did i nthe second half was spread the big guys out and after that, it was all over for them. Than this might sound familiar, but you heard the commentators say during the ravens game: "in this defense, they'll give you the flats and the out routes, they're just not interested in given up the big play" this is what they said about that 3-4 defense. Again, it's a scared mans defense that doesn't understand talent.

Common sense for any real defensive coordinator is to first find out if he got a guy who can play True press man to man coverage, if he has 2 corners that can do that, than that'll leave him with 9 men he can scheme to wreck havoc on the opposing offense. Instead oach OH-NO, no matter who we play, all of our db's are back 10 yards as if we're facing all world receivers every game.

Our biggest problem with having oach OH-NO and his 117th scheme is, when he was a player, he couldn't and wasn't good enuff as an athlete to play in a 4-3 scheme, so he has no clue right now the caliber of athlete's he has at his disposal because he doesn't realize or have that much faith in himself that he can stop a player one on one. Thank goodness deion sanders wasn't coached by this clown philosophy.

I will say this, we're definitely getting slower on defense with each recruiting class. This staff wants more power than speed, we'll see how this all pans out, at 117th, , hmmmmm!

fisch is sill a scum bag.....

1. he knew before he took the position what UM's history was on compensation
2. he was already in the nfl for 9 years...why did he even bother going back into college?
3. he and his boss on numerous statements and press conferences said they were committed to bring UM back to its glory years
4. the timeline of his departure shows this in the process long before Friday 1-18-2013
5. he could have stayed the 2013 and help get these CRITICAL commits back
6. his departure embarrassed UM to parent's and recruits

all he cared about was himself...UM was always just a stepping stone for his career....NP, 1 down 2 to go....maybe this will help get rid of all these weak ass....s.....WTF does a temple staff have anything to do to lead a brand like UM....this is the way we clean up this mistake....by attrition..

That's what we get for hiring a Gator....

exactly....if this was Florida I am sure he would not have left his alma mater get twisted in the wind with critical recruits showing for the program

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