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Coley has told FSU he's headed to Miami

James Coley has informed coach Jimbo Fisher and Florida State officials he's leaving to become the University of Miami's next offensive coordinator, multiple sources have told The Miami Herald.

The 39-year-old Miami High and FSU graduate made $390,000 last season to prepare the game plans for the Seminoles before Fisher called plays on game days. He was offered $500,000 to become UM’s next offensive coordinator, a source said. Although FSU matched the offer, Fisher appeared not to be willing to give up the play-calling duties.

Coley, who was offered the offensive coordinator position at Kentucky in December but turned it down, called plays for FIU in Mario Cristobal’s first season as coach in 2007. He then moved to FSU where he has worked as the tight ends coach, recruiting coordinator and most recently the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

The University of Miami has yet to confirm the hire.


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This is great news maybe we can steal some recruits. We will be well prepared for FSWHO next year and shouldn't lose that badly.

Manny--will the Canes stay pro-style I hope?

Lose that badly??? They won't have EJ and we have our whole O coming back, and hell it was a 3 point game going into the 4th quarter this past year. We'll spank them this year.

Gee, give me 5 seconds to think this over. Do I want to make 500k and live in Miami or make 500k that was offered to me reluctantly on a match, not get to really be an OC and call plays and live in a dumpy town?

Ok, I'm in.

Manny, Was Matthew Thomas suppose to be at the basketball game last night during his visit?

Here is the list of recruits Coley was targeting: http://floridastate.rivals.com/viewcoach.asp?coach=1946&sport=1&year=2013
It includes Larue, Thomas, and Kirkland...


Miami will always be a pro-stlye offense. FSU was last yr, but didnt have the right QB n HC for it.


Heeeelllll YEAH BABY.

This is gonna be a break out year for the CANES. Top 5 finish.

A young, but experienced team returning.

Better coaching.

Canes alumni coming back together.

Kick ass recruiting class that's gonna get better when Cooley helps steal some of FSU commits to us.

NCAA having to go eat their own shiiat and letting us move into the future.

CANES BROTHERHOOD, your prayers have been answered. A decade of mediocrity and persecution from the rest of the CFB world is ending. THEY GOT NOTHIN ON US.


the state of miami is officially on lockdown...and the bahama's,puerto rico and anything else south of I-4



Haha....how funny....FSWho?

Welcome home Miami High Grad!!!!!

Nice work Canes , you have to crawl before you can walk and we are walking now on our way to running , good job AG. Go Canes

A couple of comments on Kerr:
1 - FSU has him listed as OL...nice
2 - Coley was recruiting him....as Homer says, doh!
3 - with the Dobard commitment, who needs ya!

I think this is a good pick for da U. Coley has proven to be a excellent recruiter and great at game planning. Time will tell if he is a good OC. He was born and raised in the 305 this is where he belongs.

Thomas and Kirland were being heavily recruited by Foley, and this could help sway them over to Da U.

Interesting, I didn't think FSU has that great on offense.

Go Canes! That was Jimbo's problem last year, coaching and calling plays. We got some inside info on them noles now.

What happened to the FSU posters here on the Miami Site? At heart all Noles want to be Hurricanes. This has got to shut the Assnoles up. Too funny! Can't wait for the hate! LMAO! LOL! ROTF!

good news...coley is on his way here....a miami boy back just like old times.....now 2 NJ guys left to boot....

keith bryant - alex coolins - matthew thomas should be in play now....lets see golden/cristobal do their work

LOL. where's ryan? Where's canetrash the dope? Where is cane killer? Losers.

Ha ha ha ha

boutheu - funny post bro.

Miami has locked the state of florida from lake okechhobbee down. Fort Pierce, the glades, the muck, fort myers, naples down to key west h aha ha- yeah and they can go after the rolle's from the bahamas as well

I can't recall a run of three days this good for Miami in a while!

Beat No 1 Dookeys
the NCAA has admitted its investigation on Miami is a fraud
Now this

Icing on the cake:

Beat FSU on sunday
Close the deal on Alex Collins and Matthew

yeah its all about this eff-en U baby

Huge get for Miami.




Heys canesjunkie FSU was in the top ten in offense this year and they averaged 31.4 points per game .thats as good as we were or better.Go Canes

go miami high!!!......class 1975 (gallo) and class of 1992 jim coley....dont forget jim dooley, emilio estefan, udonis hasken, lindy infante, ivan fernandez and out beloved desi anez.....wonderful...

desi arnez....curser jumps around....great day for miami high..........go stings

now lets keep the 305 going....next call is to butch davis....he will fix defense....jersey boys will be performing at the sunrise theater, lol....

welcom homw now lwts steal some players away from fswho...the hipi is sinking for fswho?

U see: This is exactly how the Roman Empire fell. Dumb decisions from within. We got an FSU guy replacing a UF guy and will be in "driver seat" jobs. Pretty soon, the whole coaching roster will be stockpiled with FSU and UF alumns. That's not the way to go.

Why don't we just start getting the FSU and UF reject players that can't cut it academically and on the football field.

Oh where Oh where has my UM gone......

Why not just give Mario some more responsibility? He is a proven recruiter and coach and knows what he's doing.

Wow! Thank Mario Cristobal for this hire, obviously he was the driving force to bring him here.

Yesterday was one of the great days in UM history, biggest basketball win in school history, took FSU's offensive coordinator, and the NCAA screwed up huge on the Nevin the rat investigation!

We have so much momentum heading into national signing day, I can't wait!!!

It is all about the U!!!

cool cat.....this a good hire given this time of year and what is really avalible....like everyone else he will have to perform and prove himself....even though he is my alumni....he gets a little break but in the end you got to perform and have to stats....if he cant cut it....he is gone also

but a good first move.....

Welcome aboard Coach Coley.
In fact Welcome Home to a local Guy who has returned and has first hand experience of the Miami Legacy.
Coach Golden is a Leader..Part of the Process he told us when he took this job is two things.
1) Find the best Coaches you can for the postions that affect our team and athletes.

2) Leave them alone to do their jobs.

Coach G then can do his, which is Adminstrate and make the Calls for the team and be the Leader that we need to take the next steps..

I am very proud of our 'Canes and 2013 with a New Class and Bigger , Faster returnees, look Really Good.

Congrats Coach G and the team...You guys have done great.
Go 'Canes.
The 'U' will be the 'U'

Coley > Muscrap

This guy has one year as a play caller at Ucf. That team was 1-11

JUST IN: Shapiro made available for conjugal visits with other inmates.

Can this week get any better?

YES!!!! HEY RYAN from FSU....What happened?????DONT CRY... WE BACK!!!!

Great Hire Al Golden! It all starts with recruiting. Coley will have to prove himself, but at least he will have the talent to do so. You can have the best offensive coordinator in the world, but if you don't have the talent, you're screwed.

Let's get the new playbook in fast and kick some butt-

Good day to be a Cane Fan



This hire has more to do with timing than with coaching experience. Coach G. could not wait any longer with signing day so close. Not always a good thing when your senior QB has to learn a new playbook. Time will tell.

Cool cat, let's try some first grade arithmetic:

1. we had no UF/FSU coaches when Fisch arrives as OC

0 + 1 = 1

2. Fisch leaves for Jacksonville

1 [ 1 = 0

3. Coley hired

0 = 1 = 1

1 is not a stockpile. It is, uh, 1.

i dont like this hire..he didn't call the plays at fsu just came up with the game plan for dumbo fisher..wasn't really impressed with fsu's offense any way..really hasn't proved anything...i would calm down and wait and see how he does first before gettin too excited...i trust big al so i'll go with it..

This is such a great hire. Some of you people don't have a clue what you are talking about.

what else is golden going to say.....as far as fisch leaving that's complete BS...what opportunity is golden referring too?....the guy was already in the NFL FOR 9 YEARS....why did he come here to begin with anyway?....it was just a place for these guys to hang his hat is all....golden too. they all have their agenda's.
OC options now are weak and impossible....the program has to be re-structured thru the HC position....Mario cristobal would be a complete disaster as OC...the guy never called an offensive play in his life....this move by fisch really f....cked UM....there is no way golden can sugar coat it....btw, kevin olsen is weak.....him committing means nothing since he has nowhere to go at this time and signing day right around the corner....plus bad senior year and the under amour game a disaster for him...nobody will give him a scholarship at this late in the game

Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 20, 2013 at 10:03 AM

cane time.....the problem is any top OC will want the head coach position....they will not come and work under golden....remember golden is still a young guy and really unproven if you are honest....so what is the realistic outcome
1. a suspect head coach
2. mediocre OC....extremely thin pool now to draw from
3. worst DC in ncaa
I don't see how this combination works going forward..we have lost our best 2013 recruitment talent unless some surprise or miracle happens....how in the world will UM be even ranked in the top 25....what are the paths?
please advise.....
Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 20, 2013 at 12:02 PM

the challenge jojo now is the pickings are very slim at this time and the really good OC/DC want to be head coaches....they wont come to work under golden...UM is in a really bad bind now....this jedd move really f....ck us. Unless you fire golden and build the staff all over again...this way you get a top OC or DC in here and they bring their people with them....
problem solved.
Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 23, 2013 at 10:19 AM

calvin....what options at this time are really left? guys like kirby smart wont consider here unless you move out golden....fisch put UM in a bad place at its weakest moment....the good news is bloggers think he is a hero, lol
Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 24, 2013 at 11:24 AM

This could be Golden's best hire on so many levels since be became HC here. Kudos Al! You did very well here.

fsu had a good offense. the problem there was manuel making dumb decisions. stephen morris doesn't make those stupid mistakes. fsu ran the ball down people's throats also. If there qb had been any good the offense would fo been even more potent. Morris is way better then manuel id bet most miami fans would agree on that. The guy is a good hire. As for 1-11 his only year he left for a better job. He wasn't fired. Coley did the best he could with the bad talent fiu had when first got there. I think miami has more talent on offense the fsu did and he never got to call the plays jimbo did so that will be a change also.

From ESPN, and I could not agree more with this analysis:

Al Golden just beat Jimbo Fisher at his best game -- recruiting.

Golden hired one of the country’s best recruiters -- and he plucked him right off of Fisher’s staff. Golden somehow managed to lure Florida State’s top remaining assistant, Miami native James Coley, in what was hands-down the ACC’s best hire of the offseason.

jra: absolutely right....had to be stable to have a chance at getting these recruits....we still might now get any...who knows...but this is a good start and hire...you cant geta any local than him and will go to a place like southwest and be able to find that 1 guy hidden from all the outside recruting teams...he will get info on guys early....

buttttttt, got to be above 5200 yards offense and 44 TD's....he has to be able to do that especially with dnofrio giving up almost the same at the other end....

treat all these coaches the same...performance is all that matters....no more TMZ stuff

poor idiot: whats the matter you afriad your jersey boys are getting pushed our for local 305 guys?....all we need to do is move the other 2 out and UM will be all set....

but not so fast....after coley recruits "old time cane" guys, is golden going to suspend them before key games or ask them to leave the team?

butch davis I am holding a place open for you....its up to you....

Jim Gallo,

You're a very annoying human being..blow me

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