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Coley has told FSU he's headed to Miami

James Coley has informed coach Jimbo Fisher and Florida State officials he's leaving to become the University of Miami's next offensive coordinator, multiple sources have told The Miami Herald.

The 39-year-old Miami High and FSU graduate made $390,000 last season to prepare the game plans for the Seminoles before Fisher called plays on game days. He was offered $500,000 to become UM’s next offensive coordinator, a source said. Although FSU matched the offer, Fisher appeared not to be willing to give up the play-calling duties.

Coley, who was offered the offensive coordinator position at Kentucky in December but turned it down, called plays for FIU in Mario Cristobal’s first season as coach in 2007. He then moved to FSU where he has worked as the tight ends coach, recruiting coordinator and most recently the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

The University of Miami has yet to confirm the hire.


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huge news for canes. just keeps getting better with ncaa messing up and helping us



Pro Style is becoming Spread/Zone read option more and more every year. Don't forget that


Miami is Preseason Top 25

here's the link


Called to the NCAA today to express my displeasure with the methodology used by their investigators in obtaining Miami investigative evidence. I was transferred to their public relations department, and told that they will not be accepting telephone calls regarding this matter. I was cordial, professional and never anything less than professional.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association
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P.O. Box 6222
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222
Phone: 317/917-6222
Fax: 317/917-6888

I encourage everyone to try lmao

That spread option crap will not last in the NFL, basically because of the injuries QB's will develop. Its the flavor of the month offense just like the run and shoot was. Don't believe me just watch and see how much RGIII runs the zone read. The spread passing has been a part of the NFL since Marino was doing it with the Dolphins. It's more about pass patterns as pro passing schemes go. I do see the NFL becoming more of a 7 on 7 passing drill game as the years go by because the powers that be in the NFL just like our Government is pussifying America.

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