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David Thompson isn't the only hitter at UM who can throw a football

Turns out freshman David Thompson isn't the only athlete at the University of Miami who can swing a big bat and fling a football around.

Grant HeymanOutfielder Grant Heyman, a three-sport star at Pittsford-Sutherland High School (N.Y.) and 11th round pick of the Toronto Blue Jays in June, said Friday he's had discussions with the football staff about going out for football in the fall.

Heyman (6-4 1/2, 205) was an All-State quarterback and said he had offers from Rutgers, Syracuse and Buffalo as well as some Football Championship Subdivision programs. He said UM coaches told him he would come in as an athlete and potentially play "quarterback, receiver, really anywhere."

But right now, Heyman said, he's concentrated on trying to earn a starting spot on the baseball team and not worrying about football. Coach Jim Morris and the baseball Hurricanes held their first official practice of the spring Friday and have three weeks to prepare for the season, which begins at home against Rutgers Feb. 15.

"I guess when I originally came here they said I could play football. That's part of the reason I came, not the biggest reason," Heyman said. "I'm just trying to put on more weight before I go over there."

Heyman, who hit .424 with nine homers in just 18 games his senior year of high school, was the recipient of the Rawlings National High School Gold Glove Award his senior year. He said he was timed at 4.6 seconds in the 40-yard dash and 6.6 seconds in the 60-yard dash.

Grant HeymanUnlike Thompson, whose first love was baseball, Morris said Heyman's first love has always been football. Morris said Heyman is certainly talented enough to play both, but he loves his raw baseball skills. Because he lived in the northeast, though, Heyman just hasn't had as much time as others to focus on baseball.

"He has to progress," Morris said. "He's the highest drafted player on our team to come in here [this season as a freshman]. [In fall practice] he hit balls on the deck [of the parking lot behind the right field wall at Mark Light Field]. He just hasn't had the repetition. So he has a lot of work to do to learn how to play the game. But that guy is going to be a very good player for us.

"He's got great tools. Number 1, the power. He can run. He's 6-5," Morris continued before slipping in a joke. "He's a prototype quarterback -- I mean outfielder."


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Get the kid some pads and helmet and lets see what he can do.


We have a baseball player who could be a QB and a Basketball Center who can be a lineman..

Once sholie reductions hit we will need every warm body and athlete we can get and he could be a good one. However it seems like we are stacked at QB:

2013- Morris
2014- Olsen, Williams, Dewey, Crow (one of these two will likely transfer), Thompson
2015- Olsen, Dewey, Crow (if still here), Thompson
2016- Olsen, Dewey, Crow, Thopmson
2017- Olsen, Thopmson

And hopefully a couple of recruits along the way

May we never ever have the problem at QB when the ebst we had was:

An injured jacorry Harris, Stephen Morris, Spencer Whipple and Highsmith

THAT my friends was Randy Shannon's QB-recruiting legacy, yet Cool cat and Calvin will probably defend him at all costs.

I like when people try to be a wise owl, who were the back-ups when ken dorsey was the starter?

I like when people try to be a wise owl, says the moron who posts pages and pages of nonsense "analysis" every day.

That would be Ken Dorsey, Buck Ortega, Derrick Crudup and Troy Prasek. Boy those three really lit it up after Dorsey left. Remember the past but always look to the future. Golden keep doing the U see U in 13.

randy shannon was one of the best coach we ever had at UM......it is too bad UM let him go so soon....all you have to do is look at his statistics and recruiting. the was no need to move him out.

I hope that happens since if you look at both golden and mario they have almost exact win/loss records....it wold be sad that a local star from Columbas to UM become a bi...th to strangers from New Jersey....

Im a cane for life!

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