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Finnie latest Hurricane to part ways with the football program

There's another scholarship available for use at the University of Miami.

Cornerback Thomas Finnie, suspended indefinitely last month after surrendering to police and admitting he was involved in a laptop theft on campus, is no longer a member of the Hurricanes football, a UM spokesman confirmed Sunday.

Friday, the team mutually parted ways with linebacker Gionni Paul, who was the team's third leading tackler and a starter for seven games.

Finnie, a former standout at Miami Central, is coming off a sophomore season in which he played in 12 games and made 30 tackles, three pass breakups and one fumble recovery. He started UM’s first six games.

According to Finnie’s arrest affidavit, on Dec. 4 the 21-year-old cornerback entered a nearby dormitory room on campus and took the laptop while “there were two human beings [victim] and roommate in the structure.”

The laptop belonged to former walk-on defensive back Robert Wright, who was with the team in 2011 but not 2012.

Finnie has a hearing set for Jan. 10 in Miami-Dade County court. No word yet on where he might be headed.


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Can't spell "scum" without UM.

@Go Gata: The village idiot speaks.

Finnie committed 2 felonies. Add that to the other issues he had and he couldn't stay on the team. Too bad.

How about the 'Ville, ol buddy. Gators suck, although they do look good on my feet.

Go Gata...very original...hey yes....don't commend the school or coaching staff for cutting him....THAT does'nt count for anything I guess.


I'm sure your one of them...

This is unusual for a Miami player. Expected for Florida, as if part of the graduation requirement.

Great move.. Get rid of the idiots and coach the good players up. The U does not need that kind of rep anymore.

Hope the young man gets his stuff together and wish him well at another school. Hopefully he has learned something.

it should part of our graduation requirement also....

Let me know when DC D'O and the OC part company with the Canes and the Canes get a DC that knows four man rush, DEs who can contain the end run, a blitz on every play and a DC who can coach man to man pass coverage with two free safeties and LBs close to the LOS. Until then, count on a 50-50 season every year.

And let me know when the Canes are going to get an OC that has a one big back who can get three yards, tight ends that can catch, linemen who can block, and the OC has pass patters to the posts or to the corners rather than to the flat or the hail mary pass, both wasted plays. Until then, count on Canes going three and out every series.


Are you stupid enough to think that D'Nofrio does not know all of this...4 man rush, man to man, and occasional blitz? He is very much aware of how to play defense. Unfortunately, he did not have enough experience to run most of the defensive coverages in his arsenal.

Wish you guys would stop trying to play coach and relax a bit. Our canes will get to where we want them in the next 2 years.

@ Go Gata

Is that all you got ?

Go Gata , Go f*ck yourself , fellator of mandrills .

f*ck team trailor park!

Way to many off field issues. This program just can't seem to get it's act together. And Gata, your team looked every bit the part of an urban liar prison escape, those kids acted like the punks they are. And of all the bowl games, I enjoyed that one MOST. Even though the clemson game was sweet, that Louiville beatdown was AWESOME. Also exposing the truth about the turd football team, OVER-RATED

Well, it looks like Thomas Finnie can now join the Florida Gaytors. He's a bona fide criminal.

Let me know when oh no and the Miami hurricane part ways.

Finnie and Paul, both were standouts in High School, both were marginal at best for the Canes and maybe set in thier ways after thier 2 year stint with the Canes. Use these scholarships on incoming freshmans.

Artie Burns was gone take his spot anyway

Good luck to Finnie. Turn your life around young man!

Word is , muschump has contacted finnie. Teddy bridgewater just scored again and they need some help when they play ooc offences.even UMs D would look good if we played that schedule....
Gallo...get out of that wheelchair son, U aint foolin nobody...

Hope Finnie can get it together. Good luck.

@Go Gata

Louisville just scored again!

Muscrat just had ANOTHER MELTDOWN on the sideline!

can we please have an update on alex collins, keith bryant, matthew thomas, denver k, etc..?

Go Gayta are you dating Gallo cuz you sound a lot like gallo with something in your mouth so why don't you keep it shut if you don't have anything positive to say ?I am really sick of the negativity.

Gata u need to check out the gators arrest records as of late their way worse than at the u.it must be a prerequisite to get in at uf.

There should be no more "news" regarding the dismisal of a thief and thug. It is time that these athletes are made aware of their responsibility in life. They have been "given" just about anthing they want because they can play football-except you cannot give them the most important thing and that is character and honesty.
The UM can go a long way in preparing the remaining individuals the importance of honesty, pride, self reliance, and an education in their chosen field. Go Canes.

What doesn't add up is the fact Finnie (with help from Paul) took the lap top from the room while the 'victims" were in there.
This just seems like an incomplete relating of the facts.

What recruits will we have visiting this weekend?

It sounds pretty weak to me. What grown man that was supposed to be a walk on football player would allow some one to come in and take his laptop. It sounds like all the other situations where someone didn't know he was on the traveling roster and he gets kicked off the team. These players were recruited by golden and because they havnt bought into playing in a bs scheme then you kick them off the team. Makes no sense it's only fair to the kids that you tell the story. What would make a young player come play for us knowing there maybe sanctions coming. This isn't a good look.

Golden got down and hugged Lewis when he got hurt so he needs to get out here and get control of this team. It's whole lot if crap going in and as bad as it hurts to say the players probably feel it too. He only place that this much garbage is going on is at the U. You all talk about gallo and Calvin and who ever else but telling the the truth about things does not give u in a popularity contest. If u all like what's going U can't be true hurricanes.

Matthew Thomas is the only name I want to hear about not Thomas finnie does any one know how to contact this guy (golden) an let him know he needs to be camping out on this young mans front lawn the kid is a beast an he reeks of UM LBs Tradition... Were can we start the petition to sign this guy PLEASE MANNY ASK THE KID FOR ANOTHER INTERVIEW LET HIM KNOW MIAMI NEEDS HIM

Oh Tally get off your high horse acting like just because of a scheme or coach players go out and do this stupid stuff because of it. Get a life, U are a Shannon apologists who would still have his sorry ass here right on doing nothing but screwing up if it was up to you and only because he shares the same race as yourself, so get off the black panther, Malcom X crap. Everything SHannon did and recieved, he created it himself. Golden or no other coach in America including Randy SHannon can police players 24/7 and they are going to do some dumbsh@t from time to time. What I want to know is how high can the standards at Miami be when a school has computer labs that are accessable to students a great majority of the time and that dumbass thinks he has to go into somebody else's place and steal another student's laptop. That anyway you cut it is not to bright of an individual. Now regarding the fact of how are you goona let another man or men go in and take your property, is unknown. We are men and these guys are student athletes and by age they are men however depending on the person he probably said this is a matter for the police to handle rather than himself getting beat the hell up. I know this if somebody comes into my home I am gonna blast their ass and put more holes in them thean they were given when they were born. We all just don't know what the circumstances were the victim was beset upon them. But blaming the coaches or scheme is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard, and to actually listen and put any relevance into anything that Calvin from 227 with the two left feet, or little jimmy Gallo makes us all wonder are you a real Cane. Gallo copies and pastes the same crap one post after another, and Calvin thinks he works for wikipedia or something. They are both trolls who are not Canes. Hell if I was looking to win a popularity contest or cared about popularity don't you think the easy thing to do would be jump on the bandwagon of idiots that constantly put down D'nofrio. By the way do you know where our defense finished coach D'nofrio's first year fixing Shannon's players who other than Sean Spence sucked? Well here it is. We finsished 17th is scoring defense, and 45 in total defense. And that was in less than a year's time workign with the boys, then this year they started more Freshmen and sophomores than just about anybody and struggled it's true but I have seen enough from this coaching staff's track record to know that this defense will improve dramatically next year and beyond, so give it a rest and either support our team or go pull for Arkansas where Shannon is now.

Sorry by the way about the last post being so long. I guess I got a case of Calvinitis.

Is Tallycane learning challenged? His or her posts read like a letter sent to a prisoner after being edited by a prison guard.

So you agree that the scheme is stupid. Start acting like a true cane fan instead of b sucker from the big ten coward.

I know enough to know that our defense ain't miami in no way form or fashion. That little name calling doesn't bother me. Our defensive coordinator is some garbage and that is that. We can get all the recruits i the world but if he doesn't put them in the right places to succeed we will not win anything meaningful.

I wrote something else but it wouldn't let me post. Come one manny.

right on ships. True.

Like this is news. Seriously Herald/MAnny NAvarro?

This kid got arrested, on campus theft (felony) and you think the fact that he was dismissed is news?

This is addition by subtraction. With another available scholie, it opens upopportunities. Finnie was getting a little better be still got burned many times and was afraid to tackle. In his 2nd year. So he was no Tyrann Mathieu who by the way was also dismissed by the LSU team (but conveniently allowed to sta inschool in case Les Miles changes his minds or needs a d-back).

I'm curious to see what the general consensus is on who youall want to win- Alabama (9 national championships) or ND (8 NCs). For me, between Lou HOltz, and the 1988 referee debacle, and the hatred I have for the Irish for calling my canes Convicts unfairly (and with a tinge of racism),I cannot force myself to root for them. I pulled for the gators in 2006 when they played Ohio State for obvious reasons. But this I cannot do. Bama gets my respect even though I dislike Saban. They play pro-style, no goony goo Urban Liar spread option garbage and come at you.

CaneFan'72, have you watched any of the games last year, because if you did you'll know that the Canes play a 4-3, they do rush 4, occasionally in long yardage situations they play a 3-4 with 3 rushing and the back eight in a zone. Right now they don't have the DB to play press, you have to structure your D to the talent they have. Their D-line is too young and week to be effective against the run so they have to play zone to better guard against the run. Do you know how zone related to better run stopage, ah probably not. Let's see last year we Duke Johnson had a 6.9 yards/rush, that's pretty good don't you think. The prior year Damien Barry had a 4.6 yard/rush, Lamar Miller was at 5.8, and Mike James was at 5.5. So it does seem that there are backs that can run at the U. Last year Stephen Morris threw for 3,330 yard, and the prior year DH threw for 2500, I guess they can move the ball. And some one has to block to get those results. Please stop being a MORON.

5>3>2, are you kidding me, it is news.

gwp1616, good post, these idiot don't know that you need talent and experience to run aggressive defenses.

So another self-defeating kid leaves. He was dreaming of a "mansion" and the NFL while stealing a laptop. Dumb. No logic.

Happens at a lot of schools. It's a shame all the way round for the kid, his family and any program.

However, let's use the scholarship to recruit a better player.

Go Canes!

You can't spell big game "Gaggers" without the word Gators.

mike- No its not. The news about Finnie is 6 weeks old. Translation= NO news.

here's some news for you: jacoby Brisset of the gators has left the program, and so has chris johnson. Brisset was previously heavily recruited by the U. Word is, he is being pursued.

Now the Herald on its sports section is asking what 5>3>2 askd earlier: Who do cane fans hate most? UA or ND?

I for one, agree with 532. I dont hate alabama. they beat us fair and square in 1992, we beat them fair and square in 1989. Bama fans are ok. Nothing like gator fans.

BUT I despise Notre Dame for several reasons:

- Their smug attitudes towards UM in the 80s and 90s- The whole "catholics vs convicts" mantra smacked of racism.

- They were dirty on the field.
- They were "given" the 1988 game. and hence the championship.
- The whole NBC TV contract.
_ The stupid dwarf who runs around the games.

No Tally, what I said is blaming a coach or a defensive scheme for a kid doing something stupid like this is ref#$cktarded. Does that clear up things for U. Defense for your information at Miami is playing hard non stop, swarming around the ball until the final whistle, leaving it all out there on the field no matter what the circumstances are. That is Miami Hurricane defensive football not anything else. And Tally, only a coward would believe or allign themselves with Gallo, and Calvin.

GWP 1616. What you say would be true, youthful defenders and good enough players, if TCU who were arguably younger than us hadn't been successful doing the things we all take for granite! D'Nofrio is not at this level just accept it. Do you really think it takes experience and all americans to run a stunt, blitz or adjust coverages? If so then sorry but you're the idiot.

Corpus, and 5>3>2, guys I agree with everything both of you have said about the Notre Dame and Alabama games. There are a few teams I really can't stand and Alabama and Notre Dame are two of them along with FLorida, Penn State and Ohio State and if you had asked me this 10 years ago I would have unequivically said I would be pulling for Alabama hands down. But in light of the ways that Espn commentators such as Reece "crooked Teeth" Davis and Mark "the giant version of Urkle" have made a pure mockery of college football in their undying suckassness to the SEC, I am afraid at this poit I am going to have to pull for Notre Dame. Now first let me tell you why. Notre Dame has gone to opposing teams stadiams and actually won where the SEC never goes outside of its own conference and play's anybody who is any good. Secondly and I know it doesn't have to do with this year but they way Alabama got a second chance last year to play LSU when they lost at home to them the first time and didn't even win their division much less conference, and Oklahoma State didn't get an opportunity to play for it or another team from another conference. And Lastly I was sickened at the media coverage that ESPN gave the SEC on media days when they had what amounts to a week of coverage of their conference and did not even come close to covering any of the other conferences like those teams and it isn't like they went anywhere and beat anybody from another conference and I despise how those commentators just give the SEC a pass with one loss to automatically get into the National Title game just because they are from the SEC. That is unfair and I am sick of it. So unless something changes my mind, I along with my man Thrill Hill will be pulling for Notre Dame. Believe me this decision boils down to who do I hate more at this time.

I thought it was a bit strange that he would steal from a former teammate, but then it made more since once I discover Robert Wright was white.

Corpus, 5>3>2, Champ...I agree with you guys..I admire you posters because you tell it like it is and do not have an agenda to put down the 'U'.
YOu guys are BRINGING it!!!!!!!

All the inuendo and putdowns by the above mentioned (Tallycane, calvin,gallo, and canfan'72) do not help in supporting our team. In recruting, the inference and moaning that these posters display, help to influence athletes and family members who may read these posts..and may inadvertently hurt the 'U'.

It makes me wonder sometimes if these naysayers are being supportive for the success of the 'Canes or agitating for change because of an agenda.

As far as the ND vs Alabama game.. I will take Alabama.
I had an ex player who played tight end for the U, who is a good friend, and he said that ND was the worst trash talking team they played, and you would not believe the stuff that the ND were doing, after the whistle.Dirty.

So go 'Bama...until the 'U' is back.
I would love to beat Saban and take that smug look off his face...His personality just gets me..the 'U' will do it..
The 'U' will be the 'U'.

A coward calls somebody mother a stupid b for defending her son chump. I'm not on here to hold hands and I agree with anyone. It's pretty childish if you need someone to support your post.i want what's best for our team and if you don't like it don't read or respond to it.

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