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Former Canes CB Finnie, headed to court Thursday, expected to end up in pretrial diversion program

The lawyer for former Hurricanes cornerback Thomas Finnie expects him to end up in a pretrial diversion program after he makes a court appearance Thursday morning court appearance to face grand theft charges.

Attorney Ken Swartz said because Finnie is a first-time offender he should be able to wrap up his run-in with the law rather easily. The former Miami Central standout was arrested and charged with grand theft and burglary Dec. 11 for his role in a laptop theft on UM's campus the week prior. 

UM suspended Finnie indefinitely then dismissed him from the program earlier this month. Should Finnie complete the pretrial diversion (a four-hour class), all charges would be dismissed.

A family friend told The Miami Herald Finnie will likely end up playing at Bethune-Cookman next season.

Finnie started the first six games of the season for UM and finished with 30 tackles and one interception.


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I feel bad for Finnie, he made a really costly mistake.

He threw it all away. Hope he can rebound and get it together.

I feel bad for the kid because he made a mistake that was unfortunately a crime that just doesn't go away. I can't feel all that bad for him as much as I would the kid he stole from had he not got caught however. Remember one thing Finnie was not the victim here, it was the other kid. Hopefully he has learned from his mistake and will clean himself up and treat this as a real world learning experience. Good luck young man.

your an idiot championships: its pre-trial diversionary program, its called accelerated rehabilitation....there is no record of the incident...completely clean...as long as he fulfills the 4 hours....it'll be like the incident never happened.. golden is an idiot like you..finnie should have NEVER be kicked off the team....

Life even for a talented Athlete has it's rules that must be obeyed.

The path you choose is based strictly on your actions.

If you feel that what occured was wrong, then pay the price, move, on and use it as a learninng experience.
Good things can happen for you in life.

If you feel that it was a bummer that you got caught, then this is a road to another experience, that will be negative and detrimential. The next event will be life changing.

Good luck at Bethune, study and play hard, and prove to everyone that you are a good, intense football player. Create positive vibes, and give back through volunteering and helping other kids, and great things will happen for you. This makes you appreciate so much more the talent and gifts that you have.

Thanks for your contributions as a 'Cane, and I am sure that you have good mememories of your team mates that you will carry with you, through life.
Good luck again.
The 'U' will be the 'U'

Gallo, I hope with that attitude that someone steals from your family. I'm sure you'll be just as sweet and forgiving if he isn't an athlete....but if he is you'd probably offer him the run of your house to do whatever he likes.....cause your that kinda moron.

Amazing perspective, Jim Gallo. You are often more solid about what is righteous and what is not.

Whatever the legal disposition, the fact is that Finnie stole someone's property. Given the softness of our legal system, and the fact that we produce so many criminals in our society, he will walk legally.

But the victim doesn't walk. Finnie's behavior is a predictor of further problems unless he gets it together. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior (admittedly this axiom is bad news where our defensive coaching is concerned...)

To attribute it to youth, as our stupid courts often do, is ridiculous because most kids do not get in trouble with the law. It is always about something bigger in a kid's psyche, like bad parenting, lack of morality, weakness of character.

I don't think Golden wants that type of kid and I support that philosophy. For Finnie, I wish him success on the right side of life.

Classy post about Finnie. Last time out you were pretty harsh on the guy (not that he deserves our sympathy either, though). Your current statement is spot on.

Gallo, you are a numb skull. CAG has given this guy a chance before and for him to go and do what he did is a slap in the face to CAG, the team, his teammates and more importantly himself and his family. I hope he really learns from his mistake and turns things around. He is receiveing yet another chance. Thomas, I implore you, please take advantage of it. Your future can still be very bright. All the best.

Btw, maybe you can receive "accelerated rehabilitation" from this blog.

dbc: first of all its a program for individuals that have a clean history which he does.....the courts cant handle every person who makes 1 mistake in his life, every state has this....the victim has no loss now, it was retuned....EVERY person has made a mistake in life. What does this incident have to do with getting kicked off the team? Look at all the disciplinary issues this team has with golden...its ridicules

this coach loves to throw players under the bus....and he does it with a team that is 7-5. No wonder why recruits are hesitant to come to UM

The university would have kicked him out regrdless of what CAG would have wanted. He committed a felony ON CAMPUS against a STUDENT. You or I would be kicked out of school regardless. I dont believe CAG would have been able to overrule that. HAd it been something minor, eg a fight etc etc. maybe. BUt this was serious.

These athletes have the world by the bals. And they go and so something this dumb? AN OL from UF just got arrested for stealing a scooter. Again what is wrong with these kids? All Finnie had to do was work hard pass his classes and BAM! NFL/

If an athlete is so unsmart to make a decision this poor How can we expect him to learn a defensive playbook and do what he is asked to do?


Fair enough. In diversion programs, some kids will become repeat offenders, and some will not. I understand these programs well. They represent society's optimism about youth in particular.

I think being a crime victim does not enhance your life, no matter if it is a minor offense.

But, as I have said before, I agree with your concern about kids being booted off the team or tossed under the bus. I don't like it.

UM and any school will get kids who need work on moral foundation. Coaches ought to be that influence if a kid has missed the boat in their prior history.

Coaches are substitute dads for many kids. I believe Finnie has a father that is present and do not know his quality of parenting. So no knock on that dad. The family may have done a great job, but the kid was not developing proper maturity, and this can happen with promising young athletes. There were other incidents with this player.

So, if there is a way to work with Finnie or Paul, I would support that, and try to keep them on the team. This process can build an even deeper loyalty and commitment on the player's part.

Have a good day...

that's not true..he wont get kicked out of school at all....he will get a disciplinary warning first...then MAYBE he will be asked to leave....this is a non issue now.....

dude you have no idea how college works...this coach only talks a good game...he really doesn't connect with these players...remember he needed a committee of players to act as a conduit for his policies...

if golden was the coach of the former great canes..he would have kicked everyone of them off the team....bennie blades said he took money from luther, gone...Alonzo, Jerome would have been suspended for cussing on national tv....the whole team would have been suspended for walking out of the penn state/UM steak fry....like ive said..he is just not Miami material...he should coach at boston college or some catholic chool except ND, because they are too thug for him...oh wait....manti te'o gone....girlfriend hoax

Gallo gone for out of touch.

everyone is failing to mention that Finnie has been arrested before! prior to the summer session. This is not his first offense. Golden gave Finnie multiple chances to right the ship. This was the straw that broke the camel's back. With the NCAA cloud over our heads, arrests are the last thing we need.
In my opinion, it's one strike and you're out. Golden gave him more than one strike.

Finnie stole from his brother....a fellow Cane.Someone who has been there for him.No difference than stealing from his parents.(Which he did as well).He stole from them respect and dignity for their son.He ll eventually regain it but all for an immature and selfish moment.THAT is how SOME people learn a life lesson.Let s hope HE is 1 of them.

To dbc: Good post and I agree with every point you made.More importantly but just as sad was your predictor of future behavior.Ha.In regards to the Canes current DC......who s name I no longer will mention...........it is so true that HE is the 1 guy/spot in the football program that demonstrates/is the weakest link and remains by far the strongest need for improvement.I m beside myself because Golden has kept this incompetent loser as DC.THAT wreaks.I wake up every morning like I ve had a bad nightmare that won t go away just knowing THAT loser is still the Canes DC.Beyond frustrating....it s despicable.

Most of you are what's wrong with society. That's the one thing the justice system got right in words when they said "you'll be judged by a jury of your peers", most of you on here in your own minds come from apparently perfect worlds. It take real people to do deal with real situations. Again, those who luv to beat the chest and brag about the 5 national championships and how dominant a team we were in the 80's and 90's and even the 2000's don't really know who and what you're rooting for.

For those who like to point to the 2001 team, alot of incidents were kept in house, just because you don't hear things like you're hearing em now under goldie, who it's sad, but the only reason he keeps letting info seep out, the more it makes him look like a victim, and the negative circumstances on the field are a result of. Their are people that have and still are on football teams that have done far worst than what finnie did.

Alot of irrational people on here just like in society, you can tell the real people from the fake people on here. If what finnie did is that much of a big deal to alot of you, most of you have been real sheltered your whole life.

dbc, i know you mean well, but this statement you said:
"But the victim doesn't walk. Finnie's behavior is a predictor of further problems unless he gets it together. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior"

Trying to be able to predict behavior is asanine. Most people become repeat offenders because they are in the same environment or same situation, after they return. In finnie's case, like most, yeah he was in a different environment, but he was still in the same situation like he was growing up, short on money or having none at all. So his survival instincts kicked in.

Again, jim gallo has said it, these diversion programs are nothing new, many kids across the college football world are in them and are still on the teams of their perspective Universities. The only reason "it's tmz" around here is because goldie needs to step his game up, he's not protecting the players.
This is not penn st. where they got alot of guys who came up in families that had good jobs and regular lives, goldie and his crew are in a whole nother situation.

This is one of the main reasons mario cristobal was hired, like goldie said himself, "to help him see the bigger picture". goldie also said afterthe finnie incident "i just don't get it" lol, well he better get over his dazed out mentality real quick because it won't be the last time he'll have to deal with a situation. goldie likes to use words like "we have rules, but they're not that hard to follow" he's trying to dumb the rules down to the public to make it seem like it's that simple, goldie keeps requesting that the players grow-up.

Well, goldie needs to be the one that has to grow up. That's the one conversation he needs to have with jimmy johnson, jimmy would laugh at goldie right now and ask him quick, "where are you from and where did you grow up again, ok, have you been to Liberty City or Overtown, does it look like where you grew up, than wtf up man"!

Calvin- NO- YOU are what's wrong with today's society. You find excuse after excuse for a young black man, rather than admitting what he is- a criminal-repeat offender WHO WAS ALREADY GIVEN A SECOND AND THIRD CHANCE.


Toughen up.

Black (white and hispanic as well) men that have children should man up. Be men. Raise your children right. Show them whats right and wrong. Punish them for their actions. That way when they leave home, they will know that there are clear cut societal consequences.

I brought up black. because the number of children out of wedlock is overwhelmingly larger among this segment of our population. Nothing racist about it. Is there not a direct link with that and the fact that there is also a disproportionate number of young black men in prison?

Why does Golden have to grow up in Overtown and Liberty City? What dos that have to do with right and wrong? A crime in O-town is the same as a crime in the gables- You get caught you pay the piper. period. As a 20 year old if he doesnt know that by the time he enrolss at UM, than he is dumber than people think. We all knew that growing up, I grew up in he tough streets of Broward, I can say that. At 20 I knew that if I stole something and got caught, I'd go tojail.

Plus- the stupidity is made worse if you think that this young man is getting a free ride at a university that costs (for those f us who are not athletically gifted) about $50,000 a year.

Come on man! Calvin YOU grow up. Stop making excuses.

Jim gallo you are an unapologetic moron.

Finnie has done that before and was given a second chance. What in God's earth are you talking about?

Clueless is what you are. So by your logic... Golden should have kept Finnie on the team? Even after he stole from a former player?

Shannon kicked a walkon off the teamafter he broke the jaw of a starter defensive lineman in a locker room fight. AS HE SHOULD HAVE. THE punishment fit the crime. He broke his effen jaw.

Finnie STOLE (do you know what stealing means?) No he didnt borrow it mistakenly and forgot to give it back. No he didnt sleep with a co-ed and later was accused wrongly of rape. No he didnt jay walk. He committed larceny. He knew the $1,200 lap to did not belong to him. He took it. He tried to sell it.

In essence, he exchanged a $200,000 education and a chance to develop into an NFL player, for a 1,200 dollar lap top.

If you cant see the stupidity here. Than you and Calvin are kindred fools

ya so...he thought it was his....innocent grab by mistake.....finnie has no criminal record at all previous so I don't know what you are talking about....if he did he couldn't qualify for accelerated rehab , so you talk sh...it

1. suspensions
2. terminations
3. favoritism (Shannon players who were jr/sr)
4. parents calling radio station
5. secret "mutual" leaves by players
6. cane walks
7. ties and shirts on field
8. 5800 defensive yards
9. 300 book binders to get HC position
10. practices only when the temperature is just right, usually when the sun goes down, lol

no wonder recruits are hesitating on committing to UM....might leave as f...gs

Jerome brown say " im gonna f...ck your mother bi...ch" right in front of the ref on national tv....

calvin you are so right about golden and his no excuse but here is an excuse strategy....dude he is always managing the press and expectation's....I know his game

don't be surprised if alex Collins ends up at Arkansas like a blogger said....a lot of sfla talent there....I think he has a team right now in his mind....he is going to UM just to make sure....golden has 1 shot at this guy......if Collins walks away still not sure...UM will be dead with him

Finnie stole from his brother....a fellow Cane.Someone who has been there for him.No difference than stealing from his parents.(Which he did as well).He stole from them respect and dignity for their son.He ll eventually regain it but all for an immature and selfish moment.THAT is how SOME people learn a life lesson.Let s hope HE is 1 of them.

Posted by: Jo jo | January 17, 2013 at 09:47 AM

Come on man, you trying to compare some teammate that finnie barely knew and could careless about to that man's parents, lol, where do you all get your information from. Have you ever been on a team, when you first get on a team, if the guys are not somebody you or are from your neighborhood you could careless about them, let alone somebody from another state. bonds don't happen overnight, furthermore, this was an ex-teammate.

I'll say it again, goldie is an outsider until he proves himself to be apart of a national championship team at UM. Like i said before, when goldie first got here, especially with his boy oach OH-NO. goldie seems smart enuff and comes off genuine enuff to move in certain circles, his boy oach OH-NO, everything about him says he's out of place at UM. He just reminds me of a guy who got to a tackle late and just dove on the pile and than tried to get over aggressive while the guy was already on the ground.

Anyway, while goldie like's to say "the culture is changing", i'm always concerned with what he means by that. He's made statements like, "the guys are starting learn how to win" it makes me laugh every time i heard him say it, lol, how are they trying to learn how to win when oac OH-NO is garbage. Seems to me he's the main one that doesn't know how to win.

Finnie should have been dismissed as he was. It sends the wrong message to the rest of the team.

BS....if it was morris or Johnson, does anyone think they would be gone as well....golden is full of s...it. the only reason finnie and paul are gone and for that matter ray-ray Armstrong is because they are EXPENDABLE.....

btw...still no official explanation as to why ray was let go....but in the way they did it..thinking only of themselves (golden) because of upcoming sanctions he destroyed his ability to play for another ncaa team...he is ineligible

"Although UM has yet to explain why Armstrong was dismissed, the school did say he can continue to be enrolled as a scholarship student to complete his degree. Should he elect to transfer to another institution, UM said it would grant him a full release"

2010 - randy shannon

total offense - 5499 yards / 44 TD's - #31 rank
total defense - 4203 yards / 37 sacks for 241 yrd loss / 16 INT's - #22 rank

2011 - golden

total offense - 4533 yards / 41 TD's - #70 ranked
total defense - 4319 yards / 23 sacks for 118 yrd loss / 6 INT's - #45 ranked

2012 - golden

total offense - 5282 yards / 45 TD's - #36 ranked
total defense - 5837 yards / 13 sacks for 86 yrd loss / 11 INT's - #116 ranked

team with better defensive ranking - temple #90, lol
and speaking of temple:

2010 - golden/dnofrio

offense #79 ranking
defense - #16 ranking

2011 - without batman and robin

offense - #63 ranking
defense - #12 ranking

too funny....

Calvin and Gallo the more things change the more they stay the same.....still morons to the core!

yes a moron who is till laughing so hard my sides hurt.....you cant make this stuff up...

funny thing about stats.....and blog your way thru them.....

Jim Gallo is whats wrong with my brothers. Only thinking of the small picture and never the big. Your boy Finnie was arrested for theft before when he was a minor.. everyone knows that. If you know anything about pre trial diversion you know that you can get it more than once. You would also know that you also have to do community service and more. The lawyer is not telling the whole truth. You dont think his name being in the paper will drive more business to him idiot? Of course he is gonna paint a pretty picture. I'm guessing you didnt know that. I'm also guessing you didnt know that Golden had guys with criminal records on his team at Temple. You dont believe me ? go listen to the Jason Whitlock interview who follows the MAC conference. You obviously have an axe to grind and Im not buying it. Im not sold on Golden either he's not a great x's & 0's guy but you just sound stupid. Especially with those seupid stats you put up. All that matters is wins & losses. Sigh

So to sum up Calvina and Jimbo.
1) If you don't live in the "hood" you can't deal with or handle players from the "hood". They think differently and have different moral values from society so they get a pass. Total stupidity.

What Hogwash.

Jimbo Gallo the no nothing Sage says, if you are a player anything goes, but if you are not on the team different rules apply...In other words different rules apply, to different stations in life, as per the team.

What Hogwash.

You both should be ashamed as you look in the mirror.
No morality breeds anarchy and bedlam..Try driving a car without some rules and safeguards..
Apply that to running a team.

Yeah for the Coach who says I have a Honest program..No one is too big to play by the rules.

Calvina you need some serious help..Gallo you may be too far gone.. Win at any cost, and no rules is asinine.
You are both clUcks as our friendly poster refernces.

How many times does one have to break the law to get your attention?...but it is fine to steal from a team mate. Wink, wink...
You both are ridiculous.
The 'U' will be the 'U'

Gallo saw he was being manhandled on this blog.He realized that his posts are garbage. garbage in garbage out. So he then resorts to paste a bunch of nonsensical stats about UM's offense from 2010, etc etc.

Man. When the good Lord handed out IQs, gallo and Calvin were out on break

One good thing about Calvin and Gallo is they make all other commenters seem intelligent.

mic check!

UM basically put ray ray in a situation where he had to chose between playing football or his girlfriend. And sense their is no written rule on whether or not a player can date a possible up & coming sports agent, UM decided to just take the easy way out, lol. Tried to use the media to make ray ray look like a bad guy or something and a whole bunch of doo-doo birds came out the mouth all wrong on ray. I'm not into all the new gadgets and technology, but alot of people i notice when they're having a good time, they try and share it with everybody right away.

So when ray ray apparently sent those photo's out, it was about him having a good time. Of course goldie being the nervous type he is, overreacted.

Apparently alot of the reading comprehension levels on here are real low. Who said goldie needs to grow up in Liberty City or Overtown, what he needs to do is get a better understanding of the players he's going to be around if he's going to be the coach here, that's the point about "Liberty City or Overtown!

You can't deal with everybody the same way, something coach goldie being a psychology major should understand. jimmy johnson(a psychology major) understood it to the max and that's why he's been a champion times over. The goldie approach is the mediocre approach to life, not just football. You geniuses on here keep trying to be wise owls, that man jim gallo knows what he's talking about, alot of yall are just to l.d. to understand that.

sorry innercity....pre-trial diversion or accelerated rehab is what finnie got can be a number of things..it can be probation 1/2 years with restitution or community service or drug rehab program enrollment.

you can only get it once which if competed and released by the judge after you prove you completed it...your record is expunged.....

his issue has nothing to do with getting kicked off the team...if it was morris, this would not happen or duke johnson

totally agree, what matters is win/loses

golden - 40-45 / 28-30 conference and no bowl wins

I rest my case.

Shannon- 3 bowl trips/

o-fer. (strike 1)

lost to UVa in the lastgame played by the U at the OB- 48-zilch (strike 2)

Loses to USF for the first time by allowing Jacorry to throw an int when all he had to do was take a knee. (strike 3)

I rest my case. Your honor, on account of counsel's stupidity, I want the case dismissed

The genius says Golden has had no bowl wins

I dont know if I should laugh or cry at the stupidity of that comment.

2011- Self imposed
2012- self imposed

What bowl did you want him to win? You lug nut?

temple - 27-34 no bowl wins
UM - 13-11 no bowl wins
average loss per year 7

this is what I suggest: laugh at goldens record and cry that we are stuck with him....

@1981-2011 UM 5.
Great post.....

Let's see Jimbo Gallows get out of that one...You have him in a corner..

We are waiting Jimbo...and watching..you are in the box..
No response..
The 'U' will be the 'U'.

ok..golden best years at temple:

2009 he goes 9-4 (still s....cks)

24-19 W over ball state (2-10)
34-32 W over Miami (OH) 1-11

barely gets wins over last place teams...real record is 7-6

2010 he goes 8-4 (still su..ks)

13-10 W central Micihigan (3-9)
28-27 W Bowling green (2-12)

real record that year is 6-6

please dude....UM material, in your dreams unless we have become temple...wait typo..they have better defense than us...sorry

so now, gallo why dont you see how Saban did in his early years of coaching and compare him to others as well? come on man


I do agree with many of your observations.

However, predicting future behavior is not "assinine."

It is in fact scientifically grounded that behavior is caused by an interaction of personal characteristics and the environment. Sometimes substance abuse is an activator of antisocial personality traits as well.

Your point about environment and being with the same negative peers is certainly one part of the equation.

Past behavior is the best (not perfect) predictor of future behavior. Fact.

As in the current violence debate, any expert who understands such behavior will tell you that a history of violence is directly correlated with future violence. The Jovan Belcher case is an example in sports of this phenomenon.

As are the numbers of criminals who terrorize the good folks of South Florida or anywhere else. They will often have a history of criminality and are in effect wired to violate social norms, kind of like sleep walkers. Toss in the negative environment and off they go.

If they have a history of criminality, truancy, running away, aggression toward peers before Age 10,
most are on the way to becoming full blown sociopaths.

Sad but very true.

So, my point is that if a kid commits a criminal act, probabilities increase for the commission of similar or escalated other acts in the future.

So, with Finnie, he had several episodes of breaking the law. If he does not make some significant changes, and as you suggest, avoid negative environments, he is more likely to again break the law.

He has personal characteristics that will push him in this direction unless he wakes up from the legal process, or, as Jim suggested, receives some kind of rehabilitation process mandated by the diversion program. Or finds a good shrink and figures out why he is self-defeating, and whose agenda he is

As 5>3>2 suggested, the University might have a rule regarding felony acts and dismissal. Not sure.

I do agree that UM is probably extra vigilant, given the NCAA dance underway. And that the coaches should connect emotionally with kids who struggle using a kind of corrective parenting model, and keep kids in the program if possible.

Again, there are surely limits whereby a kid has invited themselves to be kicked out as a result of their choices.

Now, I bet you could of predicted I would say something like that, no? If so, it is because you may have read my previous posts, right?

Keep that impassioned analysis flowing, man. It makes for lively dialogue here and, for some, a whole lot of catharsis. Good for the soul...

dbc, the only thing i'm going to address/correct, was the part about finnie's environment, i said "although finnie had changed environments his situation remained the same, the need for money was still their". And this blog says it all, just because that man wasn't a first round draft pick, people have turned on em, including coach goldie.

jim gallo said it best "had it been smo17 or the duke, goldie would not have come to this decision".

I'm sure after it happened goldie was confused ans surprised, lol, but if goldie is not strong or wise enuff to lead this program, time to roll out, plain and simple and take that 117th ranked clown with you.

What those stats jim gallo posted show is plain and simple, goldie's teams were still getting into shoot-outs with teams they had no business getting into shoot-outs with, and who was the running the defense than...hmmmmmmhhh. Don't worry, goldie will either get raised or get raised up outta here, one way or another it'll be good for this program. Let this defense be ranked 117th again, i want to see how many defensive alums are asked to talk to the team.

goldie already knows going into year 3, the defensive alums will come their to talk to not to the players but to the defensive coaches. I want to see if sapp is invited to that. A lot of people don't like sapp, but one of my favorite sapp moments was after he got that block on that o-lineman that ended up messing up his hip, and the media was trying to get sapp to show some type of sympathy, i was crying laughing saying, they got wrong one, lol. Than the cry babies in the media tried to make it seem like it was a dirty hit, man that's football.

Jerome brown say " im gonna f...ck your mother bi...ch" right in front of the ref on national tv....

calvin you are so right about golden and his no excuse but here is an excuse strategy....dude he is always managing the press and expectation's....I know his game

Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 17, 2013 at 11:33 AM

rofl, his methods are looking in a clean fish tank, you can see right thru em!

Calvin and Gallo the siamese retards joined at the lip. You guys have zero credibility on this blog because you constantly spew negative garbage.Nuff said .Go Canes

Calvin jerome brown (who i loved) did not commit a felony by saying im going to f yo momma.
Thats free speech, n...g..a. Free speech.

Finnie committed a crime. Youre speculating what ag would do if it was duke or morris

On another note...

Id like to give major props to the UM roundball team for a very impressive 4-0 record in the ACC sole conference leaders. A total team effort.

I suppose calvin has something to say about haith ... That hes better than coach L?

Don't cry because everybody is not jugglin goldie's sac, he's going get scrutinized, jimmy and dennis erickson did, goldie ain't special. Alot of yall are either bandwagon Cane fans or just getting on the boat. What me and jim gallo is saying about goldie, he has it easy compared to what jimmy and dennis went thru. Yall can't deny the facts, goldie will be considered unworthy to be a Hurricane headcoach until he does his duty and become a part of a national championship team while at UM, it's the only way to get promoted here, not an acc championship, means nothing but a door stop next to the big east trophies that use to hold some of the door's open to let the breeze in for some team meetings.

goldie gets one, he's going to hoist it up like it's his 2nd national title or something. It's that mentality that i have a problem with, it's still national championship or bust, playing for anything other than that should get and have the players pissed off. This team should've been pissed off that they weren't playing for the title whether it was here or in Miami for sure.

Alot of people in Miami these days, something's wrong with them. They got mad when nick saban left the dolphins, lol, for what, that man was garbage as an nfl headcoach, i was glad he left, i just wanted somebody to ask him why in the world did he break up the secondary of sam madison, patrick surtain and brock marion and bring in guys that barely started for their teams. In other words, people in Miami now keep clamouring over these below average coaches, the coaching at UM has gotten soft and so have most of the fans.

Crying for others to "support goldie, support this staff, give them 4 years", man,most of yall couldn't have been around when jimmy took over, him, like dennis were man enuff to prove they belonged here, so it shall be with goldie or he better speed on before he gets peed on!

Like i said earlier, alot of low levels of reading comprehension on this this blog, now people are giving me credit for statements i never even made, lol. Somebody needs glasses.

jim gallo, i know you see what i'm seeing, that's why i don't waste my time talking to alot of these daffodils man, just not worth the energy man. Stuff keeps flying over peoples head on this site, lol. If they can't comprehend what you said about JEROME BROWN, they should sit back and let the grown-ups continue to do the talking.

Until outsider goldie is a part of a national title at UM, he's just another coach, nothing special to me, most of yall have gotten finessed by all his talk like women, lol.

Calvin you should go back to some golden interviews on qam. That was his decision on defense.
If you and gallo knew anything you would know the team is 110% committed to golden and coaches.
You both sound like the white heron

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