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Former Canes CB Finnie, headed to court Thursday, expected to end up in pretrial diversion program

The lawyer for former Hurricanes cornerback Thomas Finnie expects him to end up in a pretrial diversion program after he makes a court appearance Thursday morning court appearance to face grand theft charges.

Attorney Ken Swartz said because Finnie is a first-time offender he should be able to wrap up his run-in with the law rather easily. The former Miami Central standout was arrested and charged with grand theft and burglary Dec. 11 for his role in a laptop theft on UM's campus the week prior. 

UM suspended Finnie indefinitely then dismissed him from the program earlier this month. Should Finnie complete the pretrial diversion (a four-hour class), all charges would be dismissed.

A family friend told The Miami Herald Finnie will likely end up playing at Bethune-Cookman next season.

Finnie started the first six games of the season for UM and finished with 30 tackles and one interception.


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What's funny to me is back before we played notre shame and even afterwards i told people that man teo guy was overrated and people thought i was just hating on the man, it was clear as day to me and what i luv about that game, you could see the kehoe coaching affect, them boys on the o-line were going at em and owning em.

Had we calleda better scheme on offense, and ran mike james more, it would've been a much easier game.

What I want to know is how is Golden an outsider and Johnson and Erickson weren't? Johnson is from texas,played at Arkansas and was HC at Oklahoma State where he was drilled every year by Oklahoma and Nebraska. Then Erickson came from Washington State which is a complete 180 from Miami and yet these two belong but Golden doesn't? That is completely Stupid. And how did those two have it worse the Golden? Jimmy ( who is the true King of Miami and I respect more than any coach) followed a National Championship team and was left a National Championship team from Schnellenberger, went 8 and 5 his first year. Then Erickson came in and inherited another National Title team from Johnson and won 2titles basically with Jimmy's players, and proceeded to allow the talent level to be depleted much like Coker did. Now I know those two guys have something Golden doesn't have yet, but to say that these guys were not outsiders when they came from other parts of the country and Golden is, is well only something totally and utterly f-cktarded would say. Even worse than that is to say that they inherited a worse mess than Golden did who had to come in and follow the two nimrods who were here prior to his hiring, is simply ridiculous. And for the two idiots Calvin and Gallo, quit living in the 80's and come to the reality that is 2013. Last time I checked doing things that way got us on probation back in the 90's.

dude all these green peas have to do is watch 30-30 the U..its all there it really was exactly like the narrative.......

that's the way it was....underprivileged kids appreciative to be in COLLEGE and playing football....and they had a coach that let them have fun and protected them since he didn't give a f....ck about the administration since he though they were all hypocrites.....the players became him, hence all the trash talk, antics and team violations as well do as ncaa violations.....but then how cared...NOBODY....

we have to keep a little of that sink on us...we don't ask players to leave or suspend them on important games.....jimmy says in locker room...."you are hurricanes and you win at all costs"....do the 2012/2013 canes win at all costs?.....

why is dnofrio still here?...that's complete BS....f....ck him....

" go have your #117 ranking on the 3rd from last place field"......f..ck all these coaches for NJ...golden is lucky to have UM...not the other way around and if jimmy-dennis and butch got their ass reamed in the media...these jerk offs will also


Yes, Finnie changed environments but a personal characteristic, what you call "need for money" did not.

Thus impulsive behavior was the result.

Understanding a person's situation/environment and their personal traits allows for behavioral prediction in many, but not all, cases.

Thomas made a mistake & he dont care about the bashing he's been getting from the fans. He has every and anything he needs excellent parents. Thomas has another good opportunity to do what he has to BCC remember watch out for this young man. Yes he felt bad about the situation, but we have all made mistakes in our lifetime so don't try to bash him encourage him and that will just fine. Thomas is good trust me I know .

" go have your #117 ranking on the 3rd from last place field"......f..ck all these coaches for NJ...golden is lucky to have UM...not the other way around and if jimmy-dennis and butch got their ass reamed in the media...these jerk offs will also

Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 17, 2013 at 11:14 PM

ROFL, dagw, these people just don't get. I see why they're all frustrated, the reading comprehension in here is terrible man. Didn't i say jimmy and dennis were outsider's until the proved themselves, so it will be with goldie, he's and outsider until he becomes part of a national championship team at UM, Peri-Awd! They over defending goldie, a defense that made most qb's look all word in 2011, came back and out-did itself and broke all the UM defensive records, if jimmy was the headcoach who in here is foolish enuff to believe oach OH-NO would still be here.

If jimmy's wife right now was the d-co at UM and the defense was ranked 117th, she'd be waiting at home for him because he'd have fired her probably at halftime of the next game if a team had 350 yards before the half. These people are trying to defend goldie tooth and nail to no avail, that guy hasn't done anything worthy of being called a Hurricane coach, he's not a champion no where. Until he earns that title like all the greats that came thru here and the ones who got robbed, he won't be counted as a True Hurricane until he, in his own words "Upholds The Legacy" 7 & 5 is not it, that's upholding the temple legacy.

Only one UM headcoach since howard, doesn't have a national championship right now and that's goldie. howard got the first one, jimmy got the next one, dennis got 2, butch davis was a coach on the team national championship team with jimmy so he has a national championship on his resume, "thee incompetent one" althouh inherited from butch has one, randy shannon has one from his playing days, so yep, goldie is the only one that hasn't been part of a championship team while at UM thus far, he's a certified/qualified outsider until he does!

No, no, little jimmy, I haven't got to watch the 30 for 30 show cause I was there through the whole thing. Answer the question jerkoff, how is Jimmy johnson from Arkansas and Texas or Dennis Erickson from Pullman Washington not an outsider but Al Golden is. And how the hell does stealing a laptop translate to winning? It doesn't idiot. It translates to tax payers having to feed them. Winning comes from being physically and mentally prepared and superior to your competition. It is almost comical how stupid, and ignorant people like U and Calvin really are. There is no rational to either of your comments, only fear.

Thomas made a mistake & he dont care about the bashing he's been getting from the fans. He has every and anything he needs excellent parents. Thomas has another good opportunity to do what he has to BCC remember watch out for this young man. Yes he felt bad about the situation, but we have all made mistakes in our lifetime so don't try to bash him encourage him and that will just fine. Thomas is good trust me I know .

Posted by: GOD FEARING MAN | January 18, 2013 at 12:42 AM

UH OH, these hypocrites now will probably try and start bashing BETHUNE COOKMAN for accepting finnie. I'm happy for finnie, at least now he'll be able to play in a real defensive system and allow his natural talent to shine thru. To much speed to be sitting back 10 yards off of a wide receiver. Coach brian jenkins is strong enuff to and knows how to take guys like finnie and show him the way, he got gifted a real good athlete. Later on, some of these same daffodils will be saying "how come he didn't play like that when he was with us", lol.

Coach jenkins defensive staff plays way better defense than oach OH-NO knows football, our offense kilt our defenses in the spring game, BETHUNE COOKMAN's defense made our offense have to work to get points. A word to the not so wise, if you're a coach at any school in Miami or the State of Florida, and you're playing your db's 10 yards off the line of scrimmage as your primary defensive set, your coaching privileges need to be revoked, and that person needs to be run out of town.

like ive said....if it was morris or duke jonhson...they would have not been asked to leave the team.....but finnie, paul and Armstrong...NO PROBLEM

golden: these guys are EXPENDABLE.....well see next year what happens....its comical that bloggers think that fsu/florida etc will not improve but only UM will....

UM will not advance until dnofrio is gone....why don't you just look at all the sames 2009/2010 at temple that golden raves that his DC had a top defense....pull the stats and look at the teams..its a joke

2010 - golden/dnofrio

offense #79 ranking
defense - #16 ranking

2011 - without golden/dnofrio

offense - #63 ranking
defense - #12 ranking

now how do you explain that?.....alex Collins this weekend to UM....lets see if Mario/golden can get him to stay....the guy is handing himself to you, lets see if you are all what you say you are...isn't that why we hired Mario?

Gallo, that has got to be the dumbest remark, people were kicked off that were expendable.
You are trying to accuse Golden of something wrong. You are the slime ball not Golden.

Ok let's look at it this way, even though vaughn telemaque was on the team that man was used like he was expendable. Most will say well deon bush was better than him, True but kacy rodgers wasn't. That man went from being a possible 3rd to 5th round draft pick to now have to scratch and claw to try and get to the league. They tried to make luther robinson expendable and move that man to the o-line, but yet all year claimed they had no defensive line depth. jeremy lewis was moved to o-line also.

They ran devonta davis off, didn't let jeremy davis(phillip buchannon's brother in). Told ray ray, just be a college student, had tracy howard sitting down cause the man spoke up, moved dzp to the mike when everybody knows he's an outside linebacker, got rid of travis williams, tried to run off kelvin cain. Now eddie johnson & gabriel terry and curtis porter, all defensive guys goldie made expendable because these guys beat to their own drum, something goldie seems to not know how to manage and since he can't punk those guys, he's trying use those guys as examples.

gallo has clearly pointed out the mistakes goldie has made, will he learn from those mistakes is the question.

The reading comprehension round here is low, what is this, the F-CAT blog. I clearly said goldie was an outsider until he becomes part of a national championship team. He's the only headcoach thus far at UM who hasn't been part of a national championship team. howard got the first on, jimmy got the next one, dennis got 2, butch got one with jimmy, "thee incompetent one" inherited the one he got from butch, shannon got one, so the outsider is goldie.

I'm not sure why all these clowns keep trying to give goldie some type of special treatment, he hasn't done nothing special but be 13 & 11. But you have got to be special to try and promote and pass off another incompetent as being one of the best out their and also break all the UM defensive records the wrong way.

gallo, even the fan base has become mediocre, lol.

calvina you clown I am not going to give you special treatment..
you are at home in your little hole in the 'hood. Finnie comes by and steals your ratted out 5 year old laptop..you awake and find it gone...you are livid..(I need to explain to you that means, - upset) what do you do?..shake your head and say oh well that is one of the brotha's who needed my laptop so slap him on the wrist and hope I can buy it back from him.
Hellll NOOOOOOOOOOOO. you would want to find him and who knows what else..
You would jump up and down and want to get that SUCKAAA.
So get off that tirade about we have to understand underpriveliged and depraved behavior--STEALING.

We do not approve, understand or put up with ANYONE stealing property no matter whose property..It is WRONG.

Again your Clownish writing amazes me with your incoherence of reality or thought..You try to compare
COACH G (NOT goldie as you so derisively write without the Capital G) with other UM Coaches..Which of all the Coaches at the U had to deal with the mess that was left behind?..I wonder who would have stayed ? so STFU and stop posting over and over about speculative nonsense that you know nothing about. Coach G is here to stay whether you like it or not.Writing crap is the reason that you were driven off other blogs, they were tired of your nonsense.
We are all 'Cane fans here and your diatribe over and over, will not divide us...You really are a 'Gator.
The 'U' will be the 'U'

good work calvin....way to drill down on what golden is doing....the point is also that these were good players....with UM's condition why are we getting id of good players like theres a line of recruits at the door....

think if we kept everyone....the team would be in pretty good shape....


1. denzel perryman / 45 solo / 19 assist / 64 total
2. gionni paul / 40 solo / 21 assist / 61 total
3. eddie Johnson / 39 solo / 20 assist / 59 total

but lets get rid of paul....crazy

as far as Shannon is concerned, I personally though he was in over his head...however so is golden. shannons stats are better so you cant have it both ways...

stats and results are all that matters....opinions are nothing but noise...

so as long as goldens stats are worse than shannons...the question will always be...why did we get rid of him? this idea which I have read in articles that he left the program in shambles is complete BS....recruits left because he got fired and they were loyal to him....teddy bridgewater would be our QB is Shannon was still here

years of mediocrity will do that with the fan base...look at the dolphins...how many years did we have to deal with crap like nick saban and guys like Sammy morris and joey Harrington.....then we trade away guys like wes welker and chris chambers..

I had to move out of the state I couldn't take it any more, lol

Why do dildo's keep trying to narrow it down to blacks or whites, lol. This is a football team, if a headcoach can't handle in the confines of a team certain behaviors that are going to take place, than that caoch doesn't need to be at UM.

dbc came on talking about the "predictable behavior" piece. Did the guy who shot up the movie theaters in colorado have a pattern of him getting ready to do that, how bout the kid in connecticut, and others.
Do you think if those guys were on the UM team, goldie would be able to handle them the same way he handled ray ray, gionnai paul and now finnie, the whole campus would be in jeopardy.

So again to those bozo's who are not smart enuff yet to realize, yeah finnie made a mistake as well as other players past, present and the ones to come, but if the only answer alot of you clowns have is kicking guys out somewhere, at some point somebody is going to have to deal with them, goldie is dodging his responsibility as a True headcoach. He'll learn one way or another, he'll either fall victim to the 117th or overcome it, let's see in year 3 if he can match what shannon did in year 3 of his tenure.

Don't get sensitive, but from the look and sounds of your name, i can see clearly why you getting sensitive when somebody starts talking bout your boy goldie the outsider, he's not UM family until he does the right thing here. I could careless about the so called loyalty coach g is showing to UM, he needs UM more than UM needs him. Had he left because of the sanctions, what did we lose, like saban, nothing, but alot of yall would've been sad, like clowns lol.

So take you and that 3 snaps/circle name you have and man up and stop getting sensitive cause goldie's flaws are being pointed out.

And first off, finnie wouldn't have tried to steal nothing of mine ou of mutual respect and i'm not soft like that, but they are a whole lot of people on this blog that better keep their laptops close to em.

lets not forget the infamous cam Cameron, lol..wayne huzizenga in is a smart son of a b..tch...he knew, the dolphpins were like a bad stock....cashed out at the only best price avalible....ross is stuck forever, lol

jim, for the first time in a long time we have/had alot of linebackers on the team playing at a high level at the same time, and now we go and get rid of one of them, lol. eddie johnson on deck, lol, won't be long before goldie sends that man packing too, lol, than he'll be crying about depth and how young we are again.

If goldie thinks people here want to see us just out scoring people, he has no idea what real UM football is all about, nobody's going to come to the games with a defense ranked 117th, i'm not the only one that gets sick to my stomach watching us play 10 yards off every team widereceiver we face, lol, with that coward's scheme. We 10 yards off every receiver like all the ones we face are all-pro, that's the sad part about it. Than you had those who said we'll start playing more man when we get better db's, if it ain't press man it's not man.

years of mediocrity will do that with the fan base...look at the dolphins...how many years did we have to deal with crap like nick saban and guys like Sammy morris and joey Harrington.....then we trade away guys like wes welker and chris chambers..

I had to move out of the state I couldn't take it any more, lol

Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 18, 2013 at 10:57 AM

shula was one of the sorriest headcoaches i've seen, the funny thing is, his teams ran the same defenses goldiie and oach OH-NO is runnin when we had lankford and judson. It's the same big 10 mentality of football. When that dildo gave j.b. brown that ridiculous contract as if he was one of the best cb's in the pro's, i knew than for sure, that you had idiots and incompetents running the dolphins organization.

goldie is the new don shula right now, just like shula wouldn't draft guys from Miami or Florida St.(and if you can count on 1 hand how man he drafted from both schools combined that don't count), soon we'll see goldie continuosly recruiting from the tampa area and the north trying not to much to get to many guys from DADE County! Right now we sitting on 2 guys from Miami and by next it'll be probably be 3 if willie williams lil cousin commits.

I respect and like Coach Shannon and have defended him on this blog over and over again, but for you to say Randy "got one", as in national championship, he did not receive it as a HC. That is what matters. You can not say Randy has one in this instance because the way you listed Schnellie and JJ in your statement was when they were head coaches, not, not what they won as anyting else. If you want to say Randy "has one", then in reality you need to say that Schnellie won Super Bowls and NC's BEFORE, he came to UM. Jimmy won an NC before he came to Miami, also in the criteria how you are crediting Randy with his. If you want to go off being players, assistant coaches or coordinators. When you talk about championships, once you become an HC, the national championships that matter are as an HC. What you did before is good and is nice for a resume, but all the other guys that you listed, you were listing their credentials once they became HC's here at Miami. You can not skew the criteria just to include Coach Shannon and then use it to bash CAG. Also, Butch Davis was building a machine here at UM and most UM fans would want him to coach this team today, if possible, but by your criteria, we should not want him because he never won an NC as a HC.

Btw, you can't minimize what Coach Coker did by referring to him as "thee incompetent one", he still won one and was robbed of another.

Also, do not excuse bad behavior by where someone was raised. There are lots of hardworking and talented kids who are raised in rough environments and circumstances in Liberty City/the old Scott Projects/the Pork and Beans, Overtown, Opa-Locka/the triangle, Carol City/the Baja, Perrine, Goulds and throughout empoverished areas of Dade county. These kids go on to UM, FSU, and to schools throughout the nation and get their degrees and some make it to the NFL. The majority of these kids do not get into trouble like Finnie did. No kid, no matter from were they are, is perfect, but tosay that because of where they come from is an excuse for their bad behavior is a cop out and it cripples these young men for the future.

Lastly, you get on CAG about letting go of Finnie and how he would not do that if it were Morris or Johnson, you probably are correct, but Jimmy did the same thing and you idolize him: In Dallas when he was the HC, a fullback fell asleep during a meeting (it wasn't Moose Johnston). Jimmy cut him on the spot. Latter after he left Dallas he said that he had 2 sets of rules. One for stars and guys who performed on the field and another for lack of a better term "just guys". ALL coaches have the same system. CAG did not just cut Finnie loose because he had one incident, he had other issues. Also, there are times in life when one incident is enough for you to not deserve a second chance. It is called life.

Also, there are times in life when one incident is enough for you to not deserve a second chance. It is called life.

Posted by: Cane4Life | January 18, 2013 at 11:30 AM

Before people say that I am heartless. What I mean by this, is not ever getting a 2nd chance again in life, I mean on a job, on a team, in an organization. Not in life. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance to redeem themselves.

An example of what I mean is this-(this is just an illustration, it never happened): I am on a job and I have a stellar track record. I have been there for 7 years. One day I decide to go to lunch and just hang out with a manager of our main competitor over a period of 3 weeks. During that period I tell him some secrets about our clients and our pricing system for them and other "inside" info about our company. My boss finds out and I get fired. Again, I have a great track record and have never gotten into any trouble, but for what I did, I do deserve to be fired (it wasn't like I called in sick and got busted or was consistently late to work or sent out a "raunchy" e-mail, what I did was serious).

NOW, I will get and deserve a 2nd chance at another company, but I do not DESERVE a 2nd chance with the employeer who I had the serious issue with. Some mistakes are larger than others.

Cane4Life @ wrote:
Before people say that I am heartless. What I mean by this, is not ever getting a 2nd chance again in life, I mean on a job, on a team, in an organization. Not in life. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance to redeem themselves.

Hey Cane I agree that evreyone deserves a 2nd chance no issue with that.. I believe that but the act of stealing should not be downplayed as a common occurence that should be brushed off as a non event.

When I was at the 'U' we made a point to be aware of ALL cultures and respect them accordingly.. I cannot find anyone who winks at stealing property..so Calvina is very wrong for writing that nonsense..
I was taught that if you did something wrong, you fessed up, realized what occured, and paid a price for a lesson learnt.
Many of our top players were exposed to much worse than Finnie and they are great people with Excellent values..

I am calling out Calvina for the Cavalier attitude that he would like Coach G to take because he wants Coach G to not expect any good or better behavior because of environment.
My take on that is HOGWASH...

Great people will and continue to come out of all neighborhoods, so I will not give Calvina a pass on this. Now he is riding Coach about Dade County..what a Moron...

EVERY COACH WANTS THE BEST PLAYERS FROM ANYWHERE TO WIN ON THEIR TEAM..that is a given, but our 'Canes have the best of the best in the State of Florida so get off your sopabox and use the SOAP, Calvina please.
The 'U' will be the 'U'


Calvin and "Jim Gallo", if you couldn't enjoy last season, and based on your daily rantings you obviously couldn't, you should be a college football fan.

Seriously, go pick another school you have nothing to do with to follow, try Alabama, they still win championships.



Hey UGo and Canes4Life, that is why Calvina and Gallo are the losers in life that they are. There is no way they could ever be a Cane like the rest of us.

Im in my parents basement preparing another 5,000 word essay in response to all the white people on here that I hate. I might use my other name of jim gallo.

Also in my parents basement preparing my next rant. I have more time to write now because Manti isn't chatting with me anymore.

I too have terrible and ignorant things to say about the football team of a school I didn't go to - want to say terrible and ignorant things to each other all day every day for the rest of the year Jim?

Cane4life, you better that man, how in the world did you write all of that stuff without reading what i wrote. I said butch davis got one while with jimmy, maybe you don't know but that was while he was at UM.

All the other stuff about excusing behavior, again, is this the F-CAT blog, you guys reading comprehension levels need to be brought up some, who said anything about excusing wrong behavior, alot of people criticized bobby bowden for how he punished his players while they were in college, when Fsu players got to the pro's, the ones who got into trouble in college, i can't think of one who got into trouble while in the pro's. bobby has alot of kids of his own, he knows a thing or 2 about taking care of the young.

So remember "excusing bad behavior" those are yall words, you never heard me say it. The question is, has goldie ever heard of corrective punishment.

You're smoking if you to think i idolize jimmy or any other coach or player, it's just a football game, but alot of lessons about life can be learned from it. We'll see what happens the next time something comes up, goldie is politicing right now. Trying to compare & use what jimmy johnson did in the pro's with paid players to what goldie is doing at UM, you reaching man.

So while you have your take and personal feelins on the matter, you need to look a lil deeper at the situation and clarity might come to you. It takes wise individuals to know how to deal with situations like finnie got himself into, weak ones complain about it publicly as if they're the first that this has happened too.

With your passion for the finnie situation though, we need more people like you to bring that same passion to real world situations, the real thieves in high places, while you're focusing in on finnie, he's just a victim like alot of college athletes are, making money for the school, but still broke and hungry on schalorship. finnie will be alright, what finnie learned is, who his True friends & fans are that's for sure.

manti teo

wheres all my white friends at????????????? oh thats right I hate whitey. I do love me some long winded posts though

Outsider goldie lol. Calvin you stupid.

Schnellie where he from?
JJ where he from?
Erickson where he from?

Hint... Neither were born in o town

Like jim gallo said, alex collins is trying to gift wrap himselg to goldie and crew, if soldinger was here, he'd make alex collins man up and let him know with the quickness "look kid, i'm not for all the games, either you want to come here and learn how to be great and become one of the best to come thru here or go somewhere else and be okay, i've seen some of the best, you look like you might have some of that in you, the choice is yours".

Also, terry basically is getting the opportunity to put another top notch runningback under his tutelage, don't drop the ball. The man is in town. Great job by artie burns and Jamal carter too!


In fact, the Colorado shooter, while a student at University of Colorado, was repeatedly seen at the counseling center. They had concerns about his potential for violence based on the extent of his psychiatric disorder.

When he was dropped from the Neuroscience program, and left the University, there was no follow-up with civilian authorities in terms of warning them. In fact, there is now a lawsuit brought by victims' families against the University and the psychiatrist who saw the shooter.

In the Connecticut case, the shooter had a history of social isolation, family breakup, a brain-based mental disorder and threats against the mother, his first victim.

In both cases, who would have thought these shooters would commit such horrible crimes? The fact they they acted out violently was not a surprise however.

So, when we look at criminal behavior, a history will increase the probabilities of similar actions in the future.

That is why the NFL avoids such kids.

For violence, history has the same effect. But, as one who has been involved in assesing patients with violent behavioral histories and severe mental disorders, and making predictions, it is not a perfect science.

This is the global thinking in the field of criminality, psychiatry and human behavioral prediction today, and how such future bets are typically made.

And for a kid like Finnie, it is not perfect either. But repeated offenses will increase the chances of similar or escalated criminality in the future.

Now, you got to be kidding about all this racial stuff, no?

There are differences in the incidence of criminality in different racial groups in America. This holds for violent crime as well.

The reasons for this are up for analysis, for example is it poverty, brain function, genetics, peer environments or some combination in a single case?

Why do some kids from lousy environments turn out great, and some from good environments turn out poorly?

I hope we can figure out a way to protect all of us from becoming crime victims, and detect those with a tendency for perpetrating violence. Perhaps they can be helped early in life.

Violence is out of hand...Let's keep aggression on the playing field.

Gallo has no business calling anybody an idiot, there is a record of all charges, when/if he completes any or all programs recommended to the judge once he Finnie has been evaluated by the somebody on the prosecutors side. If he complies makes all meetings that are required, 75/85% of the time the Judge will tell him to stay out of trouble and to come back in 6/12 Months and bring his final evaluation from the prosecutors Office. Generally if the Judge feels the young Man complied with the programme and put in a genuine effort,the majority of Judge's will seal the record.

Here's the funny part, does it really matter if they seal finnie's record or not when most of the so called UM fans would be the last to hire that man later on in life. Luckily, a whole lot of people don't follow sports, but he better make it to the nfl, anything other than that, he'll definitely get googled!

Look everybody Calvin is trying to kiss Canes4Life's ass. Let me let U in on a little secret Calvina, Canes4Life is a true Cane. He and I have agreed and disagreed on things in the past but there is a mutual respect amongst us real Canes that U know nothing about. And how could U? You're not a Cane, so go on typing your whole page B.S so your alter ego Gallo or CoolCrock can piggy back off of it and vice versa. Later douchebag.

The danger of hiring NFL assistants. When Pete Carroll got hired by the Seahawks you got Fisch and we got Quinn. The minute they could both get back to the NFL they both left.

see these coaches.....trust me they are all in this for themselves.....I don't know why the administration is loyal to any of them.....we need pete Garcia....someone to take control here.....this is gonna get crazy

cane4life: again you conveniently leave out the most important part...when jimmy told the guy to leave because he was sleeping, the next question to jimmy was, what if that was troy, what would you have done....."that's easy, id walk over and hit him on the head and say wake up".....the point is if the guy was good he was treated differently. Not rigid and a disciplinary like golden 24/7...jimmy would have not asked finnie or the second best tackler on the team paul to leave....

see what im getting at...

let me tell you something...you have to be a low life POS the announce your departure on a Friday....with major recruits coming on Saturday......at this point...Shalala should fire everyone.....lets build the coaching staff up.....get Kirby smart in here as HC as an example...the iron is red hot now...UM should throw its hat in....

I agree with Gallo (surprise!)

What a low life loser p-o-s scumbnag dirt ball. Not because he left but the timing of it. I bet Golden if he didnt know is pulling his hair out and wishes he coul slap that little runt across his face.

Or... di he know, did he get a warning and this is Cristobal's chance for an OC position?

MacDonald could have waited and got the OC position.

Or like Gallo said... Kirby Smart? Wannstedt? If wANNSTED wanted back into football- here's the chance!

The U's offense has a ton of breat athletes, a senior QB who already proved he can light it up, an experience O-line, and an all american rb.

Many should be licking their chops.

The next hire will prove if Golden knows what he is doing.

golden will be next anyway...watch....sanction announcement will be the cover...

I gotta agree with Gallo too about the fact that it is pretty bad to do it this weekend but that is the nature of the beast that is big money football. I hate to see Fishe go but he has to do what is best for him and his family. If I were a recruit I would appreciate the fact that i was given full disclosure that he is indeed leaving rather than keeping it a secret, then I sign and really get blown away by it. This is nothing new with the NFL and college coaches, the timing of it however sucks when this is the biggest recruiting weekend yet. Whoever we get lets hope it is a QB guru that will keep us running the ball and developing QBs.

we are really stuck....the only way we can get anyone good is thru the head coach position...the top OC-DC's are holding out with NFL offers all over the place (Kirby smart...etc).....no way anyone good will come here to be just a DC or OC

golden has to be throw overboard...its the only thing that will really work....13-11, the fish is a week old anyway

My freshman daughter was a dormmate of Thomas, two doors down at UM. Thomas would enter her room without knocking and without invitation constantly. Interesting enough her laptop, a Mac Pro was stolen from her room while she was in the laundry room for 5 minutes 6 weeks prior to Thomas's arrest. Of course we have no proof that Thomas was involved in the theft of her laptop since she wasn't savvy enough to place a reward message on the screen. My feeling on this is coaches and universities have a responsibility to all the students on campus for their safety and as a parent i cant help wondering how many other graduates of diversion programs are living in student housing. Thomas did have two prior legal situations prior to this one. I personally don't think Thomas should be allowed back at UM and don't think he should have been offered the spot in the first place. He is not a child he would know theft is wrong just as my daughter, who is also on a athletic scholarship knows with opportunity comes responsibility and expectation. These lessons he should have learned much earlier life and without a doubt, after his two previous brushes with the law. I'm sure his parents have had many proud moments of Thomas the football player but perhaps should have spent more time on Thomas the person.

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