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Former UM Canes WR coach George McDonald leaving Arkansas already?

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is reporting that "recently-hired Arkansas coach George McDonald will leave the Razorbacks for an offensive coordinator position at another school,'' according to the paper's sources.

The paper reported that SportingLIfe Arkansas.com columnist Jim Harris reported McDonald is leaving for Syracuse.






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DC position better than WR Coach.. Want to bet that the 'Cuse will be better on defense than the "U"..

The search for the next Syracuse offensive coordinator may have come to an end Tuesday, as multiple reports are saying former Miami Hurricane and Arkansas Razorback wide receiver coach George McDonald is set to take the job.

The news was first reported by SportsLifeArkansas.com's Jim Harris, who said McDonald would need to pay a prorated $50,000 to AU if he wanted to accept a position with another program.

From this information we can assume that SU pony up a decent amount of cash - for them - to possibly lure McDonald northward.

If McDonald is the offensive coordinator choice it will mark the third Western Michigan connection with new head coach Scott Shafer.

In 2005, McDonald coached the Broncos' wide receivers, including former All-Pro wide receiver Greg Jennings, while Shafer was the defensive coordinator under head coach Bill Cubit.

Earlier Tuesday morning, reports indicated Tim Lester, WMU's quarterback coach from 2005-06, was also joining the Syracuse coaching staff as the quarterbacks coach.

A first look at McDonald, who was hired by Arkansas on Dec. 12 after coaching the wide outs at the University of Miami the past two season, and there's a lot to like about this hire.

First, he was tabbed as one of the top 25 recruiters in the country by Rivals.com in 2012. The '12 Miami class was ranked No. 8 in the country by ESPN.com and No. 9 in the nation by Scout.com, 247Sports.com and Rivals.

In just his short time on the recruiting trail for Arkansas, McDonald helped sure up the commitment of three-star wide receiver Drew Morgan. According to WholeHogsSports.com, Morgan thought McDonald was impressive "as a coach and as a person."

McDonald also helped the Minnesota Golden Gophers land a nationally ranked recruiting class (No. 17) in 2008.

Secondly, it seems McDonald has the tendency to be involved in up-tempo passing offenses. The Hurricanes were ranked 28th in the NCAA in passing offensive (295.4 yards per game) this season when he also served as passing game coordinator.

Finally, and this could be the most important, McDonald will have extensive knowledge of Syracuse's new ACC opponents.

If there was a way to help ease the new offense's transition to the ACC, this will certainly help.

And with shannon being up for the east carolina d-co job(where are those same bozo's who act like shannon wasn't going to get offered any d-co jobs, lol, clowns) and george mcdonald rolling out of arkansas, to many confederate flags everywhere they went, when they got em posted up in the middle of the drive thru menu and window, it's time to go.

shannon and mcdonald went to a show with comedians, when they got their and the headline read Komedy Komedy Komdey, starring kris knox, they knew than it was time to GTH out of their.


What the H*** are you talking about?
Your post is nonsencial to say the least and addresses nothing of the commentary about McDonald...
We are talking 'Canes Football here not the Circus passing through a Drive In...decked with Confederate flags...Your mind is totally WHA****
Take your advice and GTH.

Do NOT reply by stating I do not have to read your post.I know that, so hold the redundancy...

You are flying your true Colors here Calvina..
Skip the politics, and innuendo. We talk football here.
The 'U' will be the 'U'

The truth is McDonald saw the writing on the wall at Arkansas. That team had its last chance with that genious of offense Bobby Petrino. That new coach is OK, but he ain't no Bobby P. The strange thing is what does McDonald get at SU that he won't at Arkansas? SU is NOT going to take the college football world hostage next year.

RS is one of the best and most profound DC's the college game has ever seen. Plus, he's a leader of men. At UM, RS ran into a stupid and dumbfounded administration, which explains the hiring of the second rate Nix and the other OC's.

Just think if J12 had a solid OC: And RS did develop Sam Shields. The fact is Shields thought he knew everything and RS knew Shields was a gifted athlete. So, what does RS do? The team was stocked with WR's, so he tells Sheilds to play defense and special teams. Fact is, Shields wasn't even the 1st or second best WR on the team. He was 4th best. That where the BS started with Shields and RS. That's when Shields got sent into RS's dog house, because he bucked RS and would not take his advice on player development.

Shields ended up a DB, and that ain't even his strong point.

The point is somebody somewhere gave Shields his first taste of defense: Guess who that was even though it wasn't by conventional standards.

Stuff happens in the heat of moments in sports.

Calvin making fun of folks and doesn't know to from too or their from there. When you try to bust people for being illiterate , try to spell it correctly yourself. That said, for a gator fan, he got some words right.

Shannon wasn't offered a DC job. When you go from HC at a major program to position coach at a small, you're not very well thought of amongst your peers.

"Shannon is one of the best and most profound DCs the college game has ever seen- Plus he is a leader of men"



I think I just sharted/

That is THE most a55inine comment Most ridiculously funny and unfunny (simultaneously) most pathetically un-inspired. Most flawed and bordering on retarded post in the history of the internet.

1) if that was the case, Miami would have destroyed LSU in the Peach bowl, but i was there and the DC was outcoached by Jimbo Fisher (LSU's OC). LSU totally altered their game plan when Miami came out aggressive blitzing and over pursuing. Shannon had no answer. And the "leader of men" although not the only leader, was embarassed by the shennaingans of the Miami players in the tunnel after the game.

2) To be a leader you have to be a communicator. He couldnt communicate.

3) To be a leader you need to be able to engage he community/ He did the oposite- he disengaged multiple area high schools at the expense of that shady deal he had with Miami NW.

Sorry to dissapoint you Cool cat but get your money back bc that crack you bought was laced with something.

Some of that is true with randy. What I didn't like was why streeter wasn't on the field. J12 would have been a lot better with him. He broke his wrist one year and after that he should have been on the field every play. He caught hat big bomb on Wisconsin and I never saw him the next year. That was disturbing not to have him on the field. Fsu has been bragging about how good their defense will be even with those players leaving. They have three db out of four coming back. Green is he only lb coming back but I'm sure some one will emerge and they are having to replace good pieces on their front seven. I like us in doke Campbell because if they play tricket we should beat them. Winston is the wildcard he is a six four stud out there that plays baseball form Alabama. If he develops we will have problems but we can still beat them. Fla we will beat by two touchdowns next year I said it here first.

Shady deal w/ NW? R U kidding me? Why would anybody have to have a "deal" in the first place with any of the talent-ladden schools in Miami? Why don't U just admit that the folks at NW and that means administrators and players knew RS could provide something besides football. And why do U refuse to give the NW players credit for being great? That program consistently produces top-echelon players.

I know RS and I can tell U that there isn't a bad intention in his body. How do you explain all the coaching jobs he's had over the years, including a stint with the Cowboys? So yes, RS was a leader and hard-worker. Communication? So RS couldn't count isotopes: Can you, sir?

It bothers me that people don't give RS credit. Player with Dallas, coach with Miami.

Tally: FSU got that LB from Bartow, who could end up starting. Stephens is his name or Stevenson....To beat FSU, it means an all-out offensive effort. It means proper play calling and proper use of Duke.

Yes, J12 was hurt and never settled in to a solid OC. FSU is loaded on D. UF was overrated in the first place last year and rode the SEC wave as far as they could. They were overrated then and are overrated now. They had all the commentators graduates giving them credit when it was a misnomer.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat

I'm shocked Shannon isn't a DC somewhere. Maybe he's taking the position job just to get back into coaching. He wasn't bad on TV, my theory is he's an intorvert and didn't like appearing on TV much. Maybe he's a victim of the defensive rosters he's coached.

To all the haters out there a lot of them who have never played football...Leave RS alone he did the best job that he could with what he was given.. He is a leader of men and he did a great job of leading these young men..R.S. was in a situation where if he did well he was supposed too. If he didnt whats wrong with RS he cant coach.. He did the best he could...

Looks like George is a strong recruiter.
A whiff of the Hogs...But the ACC beckons.

The people that don't know football can only point to about 2 games during the randy shannon tenure where another teams offense didnt do to bad. The only reason it became an issue is because we didn't win the game. I guess bama's d-co is bad, he let texas a&m kill them, than he let Georgia throw and run all over them as well, alot of people on here need their tongues cut out.

When we played lsu, the reason the defense started getting kilt was the offense kept going 3 & out, lsu you didn't just come out and start killing our offense, was shannon suppose to be in charge of the offense too. Alot of the same bozo's blamed shannon for the fiesta bowl lost saying he let krenzel run all over the defense, lol. Anybody go and look at those stats from that game, they'll try and figure out again how in the hell was osu in the game, had nothing to do with shannon, might wanna go and check again on the offensive side of the ball.

Same when we played those louisville teams, shannon held those teams in check, but after awhile, you got an offense that keeps going 3 & out, no first downs and you don't have top notch talent on defense, at some point they're going to get broke down.

shannon has been at this coaching tenure for a while now, for those who want and are foolish, shannon coached, ken norton, jack del rio, zach thomas, derrick rodgers:

During Shannon's six years as UM's defensive coordinator, his defenses ranked as follows in total defense nationally:

2001 – 6th
2002 – 7th
2003 – 2nd
2004 – 28th
2005 – 4th
2006 – 7th

Same school, in shannon's worst year, the defense was ranked 28th and the next year, became top 4th, moved up 22 places. People try and judge shannon when he's the one who actually protected UM and stuck his neck out for UM and the cost of his job. You give a first time headcoach the money to go out and get suspect coordinators, particularly money to get 1 tired oc but the administration went out and got mark nipple and made him the assistant headcoach, anyway, shannon did a way better job with what he had to work with than what goldie and his boy oach OH-NO are doing.

117th in any category in any year at UM is unacceptable. People want to sing the same song as goldie, like we don't have the players. He's not putting the players he has in position to make plays, so it has nothing to do with talent. goldie is conceding to other teams saying "right now, they're a little bit ahead of us right now" in reference to Fsu. When the score was just 16 to 13 in the 4th quarter, coaching lost that game.

I don't mind jedd fisch having somebody to help him with the offense, he calls some weird plays from time to time, like continuing to run duke to the short side of the field against a speed defense like Fsu. But i'm fine with jedd for now, he's the best oc we've had in awhile now, but all our resources need to be aimed at the defensive side of the ball.

It's not easy to come down to Miami and coach kids from here and not learn how to conform. That's what goldie and his boys are fighting now, they're realizing they got some strong willed players on the team and goldie is trying to use that peer pressure tatic that only works with guys that have enuff respect for other guys on the team. A guy like eddie johnson is going to be him, goldie can't change that man overnight, and they need eddie more than eddie need them right now.

It'll be funny to see if we here eddie johnson is not here no more either, lol, what's going to happen if some other prominent guys on defense get caught stealing, lol. All guys are really saying is, man, finnie got caught, damyum, he should've came to me, i would've showed em how to get rid of it.

The reason alot of those guys rolled out the year before is because of goldie and his way of thinking, alot of guys was looking at it like come on dawg, who does this guy think he is, they were already raised, now goldie has the majority of his crew in here, he'll learn the easy way or the hard way, but either way, he'll learn.

Just got some info from a very reliable source... but im not going to mention their name...... DUKE is unhappy at the 'U' and is considering transferring.. I was in denial about this but when i say this source is solid please believe this source is SOLID!!!!

Cool Cat:

People on this post, including Manny, fail to give Coach RS his due because he is black. RS knows more about life and building men of character than any other U coach, past or present. Coach RS failed at developing our program because unlike AG, the administration, as you pointed out, failed to provide a sufficient budget for RS to hire quality position / assistant coaches. If RS had the budget / support of the Administration to build a program, we not only would get the best players in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties; we would win games, titles, and graduate players on time. As for communications or lack thereof, so what if Coach RS did not bend down to Manny N or other idiot reporters who wanted to know about sensitive medical information. Any parent of player with an injury would appreciate Coach RS’s position. As for you responding or trying to hold a logical, succinct, and intelligent dialogue with most of these posters; forget about it. You are better served by bypassing most of this garbage (including articles written by Herald Staff) and reading a good novel.

And all of U suck his arse because he is black. Just accept the fact he was a failure as a HC and he did it his way. He would be smart to take a look a Kev Sumlin as the right way to be a HC as a black man. And please he hired his own assistants. Any time a man hires Patrick Nix because his offenses always gave him trouble, that is all anybody needs to know about Shannon's prowess as a DC or a headcoach for that matter. He was a better recruitier than COker but a much worse gameday coach.

Junk I agree Shannon was pretty good as an analyst. They finally found something he was good at and that dummy couldn't even see that.

Get off the black thing with Randy. We love this guy as a former Cane but he was not the best coach in the world. Evident by his lack of finding another job at a major school. Don't give me that budget crap either. The SEC schools have huge budgets and nobody is calling Randy. The OC? He hired them. The position coaches? He hired them. The players? he recruited them. Some people are not head coach material. Yes, Randy had good numbers as DC at the U. But he could not coach well. He always ran a 4-3 and rarely made adjustments after halftime. He always looked confused on the sidelines too. Love the guy, true Cane but had his shortcomings as head coach and DC. Nothing to do with his skin color. Get sick and tired of people using the race card. Let's have intelligent debate on this site please.

How ironic that the same poster talking about Kevin Sumlin, also is not calling out Golden, for his lacking of coaching skills.

You say Randy Shannon was a failure. But with less talent and resources from the administration, athletic director and financial support he provided a better team on and off the field and in the classroom. Kevin Sumlin would have, clearly been a better coach than Golden. But why wasn't he offered the job? If anyone is kissing anyone's arse, it is you fans of Golden. Who is a non-producer here and came from a second class program. But was paid as if he was first rate, from the start. The opposite of what was done to Shannon and offered to Sumlin. Shannon had to sue to get what was contractually remaining to him from the university that he gave a lifetime to. Talking about how obviously racist a fan-base and administration can be.

i did some good things while head coach. it seemed like he tried to instill some much needed discipline and accountability. he had some faults and may have done things differently if he could do it over again, but i wish him well. i feel the players had grown complacent. beleiving they were the best players in the country and all they needed to do to win was show up. i really hope our players and coaches can keep turning this bus around. i beleive it is the players desire to be great and willing to work for it that has a greater impact than any coach can. good luck to mcdonald also.

oops, i meant to say "i think shannon did some good things..."

NO TRUE CANES FAN badmouths a former Cane....

I repeat, if you come on here to trash former players and coaches (and especially a coach who played Championship Canes football), then you're a dumba** punk who knows nothing of respect and loyalty.

RS may not have had the top tier coaching ability, but he's a Cane and always will be.

You trash him, then you're an idiot who doesn't understand the Cane family attitude. So go root for someone else, we don't need your kind of following. Jock sniffer...

Who's randy shannon?

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