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Gionni Paul, Hurricanes part ways "mutually" spokesman says

The University of Miami said good-bye to linebacker Gionni Paul Friday, a decision that was mutual according to a school spokesman.

The sophomore from Lakeland, Fla., who finished third on the team with 61 tackles and started seven of the 10 games he played in, posted the news earlier in the day on his Facebook page.

"Not playing for UM next year. I thank all of UM fans for their support & wish UM the best," Paul posted.

A two-time ACC Linebacker of the Week, Paul (6-0, 230) was suspended twice throughout the season for unspecified reasons.

Paul was listed as the backup at outside linebacker to Denzel Perryman on the team's final depth chart. UM has nine scholarship linebackers left on its roster.


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UGHH. Great nightcap on the dreadful Under Armour game showing from our heaps of commits. Not sure what was more depressing: Olsen, MVP being a CB going to UF or being reminded of the DL kid from st. thomas aquinas going to play for THE Ohio St.

20 kids from FLA in that game and UM gets 2 kids? Awful.

Helping Finnie with theft. Good riddance and good luck.

The fact that UM gets 2 of 20 Florida kids from that game is pretty f*cking impressive on the part of Golden. When was the last time we finished anywhere near national relevancy? And you expect kids to come here instead of Bama, LSU, Florida, FSU, or any other team with a modicum of success in the last several years? Get real. It's a rebuilding job.

Golden is Garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olsen sucks!He may need to RS twice!

5 tiles , your a jack ass!

Lol at 5titles u silly ass hell lol. That made my night. Redshirt twice

Actually isn't it only 1 of 20 who besides Artie burns from fla is committed to the U?

Did any1 see the hit jermain grace had on a screen play in the semper fidelis all American gm. And what about Matthew thomas. Welcome to the U guys. I welcome you early

Wait till national signing day!!!! I guarantee the canes will have more than 2. Doesn't matter whether they are 5 or 1 stars. We want players who will compete in the classroom and on the field .Most of all be a class act and an ambassador for your school.

Fsu looking for more dickheads fans go root for them

Seriously, Olsen and that noodle arm needs some serious work!

Golden is in over his head!!!

Did any1 see the hit jermain grace had on a screen play in the semper fidelis all American gm. And what about Matthew thomas. Welcome to the U guys. I welcome you early
Posted by: rchy12

Same here welcome to the U guys you made the perfect choice...UM is building for the long term and success will start as soon as 2013. The timing is great!

Yea, sorry you guys are correct. It's only 1/20 from Fla. Olsen is from NJ.

Good to get that straightened out.

think of what golden has going against him. no on-campus stadium, half-empty and stale game day atmosphere, a school president that reminds many of the leprechaun from the movie "Leprechaun," upcoming scholarship restrictions, bowl bans, the ACC, and the legendary Ron Turner turning FIU into a top-5 program after Petey G. fired Cristobal. it's tough out there meng.

Let the excuses begin. The defensive coaches are frauds and imposters and the players see it. I'm a true hurricane and in now sometimes you have to cut off your finger to save your hand. Never would have thought it would have come to this but the dc(defensive coward has to go) Paul was from ray Lewis high school and left that's terrible. Get this garbage a## mofo out of here. Golden you have to do something about this bs.

While one freshman sets records we have others leaving the program. I know fans will be quick to say we don't want the turnover over coaches but do we want the turnover of players. Get this coward out of here.

Quit hating on Olsen. Remember how great Jacory Harris was coming out of high school. Then remember the three years Jacory had before Golden and his staff came. His third year Jacory threw more interceptions than touchdowns. His senior year he improved greatly under Jedd Fisch.

Speaking of Fisch that is one coordinator I definitely do not want to see gone before Duke graduates or leaves early.

As far as recruiting goes St. Thomas will always have ties to Ohio State thanks to Chris Carter. If our defense improves big time and our offense gets more production then 2014 will be an amazing year. However, do not count Al Golden and his staff out. He knows how to connect with recruits and UM is always putting players in the League. Not to mention Ray Lewis is retiring and will be watching his son play every Saturday.

Somehow and someway BOTH Ray Lewis and Ed Reed need to have links with the D staff to instill the Raven's mentality back into the Canes. Please AG find a role for Ray and Ed----

this guy was coming on strong and would have started, there must be another story, if he transfers he sits, if he tries the ray ray route it always turns out bad at the small school. grades or possible suspension is my guess, but to just up and leave, no way. you watch the espn site, every day at all the schools across the country the guys are transferring, suspended or jailed bama just sent two guys home . wake up boneheads you have a free ride to play football.

Matt thomas?? Did he commit??? We need him bad

Richard Duro,

Miami has always faced this situation. In 1983, 87, 89, 91, & 01 we had no on campus stadium, the facilities were worse than they are now, fan support was so so. Kids come to Miami for the weather, one of the best academic programs in the country, and the trail to the NFL..

You guys need to get a life. Recruiting is overrated. Georgia Tech wasn't impressed with USC's hotshot "5 Star" recruits were they? it is all about coaching. Chill out, the Canes are going to be fine. NY fan

Is it that hard to play at UM?

Jermain Grace is a stud!

You all crack me up. Olsen is a kid.He has alot of growing to do.

Heres a list of "stud" hs QBs who were and at this time are big time BUSTS:

- Jacorry Harris
- Brantley (UF)
- Mike Glennon (NCST)
- Driskel

i dont know what happened with Gionni paul. Its crazy to think that this kid did so well at times. I'd liketo know what went wrong- some dude here said he was invoilved in the Finnie debacle. Does anyone know for sure?

Why did Gionni Paul leave?

"a school spokesman said". Who the hell is this "spokesman". Mutually??? Paul wanted out and they wanted him out?? More baloney.. Suspensions, depth charts, more suspensions, more depth charts, freshman playing too much, not enough depth, but lots of depth charts.. Suspend the Coaches, let the kids play!!!!

u are not gonna actually say a kid can't play because he had a bad all star game. Where his o line couldn't block for rb's or him. Where he played with his wr's less then a week . If golden scouted off one game like u people , Miami would of been lucky to win 2 games

get real olson is a good qb who was recruited by alot of top schools , He's not a 2 star last i looked was a 4 star . So give the kid a chance to actually play at um before u call him a bust when he hasn't even taken a college snap.

This is just a different U than in years past. This would not be happening under JJ nor RS. U see, RS never had the administration fully behind him, which explains why people like J12 had so many different OC's, etc.

There are too many changes happening al the way around. Somebody at some point has got to get a grip on the situations.

I don't know Cristobal's status, but he's at the top of my list. Even if he's got a coaching job wrapped up, I'd like to see him at UM

The current coaching staff is composed of a bunch of outsiders and it shows. Paul is one of the best LB's I've seen in a while at UM.

The reality is none of these players are going to develop and get any better under DunnoToday, DunnoTommorow, JustDunno. The DC is hurting the program in recruiting and everything else. If "Goldy does not see that then he's no better than his boy the DC.

"cat"... they're not going to fire Golden and to make matters worse he is mesmerized by D'Onofrio.. heard him on ESPN yesterday and he is spouting the same "we played freshman" mantra. after watching Oregon, Texas A&M, Alabama, Notre Dame etc., we are so far removed from those programs, talent wise, its not even debateable.. Add Louisville to that list...i didn't love Shannon as HC, but Terry Bridgewater sure would look good in a Canes uniform

@All the people talking about Olsen. Marriuci said that he is light years ahead knowledge wise of the game. PLEASE REMEMBER ALL YOU ADULTS THAT WE ARE TALKING TO KIDS AND SOME OF THEM COULD STILL BE VIRGINS!!!!!!!!!HONESTLY GET A GRIP ON LIFE PEOPLE



Bridgewater was on RS's "watch list" for a long time and might have been in the Heisman running had it not been for that stupid SU loss. He a'int coming to UM, not with this coaching crew.

I still think we have the raw talent to play with anybody. But UM is mired in mediocrity with "Goldy. I do believe that Cristobal would do better.

Yo cane trash

So another defensive starter bolts
But you girls will be better next year.
Less players from a record setting defense
How is it that the defense will be better?
It will not
But you will out score every single opponent right?
Is that the plan? Pathetic.

Greg Olson was abused at the Under Armour game
All those defenders that abused him are going to your rivals. Just 2 commits from the all stars.
But Golden Retriever is rebuilding.
Yo Golden retriever can't fetch any wins, can't fetch a bowl game let alone a bowl win, can't fetch any top recruits.
This Golden Retriever is one pathetic flea infested dog.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!!

Bridgewater committed to UM, but decommitted when Shannon was fired. We don't have the raw talent to play with anyone in the top ten.. Our kids, except for Duke, would hardly ever see the field for Bama, LSU, A&M + our chemistry sucks.. Kids suspended left and right for whatever reason.. Can't remember JJ or Howard, or Dennis or Coker ever suspending anyone..Cristobal couldn't get a job at Temple and you want him at UM???

This guy is worst than i thought, i was looking at the game against the turtles in 2011, lol, all the oc did for them was send 2 wide receivers to one side of the field, what did we do, we had ramoan buchannon trying to cover a wideout and just had the safety stacked over the top, on running plays, you can tell buchannon was taught not to give up the inside, so all the slot receiver was crack back on him, the other wide-out starts blocking the db, and the safety is now trying to come up and make a tackle after they've already gotten about 8 to 10 yards on the play.

Than when the ywanted to flood a zone, and out number our defenders on the edge, just swing the running back to that same side that only has 1 db, a linebacker and a safety playing 11 to 15 yards back, lol. The sad thing is, he didn't adjust the personnel one bit.

I want defense back at UM, i could careless about what we're doing on the offensive side of the ball, goldie needs to get rid of that big 12 offensive philosophy where it's "last team with the ball wins" and get us back to playing Miami style defense, that's what we come to the games for, defense. If you don't have a good defense at UM, goldie can hang up the crowds coming in.

To many people down here know football, and if you're trying to play a bend but don't break style defense, that's not UM football. We got a leprechan/big 10 minded presidenter, a big 10 minded headcoach along with his boy oach OH-NO. Leading us straight to conservatism.

Fo real al, stop crying like a lil girl about schedules dawg, you making yourself look soft cause everybody knows before you got here, UM never complained or cried about a schedule, now you sitting up doing interviews saying "the schedule is more to your liking" why, because it's softer. Go represent yourself that way, at UM, we want to play the best every week, but of course if you're weak minded, you're going to cry about a schedule and than start openly scheduling cupcakes.

Again, let's go over this, this is a private institution, you're in the City of Miami, people need a reason to come out, so scheduling cupcakes won't bring the fans out whether you're undefeated or not, you're starting to talk the way your boy coach defenses, like cowards, man-up! If you don't get this message, we gone get some people to come holla at you about that, just to remind you where you're at.

Alot of yall are enamoured with goldie for some reason, he like every other coach that came thru here, they weren't Hurricanes until they earned their stripes, golden hasn't earned jack squat yet.

People trying to give the man the coastal, while in the standings UM is sitting behing unc lol, come on, get real and stop being fake people, unc beat us, we didn't earn it, than on top of that, and worst than that, they trying to knock shannon by saying, shannon never won the coastal but these tricks fail to point out, while shannon was here and his last 2 years especially, he only lost 3 conference games, the only way to win the conference when shannon was here you had to had a minimum of only 2 loses, here goldie is, sitting with 3 conference loses, backed in and people trying to act like he did something way better than shannon, it's comical and just goes to show the consistent bias towards shannon.

And if it wasn't for jedd, goldie barely got any wins in conference, boston college, shoot-out, Georgia tech, squeaked by, NC st. barely got out of their, duke, survived, but than all you heard goldie trying to pin it on was, well, we had to lift the spirits of the guys once they found out they weren't playing for anything, oh really, more goldie bs, well what happened in the games way before when they knew they were playing for something, lol, goldie talking like that was the only close game, lol.

I like goldie, but on the serious side, he gots to start coming better than that. The way we played against duke is consistently how we played all year, all offense no defense. I'm concerned about goldie's evaluation abilities when it comes to other teams,all the teams we had shoot-outs with, he said were good teams, a team like uVA, he said before we played em, they're a good team, lol, you go back at look at the records of the teams goldie said were good:
uVA finised 4 & 8, boston college finished 2 & 10, NC st. finished 7 & 6, duke finished up 6 & 7, but yet goldie is trying to promote to the public how good these teams are, lol.

We're at least playing conference championship offense, and we're definitely playing any conference, bottom feeder defense. In Miami, defense sells tickets and wins championships.

Yes, I want Mario C. to coach at UM. Who else is out there that's willing to come to this program and in the shape that it's in. MC recruited well at FIU. That last year was sort of a "lost" year. But from day 1 at FIU he built something. I don't know why FIU let him go. It could not have been for $$$ because that school is simply not ever going to bring in big football dough.

But think about it: JJ never that I can remember, suspended people. I don't think Coker cared one way or the other. RS gave people a "talking-to" but he really wasn't into suspensions. But RS knew the program needed work and used that as a recruiting tool.

If "Goldy gets a solid DC, I'll lighten up on the coaching staff.

Well I guess golden still wants to play freshman next year too. So he can use that as an excuse next year too.

"If "Goldy gets a solid DC, I'll lighten up on the coaching staff." LOL, a legend in your own mind.

Yeah, I can see Golden sitting in his office worried about how a two bit poster is going to "lighten up" on his coaching staff.

Stop living in the past. Golden has the NCAA perched up at UM wanting to prove that we don't have institutional control. This is not the time to be fooling around with misfits.

Yeah we control of the worst defense in UM history. The bad thing is the players know that these coaches are clueless.

Exactly @ Calvin.. On paper it will go down as us winning the Coastal, but NC didn't win it because they were banned from winning it.. I do not have an issue with the title, but folks should stop acting like Al really accomplished more than Randy..

UM has lost the recruting battle....outside teams now have foothold in florida (ND is very in at columbus / st thomas etc). Golden is STUBBORN....thats his real problem....whatever GP did or didnt do, who cares? UM can not afford to lose ANYONE. Golden has to be put in his place by an AD....lets borrow garcia from FIU..."get rid of dnodrio and fix defense or your gone" We are just another temple.....the record is shaping up to look like that....in 2014 acc gets louisville and all those miami recruits will be seasoned seniors....now UM has VT,FSU,FLA, those could be 4 losses right there....8-4 at best and a bowl only. National championship gets no less than 1 loss...2014 UM plays nebraska

btw....kevin olsen su...ks big time

Thats ok-

2013- Stephen Morris- will do better than 2012
2014- Between the Mempis transfor, Dewey and Grey Crow, and the kid from Westminster Christian
2015- Kevin Olsen and others

We alright at QB


Louisville lost to Syracuse.... Enough said.

Remember you geniuses (yeah that includes you too Kirk Herbie)- The media picked USC to play FSU in the NC

FSU lost to NC state!

Notre Dame, you football rocket scinetists, wasnt even ranked in the top 25 preseason!
Now they are playing for the NC!

Nobody knows anything.

Oregon is underranked.

The stupid f--ks from the media have drooled all season about the SEc and USC and forgot about the Ducks.

Miami will be back. I am telling you. 9-3, 10-2 nextt season pre-bowl REGARDLESSS and IN SPITE of the NCAA.

Duke will run for 1000+, and will be in the Heisman talk

FSU will probably be top 3 next year. They are legit.

Jim Gallo, Calvin and Cool Cat can go cheer for the gaytors who will still s---k next year.

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