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Gionni Paul, Hurricanes part ways "mutually" spokesman says

The University of Miami said good-bye to linebacker Gionni Paul Friday, a decision that was mutual according to a school spokesman.

The sophomore from Lakeland, Fla., who finished third on the team with 61 tackles and started seven of the 10 games he played in, posted the news earlier in the day on his Facebook page.

"Not playing for UM next year. I thank all of UM fans for their support & wish UM the best," Paul posted.

A two-time ACC Linebacker of the Week, Paul (6-0, 230) was suspended twice throughout the season for unspecified reasons.

Paul was listed as the backup at outside linebacker to Denzel Perryman on the team's final depth chart. UM has nine scholarship linebackers left on its roster.


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One other example of the meaningless nature of these ONE game all-star highschool games:
Who was the MVP at the army all star game 2 years ago?

Recall on Defense, Chikillo and Jadaveon Clowney were book end DEnds.

Chikillo outplayed Clowney and won the MVP.

What did that mean? ZERO. ZILCH. NADA.

Defense wins championships but not one that is ranked 117 with a garbage philosophy and coordinator. I think we can win 10 games next year at least but without a dominant defense we will not be national champions anytime soon. Isn't winning a nc what we are hear for?

This really sucks. Paul was good would have started this year.

Well at least we got what looks like a pretty good de from nj. We need as much help as we can get.

Guys. No Dame lost a ton of games in Bria Kellys 1st 2 years while he was playing fresh and buildin depth and THEY WANTED HIM GONE. Just this past summer nd fans wanted his head. IT TAKES TIME. RS left no depth, we had all those JRs leave early last yr.

RANKINGS MEAN SQUAT> ORegon only now is getting 4-5 star kids THey are never even a top 10 recruit rank. Boise? I mean, USC IS LOADED WITH 5 STARS AND HAD SR QB WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO WIN HEISMAN......they lost 5 or 6 this year. GIVE IT A REST. Gators just had 2-3 seasons of 4-6 losses. Noles while jimbo was buildin this team had 4-5-6 loss seasons

THere are more than 1 FL kid on the recuit trail. COmmitts burns, ray lewis from fl, crawford from FL




How are we building depth with possible starters leaving?

Hey Canetrash Greg Olsen did not play in the allstar game last night , just proof that you dont know what the F your talking about. Shut up already moron.

Canes just picked up AQM over ND and another at US Army game....big pick-up!!

Your idiots make Jim gallo look smart.

If thats true gallo then you and Kevin Olsen have something in common

What's funny is if GP was recruited by Randy, the posts here would be totally different about his character, work ethic, etc..

WHy don't you jerkoff Shannon lovers just go pull for Arkansas since you love shannon so much. Are you Shannon's or Canes. If you are not canes then get the hell out cause Golden nor the Canes need you. Welcome to the U.

For those that have an opinion of Olsen...
How many games have you seen him play?

Uninformed comments are ignorant comments.

Nice pick up today at army game a good DE prospect go Canes!

'ships- right on bro.

Funny how the Herald has wiffed again on reporting about U commits/recruiting-- BUT MY WERE THEY QUICK ON REPORTING ABOUT GIONNI PAUL LEAVING


Golden was at his home over the weekend making a last minute push befor the all star game!

Golden's passion for the canes is remarkable. Havent seen that since Butch's early days.

Kevin Olsen (By the way whoever called him Greg Olson is a dumba55) chose UM over:

penn State
and a bunch others

Cane fans be cane fans- we will all support our U-- All you other negative nionnies (Calvin, cool cat, Gallo)- Go home.

We can get all the recruits in the world we still have the same dumb a@@ dc!

Yo cane trash

Golden Retriever building depth, go celebrate you picked up one lousy recruit at the Army game. One pick up and 2 or 3 starters leave, some depth maggots.
One recruit while all your rivals pick up a ton, what a pathetic bunch of loosers.

Kevin and Greg Olson both got abused at the Under Armor game, by defenders that went to your rivals.

Players leaving, coaches leaving, the few recruits getting abused.
Some rebuild by the flea infested Retriever.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Hey Cool Cat!!! You are a really lame cat. Wait until we have the first losing season under Golden and his staff before you start crying who should be the next coach. Either you're for the U or against the U and right now you are acting worse than a female dog in heat. Shut up.

It is not about who you want on the team; it is about wins and losses. The defense had no seniors or juniors leaders outside of Brandon McGee. Not like the last year when Spence Forston Armstrong Vernon Telemaque were there and we had a defense ranked 21 in the nation.

Canetrash im suprised you can still type after luiville bit off you fingers.lol

Its like this, while other teams are coming to Florida and taking the best players, dont forget Miami is doing the same thing in New Jersey, we have 3 of thier top 30 players. We have the 16th best player from Lousiana. We have the #1 Junior College player who play TE.If we can grab 4 more solid to great players from I dont care what "state" we will have a solid recruiting class dispite the NCAA looming sanctions.

Kyle wright was the biggest QB bust IMHO. More so than Jacory by far.

Anyone know why Paul left? Agree that this suspension BS has got to stop, as does blaming players and our awful defense and DC.

Stop blaming the players, coaches. Get your act together and show leadership and mentoring of these young men, not punishment, unless they truly do something that merits suspension or dismissal.That would be in the criminal realm. If it is not, then teach the player, don't suspend him. Tired of suspensions when a game is about to happen. Enough!!!

In olsens defense the only qb who played better then olsen in that game was hackenberg who was the highest rated QB there. 5-15 25 Yards considering about 6-7 actual drops for significant yardage. and the fact both offensive lines are dreadful you guys dont realize defense is what wins these all american games.

DBC, look man the suspension stuff is just what Butch Davis did back in the day when he was cleaning up the program to let players know what would and would not be tolerated. This staff has not blamed players for anything other than what they did wrong. That is life. Thats why kids today think they are entitled to everything and anything without having to work for anything and also why the majority of prisons are full today. If the players conduct is something detrimental to the team then that is what a good coaching staff does. I well remember back in the late 90's Butch davis kicking talented players off the team because of dumb things the kids were doing and you see where that led us. Back to the top. Don't lose your faith because of 2 or three bozo's on here repeatedly trying to brainwash others with their obsessive negativity and outlandish newspaper articles of lies. I know enough about the real dbc to know that he is a true Cane unlike those other 3 or 4 jerkoff's

The facts can't be denied. D'Nofrio is the worst DC, coach and recruiter in "ALL" of college! That much we know as fact. Given the circumstances we are facing we getting enough guys to win at least 8 games. Once the threat of the NCAA Taliban is over things should improve recruiting wise. When coaches tell young guys we're going to be sanctioned it scares them. Miami is still a sleeping giant and once we get thru this crap we'll see more talent commiting to the U. But D'Nofrio must go!

championships..who did butch davis suspend? this year UM had a mutiny....suspension - players leaving - parents calling radio stations......please adise who and what year that happened under davis or coker or shannon.....

a good players leave...we recruit anothr good player....what are we gaining?...UM is just running in place on the recruiting trail is all

giovanni paul
alex collins
keith bryant
travis johnson

new recruits are not beter than those that have decommitted...so why is everyone so excitd?

Two words: David Thompson.


I appreciate your comments and try to find the positive in reasonable arguments.

I realize that culturally we have big problems with discipline, "fathers" dumping their kids in record numbers and lack of respect for authority on the part of too many kids.

Yes, coaches have to set limits to keep the ship on course. For me, it is disheartening when we suspend players before the season starts or before a game. There was a good bit of that last year.

One of those kids was Gionni Paul, a promising player, This guy won't be traveling, that guy is out for a game, etc. Comments from Golden regarding Eddie Johnson like "he needs to grow up" and such turn me off.

What young kid except for those with healthy parenting and perhaps moral foundation doesn't need to grow up?

Now that Paul has left on a "mutual" basis, maybe it is time to re-evaluate the philosophy of managing players. Those are bad signs to me and suggest that a new approach might be needed. Don't kill all of Miami's traditional swagger!

Why not mentor a kid and teach until such time as formal discipline is needed? That is the proper role of a coach/father figure. Shouldn't that be, except in cases of outright criminality, the first strategy? And maybe it was. Don't know the facts.

I also got tired of hearing about youth and guys out of position. There was too little taking responsibility for our defensive calamities by the coaches. After all, aren't they about teaching that very concept? You know, grow up, man up!

I know that players leave programs during the off season. I know that Golden is a tough, character building guy in the mold of JoePa.

But when you are transforming a culture of mediocrity, bringing players close to the heart as a mentor willing to forgive some screwups is needed as well. I remember Golden's comforting of Malcom Lewis on the field, and how that touched so many of us.

Not sure what happened with Gionni. But coaches who step up and own their deficits and model solutions can become great teachers for some kids who struggle with the rules of the world.

And you, my friend, are a True Cane as well, and I respect you. Go Canes!

after reading all the asinine comments from Cool Cat, I wondered if it could get any worse from our pathetic fan base. The, lo and behold, Jim Gallo, surfaces to add the finishing touch. What a sorry group of losers. Of course, JJ suspended players during his coaching days. I don't want to deal in rumors but there is some questionable value issues in play with GP. Trust starts in the locker room before it transcends to the playing field. Of course, few of Golden's critics have ever seen a locker room.

lets not forget the others that have left UM

kermit whitfield
jayron kearse
angelo jean-louis

watch jimmy johnson "a football life"...in ti you hear from herald reporter dan le batard...."jimmy at UM was soaked in I dont give a f.....ck" as long as the players played smart and won...he gave them full reign....tad foote and UM intellectuals hated him and the program....BUT had no problem with taking all the money the brand was giving them.

golden is really not "thug" enough...the farther away we go from that...the worse it gets at UM....this is just who we are forever.....UM is not the harvard of the south

the gallos of the world will always appear....hard to watch cane utube videos etc from the past and then look at this product and say WTF happened?

why do you think the fan base is so weak.....the product is really not that entertaining like the past teams....the us against the world thing really worked well.....add the thug life to it and it was explosive chemistry.....now we have al golden trying to turn UM into a catholic boys school....even ND is still thug...

UM was always from liberty city...not coral gables

denzel perryman:
45 solo tackles - 19 assist - 64 total

gionni paul:
40 solo - 21 assist - 61 total

almost equal to our best defensive player and we get rid of him who also has 2 yrs under his belt....WTF is that?...why are we celebrating about some high school kid from don bosco HS?

I really wish all you haters would stop comparing this team to past teams and trying to throw up meaningless stats to tell how good or bad we are. College football is totally different than at any other time. You strap any coach in America with all the problems we have and they would struggle. Just the fact that AG stayed here is pretty impressive.Just give him a break ,he gave us one.

Hey Gallo ther you go with meaningless stats again.We did not get rid of him he chose to leave and we did not stop him.If he does not want to be here it does not matter what he did .

stats are not meaningless.....they are essential for performance evaluation....

why are execellent players leaving in droves?....please tell me why GP is gone?

btw golden is not a hot commodity anymore...he really has nowhere else to go at this point....all the good vacancies are filled

what problem are we talking about....there we no problems for golden, he was handed a decent team on 2011....UM has not been served with notice of sanctions yet....who know maybe they wont get served at all....why is that not a possibility? so as of this blog....golden and company have had it easy in transition.....all the "TMZ" stuff is all on him...again more BS

He had too many issues. I hope he gets himself together and can figure out what he's doing with his life.

Yeh Gallo retard it would be easy to convince top recruits to come to a place that may or may not be able to play in bowls , That may or may not have a coach that wants to stay with sanctions coming .That may or may not have fans in the stands.And by the way stats only count if all things are equal. They are'nt

Paul was helping Finnie. Both needed to go and are gone.

the REAL NEED for Miami is a couple of stud DT's ...The great Miami deeps were strong in the middle..you could not run on them and then they got you in third and long and released the dogs...the offense has to be more consistent..i like the big play but time of possession would help our defense..Keep the faith..still love and root for the U

Teddy Bridgewater has noodle arms and look what he did to the Gators

Love the Canes, but often wonder why any HS player who is a 4 or 5 star, with several offers, would want to play at a university with more empty seats than full ones at just about every home game. Coming to the U sure isn't enhanced because of better facilities. As years go by memories of past glories get dimmer and dimmer. What stands out is our near past mediocre result, and all those empty seats. And present threat of NCAA sanctions aren't helping either. Give Golden credit for what's he's done and hopefully he will have a strong finish come signing day.

For the posters who think Shannon ran the program into the ground and didn't recruit talent: You're delusional. When he took over they lacked some talent, when he left they had a lot more. As a HC he was very average and his record indicated it. There are teams they should have never have lost to - Virginia & USF, specifically. Better QB play and those losses never happen. Which gets us to RS main failing as a HC - QB play and handling that situation. All the other stuff is trumped up by people who never liked him for some reason. There was improvement every year on the team - especially on the OL and defense except for the QB. RS didn't win enough games and Hocutt was a total tool. But Shannon left the program in a better state talent wise than when he took it over. Now, Golden certainly had the unenviable challenge of dealing with all the suspensions his 1st year and then a slew of underclassmen leaving (everyone of them a bad decision that cost them money) and that hurt the team and its depth on defense especially. But the defense continually seemed unprepared and inconsistent (certainly, youth causes some of that) but it is painfully obvious the DC is over his head and Golden may be too as there has been no instant improvement you see when a change in coaching to a supposed upgrade occurs. He just talks a better game. While the offense was exceptional against lousy defenses, they were shutdown against the 3 good defenses they played and we were blown out in those games and completely embarassed in two of them. Offensive line play improved a little this year but not as good as Stoutland's last year. Recruiting has become hilarious in regards to some of the complaints people had about Shannon....Golden has 2 commits from SF right now. If this was Shannon, the haters would be all over him. That's the hipocracy of the situation. Blah, Blah, Blah..let's see some wins against quality teams and not the BS that Golden has been shoveling our way. I am already tired of it after 2 years. I hope he gets it going in the right direction since the only real difference is Duke Johnson.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/01/finnie-latest-hurricane-to-part-ways-with-the-football-program.html#storylink=cpy

Somebody out there can tell me if it is Good idea to try to talk to ray Lewis and trying to bringing onboard to the u family sore of extratigic to bring kids to our program ? Did somebody though about it ?

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