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Golden talks Coley hiring; plus source tells our Barry Jackson UM may try to settle with NCAA

Here is what UM coach Al Golden had to say in a written statement about the hiring of James Coley as his new offensive coordinator.

“We’re excited about adding James Coley’s leadership, expertise and passion to our staff and Miami Hurricane Football,” Golden said. “I’ve been an admirer of his offenses output and execution, his commitment to student-athlete development as well as his relentless approach to recruiting Dade and Broward counties.

“Coach Coley will be a great asset to the University of Miami and we welcome him, his wife Kenia and their two children back to South Florida."

> Our Barry Jackson spoke to a UM source who told him that after Wednesday's NCAA bombshell the school is considering pushing for a settlement. Here's a link to his blog.


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Nice work guys - any recruits coming?

Damn good week for CANES!

Things are looking up!

I'm missing the FSU flamers. Are they having a meeting about how to lock west florida down now? There ain't a Nole here that ain't concerned about getting them dadgum boys from South Florida! Not to worry no school gets them all. We'll get a few more than in the recent past.

Gee, give me 5 seconds to think this over. Do I want to make 500k and live in Miami or make 500k that was offered to me reluctantly on a match, not get to really be an OC and call plays and live in a dumpy town?

Ok, I'm in.

Posted by: indiy499 | January 24, 2013 at 12:53 PM

rofl! Took him a few seconds to see if that extra 9g's a month was worth it. sanctions or no sanctions, for 500K, this guy didn't hesistate.

The only things good i like about this hire is, he's from Miami, grw up round the OB, knows what style and type of offense is suppose to be run down here, so NO EXCUSES on that front. Should help with recruiting, he already knows mario and several others as well.

What i don't like or get excited about is, saying we robbed somebody from Fsu's coaching staff. I don't like that offense they ran under gumbo fisher. This guy came up under some real conservative coaches. Can he actually teach & groom qb's. How will he be able to relate to smo17, can he help im excel or will this be a regression year. Will he be able to motivate and elevate the level of qb play, this is going to be real interesting.

We are in the way up.

He's supposedly a decent recruiter .

Also, the one thing that's bothering me the most about this hire is, people saying coley was the oc at Fsu, but jibo was calling the plays, all i know is, whoever it was between them 2, it's been 2 years in a row they let oach OH-NO basically shut & slow down a whole lot compared to all the other teams we've played.

Anybody that let's goldie'S boy oach OH-NO give any offense you're apart of problems, i'm definitely not going to be excited bout that. If we here in the 1st spring game how the defense dominated the offense, or all spring how in practice the defense is dominating and has come around, UM might want to make sure they put a clause in that contract that he needs to give them some of that money back with the quickness.

U know, when U think about the whole carusel that UM is on right now, the best guy who I think could've done some good was Whipple. Not Spencer, but the ole' man. His decision-making was suspect at times, but I think he had the right ideas. The only other guy I would have considered for the OC and later a HC job at UM was Trestman, who was immediately on RS's radar a long time ago. That tells me something right there.

U know the funny and stupid thing: Somebody here actually suggested Dorsey.


That Dorsey thought, he of the 7th round and from the team stockpiled with UM superstars, still has me laughing.


Dumbo is an egomaniac that called all the plays. Coley was itching to do it. But that hick wouldn't let him

At least a Coley understands the 305 ways and the 305 athlete. He'll figure it out. Good on Golden for gettin' in step with da 305

Posted by: Boom! | January 24, 2013 at 07:01 PM

The only time i use to root against Fsu is when they played us, after that, i always wanted them to win when bobby was their, now that gumbo fisher weaseled his way into the headcoaching job by back-stabbin bobby, and the fact that he's from lsu, i could careless if they win or lose except for not making the State/Florida look bad, that's the only other inkling of support i can give, but when they lose with gumbo at the helm, who cares. He thinks his coaching abilities are better than what they are.

I'm glad he's going thru what he's going to thru with his staff right now, he wanted to be the headcoach that bad, have at it. bobby never had those kind of problems, a mass exodus like this. The funny thing is, all those coaches left while the skillet was hot, this was suppose to be the year they won it all, so now, none of them must have that much faith in this next qb or they just don't want to stick around for the growing pains, so while they're stock looks high, they all started bouncing.

I fully agree on the fact that coley already knows what a Miami offense is suppose to look like, he could almost see it growing up from his own backyard, so he knows the standard. The funny thing to me though is, goldie came in with his crew, but we're slowly but surely getting back to having coaches that know what the standard is at Miami, only a few more weak-links left. I know one thing, we can't keep playing this scared man's defense and giving up 500 yards of offense to scrub or powerhouse teams.

How many more commits do we have?

Hire Whipple again? Thats funny. Lets have 3 receivers run their route in the same area over and over again. We really need Jacory to throw more interceptions.

I don't have that big a deal with Jimbo. U see, U got to remember who was OC at FSU prior to Jimbo. It was that awful Jeff Bowden, who the players, students, coaches, alumni, and even deep down inside Bobby himself, wanted gone as soon as he took over. That started the down years at FSU and was the beginning of Bobby's exit.

Jimbo was considered the only true football mind on the team at the time and was an obvious "insider." I'm not sure if he can cut it as a HC. But if he stays it's good for UM. But we got to make him look like the mediocre HC that he is and the only way to do that is to call on DunnoToday, DunnoTomorrow, JustDunno.

calvin....2 more pushes is all we need....above 5200 yards offense and 44 TD's we are good....but cant give it back on defense....where is butch?,..we are almost there....the time is so ripe now...

but still have to come from under sanctions and finalize these recruits...so far nothing yet

golden can forget about TMZ....no more suspensions or diciplimary issues or asking good players to leave the team....

I'm a football man, but good job by the UM basketball team, just goes to show how having a real seasoned coach like jim larranaga makes an instant impact on the basketball team. He'll start getting guys like kenny boynton and brandon knight to stay home. Right now, we need this below for the football team though, lol, it's funny he gave some of this to the basketball team, lol:
Point guard Shane Larkin told the Florida Sun-Sentinel he was shooting free throws on the previous possession when he heard someone seated courtside shouting his name.
"It was Warren Sapp," Larkin said. "He was like like 'slap the floor on D."

It's no surprise Sapp was the instigator considering his reputation for trash talk. The former Miami and NFL defensive lineman devoted a lengthy section of his autobiography "Sapp Attack" to the barbs he and Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre would trade during games.

And that's how it's suppose to be done from here on in. Once we get a real defense, it'll be back to the old days and old ways real soon round here!

Matt thomas from booker T, come to the U son!


Miami Preseason Top25

here's the link




Miami is Preseason Top25

here's the link, with every school


Called to the NCAA today to express my displeasure with the methodology used by their investigators in obtaining Miami investigative evidence. I was transferred to their public relations department, and told that they will not be accepting telephone calls regarding this matter. I was cordial, professional and never anything less than professional.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association
700 W. Washington Street
P.O. Box 6222
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222
Phone: 317/917-6222
Fax: 317/917-6888

I encourage everyone to try lol

Cool cat is still ragging on ken dorsey

Listen, cool x, i dont know where you were in 2000-2002, but ken dorsey took the job from senior kenny kelly through his incredible knowledge of the offense, his constant studying of film and his accuracy. He lost 2 yes 2 games as a starter. Not even the holy tebow came even close. Not carson palmer who was handed the heisman. Not even rg3.

So he had all of those studs. You saying joe montana isnt good because he had rice, craig, and ronny? Marino want any g ood bc he had duper and clayton? EVEN tebow had hernadez, cooper, harvin and demps.

You stupid. Im convinced. Dont know whyyou rag on dorsey. He played in the nfl. So did brock berlin

Where your boy japicky at? I BET HES PARKING OBAMAS CAR AT THE WH

Dumba55 racist

Miami Preseason Top25
here's the link

it just seems to amaze me that till this day and not being relevant for a national title for almost a decade already how the NCAA is still trying to keep our program down and out, this is nothing but a shameful situation for the NCAA and we as victims in this matter should strike back at nothing but full throttle against these idiots, I die orange and green for life

Welp, now that the basketball team beat duke, by this time in the process the nc-screw-a, would've by now had countered with some mo news by now. Seems like to me, since that hasn't occured just yet, this means they've had to ostrich themselves away for a lil bit.

The NCAA has been poisoned and blinded by their own power. THAT, my friends is what canhappen with un-checkedpower. THAT is why our founding fathers had checks and balances to prevent the federal government from growing to big for its own (and our own) good.

Now MAria Elena Perez, the rat, who represents the dirtball, used a profanity laced responze when asked why the NCAA was backing off the testimony THAT SHE GOT PAID FOR!

She is saying she was a patsy by the NCAA.

I tell you if the NCAA wants to save face, and show that they are willing to eat crow and police themselves and do things the right way and if they want to prove that they did not have it in for MIami, Mark Ennert should just take whatver settlement UMproposes and close this garbage.

A certain hobbit runt in prison orange is currently seething and crying in his pillow. LOL! How is that p-o-s paying for Perez' services? May I ask? Every penny that he has should be paid for restitution for the 900 mill he stole. Shapiro, you a re a loser, always were always will be. And so is your ho-e Perez

Any news on what the recruits are saying on the hiring of the new oc?do we have a chance now with other recruits coming in now?

Im trying to decide who is more shadyn the ncaa, maria elena perez, or our jew offensive coordinator.

New offensive co9rdinator....sorry ror the typo. I love the jewish friends of the progrqm.

all about nothing as i said....think of it this way...ncaa and shapiro/lawyer compasses are heading in the same direction....shapiro is the star witness lets say for ncaa...all they did was go around their own charter that says ncaa does not have subpeona power...this way they can corroberate what shapiro told them thru allen....the ncaa gets testimony under oath vs interviews where historically the accused lies...thats why allen was so upset...he probably would have lied if it wasnt for him under oath in court...whether perez got money or not is irrelevent since that didnt change allens reponses in court...he could have not answered or the opposition could have objected...both didnt happen....the real conflict is between alllen and perez if anything....testimony given in court would be impossible to get throw out...poisen tree doctrine would fail since that was about evidence seized withhout a search warrent....

sanctions proceed...still need closure before national signing day....where is collins / thomas / bryant...thats all that matters now...guys like that are required for team to win 10 games....

This Coley guy is shady, he's probably calling recruits right now and asking them to switch commitments.

Cool Cat, weren't you saying Jacory was going to the nfl?

I guess Gallo feels that the Miranda rule is an affront to law enforcement; that planting evidence is good detective work; that he is right and court rulings that have struck down entrapment and all other shady dealings are wrong.

Hey Gallo, what is your take on the 18 arrests under Muscrap's watch? Or the 33 under Urban Trash Liar?

What say you, Curse Pig...errrrr, Galo....errr Gallo?

I luv the KAK.

"poisen tree doctrine would fail since that was about evidence seized withhout a search warrent...."

The guy who can't spell "poison" or "warrant" is a legal expert when it comes to that doctrine.

Gallo, why don't swallow some Drano?

Gallo once AGAIN showing his NO footlball knowledge mentality. We don't need Collins, or Bryant or Thomas for a 10 win season. It's not like they're going to walk in and be automatic superstars. Yes we want them that's for sure, but we odnt' need them to get 10. Our offense is going to be STELLAR and oour D will be a helluva lot better then last years.

green peas are funny....what does it matter....why get caught up in this when we have 10 days to secure our future...lts capitalize on the coley hire and move forward...of course as always my version is without any of the jersey boys....but you cant have everything, lol

wrong all 3 of those will walk in as superstars.....10 days left....go to work golden/coley/christobal...

keep positive momentum going after being f....cked b fisch....

gallo, this coaching staff has been thinning it's self out slowly but surely, right now, 2 things need to happen, either oach OH-NO grows a pair between now and come spring practice, or GTFOH. Than we'll be straight!

The funny thing is, now UM should sue the nc2a for the money lost from bowl games.

Im trying to decide who is more shadyn the ncaa, maria elena perez, or our jew offensive coordinator.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 25, 2013 at 07:44 AM

rofl, it is funny and strange to see this kind of lateral coaching move between us and them. Has to be a first. The only thing that makes me feel good about it is he's from the crib, other than that i'd say pluck no!

Where is Slurpee boy? Canetrash?? Where you be son? Slurp, slurp, slurp....had enough yet?

Why oh why didn't the NCAA president consult with gallo. If he had, he would have known everything is ok and he needn't have drug his organization thru the mud. He just thought they obtained tainted evidence. Only 1 phone call away from saving an entire organization. How sad.

"green pea?" What kind of Curse Pig uses that phrase?

calvin but sue on what grounds...that they violated their own charter....boy scouts have a charter also..they would get killed since the loss was initiated by UM's own actions...remember UM has not been charged with anything,as of this post they are completely innocent....UM just freaked out. do you really want a court process that will drill down on all this which is probably TRUE...(photos, phone records, sworn testimony, cash/credit card reciepts....

why bother let it play itself out and focus on these recruits....thomas / collins / bryant and the rest are all that matters today until feb 4th

look what is this really about....its sour grapes for being "tricked" into telling the truth under oath as opposed to the usual way of collaberating information via the interview-lie process, lol.....

to be objective you have to admire the ncaa guy that got fired...I thought it was a pretty slick move....

An extension of the exclusionary rule established in Silverthorne Lumber Co. v. United States, 251 U.S. 385 (1920).

if you take the time to read the opinion, its called thinking...you will see these 2 cases are completely opposite of one another....there is no "poison tree doctrine"...

You're a f*cking idiot Jim Gallo, go kill yourself.


It seems good for change to see both the Basketball and Football programs making the turn and doing well. Hiring Larranaga was a great move and coach Golden being hired has been nothing short of brilliant. I tell u this, the staff on the football team that coach Golden is putting together looks like a dream team of coaches that are all young, energetic, and intelligent. Great job for once administration at making these hires of these coaches. Miami will once again be the place to be.

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