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Golden talks Coley hiring; plus source tells our Barry Jackson UM may try to settle with NCAA

Here is what UM coach Al Golden had to say in a written statement about the hiring of James Coley as his new offensive coordinator.

“We’re excited about adding James Coley’s leadership, expertise and passion to our staff and Miami Hurricane Football,” Golden said. “I’ve been an admirer of his offenses output and execution, his commitment to student-athlete development as well as his relentless approach to recruiting Dade and Broward counties.

“Coach Coley will be a great asset to the University of Miami and we welcome him, his wife Kenia and their two children back to South Florida."

> Our Barry Jackson spoke to a UM source who told him that after Wednesday's NCAA bombshell the school is considering pushing for a settlement. Here's a link to his blog.


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championships you said 2 weeks ago that the basketball team was OK since beating NC...you said NC wasnt that good.....all of a sudden you are a basketball fan...too funny

soon golden will be moved out for the 305 guys.....go stings....miami high

Gallo, nice to see that what I said two whole weeks ago still resonates in your pea brain. It's flattering, but pathetic on your part. And yes UNC is not the team they have been in years past, nor is Duke from a talent standpoint. However Duke is the King of ACC Basketball even after the beatdown that the Canes put on them the other night and will be until we break through and win an ACC title. I for your information Gallober, am a fan of Miami period. No matter what the Sport. However, until this year and the last part of last season we had talented team but no coach with any direction. Now we have that so there is something other than false hope, to get excited about. U know it's kinda like the way the football team was until we finally got a HC in Al Golden and the great staff he has. You see it takes longer to fix a football program because there are more than twice the players on the field at the time as basketball, and where in basketball you have maybe 15 players to fix, in football you have to fix 50 to 60 at a time and it is a longer process. I know one thing I am so stoked for this upcoming football season it is unreal. Are you guys up north as excited to play us and as we are to beat the hell out of ya'll?

The thing i like about this nc2a crow eating, is, it'll help save jim larranaga more so than goldie. The basketball team had done nothing in terms of self imposing even the n.i.t. So i know emmert and the boys were going to hit them, but now, let's sit down at the negoiating table and discuss this.

exactly calvin.....the basketball team can a least have a start in the negotiations if any take place which i dont think will happen....golden self imosed his way out of leverage....like Ive said...he is not smart at all....all he ha to do was:

1. beat fsu for chanpionship
2. play in OB for bowl game with all the recriuts watching
3. leverage their way to lower sanctions

too late....focus / collins - bryant - thomas....us fans wil pus the last 2 jersey boys home....

key for coley - kee offensive yards above 5200 and 45 TD's..push for dnofrio exit or he will give all your work back in defensive yards

go miami high!

I like goldie, but we gotta raise em. I was laughing as soon as i saw the nc2a tripped up, all i could think of was, gallo was right, we should've played the games. You self imposed once, now it was time to go at the phaggot nc2a system and people. But what did goldie and crew do, they went at the nc2a just like we play defense in games, like cotton candy. I think goldie knows by now, besides that keebler elf president and his defenses, ain't to much softness round here.

He needs to understand how to deal with the real minded guys that want to come in like stacy coley, matthew thomas, kirland, keith bryant and the likes. kerr going to Fsu doesn't bother me, you either want to be here or you don't.

I like those offensive stats you put up, as for me, if i don't hear our offense is curb stomping our defense, that's not a good sign. If i hear goldie talking about after a spring game how our defense has finally started to turn the corner, lol, i'll know than, coley got work to do. I do think coley has more common sense than jedd fisch has though since he grew up in Miami and knows how the game should be played. The thing i liked about jedd was he stayed aggressive on alot of series no matter who we played.

Than he'd have these real dull drives and running duke to the short side of the field trying to hard to out think somebody.

Here's what i want to know, if they paid coley 500k to coach the offense, how much are they paying his boy oach OH-NO to be the weatherman of coordinator's and be 117th in the nation. I'm real sure he's making at least half that at a minimum.

That outlook on the decisions that had to be made is just why Calvin and Gallo are the idiots they are. Out administration for once did the right thing in bypassing the bowl game and ACC title game, just to appease the NCAA and get us past this whole Shapiro thing. Now we have more ammunition to back our stance to the NCAA. But for you two idiots to realize that, the two of you would need a brain, which is something your food stamps and monthly check cannot provide for you two. So the both of you keep on making complete arses of yourselves, since incidently that is all you know how to do, keep smoking your crack in your little hoodrat apartments, while Coach Golden and staff continue to bring the U back. Raise Golden? Really? Really? Really? I guess I am to assume Calvin and Gallo taught Shannon how to speak publically by what we have seen from him on T.V. Oh yeah these are two whiz kids.

green pea that never went to UM:

self imposed sanctions = admission of guilt
why confess if you havent been charged with a crime?

Like ive said....not too bright

"I cant discuss it because I can be legally liable" That was the best one yet

Gallo, my little wanna be intelligent one, I realize the reality of the needed decision that our administration had to make for the betterment of our program, goes completely over your little hood rat, ignorant impersonation of a brain that you have, but really the only thing you and yo byotch Calvina have to worry about is the Canes are coming, the Canes are coming.

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