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Golden talks Cristobal hire, recruiting, Gionni Paul, NCAA cloud

UM coach Al Golden spoke with WQAM's Joe Rose Friday morning on a number of subjects including how he was one of the first people to call Mario Cristobal the day he was fired from FIU last month.

""My first thought was 'How did he get let go? Look at the Colts. Any coach is a quarterback away from having that type of year," said Golden, who said he was recruiting in New Jersey when he first heard the news. "I thought he deserved an opportunity to continue despite not performing up to his standards."

Golden didn't have a job to offer Cristobal at first, but one became open when former receivers coach George McDonald left for Arkansas about two weeks late. Golden told Rose he interviewed some other candidates, but "ultimately came back to Mario."

"The one thing he brings right off the bat is head coaching experience," Golden said before making the point that offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch will still oversee the offense and make play calls. "Mario is somebody I can count on for some of the ancillary head coaching things and see the big picture a little bit better. His expertise as a tight end coach; o-line coach; a guy that has coached many positions and cultivated talent and recruited talent in this are was too good a package to pass up."

Ultimately, Cristobal should help UM out immensely with recruiting Golden said -- from the northeast during his time at Rutgers to South Florida.

"We're kind of kindred spirits," Golden said. We both took over programs that were absolutely abysmal and kind of turned them around. We have mutual respect from the outside..."

"I didn't know what direction he wanted to go in his career, but when I knew he wanted to be a part of the University of Miami and obviously the love he has for this place and the passion he's going to bring, I just think we improved our football program and our coaching staff yesterday."

> Golden said he's excited about the job UM has done in recruiting thus far alluded to how the program is waiting on a few top local prospects to make a late decision before National Signing Day.

There's a curse and blessing about recruiting in South Florida. The blessing is a lot of the high-end talent is here. The curse is that a lot of guys don't decide until late because they are so highly sought after... You got to be patient and we've done that I believe. I think we've demonstrated to a lot of young men that we're willing to wait for them. We're committed to them and their high school coaches. I think we're going to finish strong here."

> As for linebacker and third-leading tackler Gionni Paul, who mutually parted ways with the program last week, Golden said: "It wasn't going in the right direction. We've decided a change would be best. Right now we're trying to find Gionni a new home and get a fresh start and move forward."

Golden said he doesn't have a lot of rules in place and doesn't want to "micro manage."

"It's always the two percent, three percent that take up the headlines," Golden said. "I walk into a team meeting room Sunday night and there 90 guys there that don't know what the rules are because they do things right. If you got to continue to micro manage those five to eight guys, if you can't trust them, that leads to total control. I don't want to do that to Stephen Morris, Brandon Linder, Allen Hurns, Phillip Dorsett, Anthony Chickillo. I don't want to do that because guys can't follow basic principals."

> Golden said running back Duke Johnson will be joining receiver Phillip Dorsett on UM's track team Monday. Golden said he would eventually like to "see a 4x100 relay team made up of Miami Hurricanes." He alluded to a few recruits in his next class who he thinks will also run track.

Golden said football players who participate in track will continue to lift and participate in drills. "But if they can help our track team out and make us faster or more explosive, I'm all for it," Golden said.

> Golden said he has no idea when the NCAA will finally send its letter of allegations, but feels the program has acted like "a beacon in terms of how you should operate if something occurs. Hopefully we'll be a model of how you self impose and how you make restitution to move a program forward."

"The way I feel is we're having a junior day on Sunday and having some kids coming down. That's going to be the third class I've had to deal with this. People want to talk about probation. We've been on probation. This has been probation, this has been recruiting probation; PR probation. I think we've exhibited class in terms of being open and honest and reaching resolution. We're ready to move on, there's no question about it. We've got great kids on this team. Our graduation rates were tied for first in the ACC."

> Golden said he's done a lot of out of state recruiting in the past and will close in on Florida, specifically South Florida over the final three weeks leading up to National Signing Day.


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Hopefully the NCAA will recognize the damage to innocent kids they have already impacted. All the people duped by that little troll have suffered enough and they, the NCAA, should all the new model to prosper. Good to know that Golden and staff will focus on S. Fla the final three weeks. Kids remember you can't be a hero in or impact your home if away bettering someone elses. Remember not so long ago Alabama blocked its doors to you. They love you as football players but dislike you as people. Don' let the cheering cloud your judgement. U M had clearly demonstrated that if you have the abilities and credentials they will give any person the chance.

FYI: FSU could end up with the top recruiting class: What does that tell U? And, most of the players play defense. Guess why they're bypassing UM?

It's called DunnoToday, DunnoTomorrow, JustDunno. He's hurting the program in more ways than one. Now are U telling me that this guy is better than RS?

There's still not the right administrative structure in pace to help guide the football program. Right now, UM does not have a lot of autonomy to do a lot of things. People are coming here because of the UM reputation and lore. Mario can change that. So can Soldinger. Kehoe knows what he's doing.

"Golden said running back Duke Johnson will be joining receiver Phillip Dorsett on UM's track team Monday. Golden said he would eventually like to "see a 4x100 relay team made up of Miami Hurricanes." He alluded to a few recruits in his next class who he thinks will also run track."

There are quite a few more defensive backs, wide receivers and a few running backs that did the sprints in high school and some quite well. They should be out there also. It improves stamina and prevents fatigue in the second half.

Stop hating on golden! If u understood the ncaa u would understand y he says dunno.they dont discuss the situation with coaches who weren't in place until they pass down punishment.golden is doin a great job & I could only be happierif he brought back soldinger.

Close strong baby! Let's land some studs on D.

Jim Gallo - say something dumb about Al Golden so anyone who isn't familiar with your work can affirm that you're the UF Soldy/Pig.

Cool catthat is quite disrespectful. Imagine if someone at your work spoke to you or about you like you speak about coach donofrio

Imagine if someone said that cool the fool is a rat not a cat.

more golden excuses...no different than last year and all other news conferences:

first of all, back then Mario was a good solid player...he was not the "brand cane" player on the offensive line...that was leon searcy, mike Sullivan and rudy barber....barrow had ALOT more cane name recognition than Mario and he cant recruit that good in dade/broward so how is an ex-offensive guard going to change that? (all the decommits)

rod chudzinski, yes for TE position coach if he was into it.....he should have been hired at HC instead of golden to begin with and he WAS avalible at the time...Mario is 27-47 at FIU with all those players less than 2 miles down the road in Westchester at Columbus HS, he couldn't get it done that's why he got fired....so why here when we are in desperate need for a new DC?

welcome back Mario------We are loaded with young talent haters.....you play fresh and soph, go look at Ufs record in 2009-2011 and fsu in 08-2010 when they were doing what golden is doing.............

By the time duke is a junior, this team will be loaded and deep

He was a great lineman and will hopefully recruit much needed quality linemen..I always like a family hire..

DunnoToday, DunnoTomorrow, JustDunno
Man that is classic. Funny cause it's true.
5>3>2 you are too dUmb to know any different
Cool Cat calls it as he sees it, as most people see it
You don't like it, too bad for you
All dUmb, delUsional and in denial is no way to go through life clUks

Jim Gallo licks Tebow...

Thanks Susan for the great posts.

1 beat drummer gallo gets on a kick and can't get off it. Try to imagine these two things at the same time, even though we all know how hard it is for you (actually most everything is tough for you):

Hiring Cristobal has nothing whatsoever to do with our DC. You can add Cristobol and either keep your DC or get a new one. Got it? I doubt it.

good hire!

It's rough coming of two non-coaches huh, Canes fans? What you guys need to understand though, there's bigger powers at play here. If Miami does get back to being, well, Miami then the money maker, $EC will not be getting half the talent they get today. Miami succeeds, $EC fails.

CFB is ALL about the money now boys and girls. As fans, we are being had.

Golden isn't hurting the program and if u went by recruit rankings every year on whod be best team u would never get top 25 correct. What good does a 4 star do if he doesn't develop. Golden has gotten his kids to show improvement , From streeter, to morris, to perryman these kids have just gotten better.

Our team defense will be better next year. I love how alot of times u read a recruit blog and they mention miami is in guys top 3 and the predict kid will end up elsewhere. Then when signing day comes like tracy howard did they sign with golden. so i dont buy the recruit rankings.
Shannon had a top class and those guys all bombed out. That class won a top of 9 games there freshman yrs. So please. All that matters is how the recruits develop and how the team improves and miami improved alot last year.

Yes, coach Golden, we need more Florida recruits in this years lot.
BTW, what ever happened to the UM-Texas recruiting connection?
That's when we we're dominant!

I think coach Golden is showing incredible leadership ability in how he has dealt with Paul, and the other "the two percent, three percent that take up the headlines".

Good job coach Gold, nobodies bigger than the team!

Golden has done a superb job with what he was handed thus far. he has shown great leadership in all circumstances: The Malcolm Lewis injury, the loss to ND, the problems related to the NCAA, the issues with Finnie, and Paul. I bet Gionni Paul did something similar to Finnie or was associated with Finnie in some way. How can he go from being the 3rd leading tackler with all the hope next year to zilch?

He is weeding out the garbage. An example: Storm Johnson. While he was OK, what has he done at UCF?

Canekiller- Youre a doosh of all proportions. SO you think the stupidity that Cool cat says is funny? With the dunno this and dunno that? What a bunch of infantile imbecils. I guess that FSU or UF degree shows how stupid you have to be to go there.

There you go Cool Cat- Now you got gator fans laughing and agreeing with your anti-cane jokes. You proved what we all know- You are a gator mole on this blog.

What a fool.

Why do people like Gallo , Cool cat ,and Canekiller stay around here if they are so unhappy? I have never heard a positive thing they have said. If I felt that bad about my team they would not be my team , which by the way tells me they are not Cane fans.You have heard the saying the more you stir it the worse it smells? That's thier true goal so when you hear thier ignorance just ignore it . Go Canes

We're getting better. The foundation has to be the DL/Defense. We cannot afford to miss out on Bostwick or Keith Bryant or Matthew Thomas. If we can also lockup Grace and Quinton Powell at LB, we'll have a defense that would surrender less yards. D'Nofrio scares me from a coaching standpoint, but so far has proven he cannot recruit. His job should hinge on the 3 above. All or gone for him!

Jim Gallo is not a UM fan, he's that Gators troll who stopped posting multiple times a day exactly when "Jim Gallo" started.

Because they are tools....probably hired or employed by our rivals to sit here all day and bash. Think about it. They know local recruits are probably reading. It boils down to them being afraid....plain and simple. All the coaches leaving FSU I can assure you was for a reason. That program is going to be hurting next year while they break in a new QB. It may even be two years. Think about how they choked their season away with a great team (this year)....next year is not going to be good for them.

too funny....Shannon was much better at dade/broward recruiting than golden.....remember teddy bridgewater? Golden is hire of Mario is a hedge to manage blowback if he leaves via the outcome of sanctions...what better way to manage than to have someone than is cane recognizable and a local boy like Mario.....golden is concerned about his image...he doesn't want to leave like saban did or randy edsall.....

this hire provides all the cover.....

giovanni paul
alex collins
keith bryant
travis johnson
kermit whitfield
jayron kearse
angelo jean-louis

Daryl chestnut (Columbus) just decommitted from Texas tech...we need another RB...should be an easy pick since he from his old HS..lets see Mario reverse all this plus matthew Thomas who will be gone also

April 1st is the last day to commit....Mario has 2.5 months....show us what you got

reading these press conferences you get the sense that golden is still doing damage control for the "mutiny" that took place with this team all year....

Golden said before making the point that offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch will still oversee the offense and make play calls. "Mario is somebody I can count on for some of the ancillary head coaching things and see the big picture a little bit better. His expertise as a tight end coach; o-line coach; a guy that has coached many positions and cultivated talent and recruited talent in this are was too good a package to pass up."

still doesn't make sense...dumb decision just like the self imposed sanction...Mario is a fool to go for this....he is gonna be goldesn b...tch

More from Jim "1 beat" gallo:

1. The only mutiny around here is between your 2 brain cells
2. Self imposed sanctions was the only play--- ask your man crush Urban Liar how well the alternative worked out for him
3. Hiring an ex-cane with local contacts and vast experience doesn't make sense to you is a strong indication that it is an excellent hire since you are clueless

I'll rate this class when all is said and done.
Too much guesswork at this point. Anyone throwing out definitives just dosen't have a clue.


I agree with waiting until after signing day to see 5he impact on recruiting. The ncaa is screwing us bigtime, we need to make sure and take it out on Florida.

Curses Jim Gallo alias is falling apart due to his frustration that Al Golden and our Canes are showing improvement on every important metric.

He went a couple of months playing the phony role of a dissatisfied Miami fan, but after the Louisville mauling he's back to his old whack job self.

Mario Cristobal is a dream hire and makes our football team MUCH better.

The self-imposed sanctions that Al and the administration have taken are smart and proactive business. Unfortunately, the NCAA's President, Mark Emmert, sees himself as the guy who will be forever celebrated for bringing down the big, bad Hurricanes. He's dangerous and is not one bit interested in the facts, only his legacy. I predict that due to the onerous and unprecedented sanctions coming our way this case will end up in the courts.

Most worrisome to me is the thought that Donna Shalala has concluded that by working closely with Emmert and the NCAA this will insure the best possible outcome for the Canes...I could not disagree more strongly with this flawed assumption.

The only way i rate our recruiting class is by how much talent we keep at home. I could careless about the star wars, that's useless. As long as we're keeping enuff of the talent home, we'll be straight. I could careless about getting these guys are supposedly rated high from the outside, if they come in and they're good, so be it. I saw alot of people getting excited about getting 5 star jalen grimble and arthur brown, while arthur brown is a real good athlete and has played well for k st. if anybody saw the orgeon game, they'll know exactly why it was hard for arthur brown to play here as well.

Also, these recruiting sites have alot of people making irrational statements. I laugh when i see people saying "shannon had the #1 recruiting class in 2008", lol says who, than somehow shannon is getting blamed unfairly because some outsiders rated that class #1 although it basically a bunch of wide receivers and linebackers, lol, get real.

People like to point to the gaytors and bama as examples, but what people fail to point out, while oscar cryer came in and these same outside sources rated his recruitng classes as #1, that wasn't the real reason how he got those championships, anybody who knows anything about football knows that ron zook has an eye for talent, he just can't coach like butch davis to it's max, ron zook laid the foundation and left alot of talent their before cryer got their. People began to see what the oscar cryer recruits really looked like and even he himself didn't want to stick around. Not to many people were doggin that 2008 class in 2009 when they went 3 & 1 against that schedule.Same with saban, before he got their, shula couldn't coach for nothing, but he actually did real good recruiting wise.

I will say this, if i'm a coach on this team, and goldie came at me the wrong way, and i'm an offensive coach, i would go off on em with the quickness. he'd know, he better not say another word to me or anybody else on the offensive coaching staff until 117th comes up to at least the offensive rankings.

To be clear, you can't rank a recruiting class in Feb, you can only start accurately ranking them once they actually start playing and after their done playing games for a particular school. Anything else is uncivilized.

JIM (F**KING) GALLO has got to be a whiny little girl disguising himself as a guy.

What a parasite moron.

Hey, "Gallo" - get lost, will you?

You're just a typical UM hater...you're not a UM fan, so stop acting like you are.

You're an embarrassment to knowledgeable sports fans everywhere, not to mention ITALIANS everywhere.

You whiny, snibbling little girl you!


JIM GALLO is a GayTurd, with emphasis on GAY.

He's a woman trapped in a man's body.

Or, maybe he's a die-hard Canes fan, trapped in a trailor park in Gaysville, FL...home of the cross burning, green-toothed GayTurd fans...what ya think?

Hey, Girly Gallo: I spit in your face.

all you green peas are too young to know what a real cane team was like...never since as an alumni 1979 can anyone list as facts and year that UM had so many, suspensions, voluntary leaves, disciplinary issues and decommits...NEVER has this happened...

golden is all wrong...his press conferences are filled justifying his "strategy"....its mistake after mistake...so why did we get rid of Shannon...t all the guys Shannon recruited including the ones that left after finding out he has getting fired....golden has done nothing...golden puts hi friendship above the brand with dnofrio...that's why he should go as well....a lot of coached are looking to move up...UM is a great place for the right coach...golden is not it...ask gionni paul and ray-ray Armstrong (whos future has been destroyed by golden)...no other former UM coach would take these drastic measures against Um players....they all would have given these plaers a pass.......the list of former players we could have now is sickening from bridgewater to paul.....golden is a jerk off

Bridgewater could not get in he was lazy. Gallo is gutless coward. Ok 1979 huh. Lived and studied here. If you say alum, what were the 4 bars that were frequented in 79.

well there were tons:

the mutiny
monty's one south
secrets on Dixie
banana max
Suzannes in the grove
honey for the bears
ricks bar
la volcanique
top drawer
studio 51
club miystique
sensation - Miami
the widow mcoys
mr pips - ft Lauderdale
the brasserie
big daddies 747 lounge
pete and lennys - ft Lauderdale
deseries lounge
wreck bar at the castaways
faces in the grove

dud I am an old time Miami boy born and bread....you cant f...ck with me.....but thanks for the memories...I have a box full of match from every club and restaurant I used to go too.....man what fun old Miami was....

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