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Is FSU offensive coordinator James Coley a candidate for Jedd Fisch's old job at UM?

The rumors are spreading: Florida State offensive coordinator James Coley could be Miami's next offensive coordinator. 

Settle down Canes fans. This Coley story is just rumor-driven for now.

Nothing we've heard out of UM today or even FSU suggests Coley is in the running. We're not even sure he's been interviewed or spoken to UM coach Al Golden yet. But be patient. It's not out of the realm of possibility he could be. 

A source close to Coley told me this morning the 39-year old Miami High graduate and former offensive coordinator under Mario Cristobal at FIU in 2007 is definitely interested in getting into a position where he could call plays and make a name for himself. Right now at Florida State, head coach Jimbo Fisher calls play. Coley prepares the game plan all week and then on game days assists Fisher from the press box. 

Although Coley is a Florida State grad, a return home to South Florida for obvious reasons would be appealing. 

"I grew up on Northwest 4th Street and 18th Avenue, about two blocks from the Orange Bowl," Coley told our Susan Miller Degnan in the days leading up to this year's Orange Bowl. "The Orange Bowl was ‑‑ as kids in that community, that was our playground. Hide and seek and running onto the field and throwing the football, getting chased by the security guards, getting out of there, and parking cars. You might have parked at my house if you went to one of the games."

Coley has always had strong recruiting ties to South Florida throughout his career.

At Miami High from 1998-2000 he coached Roscoe Parrish and Andre Johnson. He then served as the offensive coordinator at Miami Norland when Dwyane Bowe and the Vikings won a state title in 2002. He was then a grad assistant at LSU under Nick Saban for two years before moving onto the Dolphins with him for two more years. At FIU, in Cristobal's first season as coach in 2007, the Golden Panthers finished just 1-11. It was Coley's only season as offensive coordinator (FIU was coming off an 0-12 season and terrible). Coley then moved onto FSU where he's worked as the tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator and now the offensive coordinator.

By taking Coley away from FSU it would also further help Miami's recruiting efforts and hurt the Seminoles, who lost a number of assistants. Is that a reason to hire an offensive coordinator away? No. But it's another reason to give Coley consideration.

Stay tuned to see if this develops into something legit. 


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No buy!

Recruiting in South Florida would be officially on lock down



OC for FIU? That worries me a lot, they couldn't make a first down. But it will help with recruiting.
I can be the OC for the Canes next year, Duke left, Duke right, and Duke down the middle.

Great hire! Do it yesterday!

We need an OC with stong credentials with prior OC experience. But if Golden thinks he has the goods then who are we to question that.

For Recruiting, Heck yeah!. We have lost a few Assistant Coaches lately, to Alabama and now Arkansas. They hired these guys for Recruiting in South FLA. "Not for their coaching ability's". But, it's hard to accept a guy that doesn't have much experience as a OC. That would be a concern. I hope Jedd left his play book.

Go get him coach!

I don't know about this. Didn't the OC have some UF ties?

Does he have so little game day pull that he would leave FSU? Interesting discussion but I just see it happening.

If Coley is the one that developed E.j Manuel I sure hope the hell he is not. I haven't seen anything from FSU's Offense that has impressed me since Mark Richt was the offensive coordinator.

You guys posting about experience as an OC are idiots. The guy has been an OC at FIU and FSU. When he was at FIU, they scored a lot of pints. He wasn't there this past season. He was at FSU setting up the plan so Jimbo could screw it up. I like Coley and think it would be a great hire!

AG, did not skimp on hiring Fisch. I would not think he would settle for less. If he hires this FSWHO OC Im sure he sees something.

scUM won't even have a football team after the sanctions. FSU will continue to get who we want from south FL. All you mouth breathing Miami "fans" have never even attended that university so go back to your trailer and watch some youtube videos from when you all were relevant. All Canes Conference and yet 0 ACC championships. It's going to be 4 in a row for FSU this year and the streak will easily get to double digits. Your program is a joke and you suck. GO NOLES!!

For a variety of reasons this could work out very well. Strengthen Miami's overall program, while weakening FSU's.

I hope Matthew Thomas and Kirkland are reading ANDY's post above. That's the kind of trashy people they will have to deal with up in Tally - Miami haters who troll our blogs cause there's nothing better to do up there.

Come on dudes, you're really considering going up there to help give these bums bragging rights or are you true 305ers?

I think Andy's mad that were gonna steal his OC and recruiting coordinator. LOL.

right now if Coley was available which I doubt...since the next logical move or him would be a HC position....UM would have no real choice but to hire him....UM needs to be stable before national signing day.....

it would not be a bad hire and would also be a hedge for golden leaving albeit voluntary or not so voluntary....go get him

Forget what yall heard this would be A GREAT GET!!!!!! I played for this man at Norland and won a state title with him and he is the real deal no question ask passion check knowledge check game planner and in game coaching check check and plus great recruiter and the kids will love him and play hard for this guy hopefully the chance to call plays and show the world his worth will lead him back home!!!

jimbo fisher is copying nick saban..coley understands that.....2013 coley will call plays with fisher....that's why I am not sure about this rumor..fishr has already said they both will share in play calling.....low probability coley comes....but ya never know.....open up the check book

There is no reason whatsoever to think Coley would be hired as hc hedge. He has very limited OC experience--if you aren't calling the plays you shouldn't even have the title. Certainly not ready for hc consideration. On the other hand, only reason I see him considering what looks like a lateral is that Fisher isn't giving up the play calling and he needs real oc experience.

F*ck Coley! Now is not the time to experiment. A weak defense means Miami can't afford to be poor in the scoring department. AL needs to go hire experience.

Jedd had never called plays before UM.......

Mario Christobal should be the OC & run the Jedd Fisch offense.

Couple of things. One poster stated, get Mike Leach!! First off Mike Leach does not run a pro-style offense. Secondly, why would MIke Leach take a demotion and become Miami's OC, when he is already the OC at Washington State and more importantly the HEAD COACH??!!!

Mario Cristobal is a good HC and a great OL coach. He is also a great recruiter. Coach Cristobal is NOT a play caller, so while he is great at other things football related and a real asset to the program, he would make a horrible OC.

If CAG can get Coley, it would be great. Look, David Shaw never called plays at Stanford, but he was the OC. When Harbaugh left and went to San Fran, Shaw was the play caller and did an excellent job. The majority of these guys who are OC's, but the HC calls the plays, are the ones who develop the schemes and the match-up. The are just as good, but the HC just calls the plays. The OC's in these positions are competent, they just have to be given a chance.

Btw, I know I stated the Coach Cristobal is not a play caller and James Coley is also not a play caller. The difference is that while Coley is not an "actual" play caller, he is involved with everything else related to being an OC. Mario is not.

A coach who coaches the RB's, WR's and TE's are more apt to make the move and become OC's. The one offensive position that is usually hard to convert over to being an OC is being an offensive line coach. The last coach whose expertise was being an OL coach and made the jump to being an OC is jobless right now. I'm sure that he would jump at the opportunity to get back into coaching next year, he may be a little expensive though......maybe CAG can call Bill Parcell's and get Tony's number? I'm sure Sporano would at least take CAG's call.

This would be nice.....just like my boyfriend.

Seriously Stupid article!!!!!!! Why would we want an FSU stinker here?? We should have beaten them last year without our best Defense! We need to find an ex Cane! Someone who knows what it takes to WIN!! This guy is an FSU Stinker TOO!!

The only thing legit is Stupidity Rules with this writer! Why not write about getting the NCAA off our backs already!! That is just an attempt to destroy the "U"!! Without that BS we would be tearing everyone up!! Either you got the proof or you don't! If you don't then END This Youhoo investigation!!

I dont know if great hire or good hire if do it but i trust al. I can see why he woudl leave fsu , no matter how good they do on offense he will never get the credit. So coming to a school like miami would up his hc chances if he does well. They canes also have alot of talent on offense thats very young so he could have godo offenses for enough years to get hc consideration if comes here. As for mike leach u guys who say him realize he has a hc job in the big 12 at wsu? right? Why would a hc in a bc comference want an oc position?

Canes4Life, hey man I don't know about Coley. I remember him playing for FSU back in the day, and he may be the guy, but I don't know about OC. FSU hasn't done anything offensively since Richt left and Manuel looks like a faster version of JaMarcus Russell and I really never say him get any better while he was the starter. There is alot more to this job than calling plays, such as most importantly developing the QB's. Fishe was the best developer of QB's here since Garry Stevens was kicking them out every two years. So there are going to be some huge shoes to fill. I am sure Golden is going to take the time to get the right guy even if that means after signing day.

Mainecane, Leach and WSU are in the Pac 12

Andy eats lollipops made of dick meat..

For the most part Jedd Fisch was a very good offensive coordinator and game day manager. His success with the Canes brought him a major promotion to the NFL, which is also a positive reflection on Al Golden.

That said; it seems to me that Jedd’s departure has to be viewed as an opportunity to upgrade the position he has vacated. I don’t mean that as an insult to Jedd, but a mindset that will lead to more National Championships.

Coley has a nice resume, yet, would hiring him be an upgrade? In my view that’s the question that must be answered.

I do believe appointing Mario Cristobal as our offensive coordinator could turn out to be an upgrade based on a number of supportable reasons.

One more thought on the offensive coordinator subject:

Rushing to appoint a coordinator based solely on this year’s recruiting class would be a major mistake. I have every confidence Al Golden will not make that misstep and would suggest we all take a deep breath and allow this situation to play out. The right coordinator will take marginal talent and produce, whereas the wrong coordinator will take superior talent and fail, which is something we are all too familiar with.

Andy = tool ........plain and simple. It's been stated by many sources that the worst for the football team is behind us. There are many haters out there that are praying for the worst.....well.....he worst has already happen. Thats what you fail to realize.....WE HAVE BEEN serving our sanctions for two years now......haha.....so.....don't cry in two weeks when all is said and done.

You are right about QB development. The thing with Jimbo's offense and the latter offenses of Coach Bowden's era was that they were always looking for a dual threat QB, whereas UM is all about the pro-style QB. Now, we don't mind if the QB is athletic, but we want a pocet passer first, who CAN run, if needs be.

The issue is that all these college teams and now some NFL (see Redskins and 49ers) are going to the spread/read option style of offense. Miami has always be pro-style (ala Alabama, USC, Stanford). The pool for talented OC's who run pro-set is dwindling. Due to this, I trust CAG and if he thinks Coley can run the style of offesne that suits Morris and the other QB's on the roster AND similar to what Coach Fisch had, then I think it would be a good move. Truth be told, there are probably several teams out there who run a good pro-set in the WAC, MAC and the traditional power conferences that we don't watch on a regular basis, but are good at what they do.

If I had my wish though, as regards college coaches, I would go with the OC at Stanford. I love the way the run the pro-set. Their offense is so balanced it's not even funny. While their guys beat players who will go on to the NFL into submission, the majority of thier guys go on to be doctors, engineers, lawyers and scientist.

Andy the FSU tool:

You are a pathetic gator-like lame a55.

Must be that Leon County education from that girls school.

Yeah, like all the rednec-ks who attend FS-who games are alumni or students. Yeah right. Please.

We dont want no FSu QB with plans to run a QB like EJ manuel (aka Xavier Lee).

coley coming is a very low probability...he knows how to draw up offensive schemes so it is irrelevant if he is actually calling the plays to the offense on the field....fisch leaving is not a testament to golden...it was a move by a guy that wanted to come from under sanctions and save himself rather than stick it out

1. he knew before he took the position what UM's history was on compensation
2. he was already in the nfl for 9 years...why did he even bother going back into college?
3. he and his boss on numerous statements and press conferences said they were committed to bring UM back to its glory years
4. the timeline of his departure shows this in the process long before Friday 1-18-2013
5. he could have stayed the 2013 and help get these CRITICAL commits back
6. his departure embarrassed UM to parent's and recruits

he is not a cane but an opportunist....it is irrelevant what other coaches have done in the ncaa....he lied when he got hired and said he was committed...then leaves in 2 seasons....that's a scum bag.....

bill parcells....nick saban....jedd fisch, they do their little thing then leave.....same sh.....t

if we had a strong AD....we should reach out to butch davis and larry coker....I would hire him back....he was always someone that was 120% committed to UM and did a terrific job the 11 years he was here

dream team:

Jimmy Johnson - AD
larry coker / HC-OC
butch davis / HC-DC
Mario - O line

then sent the "jersey boys" back to Broadway where they belong...

its too bad fischs lack of character negated his ability....there will always be offensive coordinator positions with team that are 2-12 and at the bottom of the league....

he probably wanted to be closer to Gainesville where he belongs......

coker,lol maybe worst coach in ncaa history

Fisch took the opportunity to move up in his field, you can't blame him for that. Most of us on here would've done the same thing. How many people are going to say no to an opportunity to move towards the top of your field - not many.

Good luck to Fisch.

Mario? As OC? Not going to happen. Who is the O-Line coach at the 'U'? That O-line blocks like hell for Duke. Make him the OC and run to championships.

Fisch took the opportunity to move up in his field, you can't blame him for that. Most of us on here would've done the same thing. How many people are going to say no to an opportunity to move towards the top of your field - not many.

Good luck to Fisch.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | January 23, 2013 at 09:06 AM

T H I S!!!

first of all....when green peas like you and fisch get the beef stew out of your pants, you'll learn in life that there will ALWAYS be offers that are better than where you are presently....its call staying committed and CHARACTER...

his legacy at UM will be forgotten and will be no more than a pass-thru tenure.....all he contributed to UM was nothing more than an obscure stat in the canes book:

2012 - 5282 offensive yards / 45 TD's / #37 rank
which is lower than what he was left with in 2010

5477 / 44 TD's....however he will leave a legacy as being instrumental in sabatoging the 2013 recruiting by exiting the same day as key recruits and their parents for UM weekend.....

there is no last place NFL team with a 2-12 record worth that unless you are a true opportunist...its know as a scum bag

Ummmmmmmm.....logic tells me THIS Coley guy won t cut it at Miami.He was only 1-11 while the OC under Mario at FIU????Whew.....that s horrible.Jimbo calls the plays at FSU and not him???????His pedigree/body of work looks pretty minimal and dismal.THIS is not a Miami Hurricane Coach that we need.We want/need a bonafide and proven winner.Let s get real and not even discuss this guy s name anymore.GO CANES.

"Playthefreshman: Andy eats lollipops made of dick meat.." lol...

I don't blame Andy for being bitter... When looking at National Championships (which is all that matters) The Garnett and Gold have to bow down to both the Gaytors and the Canes... You ass clowns in Tally need to bow down to the true King of the State... The []_ _[]

the challenge jojo now is the pickings are very slim at this time and the really good OC/DC want to be head coaches....they wont come to work under golden...UM is in a really bad bind now....this jedd move really f....ck us. Unless you fire golden and build the staff all over again...this way you get a top OC or DC in here and they bring their people with them....

problem solved.

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