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Is FSU offensive coordinator James Coley a candidate for Jedd Fisch's old job at UM?

The rumors are spreading: Florida State offensive coordinator James Coley could be Miami's next offensive coordinator. 

Settle down Canes fans. This Coley story is just rumor-driven for now.

Nothing we've heard out of UM today or even FSU suggests Coley is in the running. We're not even sure he's been interviewed or spoken to UM coach Al Golden yet. But be patient. It's not out of the realm of possibility he could be. 

A source close to Coley told me this morning the 39-year old Miami High graduate and former offensive coordinator under Mario Cristobal at FIU in 2007 is definitely interested in getting into a position where he could call plays and make a name for himself. Right now at Florida State, head coach Jimbo Fisher calls play. Coley prepares the game plan all week and then on game days assists Fisher from the press box. 

Although Coley is a Florida State grad, a return home to South Florida for obvious reasons would be appealing. 

"I grew up on Northwest 4th Street and 18th Avenue, about two blocks from the Orange Bowl," Coley told our Susan Miller Degnan in the days leading up to this year's Orange Bowl. "The Orange Bowl was ‑‑ as kids in that community, that was our playground. Hide and seek and running onto the field and throwing the football, getting chased by the security guards, getting out of there, and parking cars. You might have parked at my house if you went to one of the games."

Coley has always had strong recruiting ties to South Florida throughout his career.

At Miami High from 1998-2000 he coached Roscoe Parrish and Andre Johnson. He then served as the offensive coordinator at Miami Norland when Dwyane Bowe and the Vikings won a state title in 2002. He was then a grad assistant at LSU under Nick Saban for two years before moving onto the Dolphins with him for two more years. At FIU, in Cristobal's first season as coach in 2007, the Golden Panthers finished just 1-11. It was Coley's only season as offensive coordinator (FIU was coming off an 0-12 season and terrible). Coley then moved onto FSU where he's worked as the tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator and now the offensive coordinator.

By taking Coley away from FSU it would also further help Miami's recruiting efforts and hurt the Seminoles, who lost a number of assistants. Is that a reason to hire an offensive coordinator away? No. But it's another reason to give Coley consideration.

Stay tuned to see if this develops into something legit. 


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Hey Canes4Life, yeah I agree that there are alot more of the spread coordinators and the NFL is using components of the spread offense with QB's who can run. I am like you, in that if Coach Golden says Coley is the guy, I trust him and his decision. And u are right that guy at Stanford does run a pro-set like probably no body else in CFB. I just feel like we need a QB coach in the fold who can develop these guys like, Dewey, Crow, and Olsen. Who know's maybe Coley can, I just never saw any improvement in Manuel through the years. Whoever we get the most improtant thing is we get the right guy in here even if that right guy comes after signing day. Next year is the big recruiting year for us and we are dependent on a big season to ensure we get these guys.

Hire him AL! I want to watch FSU fans cry

His ties to South Florida are nice but HELL NO!

Yo cane trash

Yo U fools r up in a tizzy bout this rumor
Meanwhile U still got no OC
Memo to Golden Retriever
Who U gonna fetch chUmp?

Problem is Golden Retriever aint got a clUe.
Shalala doesn't care and Ur AD is so green he don't know what's going on.
A program in shambles waiting for the NCAA hammer.

U maggots would be lucky if this dude came down form FSU, but why would he?

Still waiting dog. No OC in sight.
How about someone who knows first hand about lots of scoring? He is already under contract.
I suggest U move Donofrio to OC. He sure knows a lot about high scoring offenses.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

FSU's offensive scheme was offensive!
with all that talent they way underachieved
No Gracias!

Hey slurpey slurpey slurpey.....come out and plaaaay...

here is a national signing day surprise....that FSU gets matthew Thomas....keith Bryant (high since he said UM coaches basically ignored him at UM weekend).....alex Collins (50/50 with UM)

How about tedford the ex cal coach he did coach aaron rogers?

Mike, Tedford is an interesting possibility. The run a power running game from a pro set and he did do a great job with Oregon QB's like Joey Harrington when he was the OC there. The problem is since Aaron Rodgers he has shown very little as a developer of QB's.. Maybe because he was HC he had too many other responsibilities to really concentrate on the QB's. Ultimately the player has to have talent. I personally would feel much more comfortable with a guy like Tedford as opposed to an unproven commodity in Coley. Not that Coley is potientially not the answer, but in Tedford I know what we have with him.

Tee that tater up!

Miami needs to do a better job of searching for an offensive coordinator who is african american

Yall sound like shi!. In that case put Mark D"Fino in that case, hell maybe he do better as a offensive coach instead of defensive coordinator. What about Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator.

okay ill take Coley as a defensive coordinator and Mark goes to Florida State. that will be a even trade off.


Potential cane OC:

Mario Cristobal, a gloried OL coach who can't call any plays

James Coley, a false rumor started to hide the truth that there is no viable candidate available

Mark D Onofrio, an incompetent DC that is familiar with high scoring games, and not in a positive way


Who is in charge here?
Anybody got a clUe?

Steve Walsh for O.C.

Why in the hell should Miami look for a OC that is an African American. They need to get the best possible man whether he is white, black, yellow, red, or poka dotted. That was simply a stupid thing to say.

I don't like FSU's offense. But with recruiting being the main thing for building a top team it is certainly intriguing. The head coach can always co-laborate with the OC and establish the style of offense he wants to have. If Coley is open minded with establishing a pro style, multiple set, 2 tight ends, bunch sets, empty, 3/4 WR's, then I say yes. But we gotta be sharper at executing and being unpredictable. Gues I've sold myself to the idea. Now all coaches in Miami will be on college staffs (smile).

Why not hire the former Wide Receivers coach and current Syracuse offensive coordinator George McDonald? He was also the passing coordinator and had to learn something from Jedd Fisch

James Coley would be a great choice for this position .A great recruiter and playmaker.Give him that opportunity and the "U"will reign again.

Love my Canes. You will see the impact on NSD while Coley is on staff. #THEU

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