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Kevin Olsen's father says the four-star quarterback is "absolutely'' not wavering on his commitment to Miami Hurricanes

I just spoke to the father of Miami Hurricanes four-star quarterback recruit Kevin Olsen, who is in Coral Gables this weekend with his parents for his official recruiting trip.

Chris Olsen, who just retired as the Wayne Hills (N.J.) High School football coach after a storied 26-season career, said Kevin will "absolutely" still attend the University of Miami, despite today's announcement that offensive coordinator Jedd Fish has left to become the Jacksonville Jaguars' offensive coordinator.

"Al Golden is the main guy,'' Chris said of UM's head coach. "We certainly had a good relationship with Jedd and really liked him. And we certainly anticipate the next guy being very similar -- whoever it may be.

  "We weren't expecting this, but it's a great opportunity for Jedd and everybody has to do what's best for them. Jedd had a great opportunity and he was the perfect person for the job. To be a coordinator in the NFL, those opportunities don't come around very often. There's never a good time, but if that's something to which you aspire, if it comes around you've got to take it.''

  Chris Olsen, who is in South Florida with his wife, Sue, said Kevin had "a great day today and a great day Friday'' during his visit, and that he was taking a nap.

  Concluded Olsen: "I think things will fall in place. I'm sure Al Golden has a plan.''



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I love the support -- Golden is absolutely the man with a Plan! Let's keep this thing rolling..
And just to reiterate an earlier point regarding the awesome opportunity for Jed Fisch... As a Head Coach, the objective is to hire the best possible assistant coaches, and if you do, they are more than likely going to be recruited by other teams... The fact that the offer came from the NFL is a validation that Golden successfully hired great talent. Instead of bemoaning this news, we should all be praising Golden for a great hire. And most recently, he hired Mario Cristobal. Golden is proving that he's a heck of Head Coach and Leader. Thank you Coach Golden for being great at your craft. Please stick around and continue to build a great program that has the ability to reload/restock with great talent - coaches and players. Coach Golden, You da man!

The failure and turmoil on Donna Shalala's watch continues unabated. The number of coaches and Athletic Directors that have come and gone under her watch is unfathomable. She has no positive results in over a decade of mismanagement.

Leadership is a bottom-line result oriented job and under Shalala's "leadership" our once-dominant football program has basically been destroyed (I think Golden is on the right track but he is battling many forces beyod his control). The results on the field have been a failure. She has failed to allocate the necessary $$ to hire and retain elite coordinators and ADs. She cozied up to Shapiro and failed to maintain an compliant program. She failed to effectively market the program to retain interest within the community. She failed to even fight for a rennovated Orange Bowl OR a local stadium. Instead she was the main cheerleader for the failed move to Joe Robbie stadium.

From day 1 her actions have been hostile to the football program. To her it seems only to be a venue to get her face on the jumbotron and into TV commercials. An organization fails from the top down. When will she be held accountable for the failures under her leadership?

After Paul Dee retired, both athletic directors Shalala hired did such a good job they were hired away to AD positions at bigger schools in their home states.

Blaming Shalala for anything having to do with the football team is just ignorant, head coaches run college football programs not university presidents. Saban runs Alabama football, not Alabama's president.

When will she be held accountable? She could have disbanded the football team and still kept her job, that's how good she's been at the actual responsibilities of a university president.

IF you want to tell me Miami football has fallen off because of Shalala, you're going to have to convince me that Larry Coker (next job with the D2 Roadrunners) and Randy Shannon (next job as a position coach) were great head coaches who could have kept Miami as good as Butch Davis left it if not for Donna freaking Shalala.

She's unlikeable and an easy scapegoat but she has nothing to do with the football program.

Great news from Mr. Olsen. But the guy we need to get for immediate impact is Collins. With a strong OL coming back,the 1-2 punch of Duke and Collins will open up the passing game. The offense wil be unstoppable. We need Collins more than Jedd. With that type of talent on offense,even Tony Sperano can win. AG give Chad Pennington a call!

I tell you what, the best thing coach goldie can do and it's simple, we don't need to be out here trying to outbid guys for this rotating coordinators, we need to go back to our roots, all goldie needs to do now is bring back don soldinger, the time is ripe. Let soldinger be the oc, don will make sure our offense is on point, plus he can take over the runningbacks as well. Either way and however it is we need to get soldinger back in the fold.

If you already had to reach back and get kehoe, kept barrow and got mario, only 2 moves left to make, bring shannon back to be the d-co and and soldinger back and just figure it out from their. Plus you wouldn't have to worry about these guys going anywhere. soldinger could've left Miami along time ago, he's not interested in leaving Miami, shannon would come back with the quickness, and we'll be right back where we're suppose to be, with a coaching staff that's here for the long haul.

In fact, hell, if they don't bring soldinger in for the oc job, call sonny lubick and see what he's doing. The funny thing is, the 2 guys shannon wanted, trestman is now the headcoach of the bears and dirk koetter is just got a contract extension with the Atlanta falcons til 2014, lol.

The main thing is, goldie needs to repent for his sins(ray ray, vaughn telemaque, travis williams, gionni, finnie, luther, tracy, cain, and others, if not, he'll continue to have to go thru these trials and tribulations.

jim gallo, calm down man, jedd leaving like he did, now goldie knows how ray ray armstrong, gionni paul, finnie and the rest of the ones goldie tried to let go, got exposed with that kelvin cain situation, lol.

jedd leaving right now is kind of funny to me, lol. If goldie got blind sided, maybe this'll help him understand how to treat other situations different. He'll be crying again. I'm starting to wonder if guys want to work for coach goldie now. Cause when you think about it, we all know why coach kehoe and coach barrow are here, UM to the fullest, and we also know why oach OH-NO is here, nobody wants him so he can only go where goldie takes him. brennan carrol, means nothing, he hasn't proven he can actually coach.

Now which unit is coach goldie going to run and hide with this year, last year he tried to make i seem like he had a lot to do with the offense(of course that was the most positive side of the team), come this year, i'm sure it'll be special teams, but like i said it a post some time back, if i was one of the offensive coaches, no way goldie could've even seem like he was trying to address something on offense that he thought needed to be fixed when you got a defense ranked 117th.

The main reason i liked jedd being here was because he was the best oc we've had here in a while now. But i didn't like the fact that we were running what seemed like an old version of the Fsu offenses, and just leaving maurice haggens on the bench for basically redzone and goal-line situations.

Also, goldie saying when mario got hired "jedd fisch will still be the oc and calling the plays" that statement right their never made sense to me and i'm sure jedd was thinking, i smell a rat, time to go. If shannon was the headcoach people would be blaming him left and right for people leaving, lol. I think if mario became the oc though, we'd get back to our more traditional offense, this move hurts smo17 more than anything though, but the coaching carousel is in full effect.

Also, i never feel bad when an ex gaytor leaves, those guys are always suspect to me, if it was up to me, jedd would've never been here just off that alone, no matter what good anybody has to say about em. Let's see goldie take over the offense and make those decisions now too, since he was trying to somehow take credit for the success the offense was having!

What are you talking about Calvin, Cristobal is a career OL coach, any FIU fan will tell you his play calling is terrible.

You really think this is some grand conspiracy by coach Golden? He was going to make Mario Cristobal the offensive coordinator over a guy who just got an OC job in the NFL?

Whatever you say calvie.

Ignorance is bliss and there's no shortage of it here. Any of you ding dongs ever play anything other than mantendo?

She is the de-facto CEO and as such she is absolutely responsible for all the failures listed in my above post. She hired the ADs who couldn't skip town fast enough. The fact that AD jobs at Texas freaking Tech and cobweb-filled Nebraska are considered to be steps up from UM is just another indictment of Shalala. All it took was a brief time working under her "leadership" and Holcutt conveniently got homesick. And why does the AD job remain open if people are so eager to work for her?

What is ignorant is to suggest that Coker, Shannon or Golden enjoyed anything close to the type of power that Nick Saban has at Alabama. If Saban wanted a booster kept away from the program like Randy did with Shapiro can you imagine the Alabama president posing for pictures and giving the guy a suite that he didn't pay for?

The fact that Coker and Shannon haven't sniffed other head coaching jobs tells you they were never fit for the UM job in the first place. Hiring them was another mistake in addition to the many I listed in my original post. Instead of hiring strong decisive leaders she went cheap.

This is not one or two hires that went wrong. It is over 10 years of mistakes and as a very hand-on President she deserves the largest share of the blame.

Jimmy Gallo is a gaytor troll that is simply trying to cause problems and fights. He is mad because Alabama has destroyed his team repeatedly and thus has to come here to cause trouble.

Thats a big time promotion from OC in college to OC in the NFL.

FSU & UF lost their DC's just recently. If you have good coaches, other opportunities are going to entice them.

Keep this ship heading in the right direction & lets get the Gestapo (NCAA) off our backs.

Go Canes!

Ken Dorsey could be his replacement! I'm sure a few of you have heard of him!

In a court of law Shalala might be culpable for the AD's, but in now way is she responsible for the football coaches. The children who post and live here seem to think Miami Football is life or death. ITS NOT!! We will be a power again, mostly because of good recruiting, normal football cycles (ie: Ohio State,Oklahoma,UCLA, etc.), but it will take time .. Calm down, and just get a life..

Honoring a commitment. ...good man

billpr what does a court of law have to do with anything smart guy? Who do you think interviewed and hired these failed ADs? If a CEO of any business continuously hires VPs who are not up to the task, AND those
VPs hire managers who prove to be incompetent then the blame correctly falls on the CEO. It takes at least two hands to count all the poor hires and strategic mistakes initiated by Shalala and her subordinates.

Look to Tennessee or Nebraska or Michigan and you will quickly realize that there is no guarantee that UM will be able to return to its former glory. And the farther away we get from the glory days the harder it will be get all the way back. The football program right now is in limbo and could go either way. Its the direction that is important and right now the direction under Shalala is so bad that another decade of decline will be too much to come back from.

SHALALALALALA Hillary's play thing is absolutely responsible for anything that goes on at the U.
Be careful about Shalalalalalala she almost ruined Wisconsin football years ago.

Yeah Calvin in all your wisdom (LOL) you wouldn't have hired Jedd Fish and Jacory would nevehave had the senior yearnumbers he had, Morris wouldn't be QB he was this year and the offense would still be suffering from Werner and Whipple syndrome.

Calvin you have proven with your empty analysis and long and lack of substance posts that you don't know what you are talking about.

Calvin you are a legend in your own mind.. that guy Nash and maybe Gallo, your fan club, lol.

Golden has to repent of his sins, show just how ignorant you are.

Paul Dee firing Larry Coker was a good decision.

Paul Dee hiring Randy Shannon seemed like a good hire, no one in the local or national media or in the fanbase (including EVERY Shannon hater) thought it was a bad decision. It was ONLY in retrospect, because Shannon didn't wind up being a good head coach.

Kirby Hocutt firing Randy Shannon was a good decision.

I believe Kirby Hocutt hiring Al Golden was a good decision but it remains to be seen.


The football program is NOT in limbo. Since Al Golden’s arrival measurable improvement has been observed in most every segment of the football program. The fact that the NFL came hunting for our offensive coordinator is an endorsement of the Canes football program. Golden's Miami teams have qualified to play in 2 bowl games and the ACC Championship game, which could have produced a BCS bowl berth.

You are using our offensive coordinator being promoted to the NFL as an opportunity to attack Donna Shalala and that in itself is an absurd jump.

The facts are that Donna Shalala hired Al Golden considered to be a top flight coach who Notre Dame Officials said would be on their short list of replacement coaches if Brian Kelly jumped to the NFL. And she hired Jim Larranaga who has taken the UM basketball program to a much higher level and may very well have the round ballers contending for the ACC Championship and playing in the NCAA tournament.

Miami athletics under the direction of Shalala is on an upward trajectory making me wonder what in the hell you are watching, reading or smoking.


Louisville just scored on the Gators again!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA Nice just the facts! Is Tim Tebow still crying on the Bama sidelines?

A True UM fan would understand that you never hire gaytors. shannon found out the hard way, never let double agents in the circle. jedd did a decent job, and was the top coordinator on the team, although not hard to do, plus him going to jacksonville, it'll be real interesting, the offense he ran here won't work in the nfl, and he'll have to get an offensive identity. He had alot of quick strike type plays, but i'd rather see 2 tight-ends, fullback, running back and go from their.

Our offense often times was to finess when we needed power, mike james should've been the work-horse this year, the game plan against notre shame and k st. should've been mike james, mike james and some mo mike james, with maurice haggens blasting folks.

I'd rather see us go back to that formula, it prepares players better, makes em tougher. Leave the finess offenses for the finess teams. Also, if we go back to more of a power type offense, our defense will have no choice but to learn how to buckle down and be more physical against the run and we'd play the play action offenses better as well too.

Big jump for jedd as it's been said, smo17, good luck man, you got it from here.

Bring back Soldinger!

Im not so sure about Randy, but anything is better than D'onofrio.

And if Ray Lewis is really retiring after he wins the superbowl this year, then maybe he can become Linebackers coach and work his way up to DC.

I sure hope this weekend recruiting went well. We need DLINE! We also need game breaker return guy. It been a while since we have had one.

And Lets get the the sanctions out there already.

Go Canes!

Coach Fisch leaving for an OC job in the NFL . I have no problem with it. The timing was bad, but that was due to the new GM, who they just hired firing Mike Mularkey and hiring a new HC, this week. They called him and he jumped. Not mad at him one bit. When he was in the NFL prior to being here, he was not an OC, but a QB coach. This is a big jump for him. Same reason why Chud would remain a TE coach for so long in the NFL, instead of coming back here to be an OC, he wanted to eventually be an HC in the NFL and guess what, after 8 years as an NFL assistant and OC, he finally landed a HC job with Cleveland this year.

As far as our new OC, Susan mentioned something about Sonny Lubicks son at Duke. I did like Dukes offense and it may be a good hire, if CAG goes that route. I personally like Stanford's OC. Truth is, CAG has made several good hires (especially Mario recently). I know that he will make another one to replace Coach Fisch. The only thing that is hurting us is that, UM has been famous for not wanting to pay assistans market value AND the impending sanctions. We were able to get Coach Cristobal because he bleeds orange and green. Those issues may cause some good candidates to have pause before taking the OC position though.

Calvin mentioned Don Solinger. IF, I repeat, IF coach Solinger has/had play calling responsibilities before (everybody wants us to bring back Kenny Dorsey to be the OC at sometime, Kenny has never called plays before and some think calling plays on NCAA and Madden, is the same as real life....NOT), then it may be something to look into. When the team becomes successful again, you know that he would never leave and go anywhere else, no matter who would come calling. Either way, CAG will make a great hire.

The Olsen family is pure gold. True winners through and through.
They found a perfect match for their son in Golden, the best leader and role model in college football.
Good stuff.

Goal line offense, two backs, two tight ends, one receiver. You're thinking of a goal line offense.

Why can't D corch leave??!!

Olsen isn't going anywhere. He knows that his chances of starting as a "true freshman" are VERY good. He's more talented than any QB on the U roster right now. He'll beat out Williams with relative ease.

You guys act like this is mistake THe U has made. Heck "all" our former head coaches that weren't fired left for the NFL! Even Trestman and Chuzkinski were recently hired as head coaches. So you see this is common place. Alabama hires a new OC last year,OSU a new head coach, So did Auburn, a new OC then head coach this year. Now USC, Gaytors and FSU all lose coordinators! Evidence enough the sky ain't falling. Unlike like the many idiots here that don't seem to understand this obvious fact, Golden like most HC's have a short list of possible coordinators. Its takes time to evaluate them and guage their interest and availability. Plus conduct reference interviews also. So sit down, shut up and let the man do his job.

Calvin's an idiot

olsen staying means nothing....hes awful....in hindsight firing coker was the worse mistake UM ever made....he would have been the stable anchor like bobby Bowden was at fsu

ever since this golden crew came to UM its been disaster after disaster....the best option is to rid them all and hire a new HC...but we don't have an ad and Shalala is totally incompetent.....more downward spiral to come...

The Olsens appear to be classy and knowlegdeable where it pertains to life and football. I wish the absolute best for their son as he starts his career at UM.

as far as fisch leaving that's BS also...what opportunity, the guy was already in the NFL FOR 9 YEARS....why did he come here anyway then? it was just a place to hang his hat is all....golden too. they all have their agenda's.

OC options now are weak and impossible....the program has to be re-structured thru the HC position....Mario cristobal would be a complete disaster as OC...the guy never called an offensive play in his life....this move by fisch really f....cked UM.

you all blind kool aid drinkers....snap out ofit

Jim the disasters are two. (1) The U made the mistake of thinking the "Brand" was attractive enough for high quality Head Coaches and Coordinators. They didn't put the money into the human resources and the facilities it takes to compete at a championship level to attain professional Leadership and talent (recruits).
(2) We would be further up in the talent pool since Golden's hire, like him or not its irrelevent, if it weren't for that little trolls minipulation of investors and the University.

In terms of disasters these are the only two. I mean really? Gaytors had a very brief stay at the top and FSU, lets be real, haven't contended for nothing for several seasons. If fact I'll contend only Alabama, LSU and Oregon have been the most "consistent" teams to threatened for the title. The fact is that The U is really a couple good recruiting classes from entering into this field of contenders. The only thing that can slow our momentum down is the NCAA. FACT!

Omaximus, you're getting the facts wrong. Fisch left for a better salaried job, period, just like the Stanford OC left for a higher salaried job with the Colts. NFL teams will always pay higher salaries than an College. They even pay higher than the SEC lol. What you fail to understand this is a normal progression for a college coordinator. It has absolutely nothing to do with Shalala. Butch left because the Browns throw bag loads of money at him to come work for them. Of course he failed and got fired. Coker for all his faults won a national championship, and almost won a second. He was hired to keep intake a recruiting class that was exceptional, and he did. And for all his faults Randy Shannon was a Frank Broyles award winner as the best assistant coach in the nation. Shalala gave him a shot just like the Browns gave Butch a shot, they both failed, but they probably both deserved a shot at the HC job. To blame Shalala for the misfortunes of the U is far over reaching.

tampacane.....your the type of guy that dismisses any type of achievement if you don't like the team...."they never should have been in the super bowl"...stuff like that....so I always say, OK...lets see you get there....same with fla/FSU....at least they accomplished something...UM has done nothing but rank #117 out of 120....guy like you loath the previous coaches and praise these new ones that have been a disaster so far....there is nothing positive at this point that these coaches have contributed....IT HAS BEEN TMZ ALL YEAR

I agree with Calvin about hiring former gators.

For all you all who think a marquee program will always hire a marquee coach. Not true. Look at who Oregonjust hired to replace Kelly. Some no name dude I've never heard of. This happens- if you all dont think it was going to happen, you all were in la laland. Fisch came form the NFL and college $ cannot compare- plus he doesnt have to worry about recruiting and kids' grades nor the NCAA mafia. Only offenseive planning and coaching.

I agree the Olsen family is gold. Theyseem like such a good bunch- from Greg to now this kid. This kid is good. Gallo- please stfu YOU are garbage.
Olsen will clearly compete for No.2 and I beleive will either start or come close in 2014. He may end up like what happened between Kenny Kelly and Kenny Dorsey in Dorsey's sophomore year- It was obvious that Dorsey had it and Kelly did not and the rest is history. As long as Olsen bides his time and learns. The bigger question is what to do with Dewey and Crow. But there has to be a plan because once they all garduate-- in 4 years who do you have? Where's the depth?

I say bring in Ray RAy to coach the lbs, Sodly for the rbs or OC, and Ken Dorsey to coach the QBs.

We have shaneh neh for 4 more yrs because if Hillary runs she will undoubtedly put her in a cabinet post. If she wins... becaus eat this rate... with the feeral assaoult on the 2nd amendmenet and the high unemployment rate... she may not.

These Herald reporters s--k... What about an update on the weekend visits?

Idiot Jim Gallo, there you go again showing your lack of knowledge. Olsen is rated the 7th or 8th best QB in the recruiting class depending on the rating service. So you know more than the rating services huh, I doubt it very seriously. This is a very good recruit for the Canes. He'll be starting in 2 years. Fisch was never a coordinator in the NFL, his last position in the NFL was a QB coach for Seattle. He was a OC for the Minnesota Golden Gophers in 2009. Being hired as OC for the Jags is just a natural next step for him. I'm sure a a garbage collector like you, you would job at the opportunity for a 10 cent an hour raise wouldn't you.

5>3>2, where the depth 4 years from now. What are you talking about. You only recruit 1 or 2 QB's every recruiting year. Next recruiting year will ear mark the seniors 4 years from now. You're right there is no depth for any position 4 years from now because they'll be recruited during the next recruiting year.

The Olsen family is a Class act..
They are not buying the personalities on a team, they are buying Leadership and also the legacy and historic actions of the 'Canes over so many years.
Greg's Mom said "she felt very close to the FAMILY of the 'U' and wants to feel that way again" so it is coming from ALL the Olsens.
Commitment from players and families like Duke, and Greg are templates from which to build the new 'U' and that is the PROCESS that Coach G is in right now..
He will get it done.
The 'U' will be the 'U'

please olsen is brock berlin/Robert marve.....2 set of down at under amour he couldn't get off 10 yard completions and for someone that is ranked #5 pocket passer he got scared out of the pocket on EVERY DOWN then falls down under his own feet in the send half...I was very unimpressed by him....brice ramsey is the guy I liked for the white team.....had terrific pocket awareness...

Instead of panic, lets wait and see who Golden hires. I'd bet that everyone will be pleased.

you don't know what your talking about...olsen is rated #65 overall QB....he is #5 as a pocket passer ONLY....he was a total disaster at the all star game....told me he cant compete with the good players...I suggest you go back and look at the espn highlight films of the game...then come back here and tell me what impressed you the most about him, lol

Gallo ever hear location is everything? Even in college football location can be a huge benefit! There is no denying that as we improve so does the commitment of the plethera of top talent in S. Fla and throught Florida! Certainly with young men from other less desirable locals up north. Why? because Miami with all considered is a better location than Gainesville or Tallahassee. With success and the removal of sanctioning threats we will again rise from the ashes! Although I am not pleased with everything about the program, even a hater can see The U is putting money into the facilities, Coaches and recruiting. We are in contention for some of the best talent in all of college football. What does that tell you? Of course you wouldn't know! It tells you that The U is becoming a place where the best players want to play again! The NCAA is all that stands between The U becoming a football powerhouse again! Fact!

Olsen's family is a class act? of course they are. Their son is getting a $200K education for FREE....the father doesn't have to take any money out of his pocket....I support golden also....where can I send my sons invoice from Fordham that I had to pay last month?

if Olsen didn't commit to UM....there would be no scholarship or free money for next semester....I bet the fathers announcement would be a lot different if he had to pay like everyone else....more BS

Just saw Canes got a commitment from a community college kid Ufomba Kamalu. I went to his college web page profile and he is certainly a big tough looking kid, but I wonder what this means for the coaches belief that we'll be able to land Bostwick and Bryant? If we don't the Golden has got to realize his homeboy D'Nofrio has to go! Point Blank!

Gallo....your an idiot....Bridgewater was rated lower then that and he is a stud in college. Stars dont mean a thing

agree...but nobody knows anything about Kevin Olsen other than he is from NJ....I didn't either....but after under amour game with an all star front line....he was terrible and that would be a complement....they gave him time in both the 1st and 2nd half and he looked like some reserve bench warmer....awful performance....so why am I excited that he is committed to UM?....frankly we should take the scholarship back and utilize it for defensive front line recruit to supplement Bryant

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