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Kirkland: UM is out of the picture

Guess I should have stuck around for the end of Booker T. Washington's state championship parade.

All-American offensive lineman Denver Kirkland confirmed Thursday night UM is no longer in the picture for him, just a couple of hours after saying he loved the coaches and the program. 

What led to this surprising news? Kirkland said he had a private conversation with UM assistant coach Micheal Barrow and Booker T. head coach Tim "Ice" Harris following the parade in which they discussed an issue that came up with him going to UM.

Is it that you didn't have the grades or test score to get in? "No, not that," he said. 

Are you upset? "No. I'm still going to play college football somewhere," he said.

Kirkland said his final four is now South Florida, Florida State, Ole Miss and Arkansas.

CanesInsider, which first tweeted the news, said Kirkland was told by UM coaches he no longer had a scholarship available to him.

From CaneInsider: Kirkland’s stepfather, Shanton Crummie, informed XOFan/CaneInsider of the news earlier tonight. He said the explanation he’s receiving from the Miami coaching staff is that they over signed defensive lineman and therefore Kirkland’s scholarship was used up.

The Hurricanes have 13 commitments and are still in play for some major recruits. But Kirkland was expected to pick UM. This obviously will not sit well with teammate Matthew Thomas, who was also considering UM.


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Forget about Edwards and use his scholarship offer to Kirkland, we have to keep our lineage with BTW.

We have Danny Dillard to use as fullback.

these young men need to understand its not a game. if he had committed sooner instead of waiting to the last day the scholarship would be his. the same with some of these other guys, make your mind up and lock in a spot before you fall into a bad situation.

Why is their always so much drama at the "U". Nothing is ever simple, very hard to stay a fan with all that is going on. Can we have no controversy, no investigations, just back to playing, winning, and keeping the South Florida kids at Miami. Looks like the glory days will never be back. No disrespect to AG, just God, can we ever get through all the crap.

Jimmy gallos will say something bad in 5...4...3...2...1... :

So let me get this straight, we gone take to WWE wrestlers in: ufomba kamalu & sunny odogwu, but we don't have room for the homegrown kirkland, come on man. thomas finnie gone, gionni paul gone, what the hell is junior alexis doing here, gut jalen grimble or hunter wells, why is this happening. I don't care about kirkland's star rating, we should always have & make room for a guy like him on this team.

this is strange, just hard to believe miami get this close to the final day, and pull a scholarship from a top recruit,,,i sure hope this is a hoax,,and once again no announcement from the U...am thinking golden is get impatient with the whole ncaa scandal,,intentionally reducing the scholarship allotment if it was his idea at all, and it is towards the end of the recruiting cycle,,so tensions are high, but hey there is always next year, and you will have another group to deal with ...

If I'm picking a horse to ride, its Coach Golden, not a high school kid aka Denver Kirkland.

We're not going to know the real reasons - so pick your pony and ride.

He had 9 months to commit. How much longer does he want to play the game. You can blame him and his coach for this. He played a game with a $250,000 education scholarship. Shame on him. Golden said from the beginning, "If you are looking, we are looking". It's that simple. The coaches need to be better leaders and father figures to these kids instead of creating a circus around their announcements.

These kids are more concerned with being chased and wanted than commitment. I agree with the decision...time to move on.

It's like dating a girl that wants to date other people..."See-Ya."

In recruting like deciding to offer any kid its a risk. You have to take risk in recruting. Do you in a situation of already limited scholies wait and hope a kids chooses to accept a scholie you've been offering for a year or more or do you minimize your exposure and take a kid that has guaranteed you he'll accept if immediately if offered. To complicate this issue is do you want to jeopardize relationships in the Miami community and create a negative backlash with people of influence over top talent?

Well I can only say what my Daddy, who never straddled the fence, would have profoundly said: "You never kiss nobody's arse to get them to like you! People will respect you more for being a man of your word and knowing where you stand. Say what you mean and mean what you say"!

We all grown here and lets be real! These kids have known for a long tme where they want to play! If you want to do the all too tired hat trick, then silently commit to the program of choice so these coaches can make proper plans. Trust me, when the 85% of them don't make it to the NFL, companies ain't gonna be kissing your arse to work for them.

Kirkland said: "Miami is my top three" GTF0H!!Well Kirkland, if Miami is not your top school go play for the other "top" 2..

Booker T coach ice should realize Miami only has limited scholarships, cant hold one if anoyher quality player is ready, or you might not get either. The coach shouldnt have tunnel vision, look at the big picture.

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