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Latest NCAA infractions involving UM similar to what happened in another Canes' case in the late 1970s

Unless you were completely zeroed in on the NFL playoffs or sleeping all day Saturday you know by now the arrival of the Letter of Allegations from the NCAA is imminent

A source interviewed in the investigation I spoke to Saturday told me that several former assistant coaches from UM have been told to wait by the phone Monday to hear from the NCAA, who will be sending them their own letter of allegations as it pertains to them. That's the sign the investigation is wrapped up and UM will be notified itself of what's in store. 

Does that mean we will know what penalties UM is facing this week? Absolutely not. That comes later, much later, likely May or June. But at least this long drawn out investigation will be over. UM could ultimately tell us absolutely nothing pertaining to the letter it receives this week because it is a private institution. We suspect, though, some information will be released and the rest will drip-drop out (as usual for UM).

As for the program, this will be the fourth time the football
team comes under NCAA scrutiny for breaking major rules (1954, 1981, 1995) and the sixth time overall the school is cited for major infractions (1964 men's basketball, 2003 baseball). Part of my job here in preparation for all this has been reviewing past cases against The U. Although most of you remember the pell grant scandal of 1995, I was only three years old when UM got hit in Nov. 1981 for major violations involving the team.

I was surprised to see just how similar today's allegations involving jailed booster Nevin Shapiro and former UM assistants are to what the school faced back when Howard Schnellenberger was building Miami into a winner. From 1976 to 1980, boosters and assistant coaches were found to wreak all kinds of havoc in terms of giving improper benefits to players and recruits. In fact, it almost seems like what the Canes were accused of doing back then was worse. You can find every NCAA investigation into major infractions here on the NCAA's Legislative Services Database (just type in the University of Miami to do a search on the Canes and the cases).

Again, I don't bring this up to rub salt on the wound of Canes fans. I've applauded Al Golden and the school with how they've handled this mess, skipping two post-seasons to show the NCAA they take these allegations seriously and want to move forward. But you can always learn something new from history. Here is a short summary of the 1981 case with information provided from the NCAA.


> Ruling date: Nov. 3, 1981

> Sports involved: Football

> Summary of Violations: All violations took place from 1976-80. Improper financial aid and extra benefits (booster gave cash gifts to a player for his good play; down payment for a car); out-of-season practice conducted by the staff (couple times including once involving a recruit); improper recruiting contact (12 cited cases involving staff and impermissible off-campus contact), employment (multiple examples of boosters and assistant coaches hiring a recruit prior to the completion of their senior year of high school to help in the recruiting process), entertainment (boosters, assistant coaches and one former head coach provided recruits and family members with food, drinks, "improper entertainment," tickets to pro games, a party on a yacht), inducements (booster offers to pay airfare for parents, plus provide spending cash; assistant lends his car to a recruit; recruits given free t-shirts, jerseys, equipment; free housing to two recruits on campus for five-to-six weeks), lodging (booster and assistant coach provided some on a few occasions), publicity (contact with media at the time a prospective student-athlete signed a National Letter of Intent with the university), transportation (17-related incidents); tryouts; improper administration of financial aid; certification of compliance.

> Summary of NCAA penalties: Two years probation; no bowl game following the 1981 season (UM finished 9-2 and ranked 8th in the Associated Press poll); reduction of scholarships from 30 to 20 for the 1982-83 season; reprimand an assistant coach for lying in reporting facts relating to a violation. UM did not appeal the findings or penalties. The committee found violations of NCAA legislation related to the principles governing extra benefits to student-athletes, financial aid, practice seasons, various recruiting regulations and certification of compliance with NCAA legislation.

Again, for a complete detailed look at previous UM cases and all cases involving major violations and other programs click on the link above to visit the NCAA website. It's all there. 


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The NCAA is following a pattern of doing as much damage to the UM football program as possible. The timing of introducing the ‘Letter of Allegations’ is not an accident, but designed to destroy this year’s recruiting class by leaving the coaches almost no time to fully explain the charges to the recruits as a feeding frenzy by our competitors will ensue who will swear the sanctions will kill the program, and they may be right. If only this year’s recruiting being slammed, like it has been the last 2 years, was the worst news or for that matter even close to the worst news.

As for the self-imposed sanctions…they will mean nothing to Mark Emmert’s Gestapo like NCAA as the Shapiro matter has been viewed from day one as a long overdue opportunity to abolish the Miami football program versus a non-biased investigation conducted by professionals.

At Emmert’s behest the sanctions will be historical in their viciousness and the ESPN talking heads and others of their ilk will stand and cheer this public hanging. Of course the Miami Herald will gleefully pile on as usual; because that’s what they do (Barry Jackson gets a well-deserved pass).

Finally, why in the world Donna Shalala concluded that handing the NCAA the bomb to drop on the program was a wise decision is something that defies logic, sanity and competence. Pulling back ones kimono and flashing Lorena Bobbitt would have a better ending than doing so to a subspecies ego maniac like Mark Emmert.

People know nothing!! Shapiro the midget said: "I will do anything to bring down Miami football" and he stated that the death penalty was the 0NLY punishment that he wanted for UM..The question is WHY???

IMH0, Shapiro thought that with Miami having all those stars he could start spending the investor's monies (like crazy) because Miami players would (without a doubt) sign with him or his company to be their managers in the NFL..

It all started smelling "fishy" to Um players and some(like Wilfork) dropped him and told other players that midget man was a lunatic that felt he deserved to be given more % than other agents were asking for..

The midget's plan failed (like all lavish living punks do) and he feels that UM betrayed him...Stupid FACK!! Midget I know you read these comments, you will always be a midget!!!LMA0...

Shapiro was a small man with an insecurity issue. He had to cheat people to give everyone a belief that he was as good as them. He probably still believes he was a success and most likely denies he did anything wrong. He is simply a disaster of a human being, with no redeeming qualities.

The best way to keep the NCAA of your back is not to commit infractions. You're blaming the NCAA for enforcing sanctions on infraction, you might also condemn those who committed the infractions, period.

I'll say it again. All things are relevant. Many of you voted for the same type of people that would restrict certain Americans the right to vote, destroy workers right (Unions)and allow corporations to sieze control of our democracy! Now when the Good Ol Boy network comes and wants to destroy your organization, you cry foul! History has shown us the Good Ol Boy network has no concern for rights,fairness or human compassion! If you're not one of them they will use all their might to take away your ability to oppose them. The NCAA is that Jim Crow era Judge exerting its pretentious legal authority. They hide behind their slogans, mantras, the flag and their legal rights, but I know these people and the distruction and damage they do to control the organizational,human and financial resources! Welcome to my world! Next time you give a philosphical or political meaning to justify negatively impacting others, Rememember the day the NCAA (Klan) came and lit the cross on your campus!

Mark is not a good NCAA representative, he has hated Miami since around 1990, he hasnt been fair or just, Donna needs to go she just rolls over all the time, the real quilty should be put on Larry Coker, why they keep him out of the blame is beyond me. NCAA needs to be revamped, they were out of line at PSU also, sending threat letters to ex players thats a sign of its time for leaques to manage their own discipline, pay the players and let NCAA handle admin functions of college sports.

remember that the biggest crook and violator was clint hurtt , he told rogers and brigewater what was going to happen and they followed him to louisville, i hope the ncaa hangs hurtt , he single handidly caused most of the problems along with our former o line coach who bolted for bama.i want the penalties to follow the coach , both in the pocket and suspensions.. clint hurtt sucks.

To Tampa Cane, you have the wrong group as the villian. It is acutally the liberal elite that hate Cane footall. I now that does not fit you universe view, but the truth is that the biggest threat to the program has always been the administration. From Foote to Doona -- both left wing politically-- the president's office has hated the sucess of the program. See, the kids, black and white but mostly black, did it on their own. They made the family, the U, and they maintained it. That they did it without left wing organized help is the type of example the left sees as a threat -- a group of independant "hepless" oppressed people making something of themselves without a debt to the higher beings. Eitherway, it is all about the U brother.

Check your research, Miami baseball was sanctioned twice.

The five major violations date back to the late 1990s, when the program was already on probation. That made the Hurricanes eligible for stiffer penalties, including a postseason ban, but the NCAA said it was lenient because the school cooperated with the NCAA.

Collazo hired non-scholarship athletes to help at his camp. Because of that, Miami failed to comply with grant-in-aid penalties from 1995 and awarded too many scholarships in 1998-99, said Thomas Yeager, chairman of the NCAA Division I committee on infractions.

``Financial aid violations were the major part of the 1995 case, and the committee felt the university should have been especially vigilant in this particular area,''

The Hurricanes lost baseball scholarships in 1995 when the NCAA cited the university for a lack of institutional control. Following a major violation, schools are listed as a repeat violator for the next five years and can be punished more harshly if violations occur during that time.

Miami was also guilty of illegal recruiting contacts and cited for the university's failure to monitor the baseball camp and its failure to count wages earned by athletes as financial aid. Several secondary violations were also included in the NCAA's report.

I agree with justthe facts-

The NCAA and their group of mafia is un-checked and answers to no one. They want to punish Miami as severelyas possible because their is no due process and no democracy in this - This is not the judicia system- What they say goew- an example are the thgreats that the UF grad lawyer threatened to do to former players if they did not "testify"--- WHO THE F DOES THAT IN AMERICA?

That is why I was never a fan of self imposed sanctions especially the ACC championship. I do not believe ( although I may be wrong) thatthe NCAA "will take thatinto account" or will "take it easier on Miami" as many here have said.
I just hope I am wrong on that- Onoly good thing is UMinsiders (lawyers, board, etc have to know that all of these things will lesen the blow- I hope to God its true) Worse case scenario is they tack on another two bowl penalties which means that self imposing on the ACC ch meant NADA. That would be a disgrace and I am telling you should cost Donna Shalala her job.

As for the small minded, midget little ponzi schemer: I know you are reading this you little eunuch. You are a little f--g who I hope is getting sodomized. You are a marked man. In Miami Dade or Jersey. Dont walk the streets alone. Always watch your back. Just some advice.

To Glenn, My views are of the Good Ol Boy Network and their supporters. Who throughout my 50+ years born, lived and experienced in the ways of the the Good Ol Boy Network. Rather the U adminstrations current or passed properly supported the program is another issue all together. You, your momma or grand Daddy can't tell me a damn thing about the ways of the Good Ol Boy Network. My point is that many and I don't use silly labels like Liberal and conservative, supported entrenched and dedicated members of the Good Ol Boy Network pass and current! Now that they have to feel their Wrath, they wanna cry foul! No matter what they do or how obvious their actions are- there is always a "Glenn" to fabricate justification and righteousness of their oppressive actions. This Good Ol Boy Network is real and appears in all places and organizations. I know them son! I have seen him and his ways many times! FYI, I am highly educated, worked many years in IT field and now own my own business before another of your type makes the silly statement like we all have the same opportunity! The playing field is level! The Good Ol Boy Network will prevail or they will bring this institution to its knees and UM will be a shining example of their power to all non network institutions.

There seems to be an awlful lot of blaming and finger pointing here tiday. What's happened has happened sn Shapiro has gotten his reward for, not only what's about to happen to the U, but, also the people he bilked out of their money. The U, like any other institution that steps over the line will get their lumps and recover from it. If the worse case scenerio is that the death penalty is invoked, The, U, in what ever number of years it is invoked will recover, the players who have gone on will carry this stigma the rest of their lives and the coaches, who were involved shoud likewise have to face dismissal from their current teams and not allowed to coach, in even, a pee wee league team. The coaches involved were supposed to be of high calibre, but, they let their team, players and the sport of football down. One additional item is that for those former players who are cited, they should, also, like the coaches not allowed to coach any football team after their playing careers are over. That makes a statement that when you don't play by the rules, you will pay.

Andrew....so blame Shalala, she fired shannonn and clint plus bridgewater would still be in green/orange and white

Tampa Cane: you are 100% correct.

This is such bull sh#t, go ahead and tell us everything they got and get the crap over with. And if the NCAA does not take into account the forfeiture of three postseason games by the U, then the hell with them and fight the whole damn thing. There is no way we should have another post season ban, or no more than 5 scholarship reductions. If they really want to do something smart call for the immediate firing of that little Hobbit Shalaber, penalize, people like Hurtt, Coker, Panuzzio, and others that were on the staff who actually took part in this crap. What sense does it make to penalize a kid who has never been here before and has nothing to do with the situation or a coaching staff who has done nothing but clean up the messes it was left. I mean for the NCAA to talk about excellence in education, they don't make decisions that have any rational stance. I for one applaud the politician, I want to say its the governor of Pennsylvania for standing up to the NCAA and its abbuse of power in handing down sanctions to the Penn State program which completely overstepped it's boundries. There needs to be a checks and balances system set up in which the NCAA has to answer to someone which is a fundamental basic for democracy rather than being allowed to be a monarchy who decides who it likes and who it wishes to punish and how severe.

tennesseeCane, don't get carried away, you made some good points but to say a 17/18 year old kid that was misled by grown-ups should be punished and not allowed to become coaches after their playing days are done is extreme. You're trying to punish the victims and not the real culprits. That's almost like saying, if you were in the band in highschool and got caught selling instruments, after you graduated from college, they shouldn't let you become a music teacher or badn director as your later profession, since your past shows you've had a weakness around instruments.

College football is big business, alot of people sell drugs cause making $800 a week as a 13 year old is like being a millionaire. Hell, it's people that don't make $800 a week now as adults, so whe nthe sec comes calling and dropping off 15-85K bags at your door, who's going to turn that down. If that showed up at alot of people's doors on this blog, i'm willing to bet, the majority on here are not going to go and turn that money in, so at 17/18, your focus on that age group needs to be revamped.

Whatever the NCAA has planned should be FAIR and based on facts. If they try to "make an example" of Miami WITHOUT proof....then.....the will be tied up in court for quite sometime.

Calvin, that is probably the most insightful and real world example and true post I have seen by yourself. I agree 100% that the kids should not be penalized but the adults who were leading them should. I say ban a person like Hurtt, Coker, Haith, and Pannunzio, double the time that the instituion recieves, and they may not coach at any NCAA level for that amount of time. That is if it is proven they were in on it.

All the rednecks in the nc2a, we already know what it is. Alot of them hate players from Miami and just Florida period. They can live with 1 or 2 of them from time to time on their rosters, plus they know they need alot fo us to get where they want to go, but the rednecks that be, do not want to witness what they witnessed in the 80's or 90's again. So some of the people at UM are double agents, starting with the keebler elfette at the top.

You gotta be a goon to be a successful headcoach at UM or get left championship talent. The coaches that won championships here, howard, jimmy, goons, dennis erickson eventually became a goon, he was caught in between admiring the players to fighting against the old gold-ole boy mentality it turned that man into an alcoholic back than. Alot of pressure trying to fight for and protect the brotha's from that crew.

They know Miami and mny parts of Florida, you're going to find some of the most confident people in the world. Outsiders take it how they take it, we could careless, that's our mindset, and until we get a lot of more of those guys on the team, we'll just be a good team, but in order to be a dominant team, we gotta get more guys who never feel like they're going to lose. This is what bozo oach OH-NO doesn't understand yet, guys like tracy howard have supreme confidence, dzp, deon bush, duke, malcom lewis,herb waters, dequan ivery, eddie johnson, gabe terry and crew, the guys that keep getting suspended.

goldie is acting like he's suppose to have the perfect team, like everybody is suppose to do the right thing all the time, lol, you can't get that in your own house if you had 1 kid, let alone we talking 90 kids, if it's 2%, stop crying about that and move on. Keep stuff in house, stop letting it get to the news, if a player is not playing in a game, as a headcoach at UM, it's going to bring headlines, you're not at temple anymore where you can suspend a player for a game or 2 where nobody but their families cared when he did that.

At UM, of course it's going to be news. Than to start crying after you lose the game saying things like "you know, eddie johnson is a big part of what we do, but we got rules and this and that" trying to get plyers to conform is only going to hurt goldie and his boy oach OH-NO, lol. Good move by getting mario, i know goldie doesnt' understand guys like finnie and crew snatching up laptops, rofl, maybe he needs to be the one to go and watch the 30 for 30 so he can get a better understanding of the mindsets and mentalities of the guys he has access to.

It's like when willie williams was coming here, all the hoopla surrounding that man was ridiculous, who cares how many times he got arrested as a minor, he's not the only one in Miami, just so happned that he plays football the way alot of people like so it became national news and the way the keebler handled that situation and the F.i.u. situation showed real sad leadership.

It's football, that's what we do, we fight, only cowards wouldn't understand that. Of course randy shannon over-reacted based on the situation he was in. But everybody knw, you not dealing with kids that are coming from weak situations, you dealing with a bunche of survivorlist, who're going to do what they got to do.

If goldie thinks he's going to win a championship by avoiding recruiting certain players from certain parts of Miami, he's sadly mistaken. Trying to get UM to conform to the way they want us to play, a bunch of sore losers are the ones who write the sportmanship rules. That's why they don't like guys high-stepping and flipping into the endzone and celebrating before touchdowns now, that's all racial and bias, but nothing new.

That's one of the reasons this staff is a lil scared of stacey coley, that man is old school and does alot of things the way he wants to do them. Won't be long before ref's start throwing flags because that man is slowing down and running side ways by the endzone line, lol, pue domination.

We're going to see what goldie is made of with guys like coley, and how long his rules will last before they start affecting goldie. I don't understand why it had to be made a point that jedd fisch will still be in charge of the offense, we do need to be more consistent with the offense though, but somebody else needs to start coaching that defense. Since we going in another year with this clown, let's see what players going into their 3rd year in this system look like.

STFU, nobody gives a damyum what you think about my present, past or future post, in the words of Kareem brown to the nc2a E.A.D.!

Dear Joe, I don't think the University of Miami has the capability to tie up the NCAA "in court for quite sometimes." I attended an institution where I got a great education but that had a non existent football program. I did learn when you voluntarily join an organization and agree to comply with the edicts of that organization that it is nearly impossible to stop the organization from enforcing penalties for non compliance. Everything I've read seems to reveal the NCAA has plenty of "facts", this may have been the reason it took so long to put this together. They may be about to bring the hammer and they wanted to make sure it could be backed up. Obviously former players who are not coaching will not show up for interviews and the NCAA will fairly or unfairly represent that as wrongdoing. I may be wrong---and I'll be the FIRST one to come back here and admit if I was---- but I think this will be real ugly. Since I have no Pembroke Welsh Corgi in this fight, I will will not be devastated or elated by any decision.

The NCAA does not know how to go easy on UM, so expect some pretty stiff sanctions. This bad relationship goes back to the 1980's when rules were changed because of UM's poor behavior on the playing field (excessive celebrations, etc.) The loss of scholarships is the major concern. I'm expecting 10 a year for 3 years. I'm hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. As for Clint Hurt, he's toast. You won't see him in major college football for at least 3 years.

The nc2a took this long because they only had circumstantial evidence that they wasn't able to collaborate on a whole lot of players. The most money that was allegdely being exchanged was with the basketball team and that was that 10k situation with dequan jones who the nc2a later allowed to play.

All that lil bit of play money this other guy kept claiming he dealt out, who can prove it is the real question. A person can take pictures with anybody, or be at the same restaurant with anybody, don't mean they paid for me. Just like that guy who owns the clothes shop, whe nthe nc2a came to him like he told them, "i don't know anything about that, but if you'd like to buy something, we have these on sale" lol.

All the part of the more reason they hate alot of people from Miami. aldarius did the right thing, he paid a price for it though, but who can blame kids for trying to better their current situations, not me. If frank gore was taking money, who on here got something to say bout that. In fact, most of the people on here need to make it a point to STFU when it comes to what players do or don't do. The ones doing the condeming are the ones who won't go out of their way to help alot of these players out now or never.

So unless you're trying to go and help players out, you don't need to be a booster to go and see what you can do to help guys and their situations, don't need to be just football players either. If people want to be real about it, they'd be quiet and go and help make better situations so kids when they get tempted, they have another way.

People on here criticizing marcus forston for leaving early lol, had that man stayed and got another injury that required surgery or got an injury where he couldn't play no more, none of you on here would be trying to help that man out right now. I would luv for some of you to go and stay in the Beans for one week, and than comeback an talk to us.

Calvin first of all U STFU U little shyt. Second, I can't help the fact U have little pecker syndrome and can't take a compliment when U actually did deserve one for a change. Thirdly, Forston ain't playing anywhere now to amount to anything and ain't ever going to until he changes his work ethic, which will translate to that dummy being dropped if he hasn't already by some NFL team. He only would have helped his stock and made possibly alot more guarantteed money by staying in school. He's alot like Henderson, in that he has a world of potiential but a lazy work ethic and in Seantrel's case he has improved his work ethic since he has been shown that he isn't going to be given anything here at the U. He has to work at it and now has a chance to develop into the player he can be. It would be eroneiously stupid for him to come out now considering the fact that he has seen what the prior group screwed up and how they should have come back. And you talk about living in the beans, lettem try working in 100 plus heat all day everyday sweating to the point of not being able to sweat no more, and not having any federal help just to be able to eat that night and then they would see what its like to actually work for something. They don't know jack about that.

For all those who like criticizing players for making simple mistakes and getting suspended for whatever rules. goldie has a bunch of choir boys compared to the teams of the past and he's crying now, imagine if this player was at UM, he'd be off the team under goldie's rules:

So, to what is Stoops alluding?

Manziel had a run-in with the law last June for fighting outside of a bar and carrying a couple fake IDs. He had a brief – very brief – stint in jail before he was released. This was prior to Texas A&M’s fall camp and before he was named the Aggies starting quarterback.

Looks like texas a&m knows how to take care of it's players. goldie better wisen up!

This guy is queer, he's worried about the next man's size and continues to sac ride my post. Again, STFU, who cares what you think about my post, they don't concern you, now go and post something independent of what i ost, try that for a change, or post something independent from what several others on here who you luv to sac ride. Take your queerness elsewhere, the blueoyster might have a blog somewhere, go and find it so you can have inner peace.

Nevin Shapiro needs to know we will suffer sanctions for 3 years but he will suffer in jail for many more years.

Manziel is special so he gets treated differently, thats the way it should be.

Calvina, U truley are so dumb U can't tell the difference between someone making a statement about your insecurity and something being queer. No wonder U are so stupid with the majority of your posts. Sounds to me that U know alot about sac riding and being queer. U don't like what I say about Your little bi24chass posts then posts something sane and intelligent for once, so U don't expose your ignorance about the U.

Calvina, there's a big difference between fighting outside a bar, and stealing a laptop and trying to resale it back to the original owner. That is a just plain stupid thing to do.

Depends on what he was fighting for? We probably will never know the truth about that and canes junkie is right all of these kids should get second chance and even a third in some instances. Calvin even worse no one on here would roll those players around in a wheel chair for a day but have he audacity to have an opinion when they leave. Everyone has had some good post on here today. The one thing that the NCAA is guilty for is having a blind eye. Albert means was supposed to play for Alabama big fast 320 pound dt from Memphis,tn was being supported by an big time Alabama booster paying kids from tn to go to Alabama. They slapped Alabama on the wrist and the booster end up tied to a chair and bludgeoned to death. What about cam parents getting paid 400 grand or more from a school he didnt even play for. What happened to that investigation? You want to talk about lack of institutional control how many arrest did fla have in a two year span? Georgia need I say more tn. USC stays in some kind of scandal but that's USC though? Calipari put two schools on probation UMASS and Memphis but he was granted an oppertunity to win a NC at Kentucky. How does that happen? A good lawyer should be able to handle this! I would find some good writer to threaten to expose the NCAA for its iniquities. I would use every resource to expose this witch hunt,

This sac ridah doesn't get it, the blueoyster blog is probably up and running, if not start one so you can come out the closet over their. Again, try posting something independent of what others post and maybe people will start to think that guy actually has a brain. In the mean time, maybe i shouldn't have said the same words Kareem brown toldthe nc2a, that seems to be right up your alley. Quarantine your queerness.

tallyCane, it's the sec, full of the same kangaroo court mentalities over their. You said it, that's why i laugh when people start commenting on players getting suspended, as if goldie just makes all the sense in the world. People criticized bobby bowdens methods but that man wasn't going to punish the player, himself, the team and the rest of the program too. bobby has seen enuff in his time as well as other coaches, players stealing is nothing new. Maybe this will be the main area mario can help goldie with.

Hurtt and Panunzio should be banned for life. The Troll should resign since she's holding. Shapiro check in her hand. Punish the adults.

The Miami Administration should have fought the NCAA from day one employing every possible resource. Shalala and Company concluding their executioners will somehow be their friend if only they are nice to them or cooperate with their intentions is incompetently naive and a historical case of wishful thinking.

Let me be clear, do I believe Miami violated numerous NCAA rules? Absolutely! Do I believe the NCAA is going to conduct itself in an impartial manner and treat Miami with fairness like they would most any other program? Absolutely not!

NCAA President, Mark Emmert sees this investigation as an opportunity, a seminal moment in his professional life where years from now his name will be associated with the great names of college football due to his victory over the Miami Hurricanes. He knows with 100% certainty that the harsher the treatment he hands out the longer and louder the standing ovation will be from those in the media.

By self-imposing penalties Miami only infuriated Emmert as he wants those penalties to come by his decree, thus appearing in his ledger believing this will earn him even more backslaps for a job well done.

The only saving grace the Canes have and a dilemma that Emmert faces is in his egotistical lust to crush the Canes he will set a precedent for future rule violators. The NCAA knows with certainty that there are other, most probably many other programs/conferences that are considered to be the chosen ones whose rule breaking secrets at some point will become public and slamming them with the same axe used on Miami will cause an uproar and rebellion at Emmert’s palace and possibly threaten the very foundation of college football, the enormous money making machine laughingly called an amateur sport.

And by the way---- scholarship reductions or not,

Barry Jackson just reported that UM has turned down. YES, TURNED DOWN Jacoby Brissett's request to transfer to UM from UF/

" We have too many scholarship QBs"

When was the last time UM had too many scholaaship QBs?

You cant have too many QBs.

You gotta love bobby for that. He protected his players at all cost. I actually now Mickey Andrews and they are stand up human beings. We might not like hem as Fsu but every time I see him he ask me what do the hurricanes have this year are we gonna have problems? It's respect. I admire them as much as I love beating them. They where worthy advisaries. I have told them the we are gonna beat there socks and shoes off o them if our d can give us something.please us something dc. Great to be a Miami hurricane

Calvina, I am glad U are open and honest about your affilation with the blueoyster group, that takes alot of guts man. I know nothing of the sort or what that group is called but if I run inton someone who would like to join a gay group I will tell them to look you up since I am guessing U are a prominant member. And U are so stupid, what a player commits a crime and U think a coach is not suppose to hold the player accountable? How F-ing stupid can U really be?

Your crimes are cowardly words. You can disrespect people with words all the time but I would be willing to bet that you don't say it in anyone's face. You can disrespect the office of the president of the US with some radials slurs and expect for your opinion to be respected. You do it all the time though. You will make a derogatory comment about someone's opinion and then when someone writes on it you still have a negative comment about them attached to no subject matter. Your a sad sack riding case.lol you agree with my post as well but you are not man female enough to admit it.lol

Look tally U little shyt, I have said nothing that I wouldn't say to any of the c#nts on here or anywhere else I would not say to their pathetic faces. All I did earlier today was give that little crackbaby Calvin a compliment about his post in a sincere manner and he decided to act like a little punk and say something stupid on here instead of either giving a Thanks or just letting it go if he did not care for a complement from myself. Ain't U intelligent enough come up with your own material, instead use Calvina's which is pretty pathetic in that he cannot even tell the difference between someone making a statement about his own self esteem and making a gay comment. Now tally, I know U and I disagree about some things but a week ago I was just trying to look after a fellow Cane to prevent these idiots Gallo and Calvin who I have already exposed as Cane haters a month ago, from making you look like a dumbass. Although we have had our disagreements and agreements on some things I did have a little respect for U which is tons more than I have for those two trolls, but if U are intent on following Gaytor boys then go right ahead and let them continue to laugh at U the whole time. What I really want to know is what do U say that I am soooo scared or as U say not man enough to agree with U about? Please do tell me and if I agree, believe U me I will tell U. Oh one more thing what racial slur have I made or what lie have I said about odama? All I have said is the truth about him and if U or anybody else thinks that just because a person is black or half black in odama's case, state an opinion which I have no problem backing up with facts then that just shows how stupid U and they are.

You gotta love bobby for that. He protected his players at all cost. I actually now Mickey Andrews and they are stand up human beings. We might not like hem as Fsu but every time I see him he ask me what do the hurricanes have this year are we gonna have problems? It's respect. I admire them as much as I love beating them. They where worthy advisaries. I have told them the we are gonna beat there socks and shoes off o them if our d can give us something.please us something dc. Great to be a Miami hurricane

I always respected bobby & mickey, one of my favorite mickey moments was win he told this one player "HEY, you made me lie to your momma, i told her you could play" rofl. I only wanted Fsu to lose once a year, after that i rooted for them. Now with that weasel gumbo fisher, i can't root for them but don't embarras the state. Ther in the gaytor category now. That's why i like goldie not letting jacoby brisset transfer in, i'd rather lose without a gaytor did win with one. We have to keep building ours from the ground up.

We should've never let brock berlin transfer in, that's when i knew the pride was gone.

Also, no one should be worried about these garbage sanctions, with the penn disgrace situation, they only got a 4 year bowl ban, or something like that, our situation shouldn't eve ncome close, if it does, the keebler elfette needs to be escorted off of campus immediately.

Since you say that what has Obama done that has been so that you disrespect his title and namesake. The Sunni threw a shoe at bush and he knew what was uo. He got his a@@ on down. Bush was more inept than oh no I would love to see you try and take up for bush and Chaney like you do oh no. IMO you have no substance and but you try to Macy like your moderating what people say. The name calling doesn't bother me because it will be followed with a whole lot of nothingness. Gallo is a if fan but he is rough on some things Calvin is a try hurricane and and can express his feelings on what he would like. Any time someone else says something a few don't agree with then ther is a problem. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether you agree or not. You can't make bad comments about someone all year and say something nice and expect them to like you or even care about what your thoughts are. I respected the fact that fan base responded to the way I talk about our inexperienced dc and tried to clean it up. I don't like how he coaches or the scheme but I'm the biggest hurricane fan on here but I'm gonna call it like I see it.

Looks like bill belicheat got a new film crew. I just don't trust that guy!

tallyCane, ignore that clown man, he's useless!

golden and company just don't understand how relate to our players.....jimmy did. he had the " I don't give a fuc..k" written all over him...it was him and the players against the world.....golden does not protect his players, he wants to be the Harvard of the south type....just like tad foote wanted....even ND catholic boys are still a little thug......

outside of raping the homecoming queen...look the other way....and shield these players...NOBODY gets suspended or is asked to leave the team....give the laptop back and say you had nothing to do with it....DENY UNTIL YOU DIE...

I wouldn't say look the other way, they should just give him a code red. Finnie was a sub-standard marine and needed to be punished. I would've kept him on the team.

If goldie doesn't learn how to punish situations better in house, he'll be looking for another job. This is not temple anymore where you could suspend players and nobody cared but heir family and not to many people cared if temple won or lost. I'm sure it's obvious where he's coaching at, all this we're doing things the right way talk, what exactly is the right way, and that's y not blaming the players for losing when they do play, and by not blaming the players for loses when you're the one who's suspending them when they don't play.

Anyone that would even suggest that Al Golden doesn’t protect his players demonstrates an unparalleled ignorance as to what is going on at Miami.

For a variety of reasons Miami has a zero tolerance policy regarding their player’s behavioral issues, of course we are not talking about minor infractions. For those who are falsely indicting Al Golden on this issue it might behoove you to look up the definition of “zero tolerance policy”.

As for Bobby Bowden, who I like and respect, he was not protecting his players as much as he was protecting his job and quest to be the winningest coach in Division I college football. Bobby was rightly so widely criticized for his lack of control and discipline of his players and many within the FSU organization viewed his actions as extremely poor management, not a good thing!

When Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly was making noises he might bolt for the NFL (it was only a negotiating ploy), highly placed sources within the Notre Dame chain of command confirmed that Al Golden was on the short list to take over the Fighting Irish football program. Now this is a university who could have just about any coach they want and Al Golden was/is a top candidate.

Al Golden is a high energy, high integrity, passionate, organized, smart, experienced, winner who will lead the Miami Hurricanes to championships absent the NCAA destroying the program. If you are truly a Miami Hurricane fan and believe in God allow me to suggest you get down on your hands and knees every night and pray that Al Golden continues well into the future as Miami’s head football coach.

Who cares what coaches notre shame wants, as it stands right now, goldie is 13 & 11 in 2 seasons here. If he left today, what are we actually losing, good organizational skills, presents himself well most tiems at press conferences(until he starts complainign about depth, the schedule and players being suspended who he suspended). And more importantly, the 117th defensive ranking.

It's funny to me when people feel like just because so & so university is recruiting a player or coach that's suppose to mean something, who cares, if goldie wants to be here, great, but i'd really be interested in seeing if goldie was to leave right now, would he take his boy oach OH-NO with him to notre shame.

zero tolerance policy, when did this policy come into effect, lol, probably goes hand in hand with our football decline. The other zero tolerance we'll continue to see is no championships if they want to continue to follow the keebler elfette's lead, she has no clue. wisconsin football became better after she left.

I just finished reading the last part of your post, lol, whoever you are, have some pride, that last part of your post was ghey 7 weird. Why would anybody in their right mind care if goldie stayed or left, he's not bigger than UM and hasn't proven anything here but show that he can go 13 & 11 with real solid talent left by shannon, get into shoot-outs with schools like boston college, Virginia & duke, have the 117th ranked defense under his reign but than ye, every week trying to justify why it's ranked so low all in the name of protecting his boy, if you talking bout that goldie, you're smoking crack.

Until this guy wins a national championship i will view him like all the headcoaches before, like an outsider, he hasn't earned or done anything here yet that impresses me. Game day coaching, him like his boy oach OH-NO seem to only be able to make adjustments at halftime, not on the fly. Do i think goldie has alot of potential, sure i do, but like it is with players, and i'm sure you know what potential means, it means you have done jack squat yet, so it is with goldie.

All i'm seeing is a defense that looks to be getting slower, and if you want to see why the 3-4 scheme is trash, look at all the teams that played the 3-4 scheme in the play-offs this year, given up points galore.

Some of the luv-fest alot of you have for goldie is funny and sickening at the same time. I'm not sure what people are calling goldie protecting his players, the few incidents that he's had to deal with, seems to me like those players are not here no more. Somebody send that man a copy of the 30 for 30, where ski mask and schalorships were handed out at the same time and pretty much all those players were still allowed to be on the team if not all of them. Getting down huggin/holding a player that's injured in a game is good human service, but that's not protecting em.

For those of you who have your own kids, if one of them stole a laptop, are you going to kick them out the house.


Either you are a naive kid or very dumb adult. I’ve tried, and let me repeat, tried to read through your War and Peace posts that seemingly have no beginning or end.

Here’s a tip for you…don’t blather on about matters you have no worldly clue about as it quickly removes any doubt as to why you post a single digit score on your Intelligence quotient (IQ) test.

Your observations and conclusions regarding Al Golden are hilariously ludicrous and patently false.

Please consider me taking my valuable time to coach you a public service…you’re welcome!

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