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Latest NCAA infractions involving UM similar to what happened in another Canes' case in the late 1970s

Unless you were completely zeroed in on the NFL playoffs or sleeping all day Saturday you know by now the arrival of the Letter of Allegations from the NCAA is imminent

A source interviewed in the investigation I spoke to Saturday told me that several former assistant coaches from UM have been told to wait by the phone Monday to hear from the NCAA, who will be sending them their own letter of allegations as it pertains to them. That's the sign the investigation is wrapped up and UM will be notified itself of what's in store. 

Does that mean we will know what penalties UM is facing this week? Absolutely not. That comes later, much later, likely May or June. But at least this long drawn out investigation will be over. UM could ultimately tell us absolutely nothing pertaining to the letter it receives this week because it is a private institution. We suspect, though, some information will be released and the rest will drip-drop out (as usual for UM).

As for the program, this will be the fourth time the football
team comes under NCAA scrutiny for breaking major rules (1954, 1981, 1995) and the sixth time overall the school is cited for major infractions (1964 men's basketball, 2003 baseball). Part of my job here in preparation for all this has been reviewing past cases against The U. Although most of you remember the pell grant scandal of 1995, I was only three years old when UM got hit in Nov. 1981 for major violations involving the team.

I was surprised to see just how similar today's allegations involving jailed booster Nevin Shapiro and former UM assistants are to what the school faced back when Howard Schnellenberger was building Miami into a winner. From 1976 to 1980, boosters and assistant coaches were found to wreak all kinds of havoc in terms of giving improper benefits to players and recruits. In fact, it almost seems like what the Canes were accused of doing back then was worse. You can find every NCAA investigation into major infractions here on the NCAA's Legislative Services Database (just type in the University of Miami to do a search on the Canes and the cases).

Again, I don't bring this up to rub salt on the wound of Canes fans. I've applauded Al Golden and the school with how they've handled this mess, skipping two post-seasons to show the NCAA they take these allegations seriously and want to move forward. But you can always learn something new from history. Here is a short summary of the 1981 case with information provided from the NCAA.


> Ruling date: Nov. 3, 1981

> Sports involved: Football

> Summary of Violations: All violations took place from 1976-80. Improper financial aid and extra benefits (booster gave cash gifts to a player for his good play; down payment for a car); out-of-season practice conducted by the staff (couple times including once involving a recruit); improper recruiting contact (12 cited cases involving staff and impermissible off-campus contact), employment (multiple examples of boosters and assistant coaches hiring a recruit prior to the completion of their senior year of high school to help in the recruiting process), entertainment (boosters, assistant coaches and one former head coach provided recruits and family members with food, drinks, "improper entertainment," tickets to pro games, a party on a yacht), inducements (booster offers to pay airfare for parents, plus provide spending cash; assistant lends his car to a recruit; recruits given free t-shirts, jerseys, equipment; free housing to two recruits on campus for five-to-six weeks), lodging (booster and assistant coach provided some on a few occasions), publicity (contact with media at the time a prospective student-athlete signed a National Letter of Intent with the university), transportation (17-related incidents); tryouts; improper administration of financial aid; certification of compliance.

> Summary of NCAA penalties: Two years probation; no bowl game following the 1981 season (UM finished 9-2 and ranked 8th in the Associated Press poll); reduction of scholarships from 30 to 20 for the 1982-83 season; reprimand an assistant coach for lying in reporting facts relating to a violation. UM did not appeal the findings or penalties. The committee found violations of NCAA legislation related to the principles governing extra benefits to student-athletes, financial aid, practice seasons, various recruiting regulations and certification of compliance with NCAA legislation.

Again, for a complete detailed look at previous UM cases and all cases involving major violations and other programs click on the link above to visit the NCAA website. It's all there. 


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Golden is a good coach, I believe we're going tovwin big with him. Could he change alot of what we're doing on defense, yes. I think the other stuff comes from his bosses. There's people at UM who want to avoid bad publicity. Funny thing is tgat those people got us into this NCAA mess.

For God's sake shut the hell up Calvin.

It's like a never ending stream of crap comes out of your mouth 24/7 you dumbass!

Calvin your posts are garbage

You are garbage

brock berlin for whatever we thought of him is all we had. And guess what?

He never lost against uf or fsu.
He beat a very good west va team
He beat uf at home on an incredible come from behind victory and at the peach bowl. I was at the peach bowl. I got into fights with redneck gators

Brock berlin will always be a cane. Racist pigs like you will never get my respect

I challenge any true cane fan here to donate to the U now and in the nextfew yrs. F the nc2a we will rebuild this you from the ground up.rednecks lile emmert be damned

Bottom Line. ......Slap on the rist, 2 bowl bans and acc champ game ban(possibly missing a BCS game w/wih vs fsu)/ miami has worked w.Ncaa, suspended players, Umm, kicked off Ray Armstrong for posting on Twitter, maybe we get 2 yrs probation and 5 schollies per year for 2 years(GOLDEN SIGNED 30 something kids last yr for that reason))............ we r good to go, and are goin 12-0 next yr..............

If you guys are looking for intelligent Canes fan and don't want to bother with Calvin's idiotic, moronic ramblings check out this site.

Everyone's welcome there, except for dumb dumb who long ago wore out his welcome there.


exactly..........someone give golden a copy of espn 30-30 canes.....jimmy would have NEVER asked a good player to leave...discipline would have been on the practice field....jimmy hated the administration and though they we all hypocrites....but loved to take the money the football team was generating...if you put together a list of the players that were disciplined, games suspensions and decommits...you would have a top 10 team in itself....players stealing stereos with hoodies, dealing drugs...Bernard clark and bennie blades taking money from luther at the hands of randy Shannon.....these kids today are NOTHING near that but are getting this BS discipline model from golden....golden is too CORPORATE....he likes rules, organizational charts and employee manuals....

jimmy and howard had no water at practices at 2pm...none of this evening or early morning practices....but these are the NEW CANES 2013....

I see we have a bunch of cry babies with their thongs jammed up in their behinds. Carry on ladies, i know you're in luv with goldie and his boy oach OH-NO/117th, and his 13 & 11 record satisfies you girls. Keep making excuses for him and saying ridiculous stuff like "he has bosses" lol, so did howard, so did jimmy and so did dennis erickson. The question is, is he willing to make a sacrifice like those guys did or is he trying to be liked by the president and her delusional policies, or is he going to stand up and be a man and do things that need and have to be done.

If he's going to cow down and can't stand-up to the keebler elfette, it'll be hard for him to ever be a champion here, you either got it or you don't. It's easy to be a tuff guy and make demands of those you're in charge of, it takes balls to make demands and put those in authority in check, cowards wouldn't understand that.

goldie hasn't made a real sacrifice yet, we'll see, come this year, i have no faith in our defense being that much better, i've seen the 3-4 and this version that we're running is the weakest of them all. The 3-4 by design is weak, you see no real defenses in the play-offs now, why, pretty much all of them are running that 3-4 crap and getting lit up.

I luv when these daffodils try and give crock berlin credit for that comeback against the gaytors, he was the one that got us in the hole in the 1st place, so it was only right that he did something to correct his trash play. Once a gaytor always a gaytor. You easily swayed feminine minded can keep crying and slobbering over ex gaytors and goldie. Like i said and i'll say it again, until goldie mans up and wins a national title here, he'll always be an outsider, an acc championship don't count, that's low expectations.

if we get one along the way, so be it, but if i see guys jumping up and down if they win an acc championship like they won the national title, just always remember, a team starts to take on the personality of it's headcoach, and if goldie's goal is an acc championship, that'll be our players mindset to, instead of the national championship or bust mentality, he wants to win some useless acc championship. Just win all the games on your schedule and the rest will take care of it's self.

Anybody complaining about my long post is ghey, nobody's forcing you to read the whole thing, keep scrolling ladies. You ladies are enamoured with a guy that complains about a soft schedule being to tuff, a guy keeps trying to pass off weak teams as being good, an worst of all, he's trying to pass off 117th as being one of the best in the nation, if he means beat in the nation at being pathetic i get it now.

This guy has a big 10 mentality that needs to be eradicated. How can a headcoach have the mantra "DESERVE VICTORY" and he's trying to create a schedule that's loaded with the coppin st.'s of the college football world.

This same guy says after a lost to Fsu "it's ok, they're a lil bit ahead of us right", lol, and i don't have anything against goldie, i actually like how goldie represents himself, don't mean i'mma let em slide by with his bs, this is Miami, not temple, Virginia or penn disgrace where all that type talk is acceptable. The same guy who help to create depth issues to try and by his boy more time, who on here is that stupid to believe a coach that's crying about defensive line depth issues in one breath that in another breath they're trying to move luther robinson to the o-line along with jacoby briscoe and jake o'donnell.

Don't worry ladies, your knight in shining armour might just pan out, but right now, he's on a diluted path. We are the only school where i have heard that the last 2 coaches keep going out of their way to keep giving shout outs about the president of the school.

You didn't hear howard, jimmy or dennis do that because they were they're own men. goldie needs to be successful at this job, although i'm sure he'll land somewhere else if need be, but if he wins a antional championship here, that'll propel him to the top of the stratsophere in the coaching profession.

....golden is too CORPORATE....he likes rules, organizational charts and employee manuals....

jimmy and howard had no water at practices at 2pm...none of this evening or early morning practices....but these are the NEW CANES 2013....

Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 13, 2013 at 11:27 PM

rofl, This is a True Cane right here. What goldie is ,missing is the powerpoint presentation for defense.
I can't understand how a guy has this big binder talking about core values and deserve vicotory, and the pillars, but is sitting with a defenseranked 117th. I mean something about playing defense has to be somewhere in that binder, if not, somebody got to much time on their hands and needs to refocus.

Guys like howard & jimmy weren't liked to much by the majority of their own kind and than dennis erickson found that out later to when he fell in the same category to and beccme an alcoholic behind it. goldie wants to straddle the fence. They definitely don't want soldinger back around these parts, the keebler elfette wants guys she can control. kehoe beats to his own drum, but they know that soldinger is his own man, he's not looking to be on anybody's good side, he's just trying to make sure the guys he coach are coached to the highest level of of excellence.

this is what ive been saying all along......golden is really in the way.....a guy like Kirby smart as an example is not going to make a lateral move....guys like that are looking for HC positions..there are nfl and ncaa DC that with the right money would come to UM....think about it...how did we go from jon gruden to golden?

we should have keep randy Shannon until UM signed a big name HC....if golden and dnofrio walked out right now....UM would not be in bad shape....what would we be losing? UM then can go after the big names....we had all those decommits....why would it matter if golden and dnofrio were here or not? UM was 7-5 with ridicule's wins and 5800 defensive yards....we are acting as if he turned the program around to a top 10 status....we were not even ranked. WTF is that from a can team?

A committee formed of players to bridge the gap between the staff/players ....jimmy, butch,dennis,larry and randy all did not have a player (UNION), lol committee to help usher in what was expected.......it was simple....everyone knew it was winning at all cost....personal fouls, talking trash on the defensive line about your mother, slamming QB's via WWF style after the whistle blew....was the "cane manual"

jimmy..."go have your asthma attack on the Asthma field" CLASSIC

lol, while i'm glad jon gruden didn't become the headcoach here myself, something about him irritates me alot of times. I do know he does understand offenses and the qb position. I wouldn't mind him being our oc, but headcoach. But if i had to go with gruden or goldie, i don't think gruden would be sitting at 13 & 11 after 2 years.

Alot fo these clowns act like goldie is coming in cleaning up the program, and this is the reason for the slow start, lol. 117th in the country is sickening, you can do all the talking you want and have all the charts you want, you can't hide that fact. I just don't understand how for some reason it's become real popular to have defensive linemen downfield in coverage in college and the pro's, but every time i'm seeing it, all the defensive linemen are doing are making hard tackles downfield after the guy just caught a 10 yard pass.

Where is the success in making that call. Got oversized linebackers trying to cover backs out of the backfield. One of the main weaknesses of the 3-4, they don't know what a nickel corner is, so to many times an offense will get a favorable match-up on the outside. All they have to do is go in hurry up and force a defense to not be able to subsitute and they're toast.

I have the same expectations going into 2013 as i had going into this season, so i definitely wasn't dissappointed.. And don't look now, Virginia tech will have a new oc, somebody is about to get confused again.

And good luck if clemson is on our schedule this year, lol, if oach OH-NO looked confused against a team like notre shame who had no offense, than don't look now.

How can a guy not stack the box and force this none pocket passing qb at notre shame to have to bea passer, instead we let him do both. I've never seen us just take something away from a team and force them to have to win away from their normal strength. This seems like a foreign concept to oach OH-NO and his sit back and let's see how i can tr yand attack the offense.

Than he's sending in defensive signals late "look at me, looke me". He should just do the honorable thing and pack his bags.

These new guys will not be counted as Canes until they win a national championship. Our runningbacks coach is solid, but he doesn't get credit for coaching a duke johnson in my book, let's see how danny dilliard turns out and i'll give him credit for mostly what crawford does. Otherwise, soldinger is waiting.

The best measure of a man's intelligence is his ability to summarize- in few words.

Calvin obviously likes to ramble on incessantly- proves my points

Real canes will stand with the U-donate tothe programand go to games in 2013!Support theplayers,and suppoort Al Golden

Garbage like Gallo and Calvin is to be ignored

I was at the boston college game.....that's over a 3 hour drive. you drive 45 mins to Miami gardens...big deal.....I support UM both financially and whenever they come to this area...do you?

Howard, Jimmy, and Erickson didnt last because of their bosses. They also had the luck to follow each other. Golden inherited a hobbit and captain clueless' roster.

When I played, alumni gave us money all the time after games so we could eat a Sunday night meal, when the Cafeteria was closed...or go on a date with a girl...or buy gas for my rag of a car. The players that are making colleges multi-millions of dollars each year, should receive a weekly allowance, otherwise they're going to have to get it some other way. What do regular students give to the university, besides their tuition...nada.

Give the kids an allowance for God's sake. Every player should get the same amount, so there's no college with an advantage.

Most of the colleges pay "Professors" hundreds of thousands of dollars, for what? To indoctrinate our kids? Give the kids an allowance.

Tally, first of all f-ck odama and his namesake. Second, the only thing I like about Bush is that if U mess with him he'll bust your arse. Now what do you think the president of the United States is going to do with the camera's rolling and some little punk ass acts like a pure b-tch by throwing of all things a shoe at the man. I'd love for that b8t8ch to throw a shoe at me and let me catch him off camera, should I be in that situation, if it were me I'd have busted his damn face in and stuck his shoe in his mouth. The only problem I have with Odama, and it's not just with him but a lot of the politiciansbecause I know he has a lot of red tape to weed through, is this crap about messing with the gun laws, wanting to open our borders and more than anything trying to make our country where people are better off staying on welfare and relying ontax payers who do work to live. This stupid notion that because you are successful you should pay for the people who do not work or try to be successful. This ignorant notion that everybody is a winner sh0t is just that B.S.
Now as far as my Canes go, any time U or any of those other idiots bash my team or coaching staff, I am gonna call them out on it. Whether ya'll like it or not. If U morons were given them a fair platform and then criticize them that is perfectly fine by me. But to compare the mess that this staff has had to deal with to that situation that Shannon inherited is just plain stupid. And another thing the only reason U back Shannon or voted for Odama is because of their race. It has nothing to do with their abilities. U can't say that about me because the most qualified person that I would have voted for was Herman Cain, who is blacker than both Shannon and Odama. Then the rebuilding project at Miami that Golden has done is so much better than Shannon's it is pathetic that anybody would be critical of him or his staff. So U see it takes a coward to hate on somebody when they are proving they are better and U still can't admit it. Golden does not have to win a National Title to be better than Shannon or Coker. Hell he's already done that by winning a Coastal division title, and we did win it no matter how U look at it, and he's just getting started. So U continue to be a sheep and follow Gallo and Calvina, all U want and I get to sit back with all the real Cane fans who are bigger Canes fans than any of U and we get to laugh at U morons continue to make arses out of yourselves.

Oh an d another thing, I can;t help Calvina or anybody else's skin is so thin that they can't take a compliment, so f-ck that little sh9t. He ain't even a real Cane and U are so blinded by color that you can't even see that his are blue and orange deep down that U are having the same colors as him. That's alright U'll find out like Brissett that we don't need those kinda people in our house of green and orange.

Susan, Do you know if UM will self-impose a scholarship reduction (eg 5 players less this yeaar) to try to lessen the burden of sanctions

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