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Mario is back in green and orange with his alma mater, the Miami Hurricanes.


   He's baaaack.

   Mario Cristobal is returning to where it all began for him in college.

    Cristobal, who has long been discussed as a potential head coach at UM should Al Golden ever leave, was fired last month as head football coach of FIU, and will be the University of Miami’s new tight ends coach, according to a source close to the situation.

    Cristobal played at UM from 1988 through 1992, and won two national titles there. He coached at UM as a graduate assistant from 1998 through 2000, then as an assistant from 2004 through 2006.

   Brennan Carroll, who has been the tight ends coach at UM, will shift to wide receivers coach.

    Cristobal, who led FIU to its only two bowl games, was dismissed from FIU on Dec. 5 after coaching there for six seasons. He finished 3-9 with the Panthers in 2012 and 27-47 overall.

    Cristobal is replacing former UM wide receivers coach George McDonald, who left UM for the same position at Arkansas.

    Cristobal grew up in Miami and was an offensive lineman for the Hurricanes.  

    He is a good recruiter and knows the area as well as anyone.

    His whole family is here, and this is the place he really wanted to stay. How do you all feel about him coming back to UM?



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basketball team is doing a great job......see this is the difference between both programs RESULTS.....

Mario isn't going to change a thing....he went 27-47 in the sun belt conference, the weakest in the ncaa....I just don't see what UM gets out of this hire....remember these kids have no idea who Mario is...they were not born yet...if the UM brand cant convince them he aint gonna either

its a misappropriation of funds....I looked at all his recruits...all 2 star players....none were even in the top 100 of Florida recruits 2011 or 2012....take out a few from northwestern and he did nothing basically with Dade/broward county...we should be loading up all our efforts on the defensive side...fix that first to be bcs competitive

give me a break...Charlie strong from Louisville who doesn't even live in the state recruited top Dade players (14) vs. Mario at (7) for 2011/2012....

Collins-Bryant-Johnson etc. all de-committed with barrow....I knew a lot of guys at columbus back then...I use to go to st brendens in the 70's...but that doesn't make his hire a needed one....

unless dnofrio goes..UM will not go anywhere

Gallo go blow yourself, if they had hired Nick Saban himself to run the defense and or Jerry Rice as WR's coach U would have something stupid and negative to say about it. What's the matter can't your Muskrat boy up there in Gainsville get anything done. I mean he gets all the money he wants, any assistant he wants and he still loses to the Big Least.

go blow yourself green pea....you didn't even go to UM...what do you know about this brand...NOTHING

watch the basketball team and see what real results look like....big wins and performances against real teams....sced strength..they don't play weak ass teams or complain that they had to play ND....(golden)...

that is REAL cane performance....not this BS we have with golden

I love seeing the negative comments from trolls from rival schools. It shows our relevance. Keep the coments coming. Its good to see the fright in their words. The U is comiong back!!

Gallo U idiot the basketball team is doing great because they finally have a head coach who knows something. Plus the win last night was something the y should have done, UNC is only a top team in name only, they are not very good this year. Second a person does not have to have gone to the U to know more than an idiot like you. And just so you know Cristobal played RT at the U not TE. He just coached TE's before.

who said he played TE?..I never said that I know who he played with...rudy barber, kelvin harris, claude jones and leon searcy......he is still a weak coach, sorry...those are the stats.

Charlie strong eat his lunch in dade/broward county recruiting and he doesn't even live in florida....pete Garcia knew what he was doing....said the program was going backwards with Mario.....sorry, the hire makes no sense

if he was such a great recruiter...give me names and year?

Mario was in the backyard of Dade county (Westchester)for 6 years with Columbus high school right down the street and he couldn't get anyone from Dade including from his own HS.....so tell me why this is a good hire and how does it make sense?

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