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Mike James gets a late invite to Saturday's Senior Bowl

Didn't get a chance to pass this along earlier because I was working the phones, but Canes running back Mike James has been invited as a late addition for Saturday's Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala.

James, replacing injured Clemson running back Andre Ellington on the South roster, will be the 63rd Miami Hurricane to play in the Senior Bowl and the first Canes running back since Cleveland Gary in 1989.

It will be James' second postseason college bowl invite; the Haines City, Fla., native rushed for 21 yards in the 2013 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl held on Jan. 19 in Carson, Calif.

James started all 12 games at running back for the Hurricanes in 2012, finishing as the team’s second-leading rusher with 642 yards and six touchdowns. He piled up 1,386 rushing yards and 17 TDs, while catching 67 passes for 585 yards and five touchdowns in his career. He was one of 11 FBS players named to the 2012 AFCA Allstate Good Works Team in September.

Kickoff Saturday is set for 4 p.m. The game will be televised on the NFL Network.


> Be sure to follow our Michelle Kaufman for all updates on tonight's big Canes-Duke basketball game. Canesport.com reported earlier today that several big time recruits will be attending the game, set for a 7 p.m. tipoff. Among those expected in the crowd: Booker T. Washington linebacker Matthew Thomas, South Plantation running back Alex Collins, Oakland Park Northeast receiver Stacy Coley, Northwestern safety Artie Burns, Southridge safety Jamal Carter and Ely cornerback Rashard Robinson. Yes, there will also be tributes and moments of silence during the game for legendary baseball coach Ron Fraser

> Miramar linebacker Jermaine Grace, who was originally set to make his college announcement on Tuesday, will now make it sometime next week according to his coach Damon Cogdell. Louisville, whom Grace visited last weekend, is taking advantage of the extra time with an in-home visit this week. Cogdell said the delay is due to the fact he's working with producers to get Grace's announcement made on television.


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NCAA launches external review of enforcement program

The NCAA national office has uncovered an issue of improper conduct within its enforcement program that occurred during the University of Miami investigation. Former NCAA enforcement staff members worked with the criminal defense attorney for Nevin Shapiro to improperly obtain information for the purposes of the NCAA investigation through a bankruptcy proceeding that did not involve the NCAA.

As it does not have subpoena power, the NCAA does not have the authority to compel testimony through procedures outside of its enforcement program. Through bankruptcy proceedings, enforcement staff gained information for the investigation that would not have been accessible otherwise.

"I have been vocal in the past regarding the need for integrity by NCAA member schools, athletics administrators, coaches, and student-athletes,” said Association President Mark Emmert. "That same commitment to integrity applies to all of us in the NCAA national office."

In light of this incident and other recent events involving the enforcement staff, President Emmert has commissioned an external review of the enforcement program. The review will include a thorough investigation into the current issue as well as the overall enforcement environment, to ensure operation of the program is consistent with the essential principles of integrity and accountability. The NCAA has retained Kenneth L. Wainstein, a partner with the law firm Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP to conduct this investigation. Wainstein specializes in corporate internal investigations and civil and criminal enforcement proceedings. He was formerly Homeland Security Advisor to President George W. Bush and has served as the Assistant Attorney General for National Security as well as the FBI General Counsel.

As it relates to the Miami investigation, the NCAA will not move forward with a Notice of Allegations until all the facts surrounding this issue are known.

"Upon receipt of Mr. Wainstein’s findings, I will take further steps as needed to assure accountability for any improper conduct,” Emmert said.

Ridiculous. They've known about this for over a year, ever since the news broke that they were sitting in on depositions in the Shapiro case. This isn't "new news", just delaying their process even longer.

The Judge, Jury, and Executioner needs to be banned from further Judging, "Jurying" and Executioning....

The bombshell just went off. The NCAA stepped in you know what. In their zeal to hammer UM, they stepped all over themselves in the process. UM will get punished, but UM's lawyers just got an early Christmas present. Instead of being on the defensive, they will be much more aggressive with the NCAA, and there's nothing the NCAA will be able to do about that aggression. The # of scholarships lost just got smaller. There will be no more bowl bans. Clint Hurt will still be coaching high school football, however.

are u f...ing serious...now the NCAA will not release the allegations until its internal investigation is complete???? This all may be a blessing in disguise, as I can hardly believe the NCAA will severly punish Miami not with all the internal corruption that have going on there. Just wait, they will make another announcement either at the beginning of August 2013 just in time for a new season, and again around bowl season!

the probem with the invesigation is that the ncaa was only sitting in during both the bankruptcy proceedings as well as the allen deposition....I am not sure being allowe ed to be present with the authorization of both defendents attorneys is improper. Maybe something may be uncovered but I dont think being present and using info to further an investigation is improper....

I am happy for Al Golden. He didn't deserve this mess and he will now suffer less with this news. This is good news for any potential recruits sitting on the fence. The NCAA can delay this as long as they want. The ultimate outcome has changed no matter how long they do their internal investigation. The black cloud is lifting away from Coral Gables.

Gallo, you're a real dope. Emmert just admitted how wrong the NCAA has been and you say what they may have done is probably OK. Your foolishness knows no bounds. This is obviously a very bad day for you. Remember Sean Allen, the guy who provided a ton of information to Shapiro's attorney. His testimony will be tossed. Emmert is in as much denial as you when he says that he thinks only a small amount of information was gathered improperly.

Gallo the pillow-biter can't even spell his name right. Typical Curse Pig.

Hey, Galo, or Gallo, or Gallooo, the allegation is that by virture of being in on those hearings, they obtained information which they would not be able to use. So, yes, they could maybe sit in. But they are not allowed to use whatever information learned there.

Right, Curse Pig. Comprende?

The reason I am so upset with Jedd leaving is that he is dreamy. My shorts get a little creamy whenever I think of him.

mmmmmmmmmm. You wouldn't know how a real man feels, green pea. My thighs are warm.

look the ncaa did not take any testimony at either the allen deposition or the bankrupcy proceedings...there was no subpena issued by the ncaa...I agree with miacane86...all about nothing in the end..just a delay that hurts UM even more with these recruits on the fense...

Johnny C beat the wrap for me too by deflecting and casting a negative light on the LAPD. Looks like the ghost of Johnny is smiling on UM.

Gallo - it's time for a new persona. At least CaneFan '72 was funny.

Curse Gallo, nobody is falling for your pretend Canes fan stance, why don't you drop it and go back to your Curse persona.

September 7th is really eating at your skull I guess...

weeeeeeee weeeeee

The sound of a certainponzi schemer whojust found out his vendetta against the U has blown up like his rectum

Now moron gallo pretending to know the law as he does know football, both of which are a joke.

The NCAA had no standing so the evidence cannot be used. Much more interesting will be to discover when the NCAA knew this and why they didn't act on it. Someone there knew about this, but didn't say anything in order to drag out the investigation and punish the U in a way that is harder to pin on them for being excessive.

Shalala needs to grow pair and sue these guys. I'd love to lead the discovery. Won't be hard to find evidence of a conclusion reached with improperly obtained facts and then a cover up to maximize the punishment.

@indiy499 - Actually I think its pretty funny how they found out about it. Shapiro's lawyer submitted her bill to the NCAA it was a WTF moment.

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