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NCAA admits wrongdoing in investigation into UM; with audio of Emmert press conference

The NCAA dropped a bombshell Wednesday afternoon, admitting it improperly obtained information through Nevin Shapiro's lawyer for the purposes of its investigation into alleged violations by the University of Miami's football and men's basketball programs.

NCAA President Mark Emmert told reporters in a national teleconference that college sports governing body has hired outside council to investigate its findings and will not move forward with a Notice of Allegations toward UM or any parties involved until it is completed.

Using phrases such as "grossly in appropriate" and "shocking," Emmert said the NCAA must sift through the information improperly obtained and throw it out. He said he hopes that process doesn't take any longer than a week to two weeks.

"We can’t have the NCAA bringing forward allegations collected by processes no one can stand for," Emmert said. "We have to go through all of the evidence to determine what has and has not been appropriately collected and influenced by improper conduct. One of the questions that has to be answered is 'What was the nature of that contractual arrangement [with Nevin Shapiro's lawyer Maria Elena Perez]? What was all the activity that she was involved with? How did this individual engage in these activities on our behalf?"

Because the NCAA does not have subpoena power, Emmert said NCAA investigators improperly used Shapiro's lawyer to depose individuals and question them in Shapiro's bankruptcy case. Emmert said the NCAA didn't learn until recently it had been going about its investigation this way -- despite multiple reports in many publications including The Miami Herald.

How did the NCAA learn investigators had been acting inappropriately? Receipts turned in by investigators for legal work by Perez, Emmert said.

Asked if this could be a mistrial and help Miami, Emmert responded: "It's premature to answer that question... This is a shocking affair."


UM President Donna Shalala released the following statement moments ago in reaction to the NCAA's findings. 

“Since the University first alerted the NCAA to the possibility of violations more than two years ago, we have been cooperative and compliant with the NCAA and, I believe, a model for how institutions should partner with NCAA staff during investigations. In addition to encouraging current and former staff members and student-athletes to cooperate with investigators, we have provided thousands of documents to the enforcement staff.

"I am frustrated, disappointed and concerned by President Emmert’s announcement today that the integrity of the investigation may have been compromised by the NCAA staff.

"As we have done since the beginning, we will continue to work with the NCAA and now with their outside investigator hoping for a swift resolution of the investigation and our case.

"I want to thank our community for their continued support and patience. Stand with the U.”


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This whole vendatta against UM smelled to high heaven for a long time. Now we know where the smell was coming from. This won't be pretty. As has been said before, absolute power absolutely corrups. UM better get their lawyers going. Soon.

Where oh where is Canetrash? Has anyone seen the "slurpy boy".....slurp slurp slurp....keep slurping our blog....hahahahahahahahahaah....

"This whole vendatta against UM smelled to high heaven for a long time. Now we know where the smell was coming from. This won't be pretty. As has been said before, absolute power absolutely corrups. UM better get their lawyers going. Soon.

Posted by: Eddie | January 23, 2013 at 05:28 PM"

It was coming from the gator chick representing sh1tpiro.

Its has long been common knowledge that the NCAA has frequently operated outside of its own and boundaries of legal procedures. Its has become such common place that fans and detractors of institutions that are being investigated by the NCAA to accept this as normal operating procedures. Hopefully now the NCAA will face the wrath of the press, public and legal communities for their improper methods and sanctions of institution and student athletes.

To continue this case while admitting wrongdoings by its own officers is an affront to the integrity of the NCAA and legal communities! Miami has already self punished and penalized offenders, the football team and established institutional controls. To ask the University to do more or sanction the football team in any way would be dispicable and without merit.

For any competing institutions representatives to be allowed to imply to any potential recruit impending sanctions during and before what the investigation is completed should be prohibited by the NCAA. When we talk of integrity whats more apprehensible than influencing a young kids most important decision with negative unknow "possibilities".

Hopefully the recruits that have been considering these statements as facts, now make their decisions based on where they want to be and not where fear has lead them.

While the detractors of The U may have wanted Miami to be severely penalized, remember this. "Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere"...MLK. Never a more profound statement!


Do you realize the script has just been flipped? We were still getting 4star kids despite the NCAA, i suspect we are going to get some nice surprises on signing day.

I bet we steal some from Bama, UF, FSU...

Go coach Golden and Cristobal!!! Bring home the bacon!@@@@

I am sure most of you do not know this, but I live in Tallahassee...

On today's Jeff Cameron Radio on the ESPN Network up here they were talking about Matthew Thomas...

They do not seem too concerned about losing him to UM, but they did say if he had, "...beaten the crap out of someone at the local Mall..." they would love to have him, as they want the Linebackers with a reputation to deliver, "ill will" on the opposition...

Matthew Thomas FSU Fans only want you if your are a criminal...

How does that make you feel?

I want you to be a Cane becasue you are a great athlete!

Bleeding Orange & Green!

just tying up a few loose ends to make the case airtight.

I'm curious if UM got it"s NOA and were ready for it. I will bet they knew NCAA procedures inside and out. Anything stemming from this will be thrown out. I bet gallo just fell off of another bridge. I would bet that the threatening letter former players is part of this mess also. What about all the players around the country that were told if they talk , they get off free,but um players get suspended when thy talk?...?...? TIME SERVED. Y'all better be there when the gainesville gators come to town.

Lets not forget , besides the 2 bowl games and the ACC champ game, we suspended all those players in 2011 season and ray armstrong an all american for tweeting with his girlfriend...... THOSE ARE ALOT OF PENALTIES. We coulda played in a BCS game last mo if we beat FSU in acc champ game. So thats 3 bans, player suspensions,negative recruiting


vegas baby, vegas,. Oh Gallo, U is picked 25-1 to win the NCAA title next yr, thats a top 10 ranking by vegas..............

Surprised espn not picking this up. When we get right they will be there to slurp.

the only positive would be the coley hire....btw watch UM beat Duke...thats a real cane team with a real cane coach.....thomas goes to fsu and so does bryant...this ncaa stuff today makes it all worse since it will reignite it all and the recruits will back away....none will come

JIM GALLO SPELLED BACKWARDS MEANS: "Offensive-Little-Lying-Asswhole-Gator that "Milk's-Ibis'-Junk!"







So, just so we're clear... Which one of you pathetic haters wants to get on your knees and open your mouth first? All that you have said this whole time has been for nothing. That feeling your having now is the realization that 5hit has been pouring out of your mouths for the last 2 years. Enjoy that feeling. Plus enjoy all of the good news that has happened all around Miami...

1.County approves Stadium project.
2.Miami(25) destroys Duke(1) 90-63.
3.Heat beat Raptors (reason why I'm writing this so late since I just got in and still up).

You have to really think what this will mean for recruiting now. This flips everything around. I'm going to enjoy 2013 with so many returning players plus the new class, and M.Lewis returns from injury.

This is what happens when you take the word of a liar. In the end, you look like an idiot. This is the end of the NC double aholes so called investigation aka "witch hunt". The cuffs are about to come off of THE U and it's not gonna be pretty.


I wonder where Mark Mayes is hiding now. Calling out for the death penalty like he's some kind of big shot. What a loser. Right up there with the rest of the pathetic loser haters that stink up this blog.

2013 season is coming!!!!!

Welcome back Cane...

CANETILLIDIE wrote//////////////////////////////
I wonder where Mark Mayes is hiding now. Calling out for the death penalty like he's some kind of big shot. What a loser. Right up there with the rest of the pathetic loser haters that stink up this blog.

2013 season is coming!!!!!

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | January 24, 2013 at 09:43 AM

Canetilli..... we got a good Class being lined up.
The Haters are running for Cover. Including Mark M. His Pittsburg darlings are in the ACC, so let's see how he operates.
New OC setting up.
Returning Class is lifting and licking their chops.
Good schedule.
Help from the ineptitude of the NCAA.
and Spring ball is around the corner.

Welcome to 2013 with the 'Canes.

Start putting out some good inside stuff like you usually do and get back regular again on the Blog..
Welcome back BRO..
Go 'Canes






What's up bro? Sorry been away for awhile. Been traveling for a bit to clear my head. Left my cousin to run my company. Ended up getting divorced a few months back so needed to get away. Needless to say I won so all is good in my world. Hope everything is good in yours. All this good news coming to light has put the biggest smile on my face since winning my divorce case. All the trash talkers are running for the trailer parks leaving a dust trail behind them.

All these new recruits will start rethinking about The U and the rest of their offers come NSD. Bostwick, Bryant, Coley, Thomas, Grace, and many more will make history for us, I can feel it. Everything that I, and many other "competent" fans, have said in the past have all come to be true and everything from the trailer parks have turned out to be pure 5hit like we all knew from the beginning.

As always, it's great to hear from you and can't F'ing wait for spring training. Damn it's good to be a Miami Hurricane!!!!!

2013 IS OURS!!!!!


This will move from the NCAA giving us the "Death Penalty" to Miami giving it to them. This has been totally tainted, and with a public already suspicious of the NCAA and the two years of bowl bans that were self-emposed, the NCAA can't risk damaging its image further by slamming UM--like they have always wanted to. This is and always has been a witch hunt by the NCAA in collaboration with a convicted felon to wreck a program they have wanted to nail for years. And, they ____ed it up.

UM might lose some schollies. NCAA can't risk more than that at this point.


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